Stardew Valley Characters Ranked: Worst To Best

Grab some popcorns and enjoy the narrative on each character mentioned here!

Stardew Valley offers a laid-back atmosphere and relaxing mechanics that can be as intense as you want them to be. It’s a sleepy town full of interesting characters and potential suitors, all with their own unique stories to tell.  I’m taking on a rather arduous task of ranking every Stardew Valley character from worst to best.

Key Takeaways

  • There are around 33 characters in Stardew Valley that players can interact with.
  • Each character offers some sort of benefit. It can be engaging heart events, storylines, quests, or recipes
  • Some characters come off as rude, with the majority being kind and helpful. 
  • With this much variety in characters, there’s a chance of having favorites in Stardew Valley.
  • This list mentions Mayor Lewis, Pierre, and Demetrius being the worst. And Krobus, Shane, and Linus are considered the best.

So, within this list, I will be taking into account various factors such as morality, storylines, the gifts the player can receive, how difficult it can be to befriend these characters, their routines, their heart events, and their relationships with other townsfolk. Plus, I will not be including any Stardew Valley character that does not appear on the heart menu. So, no Gil, no Gunther, no Grandpa, and sadly, no hat mouse.

#33 – Mayor Lewis

Mayor Lewis
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That’s right, the bottom of the list is the Mayor of Pelican town, Lewis. You may think this is harsh, but let’s look at the facts for a moment. So when you arrive in town, it’s in disarray. The bus is broken, the community center is desolate and run down, most people in the town are without jobs… Yet he spends his day watering his garden and occasionally checking on the businesses in the town. Mostly, however, he spends his time with Marnie, drinking in the bar or getting up to something a little more private (if you catch my drift).

He also doesn’t want to go public with her because he is so hung up about his reputation as mayor and fails to take responsibility for any of the town’s shortcomings. In short, the guy is a typical self-serving politician, even in this small town, and for that, he gets the wooden spoon award. Nice one, Lewis.

#32 – Pierre

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Next up is your local shopkeeper, Pierre. At face value, you may wonder why he’s so low on the list. Well, the issue is that everything he does is about his store. He has dialogue within the game that suggests that more holidays should be based on making a profit. Plus, Demetrius has dialogue that suggests that Pierre is, in fact, a very skilled farmer, so why didn’t he pick up the slack before you arrived?

In addition, Pierre only loves one thing, and that’s ‘Fried Calamari,’ which isn’t the easiest thing to acquire, making him a pretty hard guy to befriend. Although the guy does have the best prices in the town, he offers you a blueberry tart recipe if you make an effort to be his pal. Plus, he’s 420 friendly, as you see in his six-star event. We only wish he would be less money-oriented and lighten up.

#31 – Demetrius

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While he seems like a sweet guy, Demetrius does have some moments that may make you reconsider your opinion of him. Firstly, between his two children, Maru and Sebastian, there is a clear favorite. We get that Maru is much better aligned with him due to shared interests, and she has a more conventional career plan than Sebastian, but he doesn’t have to be that obvious.

Also, if you happen to pursue a relationship with Maru, he will warn her away from you and lie to her. Sure, it might be the mark of a father protecting his kid, but it’s overbearing and speaks to his character. Another example is the dialogue between Robin and the player about a tomato being a fruit. He belittles Robin, and it isn’t even the only time he does this. Overall, Demetrius is pompous and self-righteous. For that reason, he’s low on this list.

#30– Caroline

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Next, we have Caroline, Abigail’s mother and Pierre’s wife. In general, Caroline seems like a pretty placid character. However, there is a key reason why she finds herself low on the pecking order here. Through in-game dialogues, you can infer that she was unfaithful to Pierre with the wizard Rasmodious. What makes matters worse is a dialogue with the wizard hinting at a potential daughter in the town. When you piece it all together, it paints a damning picture. In short, she’s living a lie and lacks depth as a character. Her unsupportive attitude toward her daughter and past mistakes make her less interesting, resulting in a low rank on our list.

