Fallout 4 Best Builds After 100+ Hours Experience

After playing Fallout 4 for 100+ hours, I offer these Fallout 4 builds that provide different playstyles including stealth, aggressive, melee and intelligence, so you choose whichever suits you.

Fallout 4 Best Builds
Fallout 4 Best Builds

Fallout 4 allows players to create unique characters that suit their play style. It offers a rich experience in the customization capability and its implementation considering the dynamics. I will go through the best Fallout 4 builds that cover five different playstyles while focusing on their key perks gear.

Key Takeaways

  1. Fallout 4 builds mostly depend on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, Perks, and Gear.
  2. You can try out several builds, including the stealthy Assassin, heavy, intelligence, survival, and melee builds. 
  3. The Sharpshooter in Fallout 4 excels in long-distance combat, focusing on Agility and Charisma, while the Assassin specializes in stealth, lockpicking, and ambush kills.
  4. The Walking Tank and Demolitions builds are for players who prefer heavy weaponry and armor, with the former focusing on strength and the latter on explosions and crafting.
  5. The Scientist and Mechanist builds are for players who value intelligence, with the Scientist focusing on lasers and XP boost and the Mechanist on robot playstyles.
About The Author

Waleed spent over 100+ hours playing Fallout 4, so he really knows the game. If you want any reliable info about Fallout 4, He’s your guy!

Best Fallout 4 Builds Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best builds in Fallout 4. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

NoBuildsBest ForStrengthPerceptionEnduranceCharismaIntelligenceAgilityLuck
15The SharpshooterBest Long-Range Build.1921474
14The AssassinBest Assassin Build.5563464
13Walking TankBest Build for Tank Combat.44102621
12The Demolitions ExpertBest Build for Explosive Mayhem.551121023
11The Brotherhood of Steel KnightBest Build for Close Combat.9151912
10The ScientistBest Build for Unique Playthrough.35311024
9Idiot SavantBest Build for XP gains.35311024
8Lone WandererBest Solo Build.3433547
7Mad TitanBest Melee Build.4441951
6The ChemistBest Build for Chemical Warfare.114101011
5The VikingBest Build for Relentless Close-Combat.9141184
4The SamuraiBest Melee-Asssassin Build.10151155
3The MechanistBest Overpowered Build.61611022
2The WidowBest Build for Stealthy Assassination.211013101
1Wasteland’s CowboyBest Build for Long-Range Marksmanship.1816471

Comparison Table.

15. The Sharpshooter

Best Long-Range Build. 

Why did I Choose The Sharpshooter?

I chose this build for players who prefer dominating from afar, strategically planning their tactics, and delivering devastating shots with precision.

fallout 4 best builds
The Sharpshooter – Sniper Build – Image Credits: FudgeMuppet

Sharpshooter Stats Table. 

The first build in my Fallout 4 list is the Sharpshooter, which excels in sniper gameplay. It prioritizes V.A.T.S critical hits for high-damage kills. This build relies on Agility and Charisma, allowing you to dominate and plan your tactics effectively. 


  • Rifleman for +20% damage on non-automatic rifles.
  • Sneak and Night Person for stealth advantages during the night with +2 intelligence and perception.
  • Gun Nut perk to get those sweet Rant 1 gun mods.
  • Ninja for an extra 2.5 melee damage.
  • Sniper Perk for precise shots by holding breath longer. 


  • Pipe Rifle (Beginner’s Sniper.)
  • Kremvh’s Tooth (Melee Weapon.)

  • High damage output.
  • Effective for stealthy long-range engagements.
  • Optimized for V.A.T.S. critical hits.

  • Relatively weak in close-quarters combat.
  • Requires patience and careful positioning.

14. The Assassin

Best Assassin Build.

Why did I Choose The Assassin?

This build is ideal for players who enjoy sneaky approaches, eliminating targets silently, and navigating through locked areas undetected.

fallout 4 Stealth Build
The Assassin – Stealth Build – Image Credits: FudgeMuppet
QuestsBeyond the Beef
Special5 ST, 5 PE, 6 EN, 3 CH, 4 IN, 6 AG, 4 LK
Tag skillsGuns:43(45)
Melee Weap:41(43)
Misc statsHit Points:140

The Assassin Stats Table. 

