Elden Ring Vs Dark Souls – Only One Stand Firmly

Comparing The Two Best Souls Like Games By FromSoftware Studios To Find Out Which One Has The Upper Hand.

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FromSoftware is known for its complicated souls-like games. Be it Sekiro or Bloodborne, from their hardcore mechanics to epic and visually compelling storylines, every one of their works is a piece of art. However, there are two of their specific titles that I believe are commendable in every way.

Dark Souls and Elden Ring were released eleven years apart and shared the same director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. These two games hold a special place in the heart of every soul’s lover. As similar as they are, they also have significant differences.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark Souls and Elden Ring are two major titles of FromSoftware studios directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki.
  • Elden Ring’s scenery is more colorful, and the setting of Dark Souls gives a cryptic feeling.
  • Dark Souls has a narrower focus in its design while Elden Ring offers the concept of open-world
  • Elden Ring boss fights are tougher than the boss fights of Dark Souls due to aggressive and continuous attacks.
  • I will always choose Elden Ring over Dark Souls due to its modern design and diverse gameplay.


FromSoftware games are known for their immersive narrative, cryptic storytelling, and abundant mythology. 

Dark Souls is set in a world where humanity has been cursed. Its grim and oppressive environment radiates hopelessness. The player takes Chosen Undead’s mantle to stave off the forthcoming apocalypse.

Storyline of Dark Souls
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In Elden Ring, the game occurs in the Land Between, ruled by demigods. Elden Ring acts as a powerful force in this domain. When Queen Marika shatters the Elden Ring, players embodying Tarhnished set off to repair it. They have to encounter and defeat the corrupted demigods throughout their journey.

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Both games examine the broader aspect of the narrative. Dark Souls offers a sense of rich lore and dark hidden secrets, while Elden Ring offers an experience of diverse landscapes and cultures to explore.

Personally, I found Dark Souls to be upper-level because of its narrower focus and sombre mood.


Dark Souls had a cult following at its release primarily due to its staggering difficulty. Its challenging pattern of controls created a feeling of uneasiness among players. It becomes further harder if you are impatient. It requires a high tolerance level and understanding of enemies’ weaknesses and strategic attacks.

Dark Souls Gameplay
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On the other hand, newcomers found Elden Ring to be more accessible. It offered the same consistency in its gameplay mechanics as Dark Souls, and its impossible-to-miss tutorial allowed players to master the controls fully. Like “Quality of Life Changes,” its elements enhance the gaming experience.

Elden Ring Gameplay
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Dark Souls’ gameplay was ahead of its time in 2011. Nonetheless, Elden Ring stands as the superior one, with fluid gameplay. Its capacity to utilize spirit summons, switch builds, and enjoy well-balanced skills are further added bonuses. 


Dark Souls’s visuals depicted a creepier and bleak nature. Whether it is the Lost Ruins Izalight or the graveyard of Firelink Shrine, every place has its fair share of enchanting elements.

Anor Londo From Dark Souls
Anor Londo From Dark Souls

FromSoftware made a 180-degree rotation with Elden Ring, giving it more beautiful and colorful scenery. The players get to experience a breathtaking panorama featuring vast open fields.

Erdtree, The Heart of Golden Order in Elden Ring
Erdtree, The Heart of Golden Order in Elden Ring

Elden Ring clearly reigns supreme here due to stunning and elegant visuals.

Boss Fights

The hardest boss fights are the prominent features that make FromSoftware games notoriously famous. Although it completely depends on how the players play it, I genuinely feel that Elden Ring’s boss fights are way harder than those of Dark Souls.

Dark Souls boss fights seem harder but fairer. You have plenty of room to understand, strategize, make your attacks, and evade them. The bosses themselves are a bit lenient. If you get hit, the fault lies upon your own shoulders.

Ornstein & Smough Boss Fight
Ornstein & Smough Boss Fight From Dark Souls
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Elden Ring’s case is quite different. The world of Elden Ring is huge and you will encounter ruthless bosses at literally every two hundred metres. They are not like normal bosses. 

Godrick The Grafted Boss Fight
Godrick The Grafted Boss Fight From Elden Ring
Source: Shirrako, YouTube

They are gigantic and aggressive. Their one heavy attack is enough to take your soul out of your body.

The attacks in Elden Rings are continuous and faster, giving no time to breathe. Without the spirit ashes and time-to-time gear upgrades, it feels grueling and useless to fight against bosses.

Comparative Excellence

Overall, both games remained outstanding entries by FromSoftware studios. Elden Ring’s and Dark Souls’ worlds are designed with complexity and are filled with elements like mysteries, lore, and danger. 

Both have demanding combats requiring patience and reward immense satisfaction when players finally succeed.

Elden Ring introduced the concept of an open world filled with NPS, which allowed more freedom and exploration than Dark Souls’ linear design. 

My mind will always lean towards Elden Ring over Dark Souls, drawn by its diverse and modern design and array of gameplay experiences.

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