#29  Haley

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Now, our first potential romantic interest: the shallow and rude Haley. From the start, she focuses on shopping, criticizes the town and people, and generally displays a negative attitude. She’s consistently rude and doesn’t help her roommate, Emily, with household chores. We would also say that her story arc is pretty predictable and dull in comparison to other characters, making her one of the least desirable love interests to offer. However, when married to Haley, she gives valuable gifts, and her room in your home is passable. However, there are superior spouse choices in town, so we recommend exploring other options unless you want to make her tend the animals out of spite, which is a fun option, too.

#28 – Clint

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Next up is Clint. Initially seeming quiet and misunderstood, he evolves into a whiny, spineless man who’s persistently rude, complains, and offers dull and dry conversations. He relies on the player to pursue Emily and resents them if they pursue her independently.

In addition, despite the mass amounts of cash you spend in his shop and the countless gifts and quests you complete for him, he never seems thankful. He’s consistently negative and unhelpful, leaving a feeling of unfulfilled character development for a potentially lovable, shy character. Sadly, though, this never really happens.

#27- Pam

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This might be controversial, as Pam isn’t a terrible person aside from her alcohol addiction. However, her addiction severely impacts her daughter, Penny, who has had to take on her mother’s responsibilities, forfeiting her own opportunities for a normal upbringing due to the environment created by Pam. However, she does have redeeming qualities. Pam cares for Penny, provides recipes and quests to the player, remains polite despite her struggles, and displays a good heart. You also witness her turning to faith, praying to Yoba for help in overcoming her addiction. While she has her flaws, we feel sympathy for Pam.

#26 – Marnie

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Next, we meet Marnie, the local rancher selling livestock and supplies. Again, at face value, she seems like a nice woman. However, we have some issues with her. Her limited work hours (9 am to 4 pm) are among the shortest in town, and she’s off on Mondays and Tuesdays, making it inconvenient for animal-related purchases.

Nevertheless, Marnie has a kind heart. She takes excellent care of her animals, provides for Jas and Shane, and supports Shane through his struggles. She’s also the real victim in her relationship with Lewis, wanting more but not being taken seriously. While her business management could be improved, Marnie remains a decent character in Stardew Valley.

#25 – Rasmodius (The Wizard)

Rasmodius Wizard
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Now, the wizard. He’s an eclectic and fascinating character, but he falls short of making it into the top half of our list for a couple of reasons. First, his involvement in Caroline and Pierre’s relationship, while not entirely his fault, isn’t the kindest action. Second, he possesses magical abilities, so it’s puzzling why he hasn’t taken more initiative to improve the town’s situation, aside from assisting the player with Junimos. He also sets the player on a quest that allows them to divorce their spouse and transform their children into doves, which isn’t his doing directly, but he gives you all the tools to make it happen. However, he remains a fun character, granting you access to the ‘Shrine of Illusions’ for changing your appearance on the go. But even with these perks, it’s not enough to rank him higher on this list.

#24 – Emily

Stardew Valley Emily
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Next on the list is Emily, a bachelorette with blue hair and a strong spiritual inclination. While not a terrible character, she can be quite annoying and self-absorbed. This view is only really cemented through the heart events with Emily.

All of the encounters seem to focus on Emily rather than your relationship growing with her. Plus, the content is pretty predictable and, thanks to her general demeanor, is pretty hard to sit through. The upside is that she is pretty easy to befriend if you frequent the mines a lot, she gives good gifts, her additions to the home are aesthetically pleasing, and if you’re so inclined, marrying her will really stick it to Clint.

