Elden Ring Lightning Build: Weapons, Talismans & More

Elden Ring Lightning Build
Elden Ring Lightning Build

Character builds make up a vast portion of any role-playing game. It involves careful considerations of stats that make over the overall character, weapons, and armors to pave the way for the gameplay that a player wants to pursue. FromSoftware’s Elden Ring follows a similar strategy with new features to allow the players to seek their ideal character build and playthrough. Elden Ring has set the bar high for players of all kinds with ample resources and a vast open-world of possibilities. That is why many players seek unique builds. This also includes Elden Ring Lightning build for maximizing the power of Faith stats and others achieving an exclusive playthrough. 

Lightning is one of the most powerful additions to the Elden Ring that utilizes the Faith side of your character. You might already be aware of the fact that the more values you add to the attributes stats, the more performance you can gain out of character. For this instance, we might also be following the same strategy to achieve the maximum potential of the character build by investing in Faith and Dexterity. With that said, let’s look at how you can pursue a playthrough for Elden Ring Lightning build

Key Takeaways

  • Our lightning build is all about going close and personal with enemies and casting incantations to deal great damage.
  • Unlike most builds, this lightning character build is a Dexterity-Faith Hybrid that will give us access to a pretty neat arsenal to dish out the best Damage Output. 
  • For starters, you can select Vagabond or Prophet class, and from there, you can start modifying the attribute values of your character. Since it is a Dex-faith hybrid build, you might want to invest multiple points in these two stats along with Endurance to avoid getting over-encumbered. 
  • At level 165, your stats must include Dexterity of 30, and Faith of 80. With that, you can maximize your lightning damage scaling out of the battles and pursue an overpowered character build. 
  • Starting with armors, we recommend mixing and matching different sets that grant the best poise and lightweight. Getting hit while not being able to dodge the role is the last thing you would want to experience in the Elden Ring. For that instance, lightweight armor is highly crucial for maximizing character performance. 
  • As for weapons, a Keen scaling on the Uchigatana is a perfect choice. Meanwhile, it will also give you access to the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War. 
  • Moreover, players can also pursue Dragonscale Blade to receive both Dexterity scaling and Ice Lightning Sword skill on the weapon. 
  • As for Talismans, our Lightning build utilizes Faithful’s Canvas Talisman, Godfrey Icon, and Lightning Scorpion Charm.
  • Moreover, the build is powered by Incantations like Fortissaxx’s Lightning Spear, Flame Grant Me Strength, and Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike. 

Elden Ring Lightning Build

Lightning build in Elden Ring will focus on the Faith and Dexterity to utilize the character’s unique abilities, weapons, and incantations. Moreover, this character will also rely on Vigor. You can get started early and add value or expand the arsenal as you progress further in the game. You do not have to start with anything heavier to get overpowered early in the game. The idea for this Build was first started by Moxsy.

Lightning Build In Elden Ring
Lightning Build In Elden Ring

However, the ideal practice is to keep a steady pace. This guide will discuss everything from the starting to all the way to level 165 build with mid-game to endgame items for lightning-styled playthrough. With that said, let’s look at the endgame stats for the character. 

Stats for Lightning Build in Elden Ring

First things first, you will have to fix a class under which you will proceed with the Lightning build. You have to choose to proceed as a Vagabond or Prophet. Since we will put the prime focus on the Faith, we are going with the Prophet class to deal massive damage with the lightning strikes and magic. Here are the stats for endgame character at level 165 that you must also consider for maximizing the output for your Elden Ring Lightning build. 

  • Vigor: 40
  • Mind: 35
  • Endurance: 25
  • Strength: 16
  • Dexterity: 30
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 80
  • Arcane: 9

If you are confused with what the early game stats should look like, here is how you will be putting values as soon as starting with Vagabond or Confessor class. 

  • Vigor: 15
  • Mind: 10
  • Endurance: 11
  • Strength: 14
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 9
  • Arcane: 7

While pursuing this character build in your playthrough of Elden Ring, several aspects come into play. Firstly, you might want to ensure higher Endurance to avoid getting over-encumbered and easily dodge-roll incoming attacks from the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. On the other side, you also need immunities to stay in the line of critical survival in the dangerous grounds of Elden Ring. This lightning build exposes your character to a lot of threats, so make sure to focus on these stats now. Let’s move on to each value contribution for your character. 

