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Epic Games Expand Legal Battle Against Apple and Google

In late last year, you may have seen that Epic Games rustled some feathers in the Google and Apple offices. In case you aren’t aware, Epic Games used an alternative payment system within their Fortnite mobile app, allowing players to make in-game purchases directly through their own channels. Through doing this, Epic circumvented the 30% commission fee for all apps on the Apple and Google Play store and in doing so, caused both parties to remove Fortnite from their respective stores.

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Since then, the three parties have been locked in a legal battle with the game developer aiming to restore their title to the app stores without any change to their payment format. Forcing a change to the mobile market as a whole and changing the way that these global conglomerates operate within the mobile market.

Expanding To The UK

This legal battle has entered a new chapter as recently, the US developer has filed a claim to the Competition Appeal Tribunal against Apple and Google. In this claim, Epic states that they have both abused their dominant market position and “engaged in anti-competitive/concerted practices.”

This sentiment was echoed recently by the federal trade commission which we recently covered in an article. Head over here to check it out

These claims against both the accused parties in question were filed on the 8th and 29th of December, respectively. However, it is only today that the tribunal has chosen to make this information public knowledge.

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If the claim comes back in favour of Epic, this will have huge effects on both accused parties. Forcing huge changes to how they conduct themselves. This will have varying effects on Apple and Google due to the differing claims that have been put against them. They are largely similar but with slight variations in context with each company’s format.

Epic To End Mobile Monopolisation

If Epic wins their claim against Apple, the company will stop the restriction set in place by Apple to stop users downloading the Epic Games Store app in the UK. Plus, they will push for a change to their payment policy. With apps no longer being restricted to a payment system that runs through their app store.

Whereas with the Google claim, if Epic is successful. They will stop the pre-installation of the Google Play Store app on Android devices in the UK. This is a move to stop the prioritisation of this app store above all others and allows for more competition in the field. They will also similarly as above, aim to stop restrictions regarding developers entering agreements to pre-install the Epic Games Store.

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Apple has aimed to offer a compromise during this legal battle. With the major tech giant reducing their commission fee to 15% for developers earning less than $1 million per year. However, the Epic CEO dismissed this attempt at compromise, stating that Epic is “not fighting for lower commission” but for “fair competition among mobile platform companies, stores, and payment processors.”

This legal battle is likely to rage on deep into this year. However, we can only hope that a peaceful resolution comes, that mobile developers are given fair treatment and all the companies can play happy families again.

So that’s our news regarding the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games, Apple and Google. What do you make of the news? Do you feel that Epic can change the market for the better? When do you think this saga will end? Let us know in the comments section below. Plus, if you liked this then why not check out our news regarding Pokemon Snap. Or alternatively, read our news regarding Hogwarts: Legacy’s delay.

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