#23 – Alex

Stardew Valley Alex
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Now, we have our first bachelor, Alex. This guy, at face value, is essentially the typical jock who never mentally left high school. There is little you can really do to fix him. He’s arrogant, he’s self-obsessed, he’s rude to the player, and unlike Haley, he doesn’t grow as a character as you develop a relationship with him. Furthermore, he displays sexism at times, and if you seek a romantic love story, Alex doesn’t quite provide that experience. His conversations about his parents offer some insight, but overall, he’s a male version of Haley, a bit less rude but with far less emotional development if you choose him.

#22 – Elliot

Stardew Valley Elliot
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This one can go two ways, depending on how you see Elliot. On the one hand, he’s a sweet, romantic, and eloquent prince charming, well-dressed, and a real catch. On the other hand, he’s intense and can seem pretentious if you don’t embrace his upper-class demeanor.

His story can come across as rather self-centered initially. However, as you get to know him, you become his muse and inspire his writing pursuits. He offers great gifts when you are married. Plus, he is easy to please as a friend. Overall, he is a character that can easily rub the player up the wrong way at first, but if you get to know him, you may just find him as charming as his portrait portrays him to be.

#21 – Kent

Stardew Valley Kent
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Next is Kent, a character that some casual Stardew Valley fans might not have encountered. He returns from army duty after one year, and it’s easy to befriend him. Contrary to the army stereotype, he’s an attentive husband, a good father, and an overall pleasant person.

On top of that, he also struggles with PTSD after his tour with the army, and this storyline, although brief, is actually very interesting and touches on a topic that is often not given enough airtime in the media. Plus, he gives the player some useful recipes if you befriend him. Overall, Kent is a very relatable character and would probably be higher on this list if he was available right from the start of your playthrough.

#20 – George

Stardew Valley George
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Now we have George, Alex’s grandfather. George is a tough nut to crack when you first meet him. He’s likely one of the last characters you encounter due to his reclusive nature. He isn’t a massive fan of the outdoors and generally seems like a grumpy old man. However, if you get to know George, you find out that his behavior is brought on by his debilitating health condition, and deep down, he is a real sweetheart. As you befriend him, he softens up, offering to chat with you more and more, becoming self-aware and opting to change his outlook on life. Plus, he offers you the recipe for Spicy Eel, which is one of the most important dishes in the game if you want to get around fast and up your luck for the day.

#19 – Sandy

Stardew Valley Sandy
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Sandy is the lady who runs the shop out in Calcio Desert. So, players will not get to meet her for quite a while into their playthrough. However, when you do, you’ll meet one of the most bubbly and upbeat characters in the Stardew universe.

Admittedly, your encounters with Sandy will be rather limited as she doesn’t have too much unique dialogue and no heart events to speak of either. Despite this, she is inherently likable thanks to her upbeat demeanor; all of her conversations are pleasant. Plus, she even offers you a nice recipe to add to your collection. The reason why she finds herself so low is due to her not being present from the beginning of the game and also because she is a supporting character with little to offer outside of pleasant small talk.

#18 – Gus

Stardew Valley Gus
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If we are placing Sandy around this point in the list, it is only fair that we do the same for Gus. Gus runs the bar in town, the Stardrop Saloon, and is a constant figure in the players’ Stardew Valley journey, provided you frequently visit the bar to stock up on hot meals. Gus’ story, much like Sandy’s, doesn’t offer an awful lot of content for the player to learn about him. However, every time we see Gus in a cut scene or chat with him, it’s always a pleasant experience.

He never complains about the struggle to keep his bar afloat despite a testing period, he offers food to Linus despite this hard financial period, and in general, he is a constant ray of sunshine in contrast to the rather concerning and downbeat stories of other characters. If Gus had a more substantial story, perhaps he would be near the top of this list, but due to his supporting character role, he ranks here.

#17 – Maru

Stardew Valley Maru
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Next, we have the daughter of Robin and Demetrius, Maru. Maru is a bachelorette that the player can pursue and has a keen interest in science and medicine, hence why she works in the doctor’s surgery in town. Maru is clearly a very driven and intelligent girl and while we love to see a woman being represented as an educated go-getter, in this instance, it makes Maru seem a little dull.

