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Embracer Group Creating Archive of Every Video Game – Ever

Maybe you don’t know Embracer Group by name, but you’ve definitely played their games. Or at least, games by studios they own. The Swedish conglomerate just acquired Gearbox Software earlier this month, as well as owning Volition and 4A Games. And soon, their CEO will “own” every game. In history. Ever.

A True Archivist

Martin Lindell recently posted to Twitter about the plan. Amongst other things, Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors mentioned his archiving plans. With the help of Thomas Sunhede, he plans to create an archive of every video game ever made. Sunhede himself is the co-author of Svensk videospelsutveckling: fran 50-tal till 90-tal. This is a novel about the history of Swedish video game development. It’s a substantial read.

Embracer Group-owned game Goat Simulator

What to Expect

And an archive of every video game ever would also be massive. Not to mention, an incredible undertaking. The type that takes a lifetime or more to complete. And he’s not even starting at ground zero. Wingefors is already a collector. Not just of gaming companies, but games and paraphernalia as well. His current collection of games, consoles, and even arcades holds around 50, 000 pieces already.

How, and where, in the world will he be keeping this archive? Wingefors has a couple plans so far. One is to disperse items throughout “satellite exhibits”. These will be located at the companies Embracer currently owns. Of course, these will be geared towards the histories of those companies. Travelling exhibits that aren’t about companies Wingefors currently owns (assuming he doesn’t one day rule the whole world) are also part of the plan. 50,000 pieces of game merch is already enough to take up a couple mansions. So, who knows what other, possibly more permanent ideas he’ll have down the line.

While You Wait

This is an exciting undertaking for gamers, especially of the completionist variety. And while we wait for news of these exhibits, you can read about some of Embracer‘s games. Embracer now owns Gearbox, who made Borderlands 3. They also own the Metro games; read about Metro Exodus here.

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