At level 165, your character’s Vigor must hit 40 to maximize the character’s performance for HP and immunities. Remember that the world of Elden Ring is dark, and survival is critical. If you are pursuing a purely Faith build, you might want immunities and HP to keep you safe from the strikes that will end your character. Conversely, 35 Mind will contribute a considerable portion of casting abilities. Since casting magic and spells requires FP or Focus Points, you will not always have the bar ready for the next casting. Considering the threats and enemies you encounter in the game; your character might be exposed to danger where you will need multiple casting to make out alive. 

For that instance, Mind stats will increase the FP with each character level and attribute value to Mind. You can easily cast more spells with quick recharge in FP. Next is Endurance of 25, which will assist in the equipment load for the character. Your character relies on Stamina and Robustness to carry the maximum load into the battle. So it is crucial to push the Endurance from 11 to 25 to balance the equipment load side of your character. 

Strength is another significant stat of your character. Every other character build invests heavily in the Strength because of the numerous weapons that require and scale with the stat. Meanwhile, Elden Ring Lightning build will not put more value on the Strength. 

The main reason behind it is that Lightning is a Faith-focused build. However, some weapons require Strength and heavy armaments. But you do not necessarily have to invest heavily if you are going after build-exclusive weapons for Lightning build in Elden Ring. The Strength value of 16 will be enough at level 165 for higher attack power and the armaments of the build. 

Meanwhile, Dexterity will be the second most important stat after Faith for the Lightning build. Just because you are going after Lightning casting and incantations, it does not mean you will be dealing optimal damage out from the character. On the other side, casting spells also require time. Dexterity comes in handy for increasing the casting speed, thus pushing out more damage to the enemies. You might also need the Dexterity to obtain the heavy weapons for the build. 

We have Intelligence at 9, which might seem like a placeholder. 9 Intelligence is more appropriate as we will achieve maximum incantations speed and damage from the top stats of Faith and Dexterity. Plus, the small value is ideal for obtaining the magical resistances of your character. You can invest more value in intelligence if you plan to level up after 165 level build. 

Then comes the Faith value of 80 is the highest any Lightning build in Elden Ring can go. Faith covers most of the incantations and magic spells, while each value boosts the Damage Output of Magical attacks.

Finally, you have Arcane, all about the item discoverability and some incantations and spells. However, you do not have to put anything but nine into the Arcane, as the build has already maximized that side with Faith and Dexterity. 

Armor for Lightning Build

Next is the armor for Lighting build, as you will also need defensive elements to protect the bare skin of the character. Dozens of armor sets and combination potential available can easily overwhelm beginner and veteran players. To make the most effective choice, you will have to narrow down the ideal sets for the Faith-focused builds.

You might already be aware that armors are not individual items in the game. Armors comprise 3-4 items that you will have to obtain to make up the overall set of the specific armor. For instance, if you are going after the Starscourge Radahn armor set, you will have to obtain all four items of Helmet, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves to achieve the full defensive stats. 

Meliketh's+Confessor Helmet Armor Set
Meliketh’s+Confessor Helmet Armor Set

Meanwhile, Elden Ring also allows players to mix and match different sets by employing their creativity to create a unique set. This is precisely what we are after for the Lightning build. 

For that instance, you are going after the Confessor+Maliketh set. Combining the Confessor Hood and Maliketh Chest Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets will give an incredible Elden Lord look that casts powerful lightning to put an end to enemies. Confessor Hood is a great addition to make the assassin and caster look, while the Maliketh is a straight medieval king’s outfit. 

Since it is a Faith-Dexterity build, players might want good armor with excellent Poise and medium weight to easily dodge roll the opponent’s strikes. For that instance, Meliketh set best fits our needs granting the best stats distribution to the character. However, as for early level players, they can consider mixing and matching different sets from our extensive list of Elden Ring early game armor or best faith armor in Elden Ring. 

As for the stats, Confessor Hood will only grant 2.8 Physical and 3.8 Magical Damage Negation. It is combined with the set for the sake of fashion souls. Meanwhile, the black metal finishing on the Meliketh Set is perfect for the defense’s needs with 29.3 Physical and 23.6 Magical Damage Negation. 

On the other side, obtaining the Maliketh Set will not be an easy feat. It involves a mighty boss fight with Maliketh that is part of the storyline. Once defeated, you will have to purchase the set from Enia at the Roundtable Holds for 45,000 Runes. This indeed is a significant investment on your side. But if you want to proceed forward with the most satisfying Lightning build in Elden Ring, this investment of time and Runes is worth it. 

