Top 17 Fallout 4 BEST Companions

Fallout 4 best companion
Fallout 4 Best Companion

Companions have always been a crucial aspect of the Fallout series. Continuing that aspect, Fallout 4 also has numerous companions that players can choose to pursue in the game. These in-game characters not only make the storyline more appealing but also add details and assist in all kinds of missions.

Key Takeaways

  • Codsworth is a robot companion with a charming personality and deadly weapons that is available as soon as you leave the vault.
  • John Hancock is a unique Fallout 4 companion who is immune to radiation and can help with the Isodeped perk.
  • Deacon is a spy for the Railroad organization and can be found in Old North Church outside Railroad headquarter. He offers Cloak and Dagger perks to enhance sneak damage and increase Stealth Boy’s duration.
  • Dogmeat is a great companion for stealth builds in Fallout 4, immune to radiation, and able to find hidden items.
  • The Fallout 4 Automatron DLC allows players to craft and build their own robot companion, utilizing robot perks, schematics, and material resources.
  • ADA is a highly intelligent assaultron with a humanoid form that can be used in higher-level missions. To meet her, players must visit Waltz Consumer Electronics and speak to her.
  • Piper is a human companion with Charismatic qualities and a unique perk Gift of Gab, which grants +100% XP for using Charisma for persuading and discovering.
  • Old Longfellow is a highly experienced human companion that is available for mid-level players and grants a special perk, “Hunter’s Wisdom perk.
  • X6-88 is a synth human that is working for The Institute and can be found during the Synth Retention Mission, the Battle of Bunker Hill and Mankind Redefined quests. He is an emotionless and antihero person with high combat abilities that can easily destroy enemies.
  • Porter Gage is a powerful right hand of your character and is worth investing in to pursue the story further in Fallout 4.
  • Cait is known among Fallout’s 4 best female companions that are going to be on your side everywhere. Cait is an Irish woman with bad parents who relies on pickpocketing to survive and has a unique Trigger Rush perk.
  • MacCready is an ideal companion for Sole Survivor, offering fast-paced killing sprees and easier mission completions, as well as a Sniper rifle as a primary weapon to kill enemies from a safe distance.
  • Preston Garvey is a Minuteman who is all about peace and defending localities and has a companion perk that grants +20% damage and damage resistance when facing three or more enemies at the same time.
  • Paladin Danse is the best and most loyal companion in the Fallout 4 series and is immune to radiation. To make him a permanent companion, players must complete Call to Arms, Semper Invicta quests, and Reunion and Shadow of Steel. He has his own likes and dislikes and can offer the Know Your Enemy perk.
  • Nick Valentine is a noir synth type of human that specializes in hacking and retrieving small details, making him the best companion for stealth action characters.
  • Strong is the strongest super-mutant companion in Fallout 4, with the highest carrying weight of 200 and immune to radiation.
  • Curie is an incredible companion in Fallout 4, immune to radiation and poison and able to transfer her programming to a synthetic body.

If you are an extrovert player without the Lone Wanderer perk, there are a series of companions you can consider in Fallout 4. Although, choosing one can become overwhelming because of the diverse companions and their characteristics. But do not worry, as we bring you the Fallout 4 best companion and ranked the best ones. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Fallout 4 Best Companion

If you are just starting out and do not know much about companions, they are the allies of the players that will accompany you on the journey in the wasteland. Moreover, each companion is unique with its own characteristics it brings to your story. As said earlier, wandering around the nuclear-destroyed wasteland is highly dangerous. However, taking some backup as a companion will usher additional abilities that can prove beneficial during dangerous encounters.

Fallout 4 Best Companion
Fallout 4 Best Companion

Additionally, companions will also unlock sweet Affinity Perks that go a long way in diving deep into the storyline Fallout 4 offers. While considering a companion, you may find they come with all types of characteristics. Some companions are human, while others are man-made robots. But each one is going to play a unique role in your gameplay. Let’s have a look at some of the best companions in Fallout 4.


Codsworth might not be the choice of most players, but the personality and power it brings are definitely worth it. It is a robot companion that can be purchased by Sole Survivor earlier in the game. This guy or hunk of metal comes in handy in close combat. This robot uses a flamer and buzz-saw that are deadly for the low-level enemies in the game.

Fallout 4 Codsworth

Although, Codsworth was initially designed as a Robotic Butler. But with an extremely charming personality combined with deadly weapons, Codsworth makes up to the Fallout 4 best robot companion. Even better is that this companion is available as soon as you leave the vault. You will be able to make Codsworth your companion from the Sanctuary Hills after a brief dialogue about the current situation.

As for the damage, Codsworth can do really decent damage with the flame and buzz-saw decapitating everything in your way. Since Codsworth is an essential companion, thus it can not be killed off and will remain the permanent companion of the players. Additionally, this Fallout 4 companion grants a unique Robot Sympathy perk that allows players to gain +10 damage resistance from energy weapon attacks from enemies. But that only unlocks once characters are able to reach maximum Affinity with the Codsworth.

The only limitation about this companion is that he would always question your character. Considering your character would loot and steal things during the journey, you may mostly find Codsworth questioning everything and making a fuss about everything. This can become annoying at some points if your character is not built around being altruistic. Apart from that, Codsworth is a really great companion with a witty sense of humor and will be on your side mostly.


The next companion on the list is going to be Hancock. Do not judge him by his looks as he is the old Ghoul turned companion when the bomb dropped. However, this guy’s charisma is skyrocketing from the looks and has the best game design along with a backstory. No wonder he is the ghoul mayor of the Goodneighbor.

Fallout 4 Hancock

This Fallout 4 companion is available for beginners as well as veteran players. However, it requires a series of quests to gain his trust. After completing the quests, John Hancock will offer to join you in the journey further in the wasteland. Players can find him around the Old State House in the Goodneighbor where he will offer the quests to beginner players.

