Evil Inside

Evil Inside Coming to PS4 and PS5

Spanish developer JanduSoft have, up until recently, worked on silly, simple games. These include Coffee Crisis, wherein you kick some alien butt and earn some coffee beans, Indiecalypse, a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek look into the life of an indie dev, and Max and the Book of Chaos, which kind of makes me want to watch TaleSpin.

Something has definitely changed with their newest endeavor, Evil Inside, which has just been announced to launch on PS4 and PS5, as well as on Steam, March 25th. 

Image Source | Evil inside

As you could most likely tell by the name, Evil Inside will be a horror game, and given the fact that the most recent trailer takes us down a long hallway where the viewer gets flashes of creepy clowns and bodies slithering into another room, may remind you of P.T.. And the name might get confused with Evil Within. Whether these were marketing ploys or oddly specific choices, only time will tell (because they’re obvious enough that everyone will be asking. Like, really obvious. Down to the layout of the hallway and even the shape of the light fixtures).

If you are still sad P.T. never happened, or you just want to see all the creepy creatures in Evil Inside without having to worry about jump scares, I recommend perusing their site. Here, you can find stills of all the eerie critters you can see in the hallway – a bloody lady standing over you, a ghost girl scooting past, and also plot devices like an ouija board sitting on your table, and a crime scene. All the good stuff.

Judging by the trailers, this will be an all-out psychological horror, devoid of the simple charms one would see in any of JanduSoft’s previous titles. You will assume the role of Mark, a teen dealing  with the death of his mother at his father’s hand, and looking after your little brother. When Mark uses an ouija board to contact his mother (classic), paranormal events take place and Mark is forced to face his fears.

I’m not still crying over the loss of Silent Hills, YOU ARE!

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