Elden Ring: How To Kill Tree Sentinel [My Strategy]

Have you just started Elden Ring? Are you having a little trouble? Well, fear no more because my guide on how to kill Tree Sentinel is here.

how to kill tree sentinel

The thing Soul-Borne games are known for is their difficulty in regards to their bosses, and Elden Ring is no exception.

This is perfectly encapsulated in the first boss we are given the choice to fight: The Tree Sentinel. So if you are struggling to fight this guy then don’t worry, my guide on how to kill tree sentinel is sure to help you get past this monstrosity.

Key Takeaways

  • Tree Sentinel is the first boss you face in Elden Ring and it sets your tone for the rest of the game.
  • One way to defeat Tree Sentinel is by bypassing him in the first interaction and coming back with a stronger arsenal and stats.
  • Another way is by getting used to his rhythm and planning your attack strategy accordingly. Keep up with his tempo and skills, and he will be all yours.
  • You can also defeat him through cheesing. It is an easy, unconventional method of winning this fight. Take an arrow and bow. Stand in the area mentioned near the tree sentinel and keep hitting him while he won’t even touch you.
Elden Ring Gameplay
Limgrave2,8893,200Golden Halberd

Tree Sentinel Stats Table. 

Method 1: Just Run Away

  1. So, the first method is exactly what it sounds like. Simply run around him at the start area and reach the church of Marika, where the site of grace is located.
  2. You may be wondering how this works towards killing him, but we will eventually get there.
  3. For this method, we follow the philosophy of “live today, fight tomorrow.”
  4. Bypass the boss for now and return better-equipped. Follow the grace sites.
  5. When Melina approaches you by the third grace, it signals readiness to face the boss, teaching you how to defeat the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring.
  6. After receiving the steed from Melina, you have two options: farm runes for leveling up or immediate combat.
  7. It’s advisable to gather runes first using my early-game guide.
  8. Upgrade your weapon at the grace site near Stormfront Ruins by accessing the guarded caravan for an advantage against the Tree Sentinel.
  9. Nevertheless, understanding the boss’s attack patterns is crucial. In this challenging game, bosses can defeat you swiftly with just a hit or two.
how to kill tree sentinel
Farming runes

Method 2: Hard Work & Determination

To confront this, understanding the boss’s attack patterns and syncing with their rhythm is crucial. These games operate on a rhythm-based system where once you grasp the tempo, dodging the boss’s attacks becomes effortless.

It requires patience and practice as repeated deaths are expected, but the eventual satisfaction of victory outweighs the struggle.

how to kill tree sentinel
Tree Sentinel’s First Strike | Courtesy: Kibbles
  1. At the start, Tree Sentinel initiates with a delayed halberd swing, offering an opportunity for free hits.
  2. Dodging this swing is crucial, as getting hit could heavily impact the fight.
  3. Focus on striking the left side while observing his movements, especially for the horse stomp and follow-up slash.
  4. Watch his arm movement for attack timing to roll effectively.
  5. Consistency in timing rolls can smoothly transition to phase 2 in defeating the Tree Sentinel.
After defeating Tree Sentinel

Phase 2 remains relatively consistent, introducing only two new moves: the shield bash and shield stomp. These can be countered by observing their wind-up. The shield bash, particularly tricky at close range, requires predicting the boss’s movements akin to a rhythm game for a successful defense.

Method 3: Cheese & More Cheese

If you don’t know what cheesing means, then to put it simply; a method that is unconventional which oftentimes requires no skill and exploits the game mechanics and developmental oversights to achieve victory.

Debating whether to cheese | Courtesy: Tyrannicon
  1. To defeat the Tree Sentinel using a “cheese strat,” equip a spell or a bow and arrow.
  2. Gain the Sentinel’s attention and stand in a specific safe spot shown below.
  3. You’ll remain unscathed while continuously launching projectiles at the Sentinel until it’s defeated.
how to kill tree sentinel
The place to stand when cheesing | Courtesy: Tyrannicon

My Tips & Recommendations

Tree Sentinel might feel troubled at the start, but do not worry if he teleports away; he just went back to his original location, but all the damage you inflicted will still be applied unless you rest at a site of grace or die somehow. When this happens, simply lure him back to the same area and keep on pelting him till he dies.

This is an easy way to cheese the Tree Sentinel fight, there might be others, but I find this one to be quite quick and preferable over a few others currently floating out there on the internet.

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