It’s the typical ‘all work and no play’ theory. The heart events are a mixed bag with Maru; you get some interesting scenes, but others fall a little flat, but what I will say is that the romance really does shine through. She offers nice gifts when married, but sadly, her room is a little bit messy and makes the house look a little unaesthetic as a result. In short, Maru is a mixed bag, but for some players, she will be the ideal match.

#16 – Willy

Stardew Valley Willy
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Now we have the town fisherman, Willy. This character is one that is pleasant right from the off, offering the player their first fishing rod and generally being a nice, pleasant person in all your encounters. He sells the player goods in his store, offers several quests, grants the player a generous amount of recipes, and even has a rather interesting heart event into the bargain.

The only reason why we haven’t placed Willy higher on the list is due to his lack of initiative. If he is an active fisherman, why is he not contributing to the community center targets? Plus, after you have the initial cutscene and the heart event with Willy, he is a character that offers very little else. Still, though, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for the old sea dog.

#15 – Vincent

Stardew Valley Vincent
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Next, we have one of the two children present in Stardew Valley. Vincent is a really sweet kid who you’ll likely find hanging out with his friend Jas or in the library with Penny. Vincent is a pleasant kid, has some fun dialogue entries, and even has a very useful heart event that will increase the value of spring onions by five times their usual worth, making them a very worthwhile forage item. Sadly, though, this is about all we can really say about Vincent. He doesn’t offer any gifts or recipes predictably as he is a child

#14 – Jas

Stardew Valley Jas
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Jas is very much in the same boat as Vincent. She’s the only other kid in Stardew Valley, only she lives with her aunt Marnie, and her godfather, Shane. She offers the same heart event as Vincent, as you need to have eight hearts with both kids to access this event; she is about equally as hard to befriend as Vincent. Plus, she is also a very sweet kid with some fun dialogue. So why is she above Vincent? Well, the only contributing factor is that she features in Shane’s storyline, playing a rather important role in that story arc, and for that reason, she perhaps has just a little more to offer when picking between the two.

#13– Dwarf

Stardew Valley Dwarf
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Next up, we have the dwarf, which you’ll find behind a breakable wall in the Stardew Valley mines. Initially speaking incomprehensible dwarvish, after giving him all the dwarf scrolls, he starts selling useful mining items. Yet, he’s not just a merchant; he’s part of a captivating story about the dwarves and the shadow people.

This will show itself in the form of a heart event when you gain over fifty friendship points with the cave merchant when you enter the sewers. He may not offer a ton of intrigue outside of this, but he’s a very worthy addition to the roster of characters, and each offering involving the dwarf is of high quality.

#12 – Robin

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Now we have the town carpenter and one of the first Stardew Valley character players get to meet, Robin. She is a character that has a lot to offer. You’ll be able to buy furniture for your home and, upgrade your house, buy buildings for your farmstead. Aside from her qualities as a merchant, she is a genuinely lovely character as well. She is the glue that holds her family together despite some strained relationships and represents a modern woman who isn’t assigned to normal gender roles, and we are totally here for it.

She will also randomly gift the player wood from time to time, offer a useful recipe, and even offer you a blueprint to build flute and drum blocks to spruce up your home. For many, Robin would have been the ideal marriage candidate and one of the most wholesome characters in the entire game. So, for that, we place Robin in high regard.

#11 – Harvey

Stardew Valley Harvey
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Now we have another Batchelor, the town doctor Harvey. He is a shy character and one of the older bachelors in the town. He’s a hard man to get a hold of as he spends most of his time working, and often, you won’t be able to reach him after the doctor’s office closes for the day. However, if you take the time and effort to become a fixture of Harvey’s life, you’ll be treated to some interesting heart events. Admittedly, the first few are a little stale, but after that, things pick up fast.

