6 BEST Elden Ring Strength Builds

Strength Builds In Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s world, the lands between, is sprawling with life. From dragons watching over lakes to miners that can two-shot you in the tunnels. Despite its beauty, no area-save perhaps for the roundtable hold-is safe in Elden ring. To tackle the ever-increasing challenge in Elden Ring, the game provides players with weapons and spells. Every weapon in Elden Ring scales with a specific stat and each stat in Elden Ring can have a build or builds surrounding it. Strength is arguably the most powerful stat in Elden Ring, largely due to the massive weapons it lets you. Today we will cover all the strength builds in Elden Ring. We hope you find this guide useful, for more Elden Ring check out Elden Ring Bleed Builds.

Key Takeaways

  • The Elden Ring Strength Build focuses on pumping points into three main stats, Vigor, Strength, and Endurance to create an effective strength build.
  • Pure strength builds in Elden Ring are popular and devastating, requiring a strength scaling of at least 30 with vigor and endurance of at least 25-30.
  • Faith Strength builds in Elden Ring are popular and powerful due to their ability to deal high damage from afar while having a unique weapon. For a Faith Strength build, we recommend a strength and faith level of at least 40 with high vigor, endurance, and mind.
  • Tank Builds are Elden Ring strength builds that prioritize the strongest armor and aim to tank through every attack, requiring high strength, vigor, and endurance.  We recommend Endurance and Vigor of at least 50 each alongside a strength level of above 40.
  • Dual Wield Strength Build in Elden Ring requires strength and endurance, preferably Guts’ greatsword. We recommend a strength of 60 or above for that is the Elden Ring soft cap and we recommend an endurance level of 45 or above.
  • The Int Strength Build Elden Ring focuses on both melee and distance combat, with a simple sword and magic range of war for spells. We recommend a strength level of above 50 and an intelligence level of above 40, we also recommend a high mental level.

Comparison table for Strength Weapons;

No.WeaponPhysical AttackPhysical DamageMagic AttackMagic DamageFire AttackFire damageLight AttackLight DamageHoly AttackHoly DamageCritical Attack
1Great stars13568036036036036100
2Spiked Club11445030030030030100
3Blasphemous Blade121560397854039039100
4Prelate’s Inferno Crozier156820497849049034100
5Gargoyle Halberd131680427842042042100
7Ruins Greatsword124653756050050050100
8Iron Greatsword14973039039039039100

Elden Ring brings all of the emotions together in every player. From Dexterity to Arcane Builds and Faith weapons to Strength weapons, Elden Ring offers a lot. Today we bring you the best Elden Ring Strength Build for your class. There are endless weapons in the game, and it gets hard to select the best weapons due to hard competition. However, we have narrowed down the best Strength weapons in the game for our Strength build. You can obliterate your enemies in either one or two blows in PvE and even take down multiple groups of enemies with these weapons.

For instance, the Blood Spiked Club can be dual-wielded to cause damage to more than one enemy in the vicinity. The AOE damage from some weapons can annihilate swarms of enemies and give you an edge in various situations. If you’re worried about the range of your weapon, you do not have to worry when wielding the Great Stars Halberd. Its insane size and range can offer you the best damage to your enemies. You could pounce on huge targets with only the light attacks.

On the contrary, if you feel like going for a mage or confessor build, you can look at our other guides and find out the best weapons for these classes. We have dedicated hours of our time to figure out the best weapons, spells, and builds for our fellow Elden Ring Tarnished so that they can win any battle with ease. Enough said, let’s get on with our Elden Ring Strength Build.

Best Elden Ring Strength Build

What is so great about Strength builds in Elden Ring? For starters, the modifications done to the Strength attribute of your character gives it the power to wreck the enemies in a single blow. Ignoring all Dexterity, Faith, and Arcane-based characteristics, you focus the most on Vigor, Strength, and Endurance. There needs to be a fine balance between each of the attributes. If not, the build will not work, and you will have a hard time finishing what you started. This article will discuss the recommended range of stats that you can go for and the type of weapons you can use to win your battles. Of course, there are various strength weapons mentioned in this article. The reason is simple, you can have many options to choose from, and all of the mentioned weapons are the best in Elden Ring in terms of Strength scaling.

