15 Best Fallout 4 Automatic Weapons [100 Hours Experience]

There are a number of good weapons in fallout 4 but if you want to know about fallout 4 automatic weapons, then this article is for you.

Fallout 4 automatic weapons
There are tons of good weapons in Fallout 4 that players can get their hands on.

Fallout 4 relies on automatic weapons for effective combat due to numerous threats. Players need strong rifles for safety and combat progression, particularly those with unique character builds. Here are the top 15 best automatic weapons in Fallout 4 for balanced and effective gameplay.

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Best Automatic Weapons Compared

Here is a comparison table of my 15 best Automatic Weapons in Fallout 4. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.WeaponsDamageClip SizeFire RateRangeWeightAccuracyAP Cost
110mm Auto Pistol181246833.56021
2Pipe Gun131255832.357-
4Virgil’s Rifle29---7.3--
5Combat Shotgun508204772335
6Submachine Gun105012710712.763-
7Overseer’s Guardian55209011915.77025
8Prototype UP7724unlimited902273.9996-
9Automatic Tesla Rifle321540838.170-
10Survivor’s Special31---4.8--
11Assault Rifle30304011913.47232
12Radium Rifle27+57204011911.169-
13Experiment 18-A24+24361362036.6140-
14The Problem Solver57755918521.692-
15Railway Rifle100101011914.46920

Automatic Weapons Comparison.

10mm Auto Pistol

Best Pistol for Beginners.
10mm Auto Pistol
10mm Auto Pistol

Why did I Choose the 10mm Auto Pistol?

The 10mm Auto Pistol is a respectable weapon that deals decent damage and can be used by beginners.

The 10mm Auto Pistol in Fallout 4 is a noteworthy choice. It uses 10mm rounds and has a default automatic receiver. Despite being a pistol, it’s suitable for beginners and can take down ground enemies and bosses like the Mirlurk Queen. It pairs well with Cowboy character builds.

It’s highly effective due to its automatic nature, ensuring fewer missed shots and faster clearing of beginner-to-mid-game levels. You can find it early in the game in Vault 111’s Overseer’s Office, near the Cryolater.

For a unique version with legendary effects, you’ll need to grind legendary enemies, such as Deathclaws or Mirlurks in the southern part of the map.

Clip Size12
Fire Rate 46
AP Cost21

10mm Auto Pistol Stats Table. 

  • Can be converted into a non-automatic weapon to receive the Gunslinger perk.
  • Has a quick reload time and a decent fire rate.
  • Allows for a fair amount of modifications.

  • Could do better with a buff.

Pipe Gun

Best Secondary Automatic Weapon.
Pipe Rifle in Action
Pipe Rifle in Action

Why did I Choose the Pipe Gun?

The Pipe Gun is highly modifiable and is a useful asset for players who make it to mid or end-game.

You can convert the Pipe Gun into an automatic weapon by adding an automatic receiver, improving fire rate and accuracy. It’s a useful secondary weapon for mid to late-game players, especially when paired with the Commando perk.

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With the right focused perks for your character build, players can pave the way for an ideal storyline and ultimately achieve a satisfying ending in the game. 

You can purchase it from Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City for Bottlecaps. Alternatively, you can loot it from raiders, fallen settlers, scavengers, or Diamond City Security officers if you prefer a more aggressive approach.

Clip Size12
Fire Rate 55
AP Cost-

Pipe Rifle Stats Table. 

  • Can be easily modified.
  • Useful as a secondary weapon.
  • Its ammo is common and easy to find.

  • Deals a low amount of damage.


Best Ice Automatic Weapon.
Fallout 4 Cryolator

Why did I Choose the Cryolator?

The Cryolator is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal if you like decimating your opponents with an ice blast.

The Cryolator is a top automatic weapon in Fallout 4 due to its early accessibility and decent damage. While its damage may not suit veterans, it compensates with a freezing effect on enemies. The drawback is finding cryo cells for ammo, which can be challenging.

You can get the Cryolator mid-game from Vault 111’s Overseer’s room, but you’ll need a level 20 character with high Perception for lock-picking skills to access it. Unlock the container with bobby pins to wield the Cryolator and benefit from its unique legendary effect.

Clip Size25
Fire Rate 90
AP Cost21

Cryolator Stats Table. 

  • Has a freezing effect on enemies.
  • Can be obtained early in the game.
  • Easily upgradable.

  • Its cryo cell ammo is hard to find.

Virgil’s Rifle

Best for Small Enemies.

Why did I Choose Virgil’s Rifle?

If you are a rifle fan, Virgil’s Rifle is an impressive option. It deals effective damage against several types of enemies.

Players can acquire advanced automatic weapons like Virgil’s Rifle, a unique variant of the Institute Laser. It offers a high fire rate and significant damage output, ideal for defeating small enemies and challenging bosses.