He’s an easy character to befriend, provided you can work out his schedule. Plus, the additions he makes to your home are understated but charming, such as his garden, which is a lovely touch to your farmstead. He ranks outside the top ten as he is a character that you will have to go out of your way to befriend and get to know, but if you do, you won’t be disappointed.

#10 – Penny

Stardew Valley Penny
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Now, Penny, Pam’s daughter and a potential love interest for players. Pam’s drinking habit significantly affects Penny’s life, as she’s forced to manage the household and care for her mother. Penny’s character shines through her altruism, like tutoring the town’s kids, assisting George in an early heart event, and consistently prioritizing others over herself.

This is really sweet, and most Stardew Valley players will immediately warm to the kind soul that Penny is. Plus, the aesthetic changes that she brings to the home when you are married are great. The only aspect that may grind on players is her rather whiny nature. It’s not quite on Clint’s level, but you can’t help but feel even without the situation with her mother, Penny would still seek aspects of her life to act as a means of keeping herself down. That’s just one perspective, of course, and overall, Penny is a wonderful, if a little understated, character.

#9– Jodi

Stardew Valley Jodi
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Now, we have the full-time mother of the town, Jodi. Stardew Valley Players will find that they immediately like Jodi thanks to her pleasant demeanor, the way she cares for her children, her hard-working nature, and the fact that she will offer random gifts to the players to aid their introduction to farm life. This is a great introduction, and Jodi only gets more pleasant to be around as you develop your relationship with her. You’ll be invited around for dinner, you’ll be gifted a handful of recipes, and she’s easy to befriend.

Then, just when you think you can’t care for Jodi more, Kent arrives home, and her loving, supportive role in his story only cements the player’s view of Jodi as a spectacular character. She’s the mother and person that we all should aim to be in life, and the only reason she doesn’t sail up to the top of this list is the limited events and storyline that her character offers. However, in terms of quality, Jodi is a real gem.

#8– Leah

Stardew Valley Leah
Image source

Next, we have the resident artist of Pelican Town and potential love interest, Leah. While many would write her off as the female equivalent of Elliot, Leah has much more to offer within her story arc. You’ll see a gradual and natural growing romance throughout; you’ll receive a nice piece of furniture for your home, and you’ll even be thrown into a tussle for her affection with a love rival in this storyline, and although this is more of a cosmetic addition, it’s still pretty intense.

In addition, Leah is an outdoorsy and laid-back girl who’s easy to get along with. Her additions to your home are arguably the best-looking of the entire bunch aesthetically, and on top of this, she is perhaps the easiest love interest to win over. She loves salads, and Gus sells salads in the bar at a reasonable price. Need I say more? Overall, Leah is far more than an art student and a great addition to Stardew Valley.

#7  Sam

Stardew Valley Sam
Image source

Next up, we have the spiky-haired musician Sam. While being a big brother and role model to Vincent, Sam is also a fantastic friend to Sebastian. While Sebastian would happily sit in his room indefinitely, Sam makes it his mission to make sure he’s still getting out and about, taking him to the bar for games of pool and showing up to offer his company. Then, in his downtime, he skates, plays the guitar, and generally lives a pretty cushy life.

His heart events are pretty cool, too, and a decision you make early in your relationship will dictate what music his band plays later in the story, which is a nice touch. He’s easy to win over, he likes Joja Cola, of all things, and his additions to the farm are very aesthetic. He’s one of the least dramatic choices one can make for a romantic interest, but as a whole, Sam is a great character, if a little bit predictable.

#6 – Evelyn

Stardew Valley Evelyn
Image source

Next up, we have one of the most wholesome Stardew Valley characters you are likely to find in the entire of Pelican Town. Evelyn is the grandmother of Alex and a spouse to George. She is the kind, caring grandmother figure that we all need in our lives. She does a lot for the town, tending to the flowers in the center of town. she keeps a roof over Alex’s head after the events that transpire with his father, plus she makes you cookies.