Indeed it is one of the best considered builds in the top 5 overpowered builds in Elden Ring. The weapons blend highly with PvP and PvE fights, where you can defeat enemies in a single blow. Some of the weapons cited in this article may still be “broken” and deal insane damage to the enemies. You might want to wear your seatbelt because it’s going to get bumpy from here on out!

Recommended Stats

Vigor 18-25
Mind 35-45
Strength 55-70
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 16
Faith 15
Arcane 9
Recommended Stats

You have to pump points into Endurance and Vigor because you need that stamina and extra health to survive the battles. Of course, the extra stamina will help you wield the mightiest Strength weapons in the game. You can not go around swinging these weapons without trading a good amount of stamina in return for the heavy blows. These stats are already common knowledge; still, we will brief you on the main stats you want to focus on while going for an Elden Ring Strength Build. When going for this particular build, you need to concentrate on pumping points into three stats, mainly Vigor, Strength, and Endurance.

You need that extra stamina to wear heavy armor and block heavy attacks. Vigor will give you that additional health to engage in any battle stress-free. What sort of stress, you ask? How would you feel going into battle and getting dusted in one blow because you didn’t think the enemy could inflict this much damage to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. The higher the Strength, the higher will be your damage output to some extent. Allocate your points carefully into these three main stats to create an effective strength build. Because low stamina and health mean you cannot dodge and withstand heavy blows from the enemies. 


Some of these weapons have requirements; therefore, you need to scale your stats according to the weapons you select from our guide. Also, Please note that providing you guys with several weapons does not mean that you have to use all of them. You can choose the weapons depending upon your playstyle. For instance, Greatswords might not be to your taste. Instead, you might go for swords such as the Blasphemous Blade or Prelate’s Inferno Crozier. Strength weapons such as the Greatswords do not have any special effects or animations that make them badass. Maybe that is why most players do not go for the subtle type of playstyle. Who knows, perhaps they prefer fancy weapons?

Great Stars

Elden Ring Strength Build
The spiked weapon can also be used as a bleed weapon. To effectively deal damage, you should switch to jump attacks!

Requirement 2212000
TypeGreat Hammer
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost9

If you equip the weapon with Heavy Affinity, you will be able to do loads of damage in a single blow. The Great Stars can also be used in PvP as a bleed weapon, doing 55 blood loss build-up. However, the weapon’s weight can easily crush any enemy armor and cause severe damage to them—the Great Stars scales with Strength and Dexterity. Still, because we are using it for our Strength Build, we will upgrade and modify it accordingly. The most effective way to deal damage to your enemies is the famous jump attacks. It’s when you leap in the air and slam the weapon down your enemies.

You can even equip the weapon with a unique Ash of War: Flaming Strike. When you trigger the Ash of War, it sprays flames at the enemy, and you can follow that up with a slash attack with your weapon. You can see that the Great Stars will ignite into flames and swiftly hit the enemy. Also, the skill will give you an estimate of 80 damage buff, which is pretty impressive along with that flame damage. Overall, the amount of damage is insane, so it’s an excellent weapon to use if you’re going for a Strength build.

Spiked Club

Spiked Club
You can dual-wield the clubs in PvP and PvE to effectively increase the damage output!

Requirement 127000
SkillBarbaric Roar
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost16

The weapon has a good scaling for both Strength and Dexterity. It scales C with Strength and has a shorter range than our average Clubs. You can make solid heavy attacks with the Spiked Club, and at an upgraded level, you can deal more than 600 damage with this weapon, and it is insane. You can get decent options with equipping shields when you go for any Strength weapon in the game. Parrying attacks and hitting the enemies with the Spiked Club can do devastating damage.

In addition to the base damage, you can use Barbaric Roar to deal tremendous damage to any enemy. When you use Barbaric Roar, all your heavy attacks will shift to a series of combination attacks which will also speed up the rate at which you can swing the weapon. In short, the speed and the damage of your heavy attacks will be increased considerably. Moreover, you can get outstanding horizontal attacks, both one-handed and two-handed. We almost forgot one thing, you can dual wield some of these weapons to do insanely extra damage!