Assassin is proficient in silent eliminations and lockpicking. I suggest this build for beginner players who love to play stealthily. It prioritizes Intelligence and Agility while not investing much in Strength and Charisma. 


  • Blitz buffs the V. A. T. S. melee distance and damage.
  • Ninja boosts sneak attack damage 2.5 times.
  • Sneak allows silent infiltration and movement.
  • Locksmith and Hacker perks are essential for accessing secret locations.
  • Robotics Expert is useful for hacking robots and automated systems.


  • Pickman’s Blade (Melee Weapon.)
  • Deliverer (Handgun.)
  • Leather Armor (Black color for better stealth.)

  • Excellent stealth capabilities.
  • Effective in avoiding conflicts.
  • Proficient in lockpicking.
  • Hacking terminals.

  • Vulnerable in Direct confrontations.
  • Limited effectiveness against heavily armored opponents.

13. Walking Tank

Best Build for Tank Combat.

Why did I Choose the Walking Tank?

I selected this build for players who prefer a straightforward, aggressive playstyle, relying on heavy armor and firepower to overwhelm enemies.

fallout 4 best builds
Walking Tank in Action

Walking Tank Stats Table. 

The Walking Tank build focuses primarily on heavy armor and firearms. Additionally, I suggest equipping the specific perks that will help strengthen the build. The only drawback I found is the slow movement speed, but the high endurance compensates it pretty well.


  • Armorer gives mod customization to armor, making it more powerful.
  • Solar Powered grants health regeneration, endurance, and strength from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Science – Make weapon mods to increase damage.
  • Chem Resistant reduces the Drug Addiction effect by 50%.


  • Sergeant Ash (Flamethrower).
  • Killer Tom Radium Rifle (Rifle).
  • Recon Marine Armor – Radiation Protection and Damage Resistance.
  • Dirty Army Fatigues – Strength and Agility.

  • High survivability.
  • Powerful offensive capabilities.
  • Capable of withstanding sustained enemy fire.

  • Slow movement speed.
  • Limited mobility.
  • Vulnerable to flanking maneuvers.

12. The Demolitions Expert

Best Build for Explosive Mayhem.

Why did I Choose The Demolitions Expert?

I opted for this build for players who enjoy causing chaos and destruction, utilizing a wide array of explosives to obliterate enemies.

fallout 4 best builds
The Demolition Expert in Action- Image Credits: FudgeMuppet
RequiresPerception 5
Level 1/10/22/34
EffectsIncreasing damage by explosives

Demolition Expert Stats Table. 

Demolition Expert targets players who love explosions and destruction. I recommend keeping the Endurance and Intelligence perks to help you craft and survive in battles. The main strategy is to bomb the enemies using a nuclear arsenal or missile launchers while keeping a safe distance.


  • Nuclear Physicist increases the life of nuclear fusion cores.
  • Big Leagues enhances Melee Damage
  • Gun Nut enables the customization of weapons with mods.
  • Demolition Expert amplifies Explosive Damage by 20%.


  • Explosive Weapons like land mines, grenades, missile launchers, and Fatman.
  • Jetpack to enhance mobility.
  • Power Armor for better protection.
  • Dirty Army Fatigues – Strength and Agility.

  • Devastating explosive damage.
  • Effective against groups of enemies.
  • Offers versatility in combat tactics.

  • Limited ammunition for explosives.
  • Potential self-inflicted damage in close quarters.

11. The Brotherhood of Steel Knight

Best Build for Close Combat.

Why did I Choose The Brotherhood of Steel Knight?

This build suits players who prefer a blend of brute force and advanced weaponry, embodying the spirit of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Type Military Order
FoundersArthur Maxson, 2283
LeadersElder Arthur Maxson
HQThe Prydwen
LocationsCapital Wasteland
The Citadel
The Common Wealth
Cambridge Police Station
Boston Airport
ParentBrotherhood of Steel
DivisionsRecon Squad Gladius
Recon Squad Artemis

Brotherhood of Steel Knight Stats Table. 

The Brotherhood of Steel Knights focuses on close combat and survivability. The deadly combination of Melee and Laser Weapons ensures pure rampage and destruction.