She offers some helpful recipes, and really, that’s all there is to say about Evelyn. She’s a shining beacon of pleasantness, altruism, and joy within the town, and it’s as simple as that. She may not offer a tonne of story, but it’s quality over quantity in this case.

#5  Sebastian

Stardew Valley Sebastian
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Next up, we have the scene kid of the Stardew Valley universe, Sebastian. He represents teenage angst and a story more relatable to a younger generation of players. He has a strained relationship with his stepdad, he generally sticks to his bedroom most of the time, and he picks his friends rather selectively. However, if you take the time to befriend him, he will let you get involved in a rather intriguing coming-of-age story.

He offers decent gifts when you’re married, and is relatively easy to befriend if you catch him by the river. Plus, his heart event even lets you play a game of ‘Dungeons and Dragons, ’ which will appeal to the fantasy fanatics out there. Overall, Sebastian is a misunderstood character but one well worth getting to know.

#4 – Abigail

Stardew Valley Abigail
Image source

If you wanted a misunderstood love interest that appeals to the younger generation but is of the female variety, well, Abigail is your girl. She has a strained relationship with her parents; she picks her friends carefully, and she is a fan of the darker, more mysterious things in the world. If you follow her story arc, you’ll be able to play video games with her, you’ll be introduced to Ouija boards, and you’ll even see her become a fierce warrior in real life, too.

#3 – Krobus

Stardew Valley Krobus
Image source

Now we have Krobus, the adorable monster that lives in the sewers. While you won’t have access to him until you fill up the museum for Gunther, doing so will be well worth the effort. When you access him, he will offer some of the best items in the game, such as the Return Scepter that brings you straight back to your farm like a totem with unlimited uses, along with other brilliant goodies.

Then, aside from his quality merchandise, he plays his role in the story with the Dwarf. He has an excellent heart event involving a sea monster. Plus, he represents the ‘Yes man’ option of this game, allowing players to have him move in as a platonic roommate, which will be perfect for those not interested in married life. He’s adorable, has the best gear, and serves as an excellent company.

#2 – Shane

Stardew Valley Shane
Image source

Coming in as runner-up, we have Shane. Now, for those who haven’t followed Shane’s story, he may have come across as a horrible, grumpy guy, and initially, he is. However, as you get to know Shane, you realize that this is due to him suffering from depression and a sense of worthlessness. With the player’s help, Shane will follow a story arc that will see him rise from the ashes, recover from his alcohol addiction, break free from the clutches of depression, and find joy in the little things.

He takes a more hands-on role as Jas’ godfather; he becomes a more active member of the community, and he even begins raising blue chickens and grants the player the opportunity to raise them, too, which is a game that revolves around farming. The only downside is the messy room that gets added to your home, but that’s well worth the touching story and the heartfelt moments of this story. 

#1 – Linus

Stardew Valley Linus
Image source

Could it really have been anyone else? If you ask any Stardew Valley player which character touched them the most, the majority would say Linus. He is the mountain man who lives in a tent by the mines, and despite being an outcast from most of the town, he is still one of the nicest and most pleasant characters you will meet. Even though he has so little, he still offers the player gifts. He gives the player recipes for their collection, and his heart events are truly touching.

You will see his daily struggles throughout these events and get some insight into his way of life. Then, just when you think you will offer him a way out, he declines. He likes his way of life. He is a simple man with a good heart and is a pillar of the community, even when they fail to acknowledge him at times. Linus is the true hero of Stardew Valley, and for me, he is the best character of the bunch.

My Thoughts on These Characters

After interacting with each character in Stardew Valley and spending hundreds of hours playing, I’ve picked my favorite characters who bring the most to the storyline. Hence, Krobus, Shane, and Linus are my top picks in Stardew Valley. While my ranking may differ from some players, it’s important to know each character offers an engaging storyline, and players must experience those engaging turn of events themselves. Interact and befriend each character and pick your own personal favorites. Happy Gaming!

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