The heavier the load, the heavier the damage. You can obtain the Spiked Club from the Coastal Cave at the hands of a demi-human. When you equip the weapon with the Keen affinity, it will increase the scaling to B for Strength. Doing that will significantly help you deal more damage to the enemy, especially in PvP fights where you need to connect your heavy attacks to finish the opponent during the combo of attacks.

Blasphemous Blade

Elden Ring Strength Build
The blade has a unique skill that does devastating AOE damage!

Requirement 2215
SkillTaker’s Flames15
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStandard/
FP Cost30

It is not like one of those Greatswords you see in Elden Ring. This bad boy right here is very effective in combat. The Blasphemous Blade has a max attack power of 1,114 and ranks higher than the sacred relic sword in terms of damage. The damage negation on this weapon is 44.8 and can be upgraded by using Smithing Stones. Moreover, Players can obtain it from the Volcano Manor questline. You can roll and use a light or heavy attack to damage the enemies.

If you are swarmed with multiple enemies, you can use the skill; Taker’s Flame to take them out at an area of effect radius. The wave of fire also causes a short lingering fire effect that can do a slight amount of damage. One of the fascinating things we have learned about this weapon is that it replenishes your health bar with each strike. It is a fantastic perk that allows you to save up your health flasks in harsh battles.

The range on the weapon allows you to close the gap and still drain the enemy’s health bar. Although Players can not use the weapon with an Ash of War, you can pretty much deal immense damage by using its unique skill; Taker’s Flames. The skill allows your weapon to infuse with devilish flames and slam it into the ground to do an area of effect damage. The skill does pure fire damage and drains almost 50% of the enemy’s health bar. Using the skill and its heavy move set, you can use it in PvP and PvE fights and deal tremendous damage. It is probably the most overpowered blade for the Elden Ring Strength Build.

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

Elden Ring Strength Build
The colossal hammer does insane damage, and you can spam the skill to deal more damage. The lingering effects of its flames do additional damage when you charge the skill.

Requirement 458000
SkillPrelate’s Charge
TypeColossal Weapon
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost7(7)

The weapon has A scaling with Strength and can have an increased damage effect if you equip it with the Heavy affinity. The Crozier is a ridiculously massive hammer. You can use Prelate’s Charge’s skill to run around and bully enemies. The skill is pretty impressive as you can spam it with less FP. On another note, the particular skill allows you to engulf the hammer in flames and hit the enemies twice, leaving a trail of flames that damage them. Your hammer will slam itself on the ground and then charge in whatever direction you aim it for, and the damage will be insane. The combination of heavy attacks offered by the weapon makes it a must-have in any Strength build.

Prelate’s Charge is a pretty badass move. However, it does consume FP the longer you charge it. But it’s a good trade between heavy damage and low FP consumption. You can save up some stamina and make a charged heavy attack after the enemy is launched in the air to deal that final blow. With a devastating move set and insane damage, you can use the Inferno Crozier to strike the enemies with the hammer of justice heavily! It is a heavy hammer-type weapon, and the strikes are freakishly terrifying. The Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is your go-to weapon if you enjoy bullying enemies with a spammable move.

Gargoyle Halberd

Gargoyle Halberd
The Halberd has huge range, and its slash attacks can take out multiple targets! Similar to the spike clubs, you can dual-wield the weapon as well!

Requirement 2610000
SkillSpinning slash
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStandard/Pierce
FP Cost6(-12)

The Halberd is a solid B scaling with Strength, and even at a base level, it can do decent damage. When you upgrade this bad boy to plus 25, you will achieve a ridiculous scaling at 507, so it’s a perfect weapon when you’re going for a Strength weapon. Because we have already narrowed down the recommended stats for an Elden Ring Strength Build, your stats will already cover the huge requirements of this weapon. You can get the weapon from the infamous gargoyles. When we talk about the range and length of the Halberd, it is enough to let you engage in mid-range and close-range fights.

