6 BEST Elden Ring Strength Builds

With 8+ months of playing Elden Ring, I'm happy to provide an in-depth survey of the best Strength Builds that you should be using!

Strength Builds In Elden Ring
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My hours in Elden Ring have far exceeded 800+ hours. As a gamer, I am fond of uncovering the secrets of every game, including Elden Ring. Thus, you can trust my information as I bring first-hand experience to the table!

Elden Ring’s world, the lands between, is sprawling with life. From dragons watching over lakes to miners that can two-shot you in the tunnels. Despite its beauty, no area-save perhaps for the roundtable hold-is safe in Elden ring. To tackle the ever-increasing challenge in Elden Ring, the game provides players with weapons and spells.

Every weapon in Elden Ring scales with a specific stat and each stat in Elden Ring can have a build or builds surrounding it. Strength is arguably the most powerful stat in Elden Ring, largely due to the massive weapons it lets you. Today I will cover all the strength builds in Elden Ring. 

Key Takeaways

Elden Ring Strength Build emphasizes Vigor, Strength, and Endurance.

  • Pure Strength builds require at least 30 strength scaling and 25-30 in vigor and endurance.
  • Faith Strength builds combine high damage from afar with unique weapons; suggest 40 strength and faith with high vigor, endurance, and mind.
  • Tank Builds prioritize strong armor, aiming to tank attacks; recommend at least 50 endurance and vigor, with strength above 40.
  • Dual Wield Strength Build, using Guts’ greatsword, recommends strength of 60 or above and endurance of 45 or above.
  • Int Strength Build blends melee and ranged combat with sword and magic; suggest strength over 50, intelligence over 40, and high mental level.

Elden Ring Strength Builds Explained

Strength builds in Elden Ring offer several advantages that make them appealing to many players:

  1. High Damage Output: Strength builds excel in dealing massive physical damage with melee weapons. By focusing on increasing the Strength attribute, you can wield heavy weapons that hit hard and decimate enemies in fewer hits.

  2. Versatility: Strength weapons come in various forms, including greatswords, greataxes, hammers, and more. This versatility allows you to adapt your playstyle to different situations and enemy types.

  3. Stamina and Health: To effectively wield heavy weapons and armor, Strength builds invest in Vigor and Endurance. This results in higher health pools and increased stamina, enabling you to take more hits and maintain your offensive pressure.

  4. PvE and PvP Viability: Strength builds are potent in both player vs. environment (PvE) and player vs. player (PvP) scenarios. They can quickly dispatch tough bosses and hold their ground in PvP encounters, thanks to their high damage potential.

  5. Weapon Scaling: Elden Ring features weapons with excellent Strength scaling, meaning your damage output increases significantly as you invest more points in Strength. This allows you to continue improving your damage throughout the game.

In terms of recommended stats for a Strength build:

  • Vigor (Health): Allocate points to Vigor to increase your health pool, ensuring you can survive encounters with tough foes and bosses.

  • Mind (Mana): While not a primary focus, a moderate amount of Mind is useful for casting spells or using Ashes of War that complement your playstyle.

  • Strength: This is your primary attribute, and you should prioritize it to maximize your damage output.

  • Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, Arcane: These stats are typically kept at lower levels for a pure Strength build, as you want to focus on your physical damage output rather than branching into other forms of combat or magic.

Ultimately, a well-built Strength character in Elden Ring can be a force to be reckoned with, capable of taking down even the most formidable opponents with ease. Just remember to find the weapons that scale best with Strength and invest in the right Ashes of War to enhance your combat capabilities further.

Recommended Stats

Vigor 18-25
Mind 35-45
Strength 55-70
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 16
Faith 15
Arcane 9
Recommended Stats


No.WeaponPhysical AttackPhysical DamageMagic AttackMagic DamageFire AttackFire damageLight AttackLight DamageHoly AttackHoly DamageCritical Attack
1Great stars13568036036036036100
2Spiked Club11445030030030030100
3Blasphemous Blade121560397854039039100
4Prelate’s Inferno Crozier156820497849049034100
5Gargoyle Halberd131680427842042042100
7Ruins Greatsword124653756050050050100
8Iron Greatsword14973039039039039100

Match your stats to weapon requirements. You don’t need to use all suggested weapons; pick what suits your playstyle. For example, try Blasphemous Blade or Prelate’s Inferno Crozier if you’re not a fan of Greatswords. Greatswords lack flashy animations but offer raw power, appealing to some players. Your choice depends on personal preference.

Great Stars

Elden Ring Strength Build
The spiked weapon can also be used as a bleed weapon. To effectively deal damage, you should switch to jump attacks!

