Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods [100+ Hours Experience]

With more than 100 hours of playing Fallout 4, I bring you a list of Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods that you can use to survive as well as have fun in the game.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods Guide

Companions will help you alert nearby threats or enemies, and provide you with enough food and ammunition to survive in the game. On another note, companions also help players gain an additional 5% experience bonus along the way, making winning and surviving the journey easier.

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Players can use two companions: permanent companions that can stick by their side throughout the journey, and temporary companions that can only be equipped for specific quests.

Key Takeaways

Below, I will list my picks of best Companion Mods in Fallout 4:

  1. The Device and Her mod offers a fully voiced organization with a customizable affinity system.
  2. The Dog Metal mod transforms Dogmeat into a metal dog, either kind or vicious, but it removes the living aspect.
  3. The MAID mod introduces a motorized AI doll named MAID, which you can assemble in the workshop.
  4. The Unlimited Companion Framework mod allows you to have every companion in Fallout 4 and even have two companions at once with Everyone’s Best Friend.
  5. The Companions Go Home mod lets you send your companions back to their houses, offering more freedom.
  6. The Companion Endless Ammunition + Unbreakable Armor mod enhances companions’ abilities, including sneaking up on foes.
  7. The Overhaul mod allows customization of your human companion’s appearance.
  8. Ellen – The Cartographer mod customizes audio conversations and sentences for Fallout 4 companions.
  9. Heather Casdin performs uniquely with three customizable battle techniques.
  10. The Nora mod adds recruitment, approval, and disapproval scenes, an affinity system, and additional skills like hacking, lockpicking, and tracking for Nora.
About The Author

Waleed spent over 100+ hours playing Fallout 4, so he knows the game. If you want any reliable info about Fallout 4, He’s your guy!

1. Visible Companion Affinity

Best Companion Mod for Building Strong Relationships.

Why did I Choose Visible Companion Affinity?

I chose the Visible Companion Affinity for its focus on relationship awareness, helping you avoid negative surprises with your companions.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Deacon, Curie, and Valentine Show Visibility in Affinity

Fallout 4 has a companion affinity system where dialogues and actions reflect your relationship with companions. Companions can also have their quests and seek your assistance.

To track companion affinity, use the “Visible Companion Affinity” mod, which displays affinity changes on the screen.

In survival mode, the mod shows affinity notifications in the top left corner, helping you maintain a positive relationship with your companion. You can check affinity ratings from your inventory anytime.

Important: Keep in mind that companions have feelings, and harming or displeasing them will decrease affinity. If it drops significantly, your companion may leave. This mod helps build a healthy relationship with companions.

  • Tracks companion relationship status.
  • Easy to understand affinity changes.

  • Mod only displays affinity.
  • Doesn’t offer ways to build relationships.

2. The Machine & Her

Best Companion Mod for fully voiced, customizable AI companion.

Why did I Choose The Machine and Her?

I chose The Machine and Her for its blend of customization and in-depth storytelling, offering a rewarding companion experience.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Ready, set, Go!

The mod offers a company that can be personalized with a custom-based affinity system and is fully voiced. You can also modify the already improved combat and AI skills.

One of her skills includes hacking terminals and picking locks. However, it will take her some time to practice before becoming a pro. Her ability to pick locks has been modified to become intuitive and user-friendly.

The mod has included more than 6,000 dialogues and lines and various story outcomes, along with her.

  • Unique companion.
  • Customizable skillset.
  • Extensive dialogue options.

  • Requires crafting resources.
  • May break immersion for some players.

3. Dog Metal

Best Companion Mod for turning Dogmeat into a Powerful Metal Ally.

Why did I Choose Dog Metal?

I chose the Dog Metal for its combat prowess and the option to field multiple canine companions.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Dog Metal in his basic form!

The Dog Metal mod transforms Dogmeat into a customizable metal dog, with options for friendliness or viciousness. You can upgrade them for enhanced combat capabilities. However, the mod replaces your living dog with a non-breathing metal companion.

Your metal dog gains more power, heavy armor, and increased HP. They function like the original DogMeat but with additional features. You can customize and upgrade them in a workshop, boost their attack and health, and they’re immune to radiation.

Additionally, the mod lets you have three K9 vicious dogs as companions.

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  • Powerful metal dog.
  • Multiple dog options.
  • Immune to radiation.

  • Replaces living Dogmeat.
  • Can feel less emotionally connected.

4. MAID – Motorized Artificial Intelligence Doll

Best Companion Mod for a Unique & Deadly Assault Doll Companion.

