Fallout 4 Best Armor: Top 20 Armors Locations

I have over 90+ hours in Fallout 4 and have tested out some of the best armors in the game. Here is a result of those hours invested in the game!

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Fallout 4 Best Armor
About The Author

Yahya has been playing Fallout games with over 90+ hours worth of experience. Therefore, you can trust him regarding his information on the Best Armors.

Survival in the wasteland of Commonwealth, Boston, will get a lot more brutal unless you get your hands on the best armor offered. Meanwhile, finding these armors will not be a walk in the park. The armors in Fallout 4 are not individual items, but they are sets that players must combine and adapt to their damage resistance needs.

Key Takeaways

Armor Sets are not individual items but combinations that players must adapt to their needs. Here are all the best armors:

Regular Armor:

  1. DC Guard Armor: Offers decent protection and is easy to acquire.
  2. Combat Armor: Found at Gunners Plaza or Jamaica Plain Town Hall, provides significant damage resistance.
  3. Nuka-Girl Space Suit: Offers energy and radiation resistance but has low Damage Resistance.
  4. Operators Heavy Armor: Rare armor set from Nuka-World with the highest DR values.
  5. Synth Armor: Provides stealth abilities but has low DR values.
  6. Acadia’s Shield: High damage and energy resistance, available with the Far Harbor DLC.
  7. Freefall Legs: Provides increased falling damage protection.
  8. Silver Shroud Armor: Unique armor set from the Silver Shroud quest, boosts damage resistance.
  9. Apocalypse Armor: Offers Martyr’s legendary effect, purchased from an Armor Emporium.
  10. Destroyer’s Armor: Reduces damage from humans, obtainable from various vendors.
  11. Marine Armor: Most powerful non-power armor in Fallout 4, obtainable through the Far Harbor DLC.

Power Armor:

  1. Maxson’s Battlecoat: Unique apparel, offers high damage and energy resistance, obtained by killing Elder Arthur Maxson.
  2. Mechanist’s Armor: Provides damage and energy resistance, bonus Endurance, and damage reduction from robots, obtained by finishing the Automatron DLC.
  3. Trapper Armor: Offers mid-level damage resistance, obtained from dead Trapper enemies on the Island.
  4. Metal Armor: Offers good damage resistance, easily obtainable, best found at Dunwich Borers.
  5. Disciples Metal Armor: Provides top-quality heavy armor, affiliated with the Nuka-World faction.
  6. Raider Power Armor: Entry-level power armor with decent resistance values, found across Skylanes Flight 1655.
  7. T-45 Power Armor: Military-build variant, best energy resistance, found near the Pickman Gallery.
  8. T-60 Power Armor: Second-best power armor, heavy damage and energy resistance, available from The Prydwen or Atom Cats Garage.
  9. X-01 Power Armor: Most powerful power armor, with the highest resistance values, obtainable at higher character levels from the building called 35 Court.

Remember to choose the armor or power armor that best suits your playstyle and needs in the game.

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Best Armors And Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best aromrs in Fallout 4. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.NameEnergy ResistanceDamage ResistanceWeightValue
1DC Guard Armor68*43*17*55*
2Combat ArmorFull set:59 (standard) 75 (sturdy) 101 (heavy)Full set:59 (standard) 75 (sturdy) 101 (heavy)