Requirement 2212000
TypeGreat Hammer
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost9

Equip the Heavy Affinity weapon for massive damage, especially effective in PvP due to its 55 blood loss build-up. Its weight crushes enemy armor and scales with Strength and Dexterity. Focus on upgrading it for a Strength Build. Utilize jump attacks for high damage. Try the unique Ash of War: Flaming Strike, which adds flames to your attacks and provides an 80 damage buff, making it an excellent choice for a Strength build.

Spiked Club

Spiked Club
You can dual-wield the clubs in PvP and PvE to effectively increase the damage output!

Requirement 127000
SkillBarbaric Roar
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost16

The Spiked Club has decent scaling in both Strength and Dexterity, with a C scaling in Strength. It delivers powerful heavy attacks, with upgraded versions dealing over 600 damage. Equipping a shield with a Strength weapon like the Spiked Club can allow for parrying and devastating attacks.

Barbaric Roar enhances heavy attacks, increasing both speed and damage significantly. It also provides excellent horizontal attacks, both one-handed and two-handed. Dual-wielding these weapons can result in extraordinary damage output.

To acquire the Spiked Club, venture into the Coastal Cave and defeat a demi-human. Enhance its scaling to B for Strength with Keen affinity, increasing damage potential, particularly effective in PvP encounters where connecting heavy attacks within a combo is crucial.

Blasphemous Blade

Elden Ring Strength Build
The blade has a unique skill that does devastating AOE damage!

Requirement 2215
SkillTaker’s Flames15
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStandard/
FP Cost30

The Blasphemous Blade stands out as an effective weapon in Elden Ring with a max attack power of 1,114, surpassing many others in damage output. It boasts a damage negation of 44.8, which can be upgraded using Smithing Stones. Obtained through the Volcano Manor questline, it offers versatility with both light and heavy attacks.

The weapon’s unique skill, Taker’s Flame, is valuable for dealing with multiple enemies in an area of effect radius. It inflicts a short lingering fire effect, saving health flasks in tough battles. Its range allows for effective combat, and though it can’t be used with an Ash of War, its skill, Taker’s Flames, infuses the weapon with fire, dealing significant damage.

This blade is one of the most overpowered choices for both PvP and PvE encounters.

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

Elden Ring Strength Build
The colossal hammer does insane damage, and you can spam the skill to deal more damage. The lingering effects of its flames do additional damage when you charge the skill.

Requirement 458000
SkillPrelate’s Charge
TypeColossal Weapon
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost7(7)

The Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is a massive hammer in Elden Ring with A scaling in Strength, further enhanced when equipped with the Heavy affinity. It features the impressive skill Prelate’s Charge, allowing you to rush and attack enemies efficiently, with a relatively low FP cost. This skill envelops the hammer in flames, delivering two hits and leaving a damaging trail.

Prelate’s Charge, while consuming FP as it charges, offers a balanced trade-off between heavy damage and FP consumption. By saving stamina and performing a charged heavy attack after launching the enemy into the air, you can deliver a finishing blow. With its devastating moveset and immense damage potential, the Inferno Crozier is an ideal choice for a Strength build, allowing you to strike enemies heavily and dominate encounters.

Gargoyle Halberd

Gargoyle Halberd
The Halberd has huge range, and its slash attacks can take out multiple targets! Similar to the spike clubs, you can dual-wield the weapon as well!

Requirement 2610000
SkillSpinning slash
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStandard/Pierce
FP Cost6(-12)

The Halberd has a solid B scaling with Strength. It’s effective even at the base level. At +25, it scales ridiculously at 507, making it ideal for a Strength build. You can obtain it from the gargoyles. The Halberd offers mid-range and close-range engagement.

The design is sleek, but its appeal lies in the 46.3 damage negation and 25 Strength requirement. It lacks passive effects but has a powerful spinning slash attack. Two-handing it boosts damage. Upgrade with Ashes of War.


The thickness and range of the Greatsword are unparalleled!

Requirement 3112000
SkillStamp (upward cut)
TypeColossal Sword
Sell Price100
Attack TypeStandard
FP Cost5(-8)

You can use the Greatsword at plus 10 and equip it with the Heavy affinity. Why have I equipped almost all of my swords too Heavy, though? It is because I’m running an Elden Ring Strength Build, and the Heavy affinity shifts the scaling of C strength to B, which in turn increases the damage efficiency of the sword. You can further increase the damage output of the weapon by dual-wielding it. The amount of damage you can inflict on the enemies while dual-wielding is insane. It is a perfect companion for your PvE fights due to its superb damage and huge size.

Most Strength weapons in Elden Ring can be dual-wielded for efficiency. Greatsword’s wide slashes provide area-effect damage. Find it in Caelid, Dragonbarrow, and upgrade with Smithing Stones for max potential.