Strength and Intelligence S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats complement the playstyle by boosting melee and weapon damage.


  • Nuclear Physicist increases the life of nuclear fusion cores by up to 25%.
  • Iron Fist boosts Melee Damage by 20%.
  • Scrounger – Ammo find rate for heavy weapons.
  • Pain Train – Stager and Damage enemies as you run through them.
  • Heavy Gunner – Enhances Heavy Weapon damage by 20%.


  • Power Armor or Combat Armor.
  • Brotherhood of Steel Outfit.
  • Furious Power Fist.
  • Flamer (Heavy Weapon.)
  • Any other Heavy Weapon of choice.

  • Strong melee capabilities.
  • Access to powerful energy weapons.
  • Enhanced survivability with Power Armor.

  • Relies heavily on finding or crafting advanced technology.
  • May struggle against heavily armored opponents.

10. The Scientist

Best Build for Unique Playthrough.

Why did I Choose The Scientist?

This build is perfect for players who enjoy experimenting with advanced technology, crafting powerful weapons, and maximizing experience gains.

Damage Resistance3 (scientist outfit only)
Damage Threshold0
Item HP100
RepairScientist outfit
Enclave scientist outfit
Lab technician outfit
Vault lab uniform
Editor IDOutfitRivetCityScientist
Form ID000340D9 (scientist outfit)
0001B5BD (Enclave)
000340D7 (lab technician)
000CB605 (all-purpose)

The Scientist Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 The Scientist
The Scientist- Image Credits: FudgeMuppet

Scientist purely relies on intelligence and survival to craft powerful weapons. The perks like Idiot Savant make it an ideal build for farming XP.

Power Armor ensures survivability along with other protection gear.


  • Nuclear Physicist increases the life of nuclear fusion cores by up to 25%.
  • Idiot Savant – XP gains increase with random triggers.
  • Hacker – Uses terminals to hack into systems.
  • Scrounger – Boosts ammo find rates.
  • Science – More customizability for mods of energy weapons.
  • Chem Resistant reduces the Drug Addiction effect by 50%.


  • Power Armor.
  • Laser Musket Rifle.
  • Any Legendary Laser Rifle.

  • Proficient in energy weapon usage.
  • Gains XP boost from crafting and intellectual pursuits.
  • Versatile in combat and utility.

  • Relatively low physical resilience.
  • Requires investment in intelligence-based perks for optimal effectiveness.

9. Idiot Savant

Best Build for XP gains.

Why did I Choose Idiot Savant?

I selected this build for players who seek rapid progression and enjoy the unpredictability of luck-based mechanics, offering unique gameplay experiences.

EffectsRandom chance to receive multiplied XP bonuses, with low Intelligence increasing frequency
RequiresLuck 5
Level 1/11/34

Idiot Savant Stats Table. 

Idiot Savant comes out to be the perfect build if you want to go for XP farming. It relies on Luck stats and others to keep alive in the harsh environments. The only disadvantage I saw in this is the lack of physical strength.


  • Idiot Savant – XP gains increase with random triggers.
  • Four Leaf Clover improves Critical hits and refills the Critical Hit Meter each time you use V.A.T.S.
  • Grim Reaper Sprint will add a 15% chance to restore your Action Points.
  • Better Criticals give 50% extra damage on Critical hits.


  • Luck Eddy Rifle (+2 Luck.)
  • Metal Chest Piece (Protection + No XP Penalty.)

  • High potential for XP gains.
  • Benefits from random triggers for critical hits & action points.
  • Encourages diverse playstyles.

  • Relies heavily on luck-based perks.
  • Inconsistent performance in combat.
  • May lack specialization in certain areas.

8. Lone Wanderer

Best Solo Build. 

Why did I Choose Lone Wanderer?

This build suits players who prefer to roam the wasteland alone, relying on a combination of combat skills and survival instincts to overcome challenges.

EffectsIncreased Damage Resistance and Carry Weight when going without a companion
RequiresCharisma 3 Level 1/17/40/50

Lone Wanderer Stats Table. 

The Lone Wanderer travels through lands relying on its strength and resilience. To survive in the wild in such a manner, I advise you to pay attention to the Luck and Intelligence stat the most. They will help you get better Critical Hits and weapon mods.