Full Set:22 (standard)
31.7 (sturdy)
45.5 (heavy)
Full Set:185 (standard)
560 (sturdy)
880 (heavy)
3Nuka-Girl Space Suit4558165
4Operators Heavy Armor127(full set)127(full set)109(full set)514(full set)
5Synth Armor66,81,12047, 71, 10322,40,57228,425,655
6Acadia’s Shield443917475
7Freefall Legs8 (standard) 12 (sturdy) 16 (heavy)10 (standard)
14 (sturdy)
18 (heavy)
2.5 (standard)
5 (sturdy)
7.5 (heavy)
125 (standard)
205 (sturdy)
285 (heavy)
8Silver Shroud Armor15-870-872-740-1000
9Apocalypse Armor403725.32843
10Destroyer’s Armor Chest Piece19199.51559
11Right Leg11115.3400
12Left Leg11112.7682
13Left Arm12123395
14Marine Armor15815995930
15Maxson’s Battlecoat05020400
16Mechanist’s Armor7272202000
17Trapper Armor54 (Standard )
80 (heavy)
80 (heavy)
41 (standard)
57 (heavy).
116 (heavy)
18Metal ArmorFull Set:17 (standard) 47 (sturdy) 77 (heavy)Full Set:40 (standard)
85 (sturdy)
125 (heavy)
20 (standard)
47.1 (sturdy)
74.3 (heavy).
100 (standard)
375 (sturdy)
650 (heavy
19Disciples Metal Armor140122109514
20Raider Power Armor250500102.0450
21T-45 Power Armor31050092.0600
22T-60 Power Armor64598092.04200

Best Armors Comparison Table

DC Gaurd Armor

Best Early Game Fallout 4 Armor

Why is DC Gaurd Armor Recommended?

DC Gaurd armor is an ideal choice because of its accessibility with decent stats for damage resistance.

NameDC Guard Armor
Damage Resistance68*
Energy Resistance43*

One of the first armors on the list is DC Guard Armor. It fits with the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 and is flexible for the combat situation. On the other side, acquiring the armor set is also easy since Diamond City guards roam around with this armor.

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DC Gaurd Armor
DC Guard Armor

Despite the looks, it offers a pretty decent degree of protection. Especially if you are looking for some leather to protect the untanned skin of your character, this armor is pretty easy to acquire in the challenging world of the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Diamond City

To get the armor, you will have to come to Diamond City. Here, you can get yourself the DC Guard Armor in two ways. You can either kill a guard with a sneak attack by a silent weapon or pickpocket a guard and steal the whole armor set. The choice depends on your ease of access.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Pickpocketing the Guard at Diamond City

  • Ease of Access.
  • Decent Early Game Damage Resistance.

  • Zero Outlook Appeal. 

Combat Armor

Best Non-Power Fallout 4 Armor.

Why do I Prefer Combat Armor?

Combat armor lies in the mid-game armor entries with some of the best stats. Plus, it is straightforward to obtain at a level of 20 characters. 

Damage ResistanceFull set:
59 (standard)
75 (sturdy)
101 (heavy)
Energy ResistanceFull set:
59 (standard)
75 (sturdy)
101 (heavy)
WeightFull Set:
22 (standard)
31.7 (sturdy)
45.5 (heavy)
ValueFull Set:
185 (standard)
560 (sturdy)
880 (heavy)
VariantsNormal, sturdy, heavy

Combat armor is a top choice among players because of its decent stats. To obtain it, visit Gunners Plaza, where Gunner enemies wear this armor.

However, it requires a level of 20 or higher to access. Once you reach this level, take on Gunners Plaza to acquire the Combat armor.

Derived from Fallout New Vegas, the Fallout 4 version has seen improvements, mainly due to the game’s emphasis on character builds.

Combat Armor
Combat Armor

An alternative route for players with an early level of at least 10 is Jamaica Plain Town Hall, east of Diamond City on the map. Be prepared for level 10 Ghouls as enemies. 

Combat Armor
Combat Armor Location

After killing all roaming Ghouls, you must enter the Town Hall. You may have some more Ghouls to kill inside the building. After that, head to the second floor of the building. Here you can obtain the combat armor set from a corpse.

Combat Armor
Combat Armor Helmet Location

  • Best stats for a non-power armor.
  • Easy to obtain.

  • Damage Resistance might not suffice for end-game characters. 

Nuka-Girl Space Suit

Best Looking Fallout 4 Armor Set.

Why you should go for Nuka-Girl Space Suit?

If you have the Nuka-World DLC installed, then this armor is the best choice for both damage resistance stats and aesthetic appeal. 