The design is pretty sleek, but that is not why you would want to equip the Gargoyle weapon. Anywho, the damage negation it offers is 46.3, and you need the Strength of 25 to wield it. There are no passive effects on this weapon; however, it does have a spinning slash attack which can deal decent damage. You can also two-hand the Gargoyle Halberd and increase the damage output. Also, you can upgrade it using the Ashes of War.


The thickness and range of the Greatsword are unparalleled!

Requirement 3112000
SkillStamp (upward cut)
TypeColossal Sword
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStandard
FP Cost5(-8)

You can use the Greatsword at plus 10 and equip it with the Heavy affinity. Why are we equipping almost all of our swords too Heavy, though? It is because we are running an Elden Ring Strength Build, and the Heavy affinity shifts the scaling of C strength to B, which in turn increases the damage efficiency of the sword. You can further increase the damage output of the weapon by dual-wielding it. The amount of damage you can inflict on the enemies while dual-wielding is insane. It is a perfect companion for your PvE fights due to its superb damage and huge size.

Almost every Strength-based weapon in Elden Ring can be dual-wielded to increase efficiency. With its insane slashes, you can simultaneously deal an area of effect damage to take out multiple targets. You can find the Greatsword in Caelid, Dragonbarrow. It can also be upgraded using Smithing Stones. We recommend upgrading any weapon for Strength builds to unleash their full potential.

On a side note, using strength-based weapons always leaves you open to counterattacks by the enemies. Because of your attacks’ reduced speed and timing, players can cut you off mid animation and deal damage. However, if you can hit them before any interruption, they will possibly die before the third hit!

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Ruins Greatsword

Elden Ring Strength Build
The magic-based attack on the sword does an incredible area of effect damage, and you can spam the skill without using up a lot of FP.

Requirement 50-1600
SkillWave of destruction
TypeColossal Sword
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStandard
FP Cost25(-25)

It is a remarkably huge weapon capable of destroying everything in its path. The Ruins Greatsword has a unique Ash of War that causes a large wave of destruction to annihilate single-target or mobs of enemies in one single blow. Surprisingly, it is another weapon that you can easily spam without wasting huge chunks of your FP bar. The skill travels at a decent distance and allows you to knock your enemies over. You can follow that up by running in with a jump attack and dealing an insane amount of damage. These jump attacks work ridiculously better with colossal swords.

One could say the area of effect caused by the weapon is undoubtedly a good reason for it to be included in the Elden Ring Strength Build. Additionally, the Ruins Greatsword scales with Strength. It has a pretty solid damage output, perfect for PvE and PvP fights. Because it has a magic-based attack, you definitely want to keep the weapon for that wide range of damage. You can one-shot PvE enemies with this weapon and not lose a considerable amount of health nor FP, which is incredible.

One of the downsides of the weapon is that you can use the skill to knock over bigger enemies such as bosses, and you need a whopping 50 Strength to wield. However, with that Strength comes great physical attack power. It gets pretty effective against smaller enemies and even multiple enemies. Again, the weapon’s range can give you a slight advantage in dealing damage to enemies in PvP fights.

Iron Greatsword

Iron Greatsword
Use the affinity Heavy to increase the effective damage output of the Greatsword!

Requirement 1810000
SkillStamp (Upward cut)
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStandard/Pierce
FP Cost20

It is one of the highest physical attack swords in Elden Rings. You can further increase its damage output by equipping the Heavy affinity. You can infuse it with Ashes of War and upgrade it with Smithing Stones. One of the commonly used Greatswords in the soul series, the Iron Greatsword, is second-best when compared with the Gargoyle Halberd in terms of damage output. When maxed out, the weapon has a higher AR than any Greatsword in the game. You can break the enemy’s posture and strike them with a swift counterattack with this weapon. By replacing the Pierce attack with jump attacks, you can get in more damage from each strike.

Additionally, you can push some points in Faith, around 25, and deal tremendous damage to the enemies while dual-wielding the weapon. The move set is quite impressive but not too great, and you can switch to heavier attacks to reduce the enemy’s HP. The weapon has a Strength scaling of B, and at plus 25, it has an AR of 757, which is quite impressive when it comes to Greatswords and Strength Builds.