The only drawback is the need for Fusion Cells as ammunition, so stock up on them early in the game. To unlock the rifle, side with the super mutant and give him the Serum as part of the storyline, and Virgil will reward you with his rifle.

Avoid killing Virgil for the weapon, as it’s not recommended for long-term play.

Clip Size-
Fire Rate -

Virgil’s Rifle Stats Table. 

  • Has a high fire rate and damage output.
  • Deals an additional 50% damage against super mutants.
  • Ideal for beating small enemies and challenging bosses.

  • Can be difficult to find Fusion Cells as ammo.

Combat Shotgun

Best Semi-Automatic Weapon.
Combat Shotgun Location
Combat Shotgun Location

Why did I Choose Combat Shotgun?

The Combat Shotgun is a semi-automatic weapon, but it helps you carve out your enemies effectively.

The Combat Shotgun is a uniquely powerful rifle with extensive damage potential and modding options. It’s perfect for players seeking a ruthless, psycho-focused character build capable of eliminating enemies without leaving witnesses.

Despite being semi-automatic, adding an Automatic Receiver mod increases the fire rate, making it even more effective. Furthermore, the Commando Perk for automatic rifles applies to the Combat Shotgun, providing tactical advantages in challenging encounters.

Its multiple projectiles can quickly dispatch small foes and stagger larger enemies, setting them up for a deadly Critical Hit.

You can obtain the Combat Shotgun through various means. Purchase it from merchants like Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City or Deb in Bunker Hill, or take a more challenging route by defeating hordes of mercenaries to acquire it for free.

For a later-game approach, visit the dark alley behind Diamond City, which is infested with Mongrels and mercenaries. Be cautious, as even stealthy characters can alert guards and trigger traps.

At the alley’s end, you can obtain a Combat Shotgun by disabling a trap, making it a legitimate spot to acquire this powerful weapon. If you fail to obtain it, you can reload your game and return to the location for another chance to secure the Combat Shotgun in Fallout 4.

Clip Size8
Fire Rate 20
AP Cost 35

Combat Shotgun Stats Table. 

Combat Shotgun
Combat Shotgun set up on a Trap

  • Best for close-range enemies.
  • Can be used to clear out an entire room.
  • Can be upgraded to a fully automatic weapon.

  • Upgrading increases the fire rate but lowers the range.

Submachine Gun

Best for Tough Enemies.
fallout 4 automatic weapons
The Submachine Gun

Why did I Choose the Submachine Gun?

The Submachine Gun can tear through light cover, and can also do away with several challenging enemies.

The Submachine Guns are prized for their rapid burst fire rate and decent damage. The base Submachine Gun uses .45 rounds and is effective against light cover and tough enemies like super mutants.

It’s lethal due to its high fire rate and large magazine, allowing consistent hits and effective boss staggering. You can buy it from Arturo in Diamond City or acquire it by defeating raiders or looting Triggermen gang members.

For higher damage, consider “Spray n’ Pray,” a unique variant with 34 damage and a 100-round magazine. It’s ideal for Commando-focused playthroughs and can be purchased from Cricket, a roaming vendor often found near locations like Bunker Hill, Vault 81, or Warwick Homestead, along with her Brahmin.

Clip Size50
Fire Rate 127

Submachine Gun Stats Table. 

  • Has a rapid-fire rate.
  • Deals a decent amount of damage.
  • Effective against light cover and tough enemies.

  • Has a high damage penalty when fired out of range.

Overseer’s Guardian

Best Long-Range Automatic Weapon.
fallout 4 automatic weapons
The Overseer’s Guardian

Why did I Choose the Overseer’s Guardian?

The Overseer’s Guardian is perfect for long-range combat and deals high damage against legendary bosses.

Overseer’s Guardian is an exceptional long-range combat rifle, suitable for legendary boss fights and various character builds.

It excels in long-range combat and works for multiple playstyles. You can optimize it with a preferred barrel range for accuracy.

To unlock Overseer’s Guardian, purchase it from Alexis Combes in Vault 81 for a significant amount of Bottlecaps. The investment is worthwhile considering its damage performance and legendary effects

Clip Size20
Fire Rate 90
AP Cost25

Overseer’s Guardian Stats Table. 

Conversely, the weapon’s price also depends on your character’s S.P.E.C.I.AL stats. So make sure you set up perfect starting stats in Fallout 4 to receive a fair price for the weapon. 

  • Perfect for long-range combat.
  • Can be used against legendary bosses.
  • Suitable for multiple playstyles.

  • Consumes ammo pretty quickly.

Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential

Best Laser Automatic Weapon.
Prototype UP77
Prototype UP77

Why did I Choose the Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential?

The Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential is the one laser gun you should have in your arsenal if you prefer laser beams over bullets.

Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential is a powerful laser gun, notable for its unique effect.