Players that are short on the Runes can consider different farming strategies to earn Runes while progressing the build’s storyline on the go. There are numerous bosses and locations where you can farm Runes and, in the end, trade them with Enia to purchase the Maliketh set. Here are some of our Elden Ring Rune farming strategies that will help keep the Runes for getting the group. 

On the other side, getting Confessor Hood is available for purchase from Nomadic Merchant at Mt. Gelmir. This merchant will trade 1000 Runes for Confessor Hood. Once you have the complete set, you are all set for your Lightning build. 

Although, this was an endgame armor set for your Lightning build. As for the early game, we suggest digging for the best poise and lightweight armor. We are seeking armor with at least 50 Poise to tank a hit from the opponent. As said earlier, the ideal practice is to mix and match different pieces to create the perfect armor for your build. 

Lionel set, apart from the bulky looks, makes up for a good Poise of 86 and weight of 50.5. Moreover, mixing the items of the Veteran’s set with some early game armors will also dish out unique and rewarding stats for our Lightning build in Elden Ring. 

Weapons for Lightning Build

Just like armors, there are not many build-exclusive weapons. However, you can still utilize some of the powerful weapon entries in the game to maximize the performance of your Lightning character build. Although, you might want to use magic only as your character’s primary weapon. But this build focuses on both melee and magical weapons. We will also add Talismans, which will help enhance the Damage Output from both melee and magical weapons. 

The first primary melee weapon you might want to add to the arsenal is the Uchigatana. Uchigatana is an impressive Katana that scales with Strength and Dexterity. However, that is not the weapon’s central aspect you should be looking for. 

We are utilizing Uchigatana since it contributes to the Ash of War to grant our character unique affinities. 

Elden Ring Keen Uchigatana
Keen Uchigatana

The Uchigatan will allow players to add one of the best Ash of War, known as “Bloodhound’s Step.” It is an essential addition to your weapon to make out alive from intense battle easily. Unlike Vyke’s Dragonbolt, which is now patched and can not be applied to the already upgraded weapon, Bloodhound Step saves the day for decent tackling of dodging the incoming strikes from opponents. The key is to dodge as many attacks as possible while also dealing maximum damage to your foes. 

To give this build little options, we think Dragonscale Blade is a prominent weapon to add. Firstly, it is a Dexterity-scaling Katana with maximum Damage Output, and secondly, it meets our character’s stats. The cherry on top feature is that you can charge its Skill of Ice Lightning Sword, smash the foe with an ultimate thunder slash, and cast a lightning bolt from the sky, dealing lightning damage and a frostbite effect. This might sound unrealistic, but as soon as you implement these into your character, you will be able to experience the immense damage you are dealing out of the build. 

Vulgar Militia Shotel is also a valuable addition for Dexterity weapon scaling. Equipping the Lightning upgrade will allow players to benefit significantly from lightning damage and negate the enemies’ shields.

You will need spell casting and boost to the Lightning Damage. Let’s discuss some of these items one by one. 

Talismans for Lightning Build

Talismans are another crucial aspect of Elden Ring that will play a significant role in paving the way for progress. As for the Lightning build, you will need an addition in attribute values, lightning damage boost, and damage resistance for your build. This is possible by filling the Talismans slots with only the worthy ones to achieve a satisfying build in Elden Ring. This brings us to the first Talisman addition for your character. 

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman

NameFaithful’s Canvas Talisman
EffectRaises potency of Incantations by 4%

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman is a prime entry for your character. As said earlier, your character will not rely on melee or Physical Damage to progress. Lighting Build requires more power for Incantations for dishing out massive Light Damage and incinerating anything in sight. Faithful’s Canvas will charge up the potency of incantations used for the Lightning build. 

Faithful's Canvas Talisman
Faithful’s Canvas Talisman

Most players never think of adding this Talisman and proceed with the general weapons with the build. However, the only approach to taking the Damage stats off the charts is to add different Talismans that fit perfectly with the character build and attributes mentioned earlier. The key is to add more damage output factors to become the warrior lord at level 165. 

Godfrey Icon

NameGodfrey Icon
Effectraises the attack power of charged spells and skills by 15%.

Godfrey Icon is another prominent resource of damage output for the Elden Ring Lightning build. This talisman will increase the power of charged spells and skills attacks, thus putting an end to the enemies in the battleground. 

