Top 20 Elden Ring Hardest Bosses: Level & Strategies

Elden Ring Hardest Boss

In this articl, I will be talking about the difficulty level of the first 20 bosses in Elden Ring. We will first start with the easiest bosses to defeat and then, later on, talk about the most challenging bosses. There are numerous guides on Elden Ring bosses and how to defeat them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Astel: Weak to Ngakiba Katana.
  2. Godskin Noble: Watch out for thrust attacks.
  3. Hoarah Loux: Defeat him for progression.
  4. Margit: Wields hammer and polearm.
  5. Commander Niall: Various attack types.
  6. Godskin Apostle: Combos and fireballs.
  7. Renalla: Phase 2 moon-summoning.
  8. Godrick: Long-range wind attacks.
  9. Red Wolf Radagon: Agile, watch bites.
  10. Elemer of the Briar: Armored knight with Greatsword.
  11. Rykard: Serpent-like, fiery skulls.
  12. Fire Giant: Crushes with various attacks.
  13. Radahn: Shoots soul arrows and magic beams.
  14. Placidusaxx: Dragon with lightning and fire.
  15. Morgott: Agile with daggers and lightning spears.
  16. Mogh: Trident and blood flames.
  17. Maliketh: Throws sharp rocks and daggers.
  18. Radagon and Elden Beast: Tough bosses.
  19. Godskin Noble and Apostle: Challenging duo.
  20. Melania: Potent attacks, regenerates health, speed increases.

Hardest Bosses And Comparison

Here is a comparison table for the Hardest Bosses:

No.NameLocationDropsHPStronger VSWeaker toDefenseStanceParryable
1AstelGrand Cloister80,000 Runes
Remembrance of the Naturalborn
2Godskin NobleVolcano Manor
Divine Tower of Liurnia
50,000 Runes
Serpent's Amnion
Godskin Stitcher
Noble Presence
4.810 Runes
Godskin Noble Set
10,060 ( Volcano Manor)
9,031 (Divine Tower of Liurnia)
114 (Volcano Manor)
113(Divine Tower of Liurnia)
3Hoarah Loux, WarriorLeyndell, Ashen Capital300,000 Runes
Remembrance of Hoarah Loux
Sleep (Phase 2)
Pierce (Phase 1)
Lightning (Phase 1)
Slash (Phase 2)
4Margit the FellStormveil Castle
Capital Outskirts
12,000 Runes
Talisman Pouch (NG only, Morgott not defeated)
16,800 Runes
Viridian Amber Medallion +1
4,174HolySlash10380Yes, but 2 parries are required per stance break
5Commander NiallCastle Sol90,000 Runes
Veteran's Prosthesis
15,541SlashNeutral to Pierce11790Yes
6Godskin ApostleDominula, Windmill Village
Divine Tower of Caelid
14,000 Runes
Godskin Peeler
Scouring Black Flame
94,000 Runes
Godskin Apostle Set
7,528 (Dominula, Windmill Village)
13,596 (Divine Tower of Caelid)
113 (Dominula, Windmill Village)
120 (Divine Tower of Caelid)
80Yes, but 2 parries are required per stance break
7Rennala – Queen of the Full MoonRaya Lucaria Academy40,000 Runes (NG)
30,000 Runes (NG, Co-op Host)
10,000 Runes (NG, Co-op Phantom)
3,493 (Phase 1)
4,097 (Phase 2)
All Status Effects
109 (Phase 1 & 2)0 (Phase 1)
80 (Phase 2)
8Godrick the GraftedStormveil Castle20,000 Runes (NG)
5,000 Runes (NG, Co-op)
Godrick's Great Rune
Remembrance of the Grafted
9Red Wolf of RadagonRaya Lucaria Academy14,000 Runes (NG)
3,500 Runes (NG, Co-op)
Runes 63,100 (NG +3)
Memory Stone
10Elemer of the Briar
The Shaded Castle24,000 Runes (NG)
18,000 Runes (NG, Co-op Host)
6,000 Runes (NG, Co-op Phantom)