  • Rifleman boosts your gun damage.
  • Lone Wanderer enhances damage, damage resistance, and carrying capacity.
  • Attack Dog strengthens your companion and makes them better in combats.


  • Overseer’s Guardian.
  • Vault Jump Suit.
  • Power Armor.

  • Enhanced damage & resistance when alone.
  • Adaptable to various playstyles.
  • Benefits from companionship without being reliant on it.

  • Limited synergy with companion-based perks.
  • May struggle in team-oriented scenarios.
  • Requires balanced investment across S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.

7. Mad Titan

Best Melee Build.

Why did I Choose Mad Titan?

I chose this build for players who crave chaotic and aggressive gameplay, combining melee prowess with explosive firepower for maximum devastation.


Mad Titan Stats Table. 

The Mad Titan masters in hand-to-hand and explosive combat. It uses bombs to deal damage from far away while taking care of close enemies using bare hands. Therefore, stats like Intelligence to craft explosives and Strength for fighting are crucial for this build.


  • Iron Fist boosts Melee Damage by 20%.
  • Nuclear Physicist increases the life of nuclear fusion cores by up to 25%.
  • Blitz buffs the V. A. T. S. melee distance and damage


  • Explosives – Throwables like frag grenades and Molotovs.
  • Melee Weapons.
  • Rifle or Handgun – Backup when run out of explosives. 

  • Potent in both close-quarters & ranged combat.
  • Excels in causing widespread destruction.
  • Offers versatility in engaging enemies.

  • Relatively low survivability in sustained engagements.
  • Requires careful resource management for explosives.
  • May struggle against heavily armored opponents.

6. The Chemist

Best Build for Chemical Warfare.

Why did I Choose The Chemist?

This build is ideal for players who enjoy strategic resource management and the utilization of chems to gain combat advantages, offering unique and versatile gameplay options.

EffectsIncreased duration for effects of chems
RequiresIntelligence 7
Level 1/16/32/45

The Chemist Stats Table. 

The Chem build relies on drugs and various crafting items. Intelligence will be the main focus as it’s crucial to craft items, while Charisma will improve social interaction. I took perks like Chem Resistance to avoid drug addiction and Chemist to prolong the drug’s effects.


  • Chem Resistant reduces the Drug Addiction effect by 50%.
  • Luck Perk improves the usage of Stimpaks and RadAway.
  • Scrounger – Better chance to find ammo for weapons.
  • Chemist – Enhances and prolongs effects of drugs and chems.


  • Spray n’ Pray (Submachine Gun.)
  • Handgun or Melee Weapons.
  • Ballistic Weave Armor.

  • Enhanced effectiveness of chems and healing items.
  • Benefits from increased resource acquisition rates.
  • Versatile combat tactics with chem-induced buffs.

  • Risk of addiction & withdrawal effects.
  • Reliance on consumable items for combat effectiveness.
  • May struggle in prolonged engagements without adequate chem supplies.

5. The Viking

Best Build for Relentless Close-Combat.

Why did I Choose The Viking?

I selected this build for players who relish close-quarters combat and embody the spirit of fierce Viking warriors, emphasizing raw strength and relentless aggression.

Editor IDATX_Clothes_HalloweenVikingBustedHorns
Form ID0058BD5F

The Viking Stats Table. 

Viking is one of the best close-combat builds in Fallout 4. With the primary stats of Agility and Strength, it is challenging to beat this beast in hand-to-hand combat.

In my experience, the ideal gear, in this case, comes out to be any melee weapon with complementing perks to deal more damage.


  • Blitz buffs the V. A. T. S. melee distance and damage.
  • Armorer gives mod customization to armor, making it more powerful.
  • Solar Powered grants health regeneration, endurance, and strength from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Rooted – Damage Buff during stationary Melee attacks.
  • Action Boy/Action Girl – Quicker Action Point Generation.
  • Big Leagues – Buffs Melee Damage by 20%.


  • Pack Moose Helmet (Aesthetic only – Viking Appearance.)
  • Leather Armor for arms and legs (Protection + Viking Appearance.)
  • Sturdy Metal Chest Plate – Damage Resistance.
  • Grognak’s Axe (Melee Weapon.)