  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal
  • Bull-Goat’s Talisman
  • Greatshield Talisman
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
  • Shard of Alexander
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

You can choose to equip any of the above mentioned talismans based on the weapons you choose. These talismans will drastically buff your damage output and any other skills.

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Flask of Wondrous Physick

  • Strength-Knot Crystal tear
  • Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear

Fingerprint Stone Shield

Elden Ring Strength Build
Maybe one of the only shields in Elden Ring that can withstand all levels of attack and spells at max level. The guard boost can retain any loss in your stamina bar!

Requirement 480000
SkillShield Bash
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost10

The shield is one of the best shields in Elden Ring. It is mainly for those players running an Elden Ring Strength Build. The shield allows you to withstand almost any attack thrown at you by different types of enemies. Even in PvP battles, the shield can withstand multiple attacks. Players who do not want to take any damage or drain their stamina can use the Fingerprint Stone Shield with any Strength build. You can deal enormous damage using any strength-based weapons mentioned in the article. You can block all incoming attacks thrown at you using the shield.

The shield also has the most remarkable guard boost with the right talisman with the highest physical damage negation. The blocking potential is insane, and the requirement to wield or equip the shield takes 48 Strength which is pretty easy for any player with a Strength Build. Moreover, you can apply ashes of war to make the shield more potent. 

With the variety of builds in Elden Ring, you can jump from one playstyle to another. Maybe that is one of the most extraordinary things Elden Ring offers to its fellow tarnished. You may never get bored of playing the game due to its immense diversity in spells, weapons, and shields. Customize your builds and experiment with different items to truly bring out the natural fun of the game! If you enjoyed our guide on creating the best Strength build, you could also check out our sword with shield build in Elden Ring.

Other Elden Ring Strength Builds

Strength builds in Elden Ring scale primarily with the strength stat. This stat emphasizes raw power, letting the player use the heaviest and slowest weapons in the game that deal massive amounts of damage. From greatswords to colossal swords, strength players in Elden Ring can wield them all. Due to the simple nature of strength builds and the large variety of strength weapons available, there are multiple strength builds in Elden Ring. From strength magic hybrids to pure strength tanks, this guide will cover it all.

Pure Strength Build

Pure Strength Build Elden Ring

Pure strength builds are extremely popular and devastating. They are also simple and have very few requirements. The goal of pure strength builds in Elden Ring is to use the mightiest of swords and deal the most damage, all while staggering every foe. These Elden Ring builds are best for players who want to wield the mightiest swords that have great damage and high range and can critical even bosses quickly. Due to their simple nature, everyone from early game players to endgame players can have a pure strength build.

The one caveat of strength builds is that most of the bigger strength weapons have a learning curve owing to their slow nature and choreographed moveset. Once you get acquainted with that moveset, however, you will melt through anything and anyone that stands in your way.

For a strength build, the primary stat is strength. We also recommend leveling vigor due to how much melee-focused the build is and endurance for strength builds require a lot of stamina and so do rolling/blocking. The increase in equip load is also gonna come in handy for you will want armor with high poise.

Requirements For A Strength Build In Elden Ring

We recommend a strength scaling of at least 30 with vigor and endurance at least 25-30. We recommend leveling these stats till the endgame. While the vagabond armor is a great starter set, some of our favorites are Blaidd’s armor Lionel’s set. Check out our list of the best early game armor sets in Elden Ring. For your weapon, you can go with any strength weapon but some of our favorite early game strength weapons are the Longsword, the Battle Hammer, and the greatsword. The Grafted Greatsword and Starscourage Greatsword are excellent late-game strength weapons.

Faith-Strength Hybrid

Faith Strength Build Elden Ring

Faith Strength builds in Elden Ring are extremely popular and powerful, evident by the countless iconic bosses we have had with a strength weapon and faith powers, from executioner Smough to The Nameless King. Faith Strength builds in Elden Ring aim to use powerful strength weapons that often have elemental powers next to incantations and miracles that can either have support properties or deal some of the high damage in the entire game.