Marais Executioner's Sword
Briar Greatshield
11180Yes, but 2 parries are required per stance break
11Rykard – Lord of BlasphemyVolcano Manor130,000 Runes
Rykard's Great Rune
Remembrance of the Blasphemous
12Fire GiantFlame Peak180,000 Runes
Remembrance of the Fire Giant
13Starscourge RadahnRedmane Castle70,000 Runes
Remembrance of the Starscourge

Radahn's Great Rune
Pierce 113200No
14Dragonlord PlacidusaxCrumbling Farum Azula210,000 Runes
Remembrance of the Dragonlord
Scarlet Rot
Pierce 121160No
15Morgott, the Omen KingLeyndell, Royal Capital120,000 Runes
Remembrance of the Omen King
Morgott's Great Rune

Talisman Pouch (NG only, Margit not defeated)
11480Yes, but 3 parries are required per stance break
16Mogh, Lord of BloodMohgwyn Palace420,000 Runes
Mohg's Great Rune
Remembrance of the Blood Lord
17Maliketh, The Black BladeCrumbling Farum Azula220,000 Runes
Remembrance of the Black Blade
12080No, but can be staggered with a well-timed use of Blasphemous Claw
18Elden BeastElden Throne375,000 Runes (Coop NG)
500,000 Runes (NG)
1,000,000 Runes (NG+)
1,100,000 Runes (NG+2)
1,125,000 Runes (NG+3)
1,200,000 Runes (NG+4)
1,225,000 Runes (NG+5)
1,250,000 Runes (NG+6)
1,275,000 Runes (NG+7)

Elden Remembrance
22,127 HP-Physical Damage Defenses do not change between phases - phase transition grants new attacksCan be poise broken, which allows for a critical attack. Poise: 150No
19Godskin DuoCrumbling Farum Azula170,000 Runes
Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing [4] (NG only)
Ash of War: Black Flame Tornado
26,350Strike (Noble)
20Malenia, Goddess of RotElphael, Brace of the Haligtree480,000 Runes
Malenia's Great Rune
Remembrance of the Rot Goddess
Defenses do not change between phases - she is more aggressive in 2nd phaseCan be poise broken, which allows for a critical attack. Poise: 80Yes. However, she can only be riposted on every 3rd parry, otherwise backsteps
21Radagon of the Golden OrderStone Platform-≈ 13,339 (GOD)Frostbite
Scarlet Rot
Neutral to FireCan block spells and throwable items with very high damage reduction (all damage types). Reduces status buildup as well.Can be poise broken. Poise: 120Yes

We hope that you will better understand how the bosses in Elden Ring operate, keeping in mind their attack patterns, weapons, and movement. But before we start, we want you, readers, to know that this article is informative and only compiled from our personal experience within the game. If you want to know the Best Elden Ring bosses, we have an entirely different article for that purpose.


This colossal monster has a huge size and possesses the most complex move sets in Elden Ring!

Don’t fear Astel’s enormous skeletal size. He uses long-range AOE attacks for massive damage. Opt for the Golden Halberd or a longer sword like the Nagakiba Katana. Watch out for his pincers, which immobilize and damage you. At 70% HP, he shifts to melee and long-range attacks, causing earthquakes.

In long-range encounters, Astel shoots gravity attacks via magic beams, which can be dodged due to their charge time. He can teleport unpredictably, often grabbing you with his pincers upon return. At 40-50% HP, he summons meteors with an inconsistent pattern, easy to evade.


Exploit Astel’s attack patterns for damage opportunities. Predictable movements narrow the gap to the boss. A mage build is ideal; summon ashes, spirits, and cast spells like Rennala’s Moon. Dodge his initial attacks to strike back. Astel isn’t among the toughest Elden Ring bosses.

Godskin Noble

Godskin Noble
A giant blob of menacing meat; Apostle has enough speed and momentum to catch you off guard along with his deadly lancer skills!

Godskin Noble, despite his size, is remarkably agile. His lancer-style attacks are swift and difficult to dodge. His move set includes thrust attacks, where he rapidly pounces with his sword. Stepping back to create distance is your best defense. Be cautious of his flame-engulfing attack, which inflicts lingering damage. In phase two (20-40% HP), his attacks and speed significantly increase.