Damage Resistance5
Energy Resistance45
Radiation Resistance35
Effects+1 Charisma
Ability to breathe underwater
VariantsSpacesuit Costume
Editor IDDLC04_Armor_NukaGirlOutfit
Form IDxx029C0D

If there is one armor that I will recommend for fashion aspects, then it would be the Nuka-Girl Space Suit. You’ll need the Nuka-World DLC to acquire it, which may require purchasing the DLC or Season Pass.

Nuka-Girl Space Suit
Nuka-Cola Space Suit

To find the Nuka-Girl Space Suit, head northwest of Nuka-Town in the Galactic Zone area. Look for the Nuka-Galaxy building. Inside, go to the Ticket Barriers area. 

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Nuka Galaxy at Nuka-World

Be sure to have suitable weapons on hand for combat. 

Given the lurking Robot enemies, taking the rail path can be challenging. I recommend entering the Nuka Galaxy offices on the right side of the rails and ascending the stairs to the other side of the building. After a long journey, you’ll reach the Station room, where Nuka-Girl is seated on the Rocket, wearing the coveted armor.

  • Coolest Looking armor.

  • Requires purchasing Nuka-World DLC. 

Operators Heavy Armor

Best non-power Heavy Fallout 4 armor.

Why you must use Operators Heavy Armor?

While it may feel heavy, but it definitely makes up for the Damage and Energy Resistance, offering best protection against all threats. 

Damage Resistance127(full set)
Energy Resistance127(full set)
Weight109(full set)
Value514(full set)

Another unique armor within the Nuka-World DLC is Operator Heavy Armor. In essence, it is the faction outfit of the Operators in the Nuka-World that offers a pretty decent amount of Damage Resistance. It might not look appealing, but it sets the charm of wasteland survival and the signature look of the Nuka-World gangs.

Operators Heavy Armor
Operator Heavy Armor

Alternatively, complete a Radiant quest with a Raider gang member in the Commonwealth. Afterward, silently eliminate them in Nuka-World to acquire the armor.

  • Ideal stats for early-midgame.
  • Easy to obtain.

  • Requires Nuka-World DLC. 

Synth Armor

Best rare Fallout 4 armor set.

Why is Synth Armor an optimal choice?

In addition to futuristic looks, Synth Armor qualifies for best protection against Energy attacks from opponents. 

Damage Resistance47, 71, 103
Energy Resistance66,81,120
VariantsRegular, sturdy, heavy

Synth Armor is straight futuristic, unique, and the best unique armor that draws the players’ attention. It is combat armor for the Commonwealth’s first and second-generation Synth Soldiers. Moreover, acquiring Synth armor is classified as rare heavy armor that grants a promising amount of protection.

Fallout 4 Synth Armor
Synth Armor

Acquiring Synth Armor has two methods. The challenging one involves going into the Wasteland, finding Synth troops, and defeating one to loot the armor, albeit in scratched condition. Or you can purchase the Synth Armor set from The Institute’s armory shop. 

Fallout 4 Synth Armor
Location of Synth Armor

  • Best looking armor. 
  • Optimal Damage and Energy Resistance.

  • Heavy weight might reduce the character’s performance. 

Acadia’s Shield

Best armor set in Far Harbor DLC.

Why do I Recommend Acadia’s Shield?

It qualifies for top on the list because of its legendary effect that prevents fall damage. 

Damage Resistance39
Energy Resistance44
Effects+1 Agility, Endurance, and Intelligence
VariantsHeavy synth armor chest piece
QuestsThe way life should be
Form IDxx00CC05

The main reason why it is the best armor piece is the legendary effects it brings to the players. With such a unique piece and legendary effects, it is the top consideration of players.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Acadia’s Shield

To obtain it, complete the quest “The Way Life Should Be.” 

  • Unique Synth Armor Variant. 
  • Encourages Mix and Match.

  • Tricky to obtain because of story choices.

Freefall Legs

Best leg armor pieces.

Why add Freefall Legs to your armor set?

While you may choose any other complete set, adding Freefall significantly reduces the fall damage to your character. 