  • Devastating melee damage output.
  • Enhanced survivability in close combat.
  • Imposing aesthetic appeal with Viking-inspired gear.

  • Limited effectiveness in ranged combat.
  • Vulnerability to crowd control and kiting tactics.
  • Requires strategic positioning to maximize effectiveness.

4. The Samurai

Best Melee-Asssassin Build.

Why did I Choose The Samurai?

This build is perfect for players who value precision and discipline in combat, utilizing melee weapons with deadly efficiency while maintaining agility and tactical awareness.

Samurai Armor
Damage Resistance
Item HP 500
Form IDxx006940
EffectMelee Damage +10
Melee Weapons +10
RepairMetal Armor

The Samurai Stats Table. 

Samurai is another character with pure Strength and Agility that utilizes melee weapons. The perfect stats for this are Endurance for survivability, Luck, and Agility to make stealthy attacks with bonus XP. The flame sword adds to its aesthetics and devastating damage.


  • Blitz buffs the V. A. T. S. melee distance and damage.
  • Blacksmith – Customize Melee Weapons with mods.
  • Rooted – Damage Buff during stationary Melee attacks.
  • Big Leagues – Buffs Melee Damage by 20%.
  • Idiot Savant – XP gains increase with random triggers.


  • Road Leathers (Protection).
  • Disciples Stripe Chest Piece (Protection + Samurai Appearance.)
  • Shishkebab – High Melee Damage Flaming Sword.

  • High melee damage output with precision strikes.
  • Benefits from stealth and critical hit mechanics.
  • Embodies the aesthetic and philosophy of the samurai warrior.

  • Vulnerable to ranged attacks and crowd control.
  • Requires careful positioning and timing in combat engagements.
  • Limited versatility in weapon choices.

3. The Mechanist

Best Overpowered Build. 

Why did I Choose The Mechanist?

I chose this build for players who enjoy creative gameplay centered around robotics and technology, offering the ability to command powerful robots and wield advanced weaponry.

Lore Race Human
Gender Male
AffiliationSilver Shroud
RoleFictional Villain

The Mechanist Stats Table. 

Mechanist offers creative gameplay by engineering different robots and items. The Strength stat enables him to carry heavy loads, while Intelligence is necessary to craft items and hack into the systems. The arsenal can be your choice, but I prefer machine guns or automatic laser rifles.


  • Nuclear Physicist increases the life of nuclear fusion cores.
  • Hacker – Uses terminals to hack into systems.
  • Gun Nut perk to modify weapon mods.
  • Scrounger – Ammo find rate for heavy weapons.
  • Robotics Expert – Hack robots and command them.


  • Power Armor.
  • Mechanist Armor (Automatron DLC.)
  • Submachine Guns
  • Laser Rifles.
  • Tesla Rifles.

  • Command and customize powerful robots for combat support.
  • Proficiency in crafting and modifying advanced weapons.
  • Versatility in combat tactics with access to various technological assets.

  • Reliance on robotics for combat effectiveness.
  • May require significant investment in intelligence and crafting perks.
  • Vulnerability to anti-robot tactics and EMP attacks.

2. The Widow

Best Build for Stealthy Assassination.

Why did I Choose The Widow?

I selected this build for players who prefer stealthy and precise gameplay, focusing on exploiting weaknesses and eliminating targets with deadly efficiency.

RequiresCharisma 2
Level 1/7/22
EffectsIncreased damage and success of persuasion against male NPCs.

The Widow Stats Table. 

Turning towards darker gameplay, the Widow gets her key features from the Black Widow Perk. This allows her to move swiftly and use weapons proficiently to kill people like a deadly assassin. She lacks Strength, but her exceptional firearm and persuasion skills compensate for this drawback.


  • Scrounger – Ammo find rate for heavy weapons.
  • Action Girl – Quicker Action Point Generation.
  • Black Widow –  5% more damage to Male enemies.
  • Medic – Better efficiency of Healing Items.
  • Fortune Finder – More chance to get valuable items.


  • Black Widow Armor (Protection + Appearance.) 
  • Ballistic Weave (Protection.)
  • Shotguns.
  • Kellog’s Pistol and Other Handguns.

