Fallout 4 Alien Location: Alien Blaster Guide

Fallout 4 Alien Location
Fallout 4 Alien Location

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is a freaky ride of exciting storytelling that gets better with each playthrough. Thanks to the unbridled attention to detail and infinite playability, players still return to the nuclear-battered grounds of Commonwealth, Boston. Hardcore players return to grounds to explore each corner of the map and achieve all the hidden treasures the game has to offer. One of these treasures also includes an Alien crash site that has gained a lot of attention from players. For that instance, most players seek walkthroughs and strategies to gain access to the Fallout 4 Alien location to solve the untold riddle within the storyline.

The alien crash site is an easter egg in Fallout 4 that rewards players with a unique weapon that we will discuss later. Like the previous entry in the series, Fallout 4 also surprised players with an alien encounter that is entirely random for different players. This is the only aspect of the easter egg hunt that puzzle the players. However, it does not necessarily have to be. This guide entails all the details and walkthroughs of visiting the alien location in Fallout 4 and obtaining the Alien Blaster weapon. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Fallout 4 Alien Location

If the twisted and brutal turns of events were not enough for you, an alien crash encounter is a sight to enjoy. Fallout 4 stands out among the series for being the most engaging and satisfying RPG gameplay that gets better with exploration. The Alien crash event opens up new possibilities and story lore that engages players with different game elements. For that instance, you must first trigger the event to visit the crash site and obtain the crazy alien weapon, Alien Blaster.

Fallout 4 Alien
Fallout 4 Alien

Triggering the Event

Before you go out to scout each corner of the wasteland, there are a few things that you need to know. An alien crash encounter is an entirely random event, but that does not mean it will happen as soon as you leave the vault at the start of the game. Most players have encountered the crash event between level 15 to level 25. This means it will only trigger during mid-game.

Alien Ship in Crash
Alien Ship Crashing From Sky

Moreover, this alien crash event is not easy to overlook. The main reason is that it triggers a sonic boom sound as something has entered into the earth’s atmosphere. Your companion will also respond to the event by saying, “The hell? Did you see that?”. After the shaky pass of the alien ship across the sky, you will also be able to hear a loud bang that confirms the crash.

Visiting the Crash Site

Once you have triggered the alien crash event, all you need to do is visit the crash’s location to explore further. You can follow the trail of smoke from the alien ship in the sky to get to the crash site. However, there is a much better approach to that as the alien ship crashes to the exact location no matter where you are. Since this event triggers after you leave a building or save point, the bridge near the Sanctuary is the best safe site for triggering this event. Read our Fallout 4 Best Builds.

Oberland Station
Oberland Station

You can quickly get a clear sight of alien hell falling from the sky from here. Plus, you can easily navigate to the location where this ship will crash. From here, all you need to do is to visit the Oberland Station. This is located on the North West of Diamond City. Reaching here will not show you debris or crash aftermath just yet. However, you will have to follow the rocks, eventually taking you to the trees.

Fallout 4 Alien Crash Site
Alien Crash Site

Moreover, you will also see some trees on fire and burnt debris that perfectly depicts the crash of some unknown entity. Follow the fire, and you will see a sizeable alien ship that has crashed into the ground. Not just that, but you will also be able to see puddles of green blood on the ground. This brings us to the next step to solve the mystery of the strange alien crash.

Following the Trail of Green Blood

The next thing you will be doing is to follow the puddles of green blood on the ground. This trail will lead you to a dark cave that holds another piece of the puzzle. Make sure to draw your best weapon to kill whatever is in the dark cave. As soon as you enter the cave, you will be able to meet a green friend from the outer world.

Fallout 4 Alien Blood Trail
Alien Blood Trail
Fallout 4 Alien Cave
Alien Cave

Sadly, this alien is hostile and will attack you in the first encounter. All you need to do is put him down with your best weapon. After that, you can loot his corpse to obtain Alien Blaster Pistol and Alien Blaster Rounds.

Fallout 4 Alien
Fallout 4 Alien


Alien Blaster Stats

Alien Blaster is one of the unique weapons with high stats and rarity in the game. As from the looks, it looks straight from the future with laser shots that can deal heavy damage to the enemies. With this weapon on your side, you will not have to worry about killing higher level enemies in the different quests.

Alien Blaster Pistol
Alien Blaster Pistol

The cherry on top is that this weapon is readily available for players from level 15. It is because obtaining it requires triggering the event of an alien ship crash. As for the stats, Alien Blaster registers total damage of 50. However, that may vary from character to character based on the perks. But still, this is enormous damage for a rare pistol.

If you have somehow still missed the trigger event or have not got your hands on the futuristic Alien Blaster, there is another way to claim the prize. Let’s discuss that approach in detail.

Acquiring Alien Blaster from Nuka World

Another practical approach to getting your Alien Blaster is from the Nuka World. This is a legendary variant of alien pistol known as “Hub’s Alien Blaster”. However, the only requirement for that approach is to have Nuka World DLC installed in your Fallout 4. Once you have Nuka World DLC, you will be all set to proceed in the hunt to get your Hub’s Alien Blaster.

First things first, you will need to visit the Hubologist’s Camp. This location can be found in the south of the Nuka World. Here, you will communicate with a charming lady Dara in a spacesuit.

Hubologist's Camp
Hubologist’s Camp

During the first interaction, she will give a side quest where you will have to obtain five space suits. After receiving the spacesuits and returning them to Dara, she will provide another quest. At this point, you might want to save your game. This is because some shady bugs from here after that will disturb your gameplay. If you are a completionist, we might not reveal it to you.

Dara of Hubologist's Camp
Dara of Hubologist’s Camp

Moving forward, after finishing the second quest, Dara will reward players with the mighty Hub’s Alien Blaster. The main aspects that make this weapon stand out from the base variant are the legendary effects. Hub’s Alien Blaster will grant +100% Critical Damage and +15 Critical Refill Rate. With these stats on your side, your character will be an insane laser killing machine.

Fallout 4 Hub's Alien Blaster
Hub’s Alien Blaster

After obtaining the weapon, you will also have to complete other quests of Dara to earn more rewards like Alien Blaster rounds and Fusion Cores.

Final Words

Easter eggs are a great way to allow players to stay on the hunt. They are either a reference from the previous games or a storyline element that can enhance players experience. The Alien Crash event is one of these elements that satisfies the players twisted story needs.

That is about it for the Fallout 4 alien location. Do you get your crash event to reach the alien location in Fallout 4? What is your approach to getting the Alien Blaster Pistol? We will love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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