Strength weapons expose you to counterattacks due to slower attacks. Timing is crucial; hitting first can eliminate enemies before they counter.

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Ruins Greatsword

Elden Ring Strength Build
The magic-based attack on the sword does an incredible area of effect damage, and you can spam the skill without using up a lot of FP.

Requirement 50-1600
SkillWave of destruction
TypeColossal Sword
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStandard
FP Cost25(-25)

The Ruins Greatsword is a massive weapon capable of destroying everything. Its unique Ash of War unleashes a large wave, efficiently clearing single or multiple enemies without draining your FP. The skill has good reach and can knock over foes, followed by a high-damage jump attack, particularly effective with big swords.

This weapon’s area-of-effect capability makes it a solid choice for an Elden Ring Strength Build. It scales with Strength and offers substantial damage for PvE and PvP. Its magic-based attack allows one-shotting PvE enemies without significant health or FP loss.

On the downside, you need 50 Strength to use the skill against bigger enemies like bosses. However, its range provides an advantage in PvP encounters and against multiple foes.

Iron Greatsword

Iron Greatsword
Use the affinity Heavy to increase the effective damage output of the Greatsword!

Requirement 1810000
SkillStamp (Upward cut)
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStandard/Pierce
FP Cost20

The Iron Greatsword in Elden Ring boasts one of the highest physical attack stats. Enhance its damage with Heavy affinity, infuse it with Ashes of War, and upgrade it using Smithing Stones. It’s a popular choice similar to the Greatswords in the Soul series, closely rivaling the Gargoyle Halberd in damage output. At max level, it surpasses all other Greatswords in AR.

This weapon excels at breaking enemy posture and delivering swift counterattacks. Replacing Pierce attacks with jump attacks can maximize your damage per strike. Investing around 25 points in Faith while dual-wielding it allows you to deal tremendous damage. 


  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal
  • Bull-Goat’s Talisman
  • Greatshield Talisman
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
  • Shard of Alexander
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

You can choose to equip any of the above mentioned talismans based on the weapons you choose. These talismans will drastically buff your damage output and any other skills.

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Flask of Wondrous Physick

  • Strength-Knot Crystal tear
  • Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear

Fingerprint Stone Shield

Elden Ring Strength Build
Maybe one of the only shields in Elden Ring that can withstand all levels of attack and spells at max level. The guard boost can retain any loss in your stamina bar!

Requirement 480000
SkillShield Bash
Sell Price-
Attack TypeStrike
FP Cost10

The Fingerprint Stone Shield is among the best in Elden Ring, perfect for Strength Builds. It offers exceptional defense against various attacks, even in PvP battles. This shield lets you block incoming attacks while dealing substantial damage with Strength-based weapons.

Other Elden Ring Strength Builds

Strength builds in Elden Ring scale primarily with the strength stat. This stat emphasizes raw power, letting the player use the heaviest and slowest weapons in the game that deal massive amounts of damage. From greatswords to colossal swords, strength players in Elden Ring can wield them all. Due to the simple nature of strength builds and the large variety of strength weapons available, there are multiple strength builds in Elden Ring. From strength magic hybrids to pure strength tanks, this guide will cover it all.

Pure Strength Build

Pure Strength Build Elden Ring

Pure strength builds in Elden Ring are both popular and devastating. They are straightforward and have minimal requirements. These builds focus on using powerful swords to deal maximum damage and stagger foes, making them ideal for players who want formidable weapons with high damage and range, even for boss fights. Pure strength builds are suitable for both early and endgame players due to their simplicity.

However, it’s important to note that most larger strength weapons have a learning curve because of their slow nature and specific movesets. Once you master these moves, you’ll become formidable and easily overcome any obstacles.

For a strength build, prioritize strength as the primary stat. Additionally, consider leveling up vigor for increased melee durability and endurance for the stamina needed for wielding heavy weapons, rolling, and blocking. Raising equip load is also beneficial, as it allows you to wear high-poise armor.

Requirements For A Strength Build In Elden Ring

I recommend a strength scaling of at least 30 with vigor and endurance at least 25-30. With my first-hand experience of the game, I suggest leveling these stats till the endgame. While the vagabond armor is a great starter set, some of my favorites are Blaidd’s armor Lionel’s set.

Check out our list of the best early game armor sets in Elden Ring. For your weapon, you can go with any strength weapon but some of my favorite early-game strength weapons are the Longsword, the Battle Hammer, and the greatsword. The Grafted Greatsword and Starscourage Greatsword are excellent late-game strength weapons.

Faith-Strength Hybrid

Faith Strength Build Elden Ring

Faith Strength builds in Elden Ring are both popular and potent, exemplified by iconic bosses like Executioner Smough and The Nameless King. These builds aim to wield formidable strength weapons with elemental powers while utilizing incantations and miracles for support or high damage.

