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Elden Ring Stats Guide

Hidetaka Miyazaki’s latest title, Elden Ring, takes the core gameplay and mechanism of Dark Souls 3 with elements of bloodborne and Sekiro, and improves upon it in every way. Much like previous entries by fromsoft, Elden Ring maintains the high difficulty players have come to love and know the publisher by. In order to make sure your run is as smooth as possible, the player is provided with a number of things, ranging from weapons to armor and stats. Making the most out of this is essential for combatting the difficulty that these games present. 

Stats In Elden Ring 

Stats in Elden ring are skills that you can assign your levels into. Stats include vigor, endurance, mind, strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith, and arcane. Stats are the center of your playthrough. Builds in these games center around stats, weapons scale with stats, your ability of various things, from stamina to item discovery, to fall damage all are created by stats.

Freedom of choice and a vast number of stats give the player tremendous choice. Players can choose to allot points in their health pool first, using the first few hours of the game to get a big health bar, others can choose to focus and endurance first. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative freedom with stats. This guide covers every stat in Elden ring alongside explanations, builds, uses and tips. We hope you find this guide useful. For more Elden Ring and Fromsoft, check out Elden Ring BEST Starting Classes.

How To Level Up Stats In Elden Ring?

Melina In Elden Ring
Melina Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, in order to allot stats, you need to meet Melina first. To meet Melina, you need to access 3 sites of graves to trigger a cutscene that introduces Melina. Fortunately, this should take no more than 10 minutes upon setting foot in Limgrave.

After you first head out in Limgrave, there should be a site of grace right in front of you. From there, head straight and sneak past the optional boss, in front will be a broken church-like structure, called the Church of Elleh. After triggering the site of grace in the Church of Elleh, head right and sneak straight until you see a broken battlement type thing near a massive gate. There you will find the third site of grace. Triggering it and then resting on it will trigger a cutscene that will introduce you to Melina. 

Once you have Melina, you will have the ability to put runes (currency) into leveling your stats. This way you will have the ability to allot skill points into different stats when you are resting on a site of Grace.

All Elden Ring Stats Uses 


Vigor is the most basic stat in every Fromsoft game. It is the stat that directly affects your health pool. More points in vigor mean a larger health pool. Health is known as HP and given the difficulty of the game, a higher HP bar is ALWAYS better than a smaller one, bar none. This means a player can never go wrong with alloting points into vigor. We recommend a vigor level of at least 45-60 by endgame and we recommend prioritizing vigor in the early levels of the game and getting it to 20 ASAP. 


Mind is the new name for the attunement stat in Dark Souls series. Mind directly affects your FP bar and Focus points. Focus Points, FP, are of extreme importance in Elden ring. In Elden Ring ring, there are melee builds, and then there are caster builds and melee caster hybrid builds. Caster builds use intelligence and faith to cast magical spells that can do a number of things, ranging from damaging attacks to healing. Elden ring uses FP a lot more than Dark Souls did with the introduction of Ashes of War, unique weapon abilities that can be allotted to every weapon et cetera. 

Mind is a stat we recommend scaling if you have a build that requires intelligence or faith. If you are a sorcerer or a mage or a melee caster, we recommend a mind of at least 435. Not only will your FP go up, allowing you to use more spells and artes, you will also be able to allot more spells at one time.


Endurance affects stamina, Robustness (resistance against certain ailments) and equipment carry the load. Endurance is one of the most important stats in Elden Ring. From the early days of Demon’s Souls, Endurance has been a key component of Souls games. Given the confrontational and aggressive combat of From’s games, endurance is essential. Combat consists of two major defensive options for a melee player: Blocking or Dodging. Both of these methods consume tons of endurance. On top of this, hitting with a weapon also drains stamina. The last thing you want is to hit an enemy with your favorite combo then proceed to dodge his counter only to realize you have run out of stamina.

Due to how essential of an Elden Ring Stat Stamina is, we recommend an Endurance level of above 45 for end game material and putting in as many points into Endurance as you can during the early moments of Elden Ring. Endurance is one of the best stats in Elden Ring no matter what your build may be, it will be of use in literally every scenario, from PvE bosses to PvP ganksquad invasions.


