Elden Ring: How To Parry With Tips

Elden Ring How to Parry
Elden Ring How to Parry

Players can utilize many skills and abilities in the Elden Ring. Parry is one of the major combat strategies in Elden Ring that gives players a significant edge to register massive damage with their melee weapon. As you may already be aware of the fact that Elden Ring is painfully difficult and involves dying over and over again.

Key Takeaways

  • Parrying in Elden Ring is one of the combat strategies that every player should know of. It is beneficial in dealing more damage with melee weapons.
  • Parrying involves two steps, block and hit. Firstly, your character should have a shield in order to stop the enemy’s attack. The next step is to give them a critical hit.
  • The Key combinations on various gaming devices require a lot of practice to master the Parry technique.
  • Parrying can be made easier by knowing the enemy’s attack pattern. Other than that parry is not something to be used again and again. Look for perfect windows to use this technique.

Meanwhile, having preservation and coordination from the essential skills is critical to keep the safe side from the potential threats. If you are also one of those players having a hard time in the Elden Ring, you are in the right place. This guide entails all the details on how to Parry in Elden Ring. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

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How to Parry in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s Parry is one of the crucial aspects of the combat that will assist players in dealing heavy damage to players. Apart from the daily swings and slashing, Parry involves registering a Critical Hit that may instantly kill small enemies while dealing massive damage to the boss enemies. This combat skill works only for melee weapons, which means you will not utilize it through crossbows. Moreover, you can not use this combat skill for Sorceries or Incantations. 

Now that you know that Parry is exclusive to melee weapons, it is essential to understand its effects on the enemies. If you have played the Dark Soul series, you might already know how Parry works. In essence, Parry is all about stopping the enemy strike from saving themselves and availing themselves of the opportunity of Critical Hit. 

For instance, if any enemy or boss strikes with a melee weapon, you will have to block this attack. This will stagger the opponent, thus allowing you to make a move and end them with a Critical Hit.

This approach involves timely strikes and the right combination to deal heavy damage and keep a safe side from a potential heavy strike from the boss enemy. This means you will have to practice heavily to master this combat ability and make the most out of the gameplay experience. 

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Parry with Shield Block
Parry with Shield Block
Elden Ring Perfect Riposte after Parry
Perfect Riposte after Parry

Apart from the gameplay playstyle, performing Parry in Elden Ring will not work for every character. As said earlier, you need melee weapons with a foe using melee strikes to Parry their attack. On top of that, you need a Shield item equipped on your character to block the foe’s melee attack.

It is the most crucial aspect of Parrying that requires players to engage with physically with the enemy. Only then you will be able to execute a perfect Parry. Once achieved, players will get a Riposte, registering colossal damage on the enemy. 

You can use any of the shields in the game to Parry, but that is mostly not guaranteed. You will have to master the maneuver with practice small to medium difficulty enemies. To execute a perfect perry, players on PlayStation 4 and 5 will have to hold down on the L2 button to perform the Parry and then attack to do the Riposte.

Meanwhile, Xbox players will be using the left trigger to execute the hefty maneuver of Parry in Elden Ring. PC players will have to hold both Shift and Right Click the mouse button. 

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Apart from the key combinations, you will hear bell-ringing audio that confirms the Parry in combat. That is your cue to perform the next move and Riposte on any enemy that has been staggered by your Parry. As said earlier, this is extremely difficult, so practice before you try that on any boss fight in the storyline. 

Tips to Parry in Elden Ring

Now that you know how to execute Parry, you might also consider tips and tricks to make the most out of clever combat tricks. One of the best approaches to maximize the Parry is by watching the boss’s attack patterns you are fighting. They will not mostly attack with their melee weapon. Sometimes, the enemies will push you or strike with other elements in the game. For that instance, you will need to be extra careful about your character and avoid Parry maneuver when they are not striking with a melee weapon. Make sure to get Best Elden Ring Weapons before starting.

Watch out for the hands instead of their body. This way, you will decide whether the enemy will strike with a weapon or not. Swinging your Shield timed with their strike will ring the bell and stagger the boss.

Now all you need to do is brutally Riposte, and they will be down. Moreover, you do not have to utilize Parry as the primary means of attack. This is because the enemy will not always attack you with a melee weapon and will strike with another brutal blow. So watch out for that, as it might be coming right after your Riposte of Parry. 

Also, if you are wondering if you may take damage during Parry, it is worth noting that as long as you have executed a perfect Parry, you will not be taking any damage, regardless of the Phys resistance of your Shield. Timing is a vital part of the tactic that requires huge practice before diving into the battleground. 

Final Words

The fundamental trick to stun the enemies is first to study their movements and then make your move by going for their hands. Unlike Dark Soul games where players would Parry weapons, you will be Parrying hands in Elden Ring. Moreover, the window of opportunity is small, so make the right move at the right time. Otherwise, mistiming can cost you a character life that is a harrowing experience in Elden Ring.

That is about it for how to Parry in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful in Parrying in your game? What other tips and tricks work best for you to perform this combat tactic? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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