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Fall Guys-Doom Crossover Trailer Reveals New Costumes

Back in early December, Devolver Digital applied the perennial question—”Yes, but will it play Doom?—to its hit game, Fall Guys. Well, sort of… What they actually did was announce a new Fall GuysDoom crossover featuring everyone’s favorite angry protagonist, the Doom Slayer.

The announcement was made via a cryptic tweet featuring the words “…time to suit up / SOON,” followed by a shadowy picture of what could only be the world’s most badass demon hunter… if, you know, he was also a chonky bean boy.

That seemed to be the end of it, until earlier today, when Devolver Digital dropped a trailer for the Fall GuysDoom crossover, showing off not one but three new costumes for their popular battle-royale platformer.

The trailer, released on YouTube under the simple-but-elegant title “Fall Guys: Doom Costumes – January 12,” we see the cutesy world of Fall Guys bathed in an infernal orange glow.

As one bean after another is eliminated, the crown falls, unclaimed… until the powerful foot of the Doom Slayer crushes it. Well, actually, he just got stuck, and right in front of his friends Cyberdemon and Cacodemon too.

As the trailer’s title suggests, players will be able to participate in the zaniness on January 12th when the skins become available for a limited time.

And if this all seems a little too silly for a badass like the Doom Slayer, don’t forget that the Fall GuysDoom crossover isn’t the first time he’s shown his cute side: he’s already friends with Isabelle from Animal Crossing.

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