Elden Ring Quality Builds [Top 3]

Elden Ring Quality Builds

Fromsoftware’s latest release, Elden Ring brings with it multiple playing styles. Due to how the stats work in Elden Ring, players get to create builds of their own focusing on one or multiple stats. The classic builds of Dark Souls still remain and are still just as prevalent as they were in the past. Strength builds, Faith Builds, Intelligence builds are all not only present but more powerful than ever before. One such iconic build is the quality build in Elden Ring. From the days of Demon’s Souks, quality builds have been popular and one of the most fun ways to play the game. Here we will discuss the best quality builds in Elden Ring. We hope you find this guide useful. For more Elden Ring, check out Elden Ring: Best Sword of Night And Flame Build.

Quality Builds In Elden Ring

Quality builds are builds that utilize the strength and dex stat in conjunction. They focus on having a high strength and dex stat and weapons that use both these stats together. The best part about such builds is that quality weapons often deliver the best of both worlds, taking the strong moves and extravagant moveset of strength weapons and joining to it the nimbleness and slick combos of dex attacks. On top of this, quality builds in Elden Ring allow for a lot of versatility and can let a player experience most, if not all of the Strength and Dex weapons in Elden Ring.

Pure Quality Build

The simplest quality build is the pure quality build. This build puts an equal emphasis on strength and dex. Such a build prioritizes to have the highest strength and dex possible and will look to use weapons that have good strength and dex scaling. The benefits of this build are high damage, goos movesets and versatility in gameplay. Quality builds excel at both PvP and PvE and often have some of the most fun moves and weapon artes among all melee weapons.

For this build, we recommend a dex and strength level of at least 40 each with high emphasis on vigor and endurance. For your armor, go with anything that doesn’t trigger fat rolls and looks apt with the weapon, we recommend the wolf set. For your weapon, we recommend the bloodhound fang or the scavenger curved sword. Both these weapons hit like strength weapons while having the ease of use of dex weapons.

Due to the quick moveset and high damage, such a build will exceed in both PvP and PvE. Bloodhound Fang’s weapon arte does a very powerful attack then immediately has your character quickstep back. This attack is devastating in PvP and can be of use against every PvE enemy, especially foes that have high damage and are quick to react. All in all, the Pure Quality Build in Elden Ring is among Elden Ring’s best Quality Builds.

Dex Focused Quality Build

As the name suggests, this build is a quality build that gears more towards the dex scaling. Such a build will have weapons that do more damage and are slower than traditional Dex weapons but will have a lot more of the Dex speed than a pure quality build. This build is also an excellent choice for players transitioning into a Quality build from a Dex build. Due to the versatility dex provides, it is an excellent Elden Ring quality build for both PvP and PvE.

For this build, we recommend a weapon that scales with dex and strength but has a higher dex scaling. A great option is the uchigatana with quality affinity. We recommend a dex level of at least 50 and a strength level of at least 20 for this build with emphasis on vigor and endurance.

This build is one of the best Elden Ring quality builds due to its high damage, quick movement and usefulness as an all-rounder.

Strength Focused Quality Build

A strength focused quality build in Elden Ring is the opposite of a dex focused quality build in Elden Ring. For this build, you will require a high amount of Strength with moderate dex. The purpose of such build is to deal as much damage as possible using the strength stat but also wield a weapon that handles and works better than strength weapons and is more rewarding and easier to use.

For this build, we recommend the treespear. We recommend a strength level of 50 and a dex level of at least 30. The treespear is one of the best spears in Elden Ring for it combines range with usefulness and a very varied moveset. A strength-focused quality build in Elden Ring should also try to get a high vigor due to the confrontational n nature of this build.

This build will be viable in both PvP and PvE and is one of the best Elden Ring quality builds. Due to the range, quickness and weapon arte, tree spear will dominate in PvP whereas the high damage and distance will help in PvE. From ads to bosses, there is nothing that the tree spear can’t get rid of.

You may choose to go with a weapon of your choice. Any weapon that has a high Stregth requirement with a moderate dex requirement will work for such quality builds in Elden Ring.

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