Why did I Choose MAID – Motorized Artificial Intelligence Doll?

I chose the MAID for the engaging crafting process and her distinctive tactical options.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Two Dolls Ready For Combat

Just like the name suggests, MAID is a Motorized Artificial Intelligence Doll. The mod will add the MAID frame in the mechanism of the game and allow you to build her yourself in the workshop.

The process will be similar to all the other robots you can make in the workbench. The final look is a cute but deadly assault doll.

  • Unique customizable companion.
  • Powerful in combat.

  • Building her can be resource-intensive.
  • May not appeal to all playstyles.

5. Unlimited Companion Framework

Best Overall Companion Mod.

Why did I Choose Unlimited Companion Framework?

I chose this for the complete freedom it offers in choosing your in-game entourage.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Equip with more than one companion!

The game does not allow you to own all of the companions at once. You may be able to choose one or two companions at a time, but with this mod, you will be able to get a hold of all the available companions in Fallout 4.

In addition to Dog Meat, you can recruit others as well. You might have noticed that when you select another companion besides dogmeat, the game will replace him with the current companion.

Now, you can keep more than the required number of companions, and if you think about it.

  • Have all companions at once.
  • Bypass vanilla companion limits.

  • Can feel overpowered.
  • May remove some in-game challenge.

6. Everyone’s Best Friend

Best Companion Mod for adventuring with Dogmeat.

Why did I Choose Everyone’s Best Friend?

I chose this for its simple solution to a popular player request – adventuring with everyone’s favorite dog.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Your Companion; Dogmeat

Fallout 4’s faithful companion, Dogmeat, is a valuable ally who aids in battles and provides food. He’s a free companion with an excellent sense of smell for tracking enemies. Players can choose between a human or dog companion in the game, but this mod allows you to have both simultaneously.

The mod removes the display of affection from Dogmeat towards the player and reduces his carrying capacity. It doesn’t disable the perks of the Lone Wanderer. Additionally, in Survival Mode, players can access the proper quests for Dogmeat.

  • Keeps Dogmeat while still having another companion.

  • Reduces some interactions with Dogmeat.
  • Affects certain perks.

7. Companions Go Home

Best Companion Mod for more Freedom & Immersion.

Why did I Choose Companion Go Home?

I chose this for its convenient solution to a sometimes tricky aspect of companion management.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Valentine heading out!

This mod allows you to do things not possible in the game’s original mechanics, such as sending your companions back to their homes. For instance, you can enable Nick to return to his Valentine Detective Agency.

The game doesn’t provide a command option to send companions home once you’ve accepted them. With this mod, you can reunite companions like Piper with their loved ones or send others like Danse and Nick to their respective locations.

  • Sends companions to homes.
  • Offers more freedom of choice.

  • Simple function.
  • Not heavily focused on gameplay change.

8. Companion Infinite Ammo + Unbreakable Armor

Best Companion Mod for Action.

Why did I Choose Companion Infinite Ammo + Unbreakable Armor?

I chose this for its focus on making companions reliable powerhouses with fewer drawbacks.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Witness the Unbreakable Armor with Infinite Ammo!

This mod eliminates concerns about your companions running out of ammo or taking fall damage. To make it work, you need to provide additional ammo to your companions. It also allows sneaking behind enemies and is compatible with both the vanilla companion system and mod-added companions.

There are two versions of the mod: single and multi. The single version affects one companion at a time and is simpler, while the multi-version lets multiple vanilla companions benefit from infinite ammo. Both versions are safe to use.

  • No companion item depletion.
  • Enhances durability.

  • Can feel unrealistic.
  • Removes resource management element.

9. Companion Appearance Overhaul

Best Companion Mod for customizing your companions' looks.

Why did I Choose Companion Appearance Overhaul?

I chose this for its personalization options, letting you tailor your companions’ looks.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Overview of Appearance

You have the flexibility to customize your companions’ appearances in the game. You can mix and match features like beards or hairstyles from different companions to create a look that suits your preferences. This allows you to change your partner’s appearance to your liking.

The overall looks of the companions can turn out to be in high resolution and more appealing. The mod can give you a custom face overhaul of your human companion. It turns out, that the Overhaul mod is frequently used as best-looking companion mod.

Here are the human companions whose looks can be replaced;

  1. Preston
  2. Piper
  3. Deacon
  4. Cait
  5. X6-88
  6. Curie
  7. Longfellow
  8. Gage
  9. MacCready

  • Customize companion looks.
  • Create personal preferences.