Damage Resistance10 (standard)
14 (sturdy)
18 (heavy)
Energy Resistance8 (standard)
12 (sturdy)
16 (heavy)
EffectsPrevents falling damage.
Weight2.5 (standard)
5 (sturdy)
7.5 (heavy)
Value125 (standard)
205 (sturdy)
285 (heavy)
VariantsNormal, Sturdy, Heavy
Form ID0005A7C7 (full set)
0005A7C9 (left leg)
0005A7CB (right leg)
00093BBD (mod)

Freefall armor is designed to protect the legs and does not include chest pieces. It focuses on providing Damage Resistance for the legs when falling.

These pieces add a prominent layer of protection, aiding players in the dangerous venture through the Commonwealth. 

Fallout 4 Freefall Legs
Freefall Legs

To obtain these pieces, you must have a jetpack and visit the Mass Fusion Building.

Freefall Legs Location
Freefall Legs Location

The Freefall Legs armor is stored in a safe at the top of the Mass Fusion Building. Elevators take you to the highest floor, but some floors are inaccessible via elevator. You’ll need to climb broken ledges until you reach a safe container requiring lockpicking.

Once successfully unlocked, you can collect the Freefall armor set and other items. 

  • Easy to obtain.
  • Easy to mix and match with any set.

  • Requires Jetpack. 

Silver Shroud Armor

Best stealth action Fallout 4 armor. 

Why do I Recommend Silver Shroud?

Silver Shroud is perfect for moving swiftly and with stealth action along with addition of Agility and Perception, paving way for unique perks. 

Damage Resistance0-87
Energy Resistance15-87
Radiation Resistance15-0
Effects+1 Agility
+1 Perception
Damage from humans reduced by 15% (armor)
Editor IDClothesSilverShroud
Form ID0014E58E

Silver Shroud Armor is the best stealth armor in Fallout 4 that goes hand-in-hand with melee weapons character builds. The overall look of the armor is extremely charismatic and grants +1 Agility and +1 Perception along with the Damage Resistance.

Silver Shroud Armor
Silver Shroud Armor

To acquire the Silver Shroud Armor, complete the questline Kent Connoly offers.

To initiate the quest, visit the Memory Den in the heart of Goodneighbor. Inside the building, proceed straight until you encounter pods on the right side. Just past the pods, you’ll find a room where Kent Connoly is located. Speak with him to activate the quest.

Silver Shroud Armor
Silver Shroud Armor Location

Within the dialogue, he will ask you to go to the Hubris Comics to get the Silver Shroud Armor. Beware of the enemies because Hubris Comics will be crawling with Ghouls. I recommend taking some of the best weapons to deal with the enemies. 

Silver Shroud Armor
Memory Den

Take the Silver Shroud Costume from the mannequin and return to the Kent at the Memory Den. At the end, you will receive the Silver Shroud armor as a reward. 

  • Ideal for stealth melee-focused builds.

  • Demands significant story progression. 

Apocalypse Armor

Best legendary Fallout 4 armor set. 

Why did I Opt for Apocalypse Armor?

Coming with a legendary effect, Apocalypse armor sets the stage for slowing down time once your character’s health drops below 20%.

Apocalypse chest plate Damage Resistance37
Energy Resistance40
Radiation Resistance0
EffectsTemporarily slows time down during combat when you are at 20% or less Health.
Editor IDClothesSilverShroud
Form ID0022B605
Apocalypse left greave Damage Resistance23
Energy Resistance14
Radiation Resistance10
EffectsGrants increasing energy and damage resistance the lower your health (upto +35)
Form ID0022B606

Next on the list is Apocalypse Armor, which is famous for not just the damage protection but also offering Fallout 4’s best legendary armor effects. 

 Apocalypse Armor
Apocalypse Chest Piece

The Apocalypse Armor comes with intriguing legendary effects. The Apocalypse chest plate features the Martyr’s Legendary effect, which slows down time during combat when your health drops critically low (at 20%). This time-slowing effect aids players in dealing with enemies and ensuring survival.