It may not have the highest damage-per-shot ratio, but the unlimited ammo feature sets it apart. It’s excellent for clearing enemy outposts and staggering large foes.

To unlock this unique laser gun, visit University Point and access the University Credit Union. Hack through terminals to reach a room with safes, and unlock one with a master lock using bobby pins.

Inside, you’ll find a button that opens access to a laboratory containing the Prototype UP77 Limitless Potential.

Clip Sizeunlimited
Fire Rate 90
AP Cost?

Prototype UP77 Stats Table. 

  • The limitless Potential effect gives you unlimited ammo.
  • Can be used to clear enemy outposts and large enemies.
  • Has an impressive range.

  • Has a poor damage-per-shot ratio.

Automatic Tesla Rifle

Best Automatron DLC Automatic Weapon.
Tesla Rifle
Tesla Rifle

Why Do I Prefer the Automatic Tesla Rifle?

This automatic weapon makes its way to my list due to its unique ability to shoot powerful electric arcs at enemies, making it highly unique and effective.

The Automatic Tesla Rifle, part of the Automatron DLC for Fallout 4, is a top choice for mid-to-long-range combat.

Using Fusion Cells, it unleashes powerful electricity arcs that dismember and eliminate enemies within range. The electric arcs make it highly effective in taking down multiple foes without excessive ammo use.

To unlock the Tesla Rifle, players need to progress through the Automatron DLC storyline and complete the “Headhunting” quest. This quest rewards your character with the Tesla Rifle. Additionally, consider adding the Automatic barrel to enhance the weapon’s fire rate.

Clip Size15
Fire Rate 40
AP Cost-

Automatic Tesla Rifle Stats Table. 

  • Uses electric arcs to deal with enemies.
  • Can take down multiple enemies without excessive ammo use.
  • Can be unlocked by completing the Headhunting quest.

  • It has a very limited range.

Survivor’s Special

Best Laser Pistol.
Survivor's Special
Survivor’s Special

Why did I Choose the Survivor’s Special?

The Survivor’s Special is one of the most unique weapons you can find in the game, combining the capabilities of a pistol and a laser gun.

Survivor’s Special, a unique laser pistol, offers an excellent combination of fire rate and damage output.

The unique effect is particularly handy during combat when your character’s health is low, making it a valuable secondary weapon.

To unlock Survivor’s Special, you must complete The Lost Patrol quest and ensure Paladin Brandis joins the Brotherhood of Steel faction. This quest-specific approach guarantees you’ll obtain the unique laser pistol. While modding the weapon is possible, completing the quest is the only surefire way to acquire it for completionists.

Clip Size?
Fire Rate ?

Survivor’s Special Stats Table. 

  • Combines both a laser gun and pistol.
  • Unique effect deals more damage when you have low health.
  • The weapon can also be modded.

  • If acquired before completing The Lost Patrol quest, it will be removed from inventory when leaving Fort Hagen.

Assault Rifle

Best for All Playstyles.
The Automatic Assault Rifle
The Automatic Assault Rifle

Why did I Choose an Assault Rifle?

This guide won’t be complete without mentioning the Assault Rifle, a staple of every FPS game and a lethal long-range weapon.

The Assault Rifle often goes unnoticed due to the scarcity of 5.56 ammo, but it’s one of the best damage-dealing automatic weapons suitable for all playstyles.

It excels in long-range combat, allowing you to take down foes from a distance. You can unlock it by killing higher-level raiders or Triggermen, but a more reliable approach is to purchase it from Arturo Rodriguez, a trusted vendor.

Clip Size30
Fire Rate 40
AP Cost 32

Assault Rifle Stats Table. 

  • Best for long-range combat.
  • Has a massive range and decent fire rate.
  • Can be converted into non-automatic by replacing the automatic receiver.

  • Its ammo is hard to find.

Radium Rifle

Best for Radiation Damage.
Radium Rifle
Automatic Radium Rifle

Why did I Choose the Radium Rifle?

The Radium Rifle is a much more enhanced automatic weapon due to its ability to induce radiation damage upon enemies.

The Radium Rifle from the Far Harbor DLC  is a highly regarded weapon due to its damage output and unique radiation effect.

This rifle stands out for its radiation damage, making it a formidable choice. You can purchase it from Kane, a merchant in Nucleus, and further enhance its capabilities by attaching an automatic receiver and using .45 rounds for explosive damage.

Clip Size20
Fire Rate 40

Radium Rifle Stats Table. 

  • Adds 50 radiation damage to each bullet.
  • Can be enhanced by using .45 rounds for explosive damage.
  • Is a unique rifle available in the Far Harbor add-on.

  • Deals only 27 damage without the radiation effect.

Experiment 18-A

Best Experimental Automatic Weapon.
Experiment 18-A
Experiment 18-A

Why did I Choose Experiment 18-A?

