Elden Ring Kenneth Location, Quest & Rewards

Elden Ring Kenneth Location
Elden Ring Kenneth Location

To find the Kenneth location, players will have to visit a fallen structure or ledge on the North of Mistwood Outskirts. 

Get above the ledge, and you will hear Kenneth in the corner. Upon talking, he will explain everything about him and require you to take back his Fort on the South of Mistwood. This Fort is seized by Stormviel’s Knight Commander, and the only way to retrieve it is by fighting the Knight. 

Key Takeaways

  • Kenneth can be found on a ledge on the North of the Mistwood Outskirts. Talking to him starts your journey. He asks to get his fort back by defeating the Stromveil’s Knight Commander.
  • To start with, you need to fight the mighty Pumpkin Head and the Godrick Knight at the Haight Fort. Making Kenneth the ruler of the Fort will make you trustworthy.
  • This Haight Fort quest will reward you Ash of War: Bloody Slash, Partisan, Gilded Greatshield, Godrick Knight Helm, Armor, Gauntlet, Greaves, and Erdsteel Dagger.
  • In the end, you visit Kenneth at his fort. The story seems to end here but Kenneth might be needing your character to become the Knight of his Fort.

Kenneth Location

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Location
Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Location
Elden Ring Kenneth Haight on the Ledge
Kenneth Haight on the Ledge
  1. After speaking to Kenneth, you will have to visit the Fort to complete the quest.
  2. Remember, the Fort is seized by the enemies, and liberating will not be an easy feat.
  3. As a start, you will be fighting mighty Pumpkin Head on the gates, rats, and lastly, the Godrick Knight to complete the quest.
  4. Although defeating Godrick Knight is essential for the liberation of Fort Haight, you can avoid other enemies by running across them and making your way to the top of the Fort. 
Fort Haight Location
Fort Haight Location
  1. Bring your best Elden Ring weapons to defeat enemies without slowing down. I recommend using a Parry maneuver to instantly eliminate small to medium foes.
  2. After reaching the top of Fort Haight and defeating the Godrick Knight, return to Kenneth’s original location. Kenneth will inquire about Fort Liberation, making him the ruler.
  3. This is when your Tarnished character earns Kenneth’s respect and trust.
  4. He’ll then discuss your reward and the future of his rule at Fort Haight. Now, let’s explore how to continue the conversation.
Elden Ring Killing the Knight
Killing the Knight

Right after the Fort Haight questline, Kenneth will reward you with a reward of Erdsteel Dagger.

Limgrave731500Golden Seed

Erdsteel Dagger Stats Table.

My Experience

Discovering and helping Kenneth Haight is a unique quest that leaves cliffhangers and some fantastic rewards. Even better, it allows players to dive deeper into the lore of Elden Ring to make the most out of their gameplay experience. In the end, in my opinion, finding him and doing his job is definitely worth the trouble for receiving the Erdsteel Dagger. 

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