In phase two, Godskin Noble gains speed and additional spells. Watch out for fireballs and belly attacks. After melee combat, switch to long-range, as he creates a circle of fire to trap you. Dodge his lethal roll attacks, which last over 15 seconds. Seek cover behind arena pillars to avoid them. Despite being the first boss, Godskin Noble is no pushover and can rival the toughest Elden Ring bosses.

Hoarah Loux, Warrior

Hoarah Loux, Warrior
Just a full-fledged warrior with bulky muscles and legs, this Warrior knows no bounds.

Warrior, a muscle-bound Elden Ring boss, has unpredictable movement and attacks that shake the arena. His slams, punches, kicks, and ground shakes deal devastating damage. His attacks may not be as swift, but they’re potent. Close-range encounters risk damage from his roar. Phase two intensifies his speed and damage significantly. There’s no easy way out; he’s a formidable challenge, and defeating him is essential to progress.


The Warrior’s earthquakes, jumps, combos, and slams offer no respite. His immense power and relentless attacks provide few openings. While there are tougher foes, he earns a spot on our list of hardest bosses due to his formidable assaults and combos.

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Margit the Fell

Margit The Fell
In his second phase, Margit considerably increases his offense speed along with the damage he inflicts with each blow he connects! It is truly a sight to see!

Margit is incredibly fast and wields two deadly weapons: a hammer and a polearm. He closes in to slam with the hammer, followed by a swift polearm strike. Dodging the polearm is nearly impossible due to its range. He combines speed and weapons for lethal combos. Predictable attack patterns involve jumping back to summon the hammer and swiftly attacking. Be cautious of baiting swings and thrusts. A poison build can add excitement to the battle.

Margit’s attack power and pattern change when he steps back and dashes forward with his conjured dagger. His increased damage output demands caution. He can cancel out windows of opportunity, subjecting you to relentless combos and thrust attacks. Margit’s difficulty marks him as one of hardest bosses.

Commander Niall

Commander Niall
He carries a strong strike, so don’t let him touch you! Although he leaves a lot of windows of opportunities, he can still give you a tough time.

Commander Niall presents a formidable challenge with swift wind attacks, electrifying shocks, and ground pulsations. He deploys three distinct move sets, making pattern recognition crucial. Engaging him in both melee and long-range is tricky because he can swiftly close the gap and unleash devastating close-range attacks.

His attacks can severely deplete your HP. At close range, his lightning attack from his electrified leg has formidable range and can’t be evaded by rolling. He can switch to a damaging stomp. Additionally, Niall summons two silver knights to aid him, seizing the opportunity to attack when you’re occupied with them.


One of the silver knights wields a Greatshield, making it hard to hit, while the other dual-wields for challenging dodges. Defeating them is relatively quick and manageable. Commander Niall is your next target.

When at a distance, Niall uses astonishing wind attacks and closes the gap rapidly. Attacking from behind is ineffective as he’ll stagger you with a weapon poke, setting up his deadly electrifying stomp. The boss is challenging but predictable, and with practice, you can defeat him after a few rounds.

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You will find out the Hardest Boss soon down below!

Godskin Apostle

Godskin Apostle
A spooky boss, the Apostle has many tricks up his sleeve. The moment you feel like you have an upper hand, he will surprise you with a tough maneuver followed with a combo!

The Apostle’s appearance is imposing, wielding a curved sickle for lunging attacks and combos. He can’t pass through walls but can turn his weapon into a shredding machine. At a distance, he transforms the sickle into a damaging whirlwind for several seconds. His movement speed is moderate, requiring quick reflexes to stand a chance.

He hurls dark fireballs for mid to long-range damage. His relentless combos limit your chances to counterattack. His long-range spell disrupts flask healing by staggering you on impact, allowing him to dash forward and strike you three times. Facing the Apostle demands agility and strategy.


Once the Apostle’s health drops below 60%, he floats and generates a wide area wind blast causing lingering damage. His eerie move involves stretching his body like rubber and smashing into you, then retracting his lower half, dealing massive and relentless damage, leaving no room for respite. Be vigilant and prepare for counterattacks to overcome this formidable adversary.