Experiment 18-A is a one-of-a-kind experimental automatic weapon that deals both physical and energy damage, making it an ideal choice to decimate smaller enemies.

Experiment 18-A resembles a heavy Plasma rifle but boasts significant damage output, offering players the freedom to take on any opponent. This experimental weapon delivers both physical and energy damage, with a double damage value of 24 each.

It obliterates small enemies with a single hit and cripples the limbs of larger or legendary monsters, making it a great choice for Power Armor-focused gameplay.

In addition to its formidable stats, Experiment 18-A possesses a unique effect, increasing the fire rate by 25% and improving reload speed by 15%, like many legendary weapons.

To acquire this weapon, players must progress in the storyline until they reach The Institute. There, they can find the Synth Requisition Officer and purchase Experiment 18-A from their inventory. Afterward, players can further enhance the weapon’s capabilities through modifications.

Clip Size36
Fire Rate 136
AP Cost?

Experiment 18-A Stats Table. 

  • Has the Rapid Legendary effect.
  • Increased fire rate of 25%.
  • Decreased reload rate of 15%.

  • Installing an automatic receiver reduces its damage potential.

The Problem Solver

Rare Automatic Weapon.
The Problem Solver
The Problem Solver

Why did I Choose the Problem Solver?

The Problem Solver lives up to its name, and more so to its reputation. This automatic weapon is capable of dealing severe damage to any enemy that crosses your path.

The Problem Solver from the Nuka-World DLC is a versatile automatic weapon with outstanding damage, range, accuracy, and ammo capacity.

To acquire The Problem Solver, progress through the Nuka-World DLC storyline and meet Mason during the Ambitious Plan quest. Engage in a persuasive conversation with Mason, passing a Charisma check.

It’s crucial to save your game before this conversation to ensure success. If you fail, reload your saved game and retry until you pass the Charisma check, securing The Problem Solver as your reward.

Clip Size75
Fire Rate 59

Problem Solver Stats Table. 

  • Outstanding stats across the board.
  • Does increasing damage with each hit.
  • Has the powerful Furious Legendary effect.

  • It can be quite difficult to obtain.

Railway Rifle

Highest Damage Automatic Weapon.
Automatic Railway Rifle
Automatic Railway Rifle

Why did I Choose a Railway Rifle?

If you need an automatic weapon with high damage stats and a wonderful range, the Railway Rifle is just what you need.

The Railway Rifle is a powerful automatic weapon that excels in eliminating enemies at any range. It’s a rare weapon that requires significant campaign progression and character leveling.

Despite not being an energy or laser weapon, it deals an impressive 100 damage per hit. This makes it highly effective for long-range combat, allowing players to take down enemies without getting into close-quarters combat.

Bedford Station
Bedford Station

To obtain the Railway Rifle, you need to progress through the storyline and reach a character level of at least 25. Once you meet these requirements, you can find the Railway Rifle inside a blue carriage at Bedford Station, next to a skeleton.

Alternatively, completing the quest “Underground Undercover” in the storyline also rewards you with the Railway Rifle.

Clip Size10
Fire Rate 10
AP Cost20

Railway Rifle Stats Table. 

  • Deals 100 damage.
  • Uses railway spikes as ammo.
  • Effective for long-range combat.

  • Only available after Level 25.

Why Others Were Not Chosen

We have discussed some of the best automatic weapons Fallout 4 has to offer. Here are some options that didn’t make the cut:

  1. December’s Child: Doesn’t come equipped with an automatic revolver.
  2. Righteous Authority: You won’t be able to use the crits abilities if you don’t use VATS often.
  3. Splattercannon: Less effective without being modded.
  4. Spray N Pray: Impressive range but low damage.
  5. Automatic Institute Pistol: Its bulky size may obstruct your view.
  6. Automatic Laser Pistol: Fusion Cells can be quite hard to find.
  7. Automatic Plasma Pistol: Its plasma cartridges spawn less frequently.

My Recommendation 

I think you can’t go wrong with the Combat Shotgun. Not only does it deal a high amount of damage, but it can be upgraded to make it more lethal.

Apart from that you can consider other weapon choices for enemy types or pure character builds as required. If you have more queries do share with me in the comments section below, so I can answer them for your ease. 

Frequently Asked Questions

why do automatic energy weapons do less damage?

These weapons deal less damage because they don’t give players the grip and accuracy essential for fighting enemies.

how does extra shot work with automatic weapons?

The extra shot firstly adds a projectile to the standard shot. In addition, it also deals twice the damage without any upgrade.

What are non-automatic weapons?

There are many non-automatic weapons. Some of these include the Gauss Rifle and Hunting Rifle

What are considered automatic weapons?

The combat rifle, plasma rifle, assault rifle, etc., are deemed automatic weapons.

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