To obtain this set, you’ll need to purchase them from two different vendors. The first vendor is the Scribe, who sells the Apocalypse Chestplate. To access the Scribe, you must establish an Armor Emporium.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Cambridge Police Station

To establish the Armor Emporium, you’ll need the Leader and Cap Collector perks and a minimum population of 10 in the area. After setting it up, head to the Cambridge Police Station and look for Scribe. You must onboard him to your settlement to purchase the armor.

As for the Left Greave, you can meet the Vault-Tec Rep at various locations on the map. Alternatively, recruit your Vault-Tec Rep and then purchase the Left Greave from his inventory to complete the Apocalypse Armor set.

 Apocalypse Armor
Vault-Tec Rep

  • Ideal legendary armor in the game.

  • Damage Resistance stats are not suitable for the endgame. 

Destroyer’s Armor

Best Fallout 4 armor with legendary effects. 

What makes Destroyer’s Armor an ideal choice?

Destroyer’s armor may lack the Damage Resistance, but it makes up for legendary effect of reducing the incoming damage from humans by 15%.

Chest Piece Damage Resistance19
Energy Resistance19
Radiation Resistance0
EffectsReduces damage from humans by 15% (Assassins)
Form ID001F61EF
Helmet Damage Resistance12
Energy Resistance12
Radiation Resistance0
EffectsCharisma +1
Intelligence +1 (Sharp)
Form ID001F61F1

Destroyer’s armor is never an exception regarding the unique armor set that yields legendary effects. Destroyer’s armor is a good-looking and exceptional powered set that can benefit players in various ways.

Fallout 4 Destroyer's Chest Piece
Destroyer’s Chest Piece

It is available for purchase from in-game vendors. In this case, to get the chest piece will have to visit the Good Neighborhood on the top right side of Diamond City. 

Destroyer's Armor
Daisy Discounts
Destroyer's Armor

  • Easily purchasable from in-game vendors. 

  • May not perform for a crowd or higher-level enemies. 

Marine Armor

Best performing non-power armor.

Why did I choose Marine Armor?

This bulky-looking armor promises ideal damage resistance and has unique variants throughout the game’s DLC Far Harbor. 

Marine Armor comes with the Far Harbor DLC with amazing damage protection. Unlike other standard armor, Marine armor ranks tops for being the most powerful nor-power armor.

Fallout 4 Marine Armor
Marine Armor

Marine Armor has three variants: Zealot’s, Assault, and Inquisitor’s. To get Zealots, find it on Zealot characters in the Far Harbor DLC. I will recommend the Assault variant because of its superior performance.

To obtain Assault Marine Armor, follow the main questline in Far Harbor until you reach the “Best Left Forgotten” quest, which involves solving terminal puzzles to retrieve Dima’s Memories. 

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Find the Marine Combat Armor Shipments

Activate the “Best Left Forgotten” quest in Far Harbor to find hidden marine armor shipments. At Rayburn Point, collect the Assault Marine Armor Chest piece from a boat. To complete the set, dive near Haddock Cove and obtain the leg pieces from another shipment on a boat.

  • Variety of Variants.
  • High Damage Resistance.

  • DLC Requirement(Far Harbor).
  • Terminal Puzzles.

Maxson’s Battlecoat

Best Fallout 4 NPC armor.

Why is Maxson’s Battlecoat the best choice?

Maxson’s Battlecoat is more preferable because of its ease to access in the game as NPC armor that you can obtain easily. 

Damage Resistance50
Energy Resistance0
Radiation Resistance0
Effects+1 Perception
Editor IDClothes Maxon Coat
Form ID001FE1A6

Maxson’s Battlecoat is just another unique and eye-catching apparel that offers surprising Damage Resistance benefits. In essence, you will find this apparel on Elder Arthur Maxson, the leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. 

Maxson's Battlecoat
Maxson’s Battlecoat

Getting the armor requires killing Arthur Maxson, as there is no other way to obtain and qualify for its stats. 

  • Appealing design. 
  • Linked to a prominent Non-Playable Character.