Rennala – Queen of the Full Moon

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
If you think you have beaten her in the first phase, then you’re so wrong! Wait till you come across her second phase because that’s where the real battle starts.

In the Rennala boss fight, mini-mobs must be dealt with first. They throw books at high speed, causing significant damage if they hit. Identify the attacking witch by the direction of the books. They have minimal health and can be killed with one strike.

After defeating the pesky witch, others emit fire flames, which are easier to dodge. Avoid their attacks as they deal substantial damage and can deplete your HP flasks needed for phase two. When you damage the second witch, Rennala falls from her cocoon, providing an opportunity to deal damage. Be cautious not to get greedy, as her AOE spell can blow you away. The unique arena awaits in the second phase of the battle.


Phase two with Rennala introduces a formidable challenge in the mesmerizing arena. She’s now a massive threat with no more mini-mobs to provide opportunities.

In this face-to-face encounter, Rennala’s attacks and patterns undergo a significant transformation. She hurls homing arrows with full force, inflicting immense damage. The damage from these arrows and stones accumulates, depleting your HP rapidly. Using flasks becomes challenging, as the arrows lock onto you, and attempts to dodge or roll only result in them returning to hit you again. Be prepared for a fierce battle.

Phase 2

Rennala possesses a range of attacks in phase two. She can conjure and throw a massive moon at you, but it’s relatively slow, allowing you to dodge. After the moon reaches its target, there’s a brief opening to attack, but avoid getting too close as it bursts with a damaging AOE.

She also summons allies, from wolves to formidable foes like Dragon Agheel. Handling homing arrows, wolves, trolls, and Agheel’s fiery breath while Rennala attacks from the rear presents a significant challenge. Rennala’s battle difficulty should not be underestimated, making her a formidable early-game opponent among the hardest bosses.

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Godrick the Grafted

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
He has different combos and moves up his sleeve, memorize his attack patterns and you will be able to hit him through the window of opportunities you create!

Godrick the Grafted appears as if he’s absorbed countless souls, with mini-arms on his shoulders and a chained ax. He employs long-range wind attacks that curve towards you. His anger fuels massive ax swings, making dodging challenging due to stamina consumption. Quick rolls transform into three powerful ax strikes, followed by a damaging ground smack.

While his combos may initially overwhelm, they become predictable. Godrick provides openings to approach and deal damage during his attacks. Memorizing his patterns is key to success against this formidable foe.

Phase 2

The battle against Godrick is long and challenging, with his aggression and anger intensifying. He introduces massive ground stomps, which can be dodged by creating distance and then counterattacking when he’s vulnerable. Don’t miss any opportunities, as they’re scarce.

In his second phase, Godrick wields a dragon’s head on his arm, spewing flames across half the battlefield. To avoid his flame attacks, move out of range and strike him from behind when he uses his fiery breath. Be cautious not to get too close during phase two, as he can knock you down and unleash flames directly at you. 

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Red Wolf of Radagon

Red Wolf of Radagon
You need to be careful when facing this menacing beast! He can move and attack efficiently and is the beastly combination of all other variants of wolves.

The beast conjures a long-range sword with its mouth, slashing opponents two or three times at incredible speed. Dodging or counterattacking is challenging. Red Wolf Radagon uses Soul Arrows from a distance, then swiftly lunges forward for a strike. Dodging both the arrows and the wolf can seem impossible. Getting hit by Soul Arrows results in massive damage, nearly half your health.

Using a shield to block the arrows after rolling twice is a viable strategy. If you lack a shield, rolling to avoid Radagon’s bites is your best bet. While not excessively difficult, he is relentless, with predictable attacks. His speed and power are notable, and he minimizes your healing flask usage by maintaining constant pressure. Despite this, he still earns a spot among hardest bosses.

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Elemer of the Briar

Elemer of the Briar
The Elemer is supposedly a tough opponent to beat with his weird move sets. Be careful as he can drain a lot of HP with a few hits!

Elemer, a formidable knight in armor with a shield and Greatsword, has unpredictable attack patterns. His sword inflicts significant damage if not dodged correctly. In the Shaded Castle, he transitions rapidly from long-range to close-range attacks. After knocking you down, he lunges forward with a powerful strike, dealing around 60% of your health bar in damage.

