Elden Ring: How To Parry? [Handy Tips]

Here is how you can parry accurately and return the brutal attacks to put down enemies.

Elden Ring How to Parry
Elden Ring How to Parry

Parry is one of the major combat strategies that gives players a significant edge to register massive damage with their melee weapon. As you may already be aware, Elden Ring is painfully difficult and involves dying repeatedly.

Key Takeaways

  • Parrying involves two steps, block and hit. Firstly, your character should have a shield to stop the enemy’s attack. The next step is to give them a critical hit.
  • The Key combinations on various gaming devices require a lot of practice to master the Parry technique.
  • Parrying can be made easier by knowing the enemy’s attack pattern. Other than that, parry is not something to be used repeatedly. Look for perfect windows to use this technique.

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How to Parry?

Parry is one of the crucial aspects of the combat that will assist players in dealing heavy damage to players.

However, it’s important to understand how Parry works and its limitations:

  1. Exclusive to Melee Weapons: Parry is exclusive to melee weapons, and it cannot be used with crossbows, Sorceries, or Incantations.
  2. Stopping Enemy Attacks: The primary function of Parry is to stop an enemy’s melee attack and create an opportunity for a Critical Hit. When an enemy or boss strikes with a melee weapon, blocking their attack with your shield will stagger them, allowing you to perform a Critical Hit.
  3. Practice and Timing: Parrying effectively requires practice and precise timing. You’ll need to block an enemy’s attack immediately to stagger them. This timing can vary depending on the enemy’s attack animation.
  4. Shield Requirement: To Parry, you must have a shield equipped on your character. The shield is essential for blocking the foe’s melee attack and initiating the Parry.
    Parry with Shield Block
    Parry with Shield Block
  5. Performing Parry: The button or key combination to perform a Parry depends on your platform:
    • PlayStation (PS4/PS5): Hold the L2 button to perform the Parry, then follow up with an attack to execute the Riposte.
    • Xbox: Use the left trigger to initiate the Parry and follow up with an attack for the Riposte.
    • PC: Hold both Shift and Right Click the mouse button to execute the Parry, then attack for the Riposte.
  6. Audio Cue: When you successfully perform a Parry, you will hear a bell-ringing sound as confirmation. This audio cue signals that the enemy has been staggered, and you can execute a Riposte.
    Elden Ring Perfect Riposte after Parry
    Perfect Riposte after Parry
  7. Practice: Parrying can be challenging, especially against tough enemies and bosses. That is why I advise practicing Parrying on smaller, less challenging foes to master the technique before attempting it in boss fights.

Remember that Parrying is a skill that requires practice and precision. Once mastered, it can be a powerful tool for dealing with enemies and bosses in Elden Ring, allowing you to score Critical Hits and deal significant damage.

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Tips to Parry 

  • For a practical Parry, keep track of opponents’ attack patterns. Make sure to get Best Elden Ring Weapons before starting.
  • Watch out for the hands instead of their body. This way, you will decide whether the enemy will strike with a weapon.
  • Swinging your Shield timed with their strike will ring the bell and stagger the boss.
  • My recommendation is to brutally Riposte, and they will be down. You do not have to utilize Parry as the primary means of attack. This is because the enemy will not always attack you with a melee weapon and will strike with another brutal blow. So watch out for that, as it might be coming right after your Riposte of Parry. 

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My Thoughts On Parrying Attacks

My fundamental trick to stun the enemies is first to study their movements and then make your move by going for their hands; unlike Dark Soul games, where players would Parry weapons, you will be Parrying hands in Elden Ring. The window of opportunity is small, so make the right move at the right time. Otherwise, a small mistake can cost you a character’s life.

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