  • Demands the tough decision of killing the character. 

Mechanist’s Armor

Best Fallout 4 Automatron DLC armor.

Why is Mechanist Armor highly Recommended?

Not only does Mechanist armor go on top because of unique looks, but it also aids significant damage resistance as you can see in the stats below. 

Damage Resistance72
Energy Resistance72
EffectsReduces damage from robots by 15%.
Editor IDDLC01_ClothesMechanistArmor
Form IDxx008BC1

This armor set is part of the Automatron DLC content, awarded to players upon completing the DLC’s storyline. Personally, I loved this armor look as it gives both Star Wars and futuristic cyberpunk vibes. Plus, the stats for the armor are also promising, making it the top choice among players. 

Maxson's Battlecoat
Mechanist Armor

Since it is part of the Automatron DLC, you just have to complete the main campaign of the DLC, and you will be able to get your hands on the complete armor set. 

  • Promising Stats.
  • Obtained as a complete set. 

  • DLC Requirement(Automatron).
  • Limited Variety.

Trapper Armor

Best Fallout 4 beginner armor set. 

Why Trapper Armor?

This piece of junkyard offers best damage resistance stats for players that are just starting out in the game and taking on higher-level enemies. 

Damage Resistance56 (standard)
80 (heavy)
Energy Resistance54 (standard)
80 (heavy)
Weight41 (standard)
57 (heavy)
Value86 (standard)
116 (heavy)

One’s trash is another’s treasure. That is exactly what Trapper armor is for, with some decent early-game stats for players. 

Maxson's Battlecoat
Trapper Armor

It looks a little trash, but it’s a valuable choice when considering its Damage and Energy Resistance. 

To obtain the Trapper armor, eliminate hostile Trapper enemies found raiding and hunting on the Island. Simply kill them and loot the armor from their bodies. I advise you to start farming on the Trapper foes early in the game so you can gain a head start with each piece in your loot.

  • Obtained for Free from early-game enemies. 

  • Useless in mid-to-late-game.
  • Requires farming on Trapper enemies. 

Metal Armor

Best Fallout 4 heavy armor.

Why you should go for Metal Armor?

Metal armors are easy to obtain heavy pieces that can withstand stronger enemies and offers decent Damage Resistance. 

Damage ResistanceFull Set:
40 (standard)
85 (sturdy)
125 (heavy)
Energy ResistanceFull Set:
17 (standard)
47 (sturdy)
77 (heavy)
WeightFull Set:
20 (standard)
47.1 (sturdy)
74.3 (heavy).
ValueFull Set:
100 (standard)
375 (sturdy)
650 (heavy)
VariantsNormal, Sturdy, Heavy

Metal armor does not offer unique outlook, but it does qualify for some of the best heavy armor stats. 

Fallout 4 Metal Armor
Metal Armor
Fallout 4 Best Armor
Metal Armor Location

Acquiring Metal Armor is relatively easy. Head to Dunwich Borers, eliminate the raiders and loot the Metal armor. You must eliminate and farm on the raiders like most sets to obtain all the pieces. 

  • Easy farming for individual pieces.

  • Lacks unique outlook. 

Disciples Metal Armor

Best Fallout 4 metal armor.

Why is Disciples Metal Armor a top contender?

While still being an upgraded metal armor variant, it is unique in its looks and stats.

Damage Resistance122
Energy Resistance140

It is an upgraded version of metal armor and can easily become the top choice of players struggling in mid-game areas. As the name implies, Disciples wear this armor that covers one of the top factions of the Nuka-World.

Fallout 4 Disciples Armor
Disciples Armor

You can purchase the armor from the Nuka-World vendor. Or if you are running short on caps, you can just farm on Disciples until you get your hands on a complete set. 

  • An ideal choice for mid-game progression.
  • Most badass outlook.

  • Requires farming to obtain all pieces.

Raider Power Armor

Best Fallout 4 early-game power armor. 

Why is Raider Power Armor preferable?