Later in the fight, he wields his shield, which he can use to create area-wide effects by smashing the ground. Employing a poison build, such as Scarlet Rot, can help damage him over time. Be cautious of his sword slashes followed by sudden thrusts, as they are challenging to avoid. Understanding his attack pattern is crucial to survival.

Phase 2

Another variant of Elemer of the Briar is Bell Bearing Hunter. His attack pattern is insanely unpredictable and ferocious. He can use gravity-based attacks to pull you towards himself and then launch you a few feet away. It almost resembles a scenario where someone is getting bullied by a huge person. The attacks range from long-range to close-range attacks. Most importantly, he can use his sword telekinetically without using his hands.

The swords can move around and slash you with a huge range. It can almost seem impossible to dodge. One of Elemer’s deadliest attacks is when he lifts you with his telekinesis and then slams a sword down your belly, making you crash land on the ground. Just looking at your character getting hit by that move brings goosebumps. In addition to his swords, he can slash them thrice and take away 70% of your health; the last shred of your HP is stripped away when he pulls his sword back, hitting you upon impact.

It is time to increase the difficulty of bosses in our Hardest Boss list.

Rykard – Lord of Blasphemy

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
Pretty huge for his size, Rykard leaves windows open for opportunities to strike back. He does leave trails of scorching hot lava that can deplete your HP.

Rykard, an enormous serpent-shaped boss situated on molten lava, poses unique challenges. Ground impacts from his attacks release hot flaming lava with lingering damage. He primarily uses head smashes and bites, both with incredible reach, even from a distance.

In his second phase, Rykard wields a sword from his mouth, extending his range and making mid-range attacks possible. Long-range strategies, particularly with a mage build, are effective in this battle. Mages can maintain distance, avoiding his sword and head attacks while retaliating with sorceries.

Rykard employs complex and powerful attacks, such as launching fiery skulls that deal massive damage, depleting 50% of your HP with a single hit. Be especially vigilant during his second phase, as he charges up and slams his sword onto the ground. Rykard presents a formidable challenge with his unique moveset and fiery arena.

Fire Giant

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
The Fire Giant will go to extreme lengths to give you a fight worth remembering!

The Fire Giant strikes with a massive bowl, causing devastating damage. His varied move set includes unusual skills and a penchant for throwing snow. His attacks are powerful and bone-crushing, a hallmark of Fromsoft’s obsession with giants.

Memorizing attack patterns won’t help due to his unpredictable nature. He can jump, slam his shield for a deadly headshot, and spoil your strategies. He also wields fire spears and globes that explode when you’re near.

After his stomp and slam attacks, close in on his legs to deal significant damage.

Phase 2

n the second phase, after depleting his health significantly, the Fire Giant gruesomely rips off his own leg. His determination to eliminate you is remarkable. He becomes faster, deals more damage, and gains new attacks like rolling for AOE damage. Staying alive is a constant struggle, making it likely you’ll use multiple flasks.

Starscourge Radahn

Starscourge Radahn
You will mostly be fighting this outrageous looking beast from a long range. However, his speed is not something that you should underestimate!

Radahn, a colossal boss resembling Thor Ragnarok’s Hulk, moves with insane anger and speed, dual-wielding swords and protected by armor plates. He starts the battle out of range, firing soul arrows and magic beams rapidly. Dodging beams from a distance is manageable, but up close, they’re lethal.

Initially, Radahn is mounted on a horse but later fights without it. His blows are devastating, and his swords are powerful. To dodge his long-range attacks, mount your horse for added speed, improving your chances of evasion.

Phase 2

Radahn’s formidable attack includes launching a barrage of arrows followed by a rain of arrows, demanding an extensive supply of healing flasks for a lengthy battle. His damage output is extreme.

In the second phase, his health decreases rapidly, and he becomes more aggressive. He unleashes palm slams and meteorite attacks. Mounted on your horse, he creates a force field, dismounting you and bombarding with giant meteorites. To attack, roll under him during his sword charge. Expect a fierce exchange with both sides healing on the go. Invading doesn’t make the fight easier; Radahn remains a formidable contender for the Hardest Boss title.