The Strength stat is the most important stat in Elden Ring for Strength builds, alongside this, it is also an essential Elden Ring stat for quality builds, Strength Sorcerer hybrids, Power Mages et cetera. The Strength stat affects your strength in the game. It allows you to wield powerful weapons like ultra greatswords and boosts their damage. The Strength stat also helps you equip heavy armor. It also affects your physical defense by letting you equip powerful armor and heavy shields that block 100% of damage. 

Strength builds are some of the most fun ways to get around a FromSoft title. Being Tanky and powerful, Strength builds make you feel like a boss yourself. While strength weapons often have basic-looking movesets, the damage and aesthetics alone make them worth your time.


Much like Strength, Dexterity is another Elden ring Stat that affects melee weapons. Where strength affects bigger, beefier weapons, dexterity affects smaller, tinier weapons. Dexterity builds are some of the most fun ways to play Fromsoft games due to how fun the movesets are and how quick dexterity builds are. Like Strength, Dexterity can also be used for hybrid builds and quality builds alongside pure dex builds. 

Dexterity also affects the nimbleness of your character (literally speaking). From the casting time of spells to the player getting kicked out of their horse during combat to reduced fall damage. Dexterity does this all. Dexterity also boosts the damage of dex weapons alongside letting the player wield them. All in all, Dex is also one of the best stats in Elden Ring. For dex builds, we recommend a dexterity level of at least 50. You can check more on Dexterity through our Best Elden Ring Dex Weapons article.


Intelligence is another one of the most important Elden Ring Stats. Intelligence affects caster builds, specifically sorcerers and sorcerer hybrids. Intelligence does a number of things, it increases the damage of sorceries, increases the damage of weapons that cast spells and it increases the damage of weapons that require intelligence. Intelligence also directly reduces the damage dealt to you with sorceries.

Sorcerers builds are extremely popular in Fromsoft game, making Intelligence an essential stat. If you choose to go the sorcerer path, we recommend an Intelligence level of at least 50. In Elden Ring, Sorceries go by the name of Glintstone shards, Glintstone spears etc. The higher your Intelligence, the more damage your sorceries will do. Sorcerers are very good in both PvE and PvP, and intelligence is the key to maxing out your sorcerer build.


Faith builds are similar to Sorcerer builds for they too depend on casting. Faith builds, however, cast miracles instead of sorceries. Miracles include great lightning arc-type spells and the likes. Miracles can also heal and cast other things such as healing circles. While Miracles can be absolutely devastating, they do not have the same offensive capabilities as sorceries for they lack quantity and require a lot of FP, this is why Faith builds are often Melee Hybrids rather than being pure builds.

The Faith stat in Elden Ring is very powerful and in terms of pure damage, it is one of the best Stats in Elden Ring. We recommend a faith level of at least 35 and above for those looking to maximize the utility this Elden Ring Stat offers. Faith stat improves the damage of Miracles/Incantations and the damage of weapons that require the Faith stat.

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Arcane is a new stat in Elden Ring that is similar to the Luck stat in previous games by Fromsoft. The Arcane stat increases your item discovery by a lot and does a lot more. Arcane increases your resistance against holy damage, a king of damage in Elden Ring. Arcane also decreases your vulnerability to Instant Death. There are a few weapons in Elden Ring that scale with Arcane, this stat increases their damage. All in all, Arcane is among the minor stats in Elden Ring but it can be useful, especially for veterans with experience of Faith Builds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important stat in Elden Ring?

While all Elden Ring stats are of immense importance, the best stat will vary from person to person. For example, for a strength build, the strength stat will be the most important whereas for a dex build the Dexterity stat will take the crown. Essential Elden Ring Stats for all classes, however, are Vigor and Endurance (and Mind if you have casting).

What stats should I invest in for quality builds?

For quality builds, Strength and Dexterity are essential Elden Ring stats alongside a high vigor and endurance. We recommend strength and Dexterity of around 40 each with high vigor and vitality.

How should I prioritize leveling In Elden Ring?

This depends wholly on the player themselves but if you are new to Fromsoft and find that you are lost, we recommend alternating between Vigor and your main build stat (eg. Strength for strength builds) and then putting extra points in Endurance. Once you have 30 vigor and 30 main build stat, you will have a decent, powerful character and you can start experimenting from there. All in all, Stats in Elden Ring provides you with tons of freedom.

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