While faith strength hybrid builds require more experience than pure strength builds, they offer greater damage potential and versatility, thanks to unique miracles. Ashes of War significantly enhance this build, allowing you to deal high damage from a distance with a distinctive weapon. Faith Strength builds excel in Elden Ring’s PvE content and can also be formidable in PvP encounters.

Requirements For A Faith Strength Build In Elden Ring

I recommend a strength and faith level of at least 40 for a Faith Strength build with high vigor, endurance and mind. You will require a seal to cast your incantations. While you may go with any strength sword and apply the holy affinity for Faith scaling, I recommend the Coded Sword as it scales with strength and faith.

The Blasphemous blade is another excellent option for this build. For your incantations, I recommend a healing incantation alongside lightning spear, fire orb, blood-flame blade, death lightning, frenzied flame and other powerful damage incantations of your choice.

Tank Builds

Tank Strength Build Elden Ring

Tank builds in Elden Ring focus on heavy armor and high poise to endure attacks, even from formidable foes like General Radahn. They are excellent for challenging content and PvP.

Despite their straightforward nature, tank builds offer thrilling gameplay by allowing you to withstand and exchange blows effectively.

Tank Builds Requirements Elden Ring

Aim for at least 50 in both Endurance and Vigor, alongside a Strength level above 40. Opt for greatswords or colossal swords as your weapons. Linionel’s set, Bull Goat’s set, or a mix of both can create a formidable and distinctive tanky appearance.

In essence, tank builds are ideal for end-game challenges, offering durability and a unique aesthetic with heavy armor and powerful weapons.

Dual Wield Strength Build

Dual Wirld Build Elden Ring

The Dual Wield build in Elden Ring involves dual-wielding strength weapons, with Guts’ greatsword being a preferred choice due to its legendary status. The goal of this strength build is straightforward: to defeat enemies quickly. The combination of two powerful swords results in high DPS and impressive combos.

This build is so formidable that even Morgott might flee at the sight of you. It requires a significant amount of strength and is typically for endgame and beyond, making it one of the best and most enjoyable strength builds in Elden Ring.


For this build, my views would be prioritizing strength and endurance. I highly recommend a strength of 60 or above for that is the Elden Ring softcap and an endurance level of 45 or above. My favorite armor set for this build is the Blaidd armor set. For your weapon, you may use any two colossal swords, but I would suggest sticking to the greatsword.

Intelligence Strength Hybrid

Int Strength Build Elden Ring

The Strength-Intelligence hybrid build in Elden Ring combines melee and ranged combat. For this build, opt for a smaller, faster sword, as you’ll enhance it with buffing spells.

This build aims to deliver high damage up close and at a distance using spells. Its versatility makes it effective for both PvE and PvP. In tougher encounters or against bosses, focus on melee combat, while ranged combat is preferable when dealing with groups or in challenging situations.


For the Strength-Intelligence hybrid build in Elden Ring, prioritize a Strength level exceeding 50, Intelligence above 40, and a high Mind level. Additionally, a substantial Magic ranged stat is essential. Equip a staff like the Carian Staff for your spells.

Consider using Frozen Armament as your buff, Glintstone Pebble or Shard as your primary damage spell, Loretta’s Greatbow for ranged combat, Meteor for heavy damage, and other spells of your preference. This setup maximizes your effectiveness in both melee and ranged combat.

Bonus Elden Ring Tips

  1. Weapon Selection: Consider using powerful Strength weapons like the Blood Spiked Club for dual-wielding to deal damage to multiple enemies nearby. Weapons with area-of-effect (AOE) damage can be particularly effective against groups of enemies.

  2. Range and Power: Equip weapons like the Great Stars Halberd for its impressive size and range, allowing you to deal significant damage to enemies from a distance. This can be advantageous when facing larger foes or engaging multiple enemies at once.

  3. Versatility: While focusing on a Strength build, it’s important to consider your playstyle and preferences. Experiment with different weapons and find the ones that suit your combat style best. Some weapons may offer high damage output but require more precise timing, while others may have slower attacks but provide greater impact per hit.

  4. Build Optimization: Tailor your character’s attributes and abilities to complement your Strength build. Invest in Strength-enhancing stats and abilities to maximize the effectiveness of your chosen weapons. Additionally, consider incorporating defensive abilities or spells to enhance survivability in combat situations.

  5. Continuous Learning: Keep exploring and experimenting with various weapons, spells, and builds to discover new strategies and optimize your gameplay experience. Share tips and insights with fellow players to enhance your collective understanding of the game’s mechanics and challenges.

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