Godfrey Icon
Godfrey Icon

The legendary warrior of Godfrey wielded the Godfre Icon. He pursued the battle with the Talisman, which is now offered to tarnished to rock the Lightning build. It is worth noting that not every spell in the Elden Ring is available for charging. But if you are using the specific ones for the build available for a charge, then Godfrey Icon is the perfect entry for Talismans. 

Lightning Scorpion Charm

NameLightning Scorion Charm
Effectincreases lightning damage by 12%, but increases physical damage taken by 10%.

Another best Taliman for the Lightning build will be Lightning Scorpion Charm. As the name implies, it will enhance your character’s intensity of lightning attacks. Unfortunately, this colossal attack bonus comes with a massive cost of Damage Negation. 

Lightning Scorpion Charm
Lightning Scorpion Charm

This means while using the Lightning Scorpion Charm; your character will be exposed to the potential strikes that may drain the HP quickly. This Talisman will reduce most of the Damage Negation for your character, thus increasing the risk of losing the progress. This is a threat on your side, but with most attack damage coming from the Talisman, it is worth the trouble. 

Ritual Sword Talisman

NameRitual Sword Talisman
Effectraises attack power by 10% when HP is at maximum.

Last but not least, Ritual Sword Talisman will work its charms straight off the charts. In essence, it will contribute to the total HP of your character to grant the attack power. You can either choose Ritual Sword Talisman or Lightning Scorpion Charm. However, using both these Talismans will yield massive Damage Output, which is exactly what we are pursuing in the Lightning build of Elden Ring. 

Ritual Sword Talisman
Ritual Sword Talisman

You can also add Radagon’s Soreseal if you are having a hard time dealing with maximizing the potential of stats for the character. At times, you will need more points for Vigor or Dexterity. For that instance, Radagon’s Soreseal will come in handy for aiding attributes at the cost of Damage Absorption on your character. Here are some of the best Talismans in Elden Ring that you can consider if they seem fit with your type of Lightning build. 

Incantations for Lightning Build

Next, you will have to employ Incantations to unlock the true potential of the build. Thanks to the attribute’s stats values, your character qualifies for dozens of different Incantations for punching Lightning damage to enemies. 

Fortisaxx’s Lightning Spear

NameFortisaxx’s Lightning Spear
FP Cost 35
EffectStabs from above with two red lightning spears in tandem
Spell TypeDragon Cult Incantations

You might have seen players throwing giant Lightning spears that drain the enemies’ HP as soon as it hits them. If you are wondering what these spears were, you are now qualified to wield the power of Fortisaxx’s Lightning Spear

You can now stab the enemies with an intense red lightning spear. This Incantation requires 46 Faith with at least 52 Stamina costs. Since we already have the stats for Strength and Endurance, you might not have to worry about running out of Stamina again and again. 

Flame Grant Me Strength

RequiresIntelligenceFaithArcaneSlots Used
FP Cost 28
Effectraises physical and fire-affinity attack power
Spell TypeFire Monk Incantations

Flame Grant Me Strength is a fire-focused Incantation with potent Damage on enemies. While using the fire-based Talismans, this Incantation will add a 20% Damage increase for Fire and Physical Damage during attacks. 

Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike

RequiresIntelligenceFaithArcaneSlots Used
FP Cost 36
Effectsummons red lightning that spreads from impact.
Spell TypeDragon Cult Incantations

When it comes to the best Incantations for the Lightning build, Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike is not an exception. This Incantation will cast several red lightning attacks that will spread and wreak havoc on the enemies. With all the scaling for Lightning damage and boosts from Talisman, Lightning Strike is a death sentence for enemies and bosses. 

Several other notable Incantations like Golden Vow for defensive elements and Vyke’s Dragonbolt lightning strikes with right-hand armament. You have the freedom to choose any of the Incantations for your Lightning build. There are only two factors that you must incorporate: the scaling for Lightning and the Area of Effect for the Incantations. Once these requirements are met, you can experiment until you can find the one with the perfect Incantation for the build. 

Final Words

There is no need to make this build any more complex as it should rely on Faith for employing the Lightning damage for gameplay. Plus, players must not be fixated on single equipment or weapon choice for the build. Elden Ring offers huge potential for self-exploration to identify resources and use them to progress in the game. It is highly advised to do the experimentation since every player seeks a unique playstyle. Experiments will come in handy to use optimal resources for the Lightning build. 

That is about it for Elden Ring Lightning build. Do you find this guide helpful for creating your ideal overpowered spell-casting character? What are your go-to options for weapons and Talismans with Lightning-focus characters? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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