On a whole, while requiring more experience than pure strength builds, faith strength hybrid builds in Elden Ring deal more damage and can arguably be more fun due to how versatile and unique miracles are. Ashes of war aid this kind of a build a lot more than pure builds too. The ability to deal high damage from afar while having a unique weapon makes this king of an Elden Ring build extremely powerful. Faith Strength builds are excellent Elden Ring PvE builds and can be very powerful PvP builds.

Requirements For A Faith Strength Build In Elden Ring

For a Faith Strength build, we recommend a strength and faith level of at least 40 with high vigor, endurance and mind. You will require a seal to cast your incantations. While you may go with any strength sword and apply the holy affinity for Faith scaling, we recommend the Coded Sword for it scales with strength and faith. The Blasphemous blade is another excellent option for this build. For your incantations, we recommend a healing incantation alongside lightning spear, fire orb, blood-flame blade, death lightning, frenzied flame and other powerful damage incantations of your choice.

Tank Builds

Tank Strength Build Elden Ring

Tank Builds are Elden Ring strength builds that prioritise the strongest armour and aim to tank through every attack. These builds need to have very high poise and vigour which will allow them to basically stand and exchange with even General Radahn.


Tank builds might boring in nature but the ability to just power through any challenge can be extremely fun. On top of this, the ability to without attacks while staggering easily means such builds are very viable in Elden Ring’s PvP. Overall, Tank builds are some of the most fun in Elden Ring’s ng+ and beyond and are some of the best strength builds in Elden Ring.

Tank Builds Requirements Elden Ring

Tank builds are end game only for they require very high strength, vigor and endurance. All this is to ensure the heaviest armor sets, a lot of health and weapons that suit their tanky look and nature. We recommend Endurance and Vigor of at least 50 each alongside a strength level of above 40. For your weapon, we recommend any greatsword or colossal sword. For your armour, we recommend Linionel’s set or the Bull Goat’s set or a combination of both for a very twisted looking Elden Bling model.

Dual Wield Strength Build

Dual Wirld Build Elden Ring

The Dual Wield build in Elden Ring is simple and chaotic. As the name suggests, you dual wield strength weapons, preferably Guts’ greatsword due to its legendary status in the souls community and its overall usefulness.


The purpose of this Elden Ring Strength build is simple: to kill anything and everything before it. The reach and damage two powerful swords will kill you will ensure insane dps and sick combos. This build is one that might make even Morgott run away just by looking at you approach him. While this build requires an insane amount of strength anf is strictly endgame and beyond, it is one of the best and most fun strength builds in Elden Ring.


For this build, we recommend prioritising strength and endurance. We recommend a strength of 60 or above for that is the Elden Ring softcap and we recommend an endurance level of 45 or above. Our favorite armor set for this build is the Blaidd armor set. For your weapon, you may use any two colossal swords but we recommend sticking to the greatsword.

Intelligence Strength Hybrid

Int Strength Build Elden Ring

Similar to the Strength Faith hybrid, the strength intelligence hybrid build focuses on both melee and distanced combat. Unlike the other builds in this list, we recommend a smaller, quicker sword for this build. A simple sword would be best for we plan on bussing them using a buffing spell.


The sim of this build is to deal a ton of damage up close and also do insane amounts of damage from afar using spells. Due to its versatility, this build is viable for both PvE and PvP. Melee combat will be the main mode of combat when facing tougher opponents or bosses while ranged combat will be preferred when splitting up oe facing a group or when in a pinch.


For this build, we recommend a simple strength sword like the longsword or the broadsword. You may use a magic affinity but we recommend the normal strength scaling. We recommend a strength level of above 50 and an intelligence level of above 40, we also recommend a high mind level. We also recommend a magic ranged of war. For your spells, you will need a staff like the Carian Staff. For your spells, we recommend Frozen Armamaent as your buff, glintstone pebble or shard as your main damage spell, Loretta’s Greatbow for ranged combat, Meteor for high damage and other spells that you like.

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