Elden Ring Kenneth Location & Rewards

Elden Ring Kenneth Location
Elden Ring Kenneth Location

All new Elden Ring broke into the internet and spread like wildfire in the gaming community. As soon as the release hit the PC, Playstation and Xbox, the whole internet filled with the most breathtaking content FromSoftware offered in the Elden Ring. Meanwhile, the game also has a difficulty curve that left both beginners and veteran Soul-players scratching their heads over deep mysteries. Be it the boss fight and the engaging quests, they will mostly be challenging yet most playful experiences. One of the unique quests from the game that is also confusing players is Elden Ring Kenneth location. Unlike other storyline quests, Kenneth is an NPC that you can find at a particular location in Elden Ring. You might not be able to meet him anywhere in the main quests. 

Key Takeaways

  • Kenneth Questline corresponds to the story of an NPC in Elden Ring, calling for help to assist him in his quest. His name is Kenneth Haight.
  • Kenneth can be found on a ledge on the North of the Mistwood Outskirts. Talking to him starts your journey. He asks to get his fort back by defeating the Stromveil’s Knight Commander.
  • To start with, you need to fight the mighty Pumpkin Head and the Godrick Knight at the Haight Fort. Making Kenneth the ruler of the Fort will make you trustworthy.
  • This Haight Fort quest will reward you Ash of War: Bloody Slash, Partisan, Gilded Greatshield, Godrick Knight Helm, Armor, Gauntlet, Greaves, and Erdsteel Dagger.
  • In the end, you visit Kenneth at his fort. The story seems to end here but Kenneth might be needing your character to become the Knight of his Fort.

Elden Ring Kenneth Location

Kenneth is the most George R.R. Martin character you will meet in Elden Ring. He wrote the Mythos of the Elden Ring, which makes the game highly engaging, calling the fans to play Elden Ring. Apart from that, Kenneth calls himself the next rightful ruler of the Limgrave. But first, your character needs to discover him to trigger the first quest he gives to you. To find the Kenneth location in Elden Ring, players will have to visit a fallen structure or ledge on the North of Mistwood Outskirts. 

Get above the ledge, and you will hear Kenneth in the corner. Upon talking, he will explain everything about him and require you to take back his Fort on the South of Mistwood. Moreover, this Fort is seized by a Stormviel’s Knight Commander, and the only way to retrieve it is by fighting the Knight. 

Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Location
Elden Ring Kenneth Haight Location
Elden Ring Kenneth Haight on the Ledge
Kenneth Haight on the Ledge

After speaking to Kenneth, you will have to visit the Fort to complete the quest. Remember, the Fort is seized by the enemies, and liberating will not be an easy feat. As a start, you will be fighting mighty Pumpkin Head on the gates, rats, and lastly, the Godrick Knight to complete the quest. Although defeating Godrick Knight is essential for the liberation of Fort Haight, you can avoid other enemies by running across them and making your way to the top of the Fort. 

Fort Haight Location
Fort Haight Location

Make sure to bring your Elden Ring best weapons to kill these enemies without halting your progress. You can also pull off one Parry maneuver that will dish out decent damage, instantly killing small to medium enemies. Once you reach the top of Fort Haight and kill the Godrick Knight, you will have to return to Kenneth at the exact location where you found him earlier. 

Upon reaching, he will ask about the liberation of his Fort, thus making him the ruler of the Fort. That was the moment where your Tarnished character earned respect and trust of Kenneth. He will continue the conversation discussing your reward and the future of his rulership at Fort Haight. Let’s discuss how you can proceed with his discussion.

Elden Ring Killing the Knight
Killing the Knight

Kenneth Haight Rewards

Right after the Fort Haight questline, Kenneth will reward you with a reward of Erdsteel Dagger. Looking at the stats, it makes up a decent close-range weapon by utilizing Strength and Dexterity. The weapon has an Attack Phy of 67 and Critical Damage of 110, making it the perfect mass-murdering weapon. Plus, the ability to infuse it with the Ash of War will push these stats even further, enhancing your gameplay experience. 

Although that is the only reward you receive from Kenneth Haight, you can also loot off the body of Godrick Knight. Killing him will reward you the loot containing Ash of War: Bloody Slash, Partisan, Gilded Greatshield, Godrick Knight Helm, Armor, Gauntlet, and Greaves. Erdsteel Dagger will surely meet your reward requirements if these are not enough. 

Limgrave731500Golden Seed
Kenneth Haight :

Kenneth Haight Second Quest

After receiving the reward from Kenneth on the fallen structure, he will allow you to visit him at Fort Haight. All you need to do is visit the Fort Haight that you unshackled from the dark powers. He will discuss the weary state of the Fort and mention a true ruler that can rebuild it. You can proceed with the conversation by talking to him. However, unfortunately, he will not allow you to claim the Knighthood of the Fort during the conversation. After the apology, you will be finally exhausting his dialogue for your playthrough. 

Although that might seem like an end of the quest for this character. But it seems like Kenneth Haight will once again call upon your character after the cliffhanger of making someone the Knight of the Fort Haight. Meanwhile, those players that are completionists or hunters of items, killing Kenneth Haight will grant you a Golden Seed that can be used to upgrade your Sacred Flask.

Final Words

Discovering and helping Kenneth Haight is a unique quest that leaves cliffhangers and some fantastic rewards. Even better, it allows players to dive deeper into the lore of Elden Ring to make the most out of their gameplay experience. 

That is about it for the Elden Ring Kenneth location and questline. Did you find this guide helpful in getting to Kenneth and triggering his quests? What are your thoughts on the cliffhanger this NPC has left players in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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