Dragonlord Placidusax

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
The dragon will give you a very intense fight. His incredible size and insane damage output is unmatched!

Placidusaxx, a two-headed dragon, wields lightning attacks with devastating power. He throws lightning bolts from his massive body, even roaring and casting lightning if you approach his rear. He can electrify the ground like a Lightning Spear, causing massive damage. His tail can toss you around, and his head can ram into you.

His tough skin resists most attacks. Attacking from the tail or leg prompts a Thor-like lightning strike that inflicts immense damage. Quick flask use is essential to survive his red lightning strikes.


Placidusaxx’s fiery breath can engulf the arena, causing AOE damage. Attacking his frontal or rear legs invites searing yellow flames. After a few attacks, roll to his rear to dodge the flames still in motion.

He creates a red lightning cloud and teleports, then dashes towards you at blinding speed, making evasion difficult. He slashes with his fingers, uses his tail of lightning, and emits head beams for AOE damage. His claws extend for attacks at various ranges. As a dragon, he rightfully claims a spot as one of the Hardest Bosses.

Morgott, the Omen King

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
He looks spooky and he uses a spear that he thrusts forward either in a push or dash. Do not make him angry or else you will regret it!

Morgott in Elden Ring is a stamina-efficient boss who uses agility to attack. He wields a staff-turned-blade and hurls lightning spears and daggers. His diverse skill set and combos can disorient you.

Opportunities to strike arise, but close-range attacks hurt. Weapons like Antspur Rapier can poison him with Scarlet Rot for lingering damage. Morgott’s relentless attacks grow in complexity and damage. His spear slam deals significant damage initially, but adaptation can help you dodge later in the battle.

Phase 2

Morgott throws daggers in pairs of three, dashing aside to repeat the attack, causing heavy damage if not dodged. He combines his spear with a magically summoned sword for relentless combos. He can also wield a hammer for striking. Using a sword and shield allows you to both defend and attack.

Weapon choice is crucial, but running out of stamina can shatter your defense and leave you vulnerable to his assaults.

Mogh, Lord of Blood

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
You will need to carry a lot of resourceful items to battle this monster!

Mogh wields a trident and conjures blood flames that rain down when you’re up close. His trident’s range is vast, making it hard to dodge. His massive health bar requires constant hits. In his first phase, he pours blood flames; in the second, he squirts them for hefty damage.

He can make the air explode, pushing you backward. Watch out for his blood build-up move, tapping his trident in the sky for substantial damage and blood loss, even from a distance.

Phase 2

In Mogh’s second phase, he gains wings, increasing his damage across the board. He jumps, throws blood flames, and dashes towards you. His attacks become more complex, incorporating blood flames with his spear. He can also fly and thrust with his trident at high speed, making his explosive slash deadlier.

Despite the challenging blood loss and explosive attacks, you can still use reaction time to your advantage.

Maliketh, The Black Blade

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
The wielder of Black Blade and the one who can perform deadly combos!

Maliketh, the fierce beast, presents a formidable challenge with high damage output and speed. His moveset involves hurling sharp earth rocks and using razor-sharp claws, making it difficult to approach him with a weapon. Here are some strategies for defeating him:

Phase 1:

  • Use a shield to dodge his earth-based attacks effectively.
  • Watch out for his ground-to-stone projectile attacks, which can be sidestepped, although it’s challenging.
  • Exploit openings in his horizontal attacks to attack from behind.
  • Be patient, as Maliketh has a large health pool, and the fight may take some time.

Phase 2:

  • In his second phase, Maliketh gains a black blade, becomes more mobile, and uses ranged attacks.
  • Maintaining distance is crucial to avoid his sword’s reach while looking for opportunities to strike.
  • Be prepared to deflect his combo attacks, as his sword has considerable reach.

Radagon & Elden Beast

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
The combined power of these two bosses is overwhelming! 

Facing two bosses simultaneously, Radagon and the Elden Beast, is a tough challenge. Radagon wields a lightning hammer and possesses a vast variety of spells. He can float in the air while casting spells, such as Lightning Spear from long range. Keeping distance prompts him to use long-range lightning spells with massive damage.

