Epic Deal: Physical Copy of DOOM: Eternal for £14.99 (UK & Ireland)

Now is the perfect time to start ripping and tearing with DOOM: Eternal. Struggling to finish your Christmas shopping on time? Don’t worry, Doom guy has your back. You can get the PS4 and Xbox One version of DOOM: Eternal for just £14.99 from Currys PC World.

This is an epic deal as the triple-A FPS has only recently released this year. DOOM: Eternal took the FPS genre by storm, scoring an 88% on Metacritic and 9/10 on Steam. It is a worthy sequel to the DOOM (2016). Furthermore, DOOM: Eternal was recently ported to the Nintendo Switch & was received with great reviews scoring 81% on Metacritic.

Free Upgrade for DOOM: Eternal Next-Gen Consoles

The game runs impressively well on last-gen consoles at a smooth 60fps. However, if you already have or decide to upgrade your console, Bethesda has stated that owners of the game are entitled to a free upgrade of the game.

The official Bethesda website states that there is no time limit for the free upgrade to Xbox Series X/S or PS5 and that both digital and physical copies of the game are available for the free upgrade. Therefore this is a great opportunity to expand your Xbox Series X/S or PS5 library. However, it should be advised not to purchase the digital-only copy for next-gen as it will invalidate your free upgrade.

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