Elden Ring Prophet Class Build [2024]

After reading our Prophet Guide, you will be able to level up a Prophet build that you can use with good weapons and incantations.

Elden Ring Prophet Guide

In our Elden Ring Prophet Guide, we will discuss a few important things regarding the prophet class and finally bring the best build to your attention. We’ll be going over some incantations that we can obtain at the start of the game and talk about the ones we found pretty useful to use and where to find them. We all know that you need to make extra memory slots and take a few incantations and spells for a Faith build, so you need to keep these things in mind as they help you in your battles. More spells help you switch in between them for the right situation.

Key Takeaways

  • The Prophet class in Elden Ring focuses on Faith and Mind stats.
  • The starting equipment for the Prophet class has good elemental resistances but poor physical resistance.
  • Starting incantations include Catch Flame, which has a fast cast time, and Flame Sling, which is a ranged incantation with a small cast time.
  • Black Flame is a more powerful incantation that can be obtained later in the game after defeating Margit: the Fell Omen.
  • Leveling up Vigor is recommended at the beginning to counter the low health and poor armor of the Prophet class.
  • Depending on the main weapon, points can be put into Strength & Dexterity stats; more spells can be obtained and used as the game progresses to switch between them for different situations.

Prophet Build Summary

No.NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
1Catch FlameFire Monk IncantationMomentally sparks flame from hand080101
2Flame SlingFire Monk IncantationThrows balls of raging fire.0100111
3Black FlameGodskin Apostle IncantationsThrows balls of raging fire.0200181
4Lightning SpearDragon Cult IncantationsStabs from the above with two red lightning spears in tandem0460351
5Lightning StrikeDragon Cult IncantationsSummons lightning bolt that spreads from mpact.0280191
6DragonfireDragon Communication Incantations Channels dragon to spew flame breath0151228(4)1
7Electrify ArmamentDragon Cult IncantationsEchants right-hand armament with lightning damage0150271
8Bloodflame BladeBlood Incantations Echants right-hand armament with bloodflame01210201

For the Prophet class, your main stats are Faith and Mind, whereas every other stat is pretty low because this class is very difficult to start with. If you prefer playing the Prophet class, you can really benefit from this guide as it will also list the best incantations that you can use with this class.

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Starting Stats

The starting stats for the Prophet class are as follows;

Stats Value
Level 7
Vigor 10
Mind 14
Endurance 8
Strength 11
Intelligence 10
Faith 7
Arcane 16
Dexterity 10
The Table for starting stats of the Prophet class

Starting gear includes Prophet armor with strong elemental resistances but weak physical resistance, a short spear, and Rickety Shield, which doesn’t fully block physical damage. You also have the Finger Seal for casting incantations like Heal and Catch Flame. Heal is slow but potent, while Catch Flame deals high damage but consumes a lot of FP. Initially, prioritize health over FP. As you improve with incantations, allocate more to FP for healing instead of relying on flasks. In the early game, use the shield and spear for defense and offense.


The main attribute for this class is Faith and Mind. Still, we definitely recommend putting some of those early points into Vigor because you’re going to have very low health to start with. Also, the poor armor you have will hurt when things hit you, and it’s very easy to die, so definitely put some points into Vigor.

You should start leveling out with Faith in mind, and then, depending on the weapon you choose to land with, you should ditch the spear as soon as possible. But depending on what your main weapon will be, you can put some points into Strength and Dexterity so you can level that out.

Catch Flame

Elden Ring Prophet Guide
Spewing Flames as the character breathes!
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
Catch FlameFire Monk IncantationMomentally sparks flame from hand0.080.0101

The Catch Flame is the first incantation that you start with, and at first, you might not think it’s that good, but we recommend that with the Prophet class, it is very good. The major benefit of using Catch Flame is that it has a really fast cast time.

You can get a couple of hits against larger enemies because you will have to be exceptionally good at dodging attacks. You will be in close contact with the enemies for this attack to hit, so we think this gives you a really good hybrid playstyle of ranged and close-range combat, depending on when you find an opening in the enemy’s attack. 

Flame Sling

Elden Ring Confessor Build
Throws a giant ball of fire towards the enemies, but does not have efficient range!
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
Flame SlingFire Monk IncantationThrows balls of raging fire.0.0100.0111

It is one of the ranged incantations which makes combat way easier if all else fails and you’re getting owned. If you’re just starting with the game, you should definitely pick Flame Sling, as it helps you for ranged battles. The cast time on this spell is relatively small and you can hold the button to charge the attack and cover more AOE’s.

For every spell you have a downside, and for this spell you have the range and the speed. You have to get close to the enemy so that it hits them and deals damage. 

Black Flame

Elden Ring Black Flame
Black Flame stats
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
Black FlameGodskin Apostle IncantationsThrows balls of raging fire.0.0200.0181

Blackflame is similar to Fireball but deals more damage and has lingering damage effects. It reaches the target faster. Replace Flame Sling with Blackflame once unlocked. To obtain it, defeat Margit: the Fell Omen, access the next area in Stormville Castle’s basement. Defeat rats, get a Stone Sword Key (buy from vendors if needed), insert it into the statue’s left side. Loot two chests for Godslayer Seal and Godskin Prayerbook.