  • Mainly affects visuals.
  • Limited interaction change.

10. Ellen – The Cartographer

Best Companion Mod for Custom Gameplay.

Why did I Choose Ellen – The Cartographer?

I chose this for its immersive companion experience that feels like part of the base game.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Basic Appearance of Ellen

This mod, featuring Ellen, stands out as one of the best-voiced companion mods. Much like the Heather Casdin Mod, it offers an extensive package, including over 1200 custom dialogues and lines, a romantic storyline, custom quests, and full integration with her affinity system and DLC support.

The mod is easily activated once you unlock Ellen as a companion, with no additional requirements.

  • Fully voiced, in-depth storyline.
  • Custom quests and features.

  • Requires discovering her with radio signal.

11. Heather Casdin

Best Companion Mod for unique combat abilities.

Why did I Choose Heather Casdin?

I chose Heather Casdin for her distinct personality, tactical flexibility, and romantic potential.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Heather Casdin’s First Appearance

Heather Casdin is a unique companion in Fallout 4, offering distinct advantages. She deals 10% extra damage to synths, provides 25% additional storage space, and can hack complex terminals. With over 1200 lines of voiced dialogue, her character is immersive.

You can encounter Heather by triggering a quest through the radio after installing the mod. Unlike vanilla companions, she remains with you until you issue specific orders. Heather offers three customizable combat styles and is always ready for combat.

Building a strong bond with Heather through six affinity levels allows you to choose between remaining friends or pursuing a romantic relationship in her final affinity conversation. Her affinity progressions offer a unique journey within the game.

250 points

When you reach 250 conversation points, Heather will give you the key that leads to her bunker. You will be awarded 2/5 for the perk.

500 Points

The perk level reaches 3/5 when you achieve 500 conversation points with Heather. At this affinity level, she will have an increased 25 pounds of carrying weight in her bag.

650 Points

Heather will offer you small presents related to your previous gameplay, and your perk level will reach 4 out of 5 stages.

750 Points

Reaching the 5/5 stages of perks Heather unlocks her offering of a key to a safe in her bunker, containing some of her loot. You’ll also gain access to Heather’s Medicine recipes at this stage.

You can choose to either remain friends or have a non-exclusive relationship with her. Notably, this relationship isn’t forced or exclusive, so you can decide how you want to proceed. If you prefer to stay at this stage, there won’t be any consequences or losses.

900 Points Minimum

You will only be able to unlock this level after completing “Sweet Revenge.” Once you end it, Heather will confess her feelings for love towards you.

900 Points Maximum

You have the option to either stay friends with Heather or confess your love for her. After three days of the 900th conversation with Heather, the stage will be available to you.

  • Customizable combat.
  • Strong abilities.
  • Romantic option.

  • Can be time-consuming to reach advanced affinity levels.

12. Nora Spouse Companion

Best Companion Mod for Adventuring with Nora.

Why did I Choose Nora Spouse Companion?

I chose this for its opportunity to continue your story with Nora and enjoy unique features that make her undead status a game mechanic.

Fallout 4 Best Companion Mods
Final Look of the Mod-added Nora

A tip for the players who are starting a new game. You can trigger Nora’s recruitment quest by exiting “Vault 111” and heading towards the Sanctuary Hills. Once you are on the hills, the mod will activate the quest for Nora.

The quest will automatically be available to players who are already halfway through playing the game once they install the mod and run the game. Are you thinking about the features of the Nora mod? I have saved you the trouble of searching elsewhere. Have a look;

  • Companion’s dialogues will include interruptions or cut-off scenes.
  • The mod will add a recruitment quest and a short intro for Nora.
  • The three factions of Nora will have an endgame dialogue.
  • If you are on a quest, Nora will have the ability to add commentaries.
  • The mod will complete the affinity system, including the two scenes of approval and disapproval.
  • The mod will also disable her corpse in “Vault 111”.
  • Nora will have the ability to pick locks, hack, and track.

Have fun with your undead spouse!

  • Brings back Nora, unique dialogue and abilities.

  • May require starting fresh to recruit her early.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Fallout 4 player, I’d highly recommend trying out Heather Casdin and The Machine and Her. These mods stand out for their well-written characters, deep interactions, customization, and impact on gameplay.

Heather Casdin is ideal if you value in-depth storytelling, nuanced romance potential, and powerful combat support all delivered in a believable companion. If you favor customization above all else with a dash of quirky flair, The Machine and Her will become your best friend, bringing new crafting skills and an evolving combat machine along for the ride.

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