Raider Power armor is ideal for players who need the best possible Damage protection performance for the progression of all kinds of character builds.

Damage Resistance500
Energy Resistance250
Radiation Resistance1050
Item HP350
VariantsTessa's Fist
Overboss power armor

Fallout 4 showcases Power Armors as iconic game symbols, often featuring VaultBoy promoting them. Unlike previous entries, players can obtain Power Armor earlier in the game without mods. One notable option is the Raider Power Armor, a unique and valuable player choice.

Fallout 4 Raider Power Armor
Raider Power Armor

High-level raiders wear the Raider Power Armor, so its performance stats are relatively lower than other Power Armors. 

Fallout 4 Best Armor
The cave above Skylanes Flight 1655

To get your set of Raider armor, you must visit Skylanes Flight 1665 and enter the Cave here. Just enter the cave to see the Raider Power Armor full set available to claim.

  • Early access Power Armor.
  • Ease of Access.

  • Raider’s crafted Power Armor. 
  • Limited Performance. 

T-45 Power Armor

Best Beginner Power Armor.

Why you should go for T-45 Power Armor?

T-45 Power Armor gives players starter performance for Damage Resistance with numerous variants available across the open world. 

Damage Resistance500
Energy Resistance310
Radiation Resistance1050
Item HP450
RepairSteel x27
Circuitry x1 (torso only)
VariantsPiezonucleic power armor
Form ID0017FB09 (furniture)

Next on the list is going to be the T-45 Power Armors. Now, the game has over 6 variants of the Power Armor. It is important to note that each armor has its own set of body pieces and is completely unique. The choice depends on your own demands for protection and character.

Fallout 4 T-45 Power Armor
T-45 Power Armor

As for the T-45 Power Armor, the military build variant pushes the boundaries for protection. 

Fallout 4 Best Armor
T-45 Power Armor Location

Firstly, I recommend players get the Hacker perk, which will be handy to hack the terminal at the location. Head to the Pickman Gallery, where you’ll find a cage with T-45 armor near containers. 

  • Access to unique variants. 
  • Easy to obtain. 

  • Wears out easily.

T-60 Power Armor

Second best Power armor. 

Why did I choose T-60 Power Armor?

T-60 Power Armor dishes out significant Damage Resistance across all stats while being the heaviest set in the game and stands tall as a tank against enemies. 

Damage Resistance980
Energy Resistance645
Radiation Resistance1050
Item HP990
Form ID0017FB0A

T-60 qualifies for the game’s top armor because of the damage resistance stats. Armor is only obtainable if you have joined the Brotherhood of Steel faction. You can purchase it from the faction’s exclusive merchants for a hefty price. I recommend the right perks for Barter to achieve the best deal for your favorite Power Armor. 

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor
T-60 Power Armor

  • Available to purchase from Brotherhood of Steel faction. 

  • Hefty price.
  • Limited availability. 

X-01 Power Armor

Best Power Armor to get in Fallout 4. 

Why is X-01 highly recommended?

X-01 retains the top position of Power armor because of its unique variant and highest stats of Damage Resistance.

VariantsQuantum X-01 power armor

Last is the X-01 Power Armor, which is incredibly powerful for damage protection. 

Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor
X-01 Power Armor

It comes with a significant level requirement of 30, which might be challenging for some players.

Fallout 4 Best Armor
Location of X-01 Power Armor

To get the X-01 Power Armor, reach level 30 and go to 35 Court near Goodneighbor. It’s a hostile area, so be ready for fights. Take the elevator to the top, defeat tough enemies, and press the red button to claim the armor.

  • Best Power Armor choice for endgame character builds.
  • Comes with another unique variant.

  • Tough to obtain and requires campaign progression. 

My Recommendation For Armor Set

I recommend the Marine Armor for non-power armor and the T-45 for its accessibility in the game. 

Both armors are unique and are easily accessible in the game. Still, the choice purely depends on the character build type and the stats you are targeting.

In my experience, I could also grind the Mechanist’s armor. But again, you can prefer the DLC or base game armor. 

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