Elden Ring PC Controls: Combat, Camera, Movement

Follow my guide to get the best Elden Ring PC Controls for your journey through the harshness of the beautiful world you will encounter.

Elden Ring PC Controls

Elden Ring is a departure from the traditional Souls game and is more fantasy-oriented, emphasizing spells and sorceries. Elden Ring’s PC controls are generally well-received, with customizable key binds. This guide explores remapping options and uses abbreviations.

Key Takeaways

  • Elden Ring controls for PC are generally accepted, but some key binds may need to be shifted depending on the player.
  • Some controls can be remapped to suit the player’s needs, and abbreviations are used throughout the guide.
  • The movement controls include walking, moving forwards/backward/left/right, backstep/dodge roll/dash, jumping, & crouching/standing up.
  • The camera controls involve moving the camera with the mouse and resetting the camera/lock-on with Q/MMB.
  • Swapping armaments involves switching sorcery, items, & right & left-hand weapons.
  • Attack controls include normal attack, heavy attack, guarding, weapon skill, using items, event action, and two-hand weapons.
  • Miscellaneous controls involve opening the map with G and opening the menu with Esc.

Elden Ring was released on both consoles and PCs, but for some, using a keyboard to play a FromSoft game is almost impossible. Well, worry not, as it is most definitely possible. Also, if you have just started Elden Ring like many other beginners – we highly recommend going through Elden Ring Starting Classes.

Elden Ring PC Controls

Controls on PC

This guide outlines the generally accepted Elden Ring PC controls, with the flexibility to adjust keybinds according to your preferences. The goal is to quickly become proficient with these controls to enhance your boss battles.

It accommodates players with 60% of keyboards or non-functional keys, allowing for the remapping of controls as needed. The key placement ensures essential functions are easily accessible.

Another thing to note is that we use some abbreviations in this guide, and as such, they are listed below:

  • RMB —> Right Mouse Button
  • LMB —> Left Mouse Button
  • MMB —> Middle Mouse Button
Elden Ring PC Controls
Elden Ring Gameplay

Movement Controls

  • Walk —> R
  • Move Forwards —> W
  • Move Backwards —> S
  • Move Left —> A
  • Move Right —> D
  • Backstep/Doge Roll/Dash —> Alt
  • Jump —> Space
  • Crouch/Stand Up —> Ctrl

Camera Controls

  • Move Camera —> Mouse
  • Reset Camera/Lock-On —> Q/MMB

Swapping Armaments

  • Switch Sorcery —> 1
  • Switch Item —> 2
  • Switch Right Hand —> 3
  • Switch Left Hand —> 4

Attack Controls

  • Normal Attack —> LMB
  • Heavy Attack —> Shift + LMB
  • Guard —> RMB
  • Weapon Skill —> Shift + RMB
  • Use Item —> F
  • Event Action —> E
  • Two-Hand Weapon —> E + LMB/RMB

Misc. Controls

  • Open Map —> G
  • Open Menu —> Esc

Controls on Gamepads

Character Controls:

Character ControlsDescription
Switch left-hand armament
Switch right-hand armament
Switch sorcery/incantation
Switch item
Backstep / Dodge Roll, / Dash
Use item
Event action (examine, open, etc.) Hold a triangle and a direction to use quick saves.
Hold down △ + L1 or L2.Switch between one-handed and two-handed left-hand armaments.
Hold down △ + R1 or R2. Switch between one-handed and two-handed right-hand armaments.
Left stick movement
Right stick Move Camera / Change Target
L1 Guard (LH Armament)
L2 Skill
R1 Attack (RH and Two-Handed Armament)
R2 Strong Attack (RH and Two-Handed Armament)
Press and hold R2 Charge attack
L3 Crouch / Stand up
R3 Reset Camera, / Lock-On / Remove Target
Option Main menu
Touchpad button / Change View Map

Most people will be playing on gamepads, be it the Xbox gamepad or the PS4/PS5 gamepad; some people even prefer to play with gamepads on PC because it creates a better experience. I recommend keeping the default gamepad key binds and learning to play with them.

Riding Controls:

Riding ControlsDescription
Switch left-hand armament
Switch right-hand armament.
Switch sorcery/incantation
Switch item
Jump / Press twice Double jump
Use item
Event action (Examine, Open, etc.) / HUD
Hold down △+ L1 or L2 Switch to left-hand armament.
Hold down △/+ R1 or R2/ Switch to right-hand armament.
Left stick movement.
Right stick camera control
L3 Get down from the horse.
R3/ Target selection, / Release / Camera reset
L1 Attack to the left (normal attack)
L2 Attack to the left (strong attack)
Press and hold Charge attack
R1 Attack to the right (normal attack) / Use magic.
R2 Attack to the right (strong attack)
Press and hold Charge attack
Option Main menu
Touchpad button / Change View Map
elden ring playstation controller
PS5 Controls
elden ring xbox controls
Xbox Series X Controls
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