His ground slam releases a lingering AOE lightning effect. Radagon’s abilities include teleporting and unleashing two rapid-fire lightning spears, creating explosive AOE zones upon impact, akin to Rennala’s moon but much faster.

Radagon’s shocking abilities demand close-range strategies to overcome.

Phase 2

Radagon’s brutal grab attack can be devastating, especially if you have low HP. Parrying his attacks is an effective strategy to stagger him and deal significant damage. In his second phase, his attacks become deadlier, including a powerful three-hit hammer slam.

The Elden Beast, despite its massive size, can be fought effectively with ranged attacks. It uses fire breath, a long sword, and lightning arrows, so dodging is crucial. The battle requires multiple flasks, and taking advantage of the distance can help against the Elden Beast.

Godskin Duo

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
Both of them have incredible speed and deadly move set!

Fighting the Godskin Noble and Apostle together is a formidable challenge. Both bosses are surprisingly fast, with the Godskin Noble being particularly speedy. Apostle, with his long-range spear sickle, adds to the difficulty.

Their synchronized long-range fireball attacks can be challenging, but the arena’s pillars offer some protection. When enraged, their damage skyrockets, obliterating any protective objects. Godskin attacks from long range, using his massive body, while Apostle delivers close-range slices and dices. It’s a tough duo fight that requires learning from each loss.

Phase 2

In the second phase, both monsters attack with tremendous speed and a combination of moves. Pillars are now broken, leaving only their bases for limited cover. Dodging is crucial, as you can’t block the fireballs. Dual-wielding katanas to induce blood build can be effective.

Focusing on one target won’t work, as the other will intervene. Their combined attacks are formidable. Even if you defeat one, they respawn after fifteen seconds. You need to defeat them at least three times to prevent further respawns. Planning your attacks is crucial when both are enraged.

Melania, Goddess of Rot

Elden Ring Hardest Boss
She is by far the strongest Boss you might ever face in Elden Ring!

Melania is a formidable boss with a vast array of attacks and patterns, making her a challenging adversary. She boasts a whirlwind of slash attacks, thrusts, and deadly combinations that make it difficult to counterattack. Adding Blood Hound’s Step to your slot for evasion can be beneficial.

She’s capable of long-range damage with her longsword, followed by slashing attacks and a wide 360-degree attack pattern. Her diagonal sword attack can cover an immense range, closing gaps swiftly. Her ability to regenerate health after each hit adds to the challenge. Some players opt to parry her attacks and chip away at her health gradually, alternating between defense and offense as a strategy. Facing Melania requires both skill and adaptability.

Phase 2

Melania’s second phase is a formidable challenge, as she unleashes the cocoon’s orange ball and attacks with scarlet rot. Entering her circle exposes you to poison, draining your HP rapidly. Her attacks become more powerful, ranging from slashes to thrusts and stabs.

Her speed increases over time, making evasion more difficult. Her long blade has an impressive range, posing a threat even at mid-range. Dodging her attacks can stagger her, allowing for critical hits. In her second phase, Melania gains wings and the ability to fly. She uses her sword to strike three times in a row, relentlessly pursuing you, making it challenging to keep up with her attacks due to stamina depletion. Melania is a relentless and formidable foe, requiring precise timing and strategy to defeat.

Final Summary

In our Hardest Boss list, Melania is the toughest of them all. She can regenerate and attack at full speed without leaving any windows of opportunities to strike back.  Each boss is unique in its way. It has a variety of skills and move sets that you need to be wary of, plus it takes a lot of time and dedication to memorize its attack patterns. Doing so can take hours until you develop the best strategy to counter their strong attacks. It all comes down to how dedicated you are with Elden Ring. If you enjoyed our guide on the hardest bosses in Elden Ring, be sure to give us your feedback in the comments section.

If you need any help regarding what builds to choose, spells to take, weapons to use, or any assistance regarding the stats of the characters, you can check out our Elden Ring guides. Surely after reading one of our highly informative guides, you will be able to clear the stages, or maybe the whole game along the way!

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