Lightning Spear

Elden Ring Prophet Guide
Stats of the Lightning Spear Incantation
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
Lightning SpearDragon Cult IncantationsStabs from the above with two red lightning spears in tandem0.0460.0351

This spell is a pretty decent ranged incantation that throws a spear of lightning at the direction of the enemy. The cast time is very fast and if the enemy is near to you while triggering it, the spell will deal more damage. Because of the low cast time, you can easily hit fast-moving enemies and turn the tables of the battle.

However, if you want to make sure this is the right spell for you, it does not have damage infliction more than the Black Flame. So you can either choose this or the Black Flame as both are good options.

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  • Obtain all spells from Brother Corhyn after providing the recommended prayer book.
  • Flame Sling can be acquired before giving him the prayer book, accessible upon unlocking the Round Table.
  • Exchange the Godskin Prayerbook to obtain Black Flame and Black Flame Blade spells.

Lightning Strike

Elden Ring Prophet Guide
Obtaining the Lightning Strike!
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
Lightning StrikeDragon Cult IncantationsSummons lightning bolt that spreads from impact.0.0280.0191

Lightning Strike is an AOE spell, unlike the single-target ranged spells like Flame Sling and Black Flame. It’s similar to Honed Bolt but with a different number of thunderbolts. Hitting enemies can be challenging due to their unorganized release and blind spots. The cast time is longer, but it deals significant damage and covers a wide area.


  • Obtain Lightning Strike at Castle Morne Rampart near the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Head to a cliff where bugs are rolling balls.
  • Kill the bug to obtain the incantation, but beware of smaller enemies in the area causing distractions and damage.


An overpowered incantation known as Dragonfire in Elden Ring!
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
DragonfireDragon Communication IncantationsChannels dragon to spew flame breath0.0151228(4)1

The range on this incantation will be beneficial to you and you can charge it as long as you want to deal more damage. If you have enough FP to spare, which by the way it requires 28 FP, you can choose to charge the attack. The AOE of the spell is also unique and it lets you change the direction of your attack towards the enemies if they choose to move away from you. Changing the direction of the attack will consume more FP


  • Get Dragonfire by traveling to the Church of Dragon Communion.
  • Exchange Dragon Heart for Dragonfire inside the church by interacting with the NPC.

Electrify Armament

Electrify Armament
The Electrify Armament adds lightning to your blade!
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
Electrify ArmamentDragon Cult IncantationsEchants right-hand armament with lightning damage0.0150.0271

We have covered the ranged spells and now can head over to the armaments. These armaments can be attached to the hand of the player and you can choose to go with Faith buffs if you prefer hitting from a melee range. It gives lightning damage to your weapon, and we’d say it is decent.

Still, we would not recommend it because the other armaments are slightly better than this. For a better option, you can choose to take Blackflame Blade which also has the same lingering damage effect after you hit the enemy. However, the only problem you will face with this, is the short active duration. You can still choose to go with this spell regardless of its short duration. Still, our recommendations suggest you go with another armament called Bloodflame Blade.

Bloodflame Blade

Bloodflame Blade
Bloodflame Blade adds bleed effect to your weapon!
NameSpell TypeEffectIntelligenceFaithArcaneFP CostSlots Used
Bloodflame BladeBlood IncantationsEchants right-hand armament with bloodflame0.01210201

It is an armament that quickly builds up the bleeding effect, and it works effectively if you use daggers or other fast weapons. The weapon is a pretty good choice as it staggers the enemy continuously and also gives you a damage buff.

Another great thing about Bloodflame Blade is its bleed Meter; it can be filled up pretty fast and delivers a decent amount of damage.


  • Get the Bloodflame Blade at Liurnia of the Lakes, northwest of Rose Church.
  • Two scarabs inhabit the area, and the Teardrop Scarab drops the armament.
  • Note: Only one of the Scarabs will drop the item.

Aspects of the Crucible: Horns

Aspects of the Crucible: Horns Elden Ring
An overpowered Incantation, the Horns can stun your enemies!

Blackflame is a powerful incantation that can stun-lock enemies, but it’s not effective against larger foes. Obtain it at Stormville Castle by defeating the Bronze Knight for Aspects of the Crucible: Horns. It has a potent range for stunning smaller enemies, but avoid using it on larger ones. Best used against small, unshielded foes in situations where you can stun them effectively. Save it for when needed, as it’s valuable in various scenarios.


To increase your memory slots for incantations and spells in Elden Ring:

  1. Purchase the first memory slot from the Round Table Vendor.

  2. Head to the Twin Maiden Husks at the back and buy another memory stone to increase your slots by one.

  3. Visit the Converted Tower and climb to the top, where you’ll find a chest containing a Memory Stone. Use a horse for easier access.

  4. Go to Oridys’s Rise, defeat the three challenging beasts, and climb to the top of the tower. Open the chest at the summit to discover another Memory Stone.

Final Words

If you’re building Faith build, then the items mentioned in this guide will be a great choice for you. The Prophet class is the only class that offers you minimal gears and armor and honestly, these do not help significantly. Therefore, you may find it difficult to play with this class. Also, the Prophet’s armor is not very good. Confessor, on the other hand, has a little bit better armor.

Therefore, you should be on the lookout for something that’s tankier. Although, with the breakdown of all the useful spells and incantations in our Prophet Guide, you will be able to get a strong grip on your class, and your journey will get easy later on in the game. On another note, you can also look at our Best Faith Weapons guide to choose between the top-ranking weapons for your Prophet class! While we are talking about the Faith weapons, you can add Uchigatana in your build as well.

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