  • Enhanced critical damage and stealth capabilities.
  • Benefits from bonus damage against male enemies.
  • Proficiency in persuasion and social interactions.

  • Reliance on stealth for survivability.
  • Vulnerability to direct confrontation.
  • May struggle against heavily armored or high-health enemies

1. Wasteland’s Cowboy

Best Build for Long-Range Marksmanship.

Why did I Choose Wasteland’s Cowboy?

I chose this build for players who enjoy the freedom of the open wasteland and prefer engaging enemies from a distance with precision marksmanship.

Wasteland outfit DT0 (brahmin-skin)
2 (wanderer & settler)
Item HP100
EffectsEndurance +1
Agility +1
RepairWasteland outfits
Roving trader outfit
VariantsBrahmin-skin outfit
Wasteland wanderer outfit
Wasteland settler outfit
Wasteland legend outfit
Wasteland surgeon outfit
Wasteland doctor fatigues
Roving trader outfit
Editor IDOutfitWasteland01 (brahmin-skin)
OutfitWasteland02 (wanderer)
OutfitWasteland03 (settler)
OutfitUniqueMerc04 (legend)
OutfitWastelandDoctor01 (doctor fatigues)
OutfitWastelandDoctor02 (surgeon)
Form ID00018DE5 (brahmin-skin)
0001BA00 (wanderer)
0001CBDB (settler)
000CB609 (legend)
000340FF (surgeon)
000340FE (doctor fatigues)

Wasteland’s Cowboy Stats Table. 

Like the Sharpshooter, The Cowboy focuses on long-range combat using heavy snipers and stealthy armor. All the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats center around the capability to sneak and hunt enemies. His characteristic armor gives him the Cowboy look.


  • Sniper Perk for precise shots by holding breath longer.
  • Action Boy – Quicker Action Point Generation.
  • Ninja boosts sneak attack damage 2.5 times.
  • Sneak allows silent infiltration and movement.
  • Rifleman for +20% damage on non-automatic rifles.


  • Western Duster and Militia Hat (Protection + Appearance.) 
  • Lever Action Rifle (Long-range combat.)
  • Western Revolver (Close-range combat.)

  • High damage output with long-range rifles.
  • Benefits from stealth and critical hit mechanics.
  • Rugged aesthetic with Western-inspired gear.

  • Relatively low survivability in close-quarters combat.
  • Vulnerability to fast-moving or close-range enemies.
  • Reliance on precision shooting for optimal effectiveness.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Heavy Gunner: While Heavy Gunner builds are formidable in firepower, they tend to consume ammunition quickly and lack the agility of other builds, making them less suitable for certain playstyles or situations.
  2. Gunslinger: Other builds were prioritized due to their versatility in handling various combat situations, whereas Gunslinger focuses solely on pistols, limiting its effectiveness in combat scenarios.
  3. Energy Weapons Specialist: Energy Weapons Specialist builds require a significant investment in intelligence and resources to craft and maintain energy weapons, which may not be appealing to players seeking more straightforward or versatile builds.
  4. Survivalist: While Survivalist builds focus on survivability in harsh environments, they may lack specialization in combat compared to other builds that prioritize offensive capabilities, making them less appealing for players seeking aggressive playstyles.
  5. Melee Tank: While Melee Tank builds excel in close-quarters combat and tank-like resilience, they may struggle against ranged or highly mobile opponents, limiting their effectiveness in certain combat scenarios.
  6. Ghoul Slayer: Ghoul Slayer builds specialize in dealing with ghouls, but they lack versatility against other enemy types encountered in the wasteland, making them less desirable for general gameplay.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Fallout 4 player with 100+ hours of gameplay, I would highly recommend the Sharpshooter build for those who relish the thrill of precise long-distance combat. With its focus on Agility and Charisma, the Sharpshooter excels in dominating from afar, delivering devastating shots with pinpoint accuracy. 

Additionally, I would recommend the Samurai build for players seeking disciplined martial prowess and lethal swordsmanship. With its emphasis on Strength and Agility, the Samurai excels in close-quarters combat, delivering devastating blows with precision and efficiency. 

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