Fallout 4 Hancock Location
Hancock Location

However, to make him your companion, you must complete the Big Dig side quest. At the end of the quest, you will have the chance to make the Hancock your permanent companion in the game. Another unique thing about this companion In Fallout 4 is that he is immune to radiation. This means you can take him alongside with your journey to some of the worst places on the map.

Unlike other NPC companions, John Hancock is not the most ideal in terms of the fighting situation. He uses a shotgun for the fighting sequence, which is no help at all in most scenarios. However, his Affinity perk can greatly contribute to the Fallout 4 build that allows you to enjoy the Isodeped perk. In essence, this perk grants +20% regeneration speed for Critical Hit if your character’s radiation levels stand at 250.


If your character does not mix up with robots or ghouls, Deacon may be the perfect human companion choice for players. If you have already encountered him around the Railroad faction, you may know that he is a spy for the secretive organization. Most importantly, the Railroad organization has been keeping a close eye on the Sole Survivor.

Fallout 4 Deacon

Surprisingly, Sole Survivor may have had multiple encounters with Deacon ever since he walked out of the Vault. This is because Deacon has been spying on the character for his activities and the interests that will later influence the game when you join the Railroad faction. He is pretty good at wearing disguises. Some players can actually find him disguised during the Piper meeting in Diamond City. Moreover, he can also be found as Drifter in Goodneighbor during the Sole survivor’s journey.

Fallout 4 Deacon Location
Deacon Location

Considering him being the Spy all along, he might not be an ideal character to trust. Not just that but you may also find him lying a lot and then casually getting away with it. But still, when it comes to the power he yields for your gameplay, Deacon never disappoints. He relies on a Sniper rifle and Pipe rifle to end all kinds of enemies charging at him and Sole Survivor. With these weapons, no wonder he keeps a distance and does fatal damage to the enemies.

One of the guaranteed places to find Deacon is Old North Church outside Railroad headquarter. But before going to speak in person, you must complete a quest known as “Tradecraft”. However, in order to make Deacon your companion, you must join the Railroad faction.

This requirement does not matter as you do not really have to commit to the Railroad just for the sake of making Deacon your permanent companion. After reaching the Affinity, Deacon is going to offer Cloak and Dagger perk that enhances the sneak damage up to 20% along with an increase in Stealth Boy duration of 40%. With this perk, Deacon makes up for the Fallout 4 best stealth companion for players with stealth builds.


Another best companion for the stealth builds in Fallout 4 is going to be Dogmeat. Do not underestimate the canine dog, as he can be the friendliest and neutral companion in the game. In fact, Sole Survivor’s first interaction with a real companion is going to be with the Dogmeat that greets him with a great smile.

Fallout 4 Dogmeat

Although, Dogmeat might not be the most powerful companion in the game. But it can be a great companion to have on your side when you do not have anything at the start of Fallout 4. Dogmeat is not going to use any weapons, because it is a dog and will chop off the legs and arms of the enemies to cause a distraction, thus you can make a deadly shot.

Dogmeat can be found around the Red Rocket Truckstop near the Sanctuary. Upon initiating the conversation, you will be able to make him a permanent companion. If you have not been able to visit him earlier in the game, you may be later introduced to Dogmeat by Nick Valentine. Dogmeat does not grant any Affinity perk, although surprisingly, Dogmeat is immune to radiation, which makes him a unique companion in the game.

Additionally, Dogmeat can find the hidden items for you, which is a great help in looting stuff during your journey in the wasteland. In short, Dogmeat can be a great companion for beginner player that are just diving into the story and needs some assistance whatever the game throws at them.


To go much further, you can get a robot companion crafted and built all by yourself. Fallout 4 Automatron DLC emphasizes the neon world of Boston, which allows players to craft different types of robots for their daily battle needs. This, of course, utilizes numerous robot perks like Robotics Experts, Hacker, Gun Nut, and Science, but eventually, they all are going to contribute greatly to your robot companion.

Fallout 4 Building Automatron
Building Automatron

Building your own Automatron robot companion is fairly easy. To start things off, you must complete the first mission of the Fallout 4 Automatron expansion that is known as Mechanical Menace. In order to acquire this mission, you must be at level 15 which is fair for beginner players.

Moreover, you are also going to need robot schematics and material resources to build your ultimate pal of the journey. To do that, you will be mostly looting the stuff from the robots that you kill throughout the gameplay. Just like the weapon mods, you will be utilizing the material resources and crafting your robot. Pick up anything you find during your ambush with the robots, including Assualtron left arm, legs, or anything that might add value to your Automatron ultimate robot companion.

Next, you are going to need Robot Workbench where you will be building your mass-murdering machine. This is unlocked after completing the first mission of the Automatron DLC. Sadly, Automatron will not offer any Affinity perk. But with the ability to make the toughest robot companion, you are not going to think of Affinity perks anytime soon.


Just after finishing the first quest of the Automatron DLC, players will be able to meet a robot that goes by the name of Ada. Ada is a highly intelligent assaultron with a humanoid form whose intellectual abilities can make the best companion.

Fallout 4 Ada
Fallout 4 Ada

Considering Ada as an Assaultron, she is a deadly machine that can obliterate the enemies. Moreover, she can carry some loot as well as lockpick doors and hack the terminals. This means she will come in handy in most higher-level missions.

After spending some time, she will ask you to let her join you in different missions. To start the first quest, players will have to visit Waltz Consumer Electronics and speak to the heavily modified Assaultron. Like the Automatron robot that you build yourself, Ada also will not have an Affinity perk that grants special abilities and skills for your character.


Piper is a human companion that everyone would want to have on their side. She is immediately available to join your character as a companion upon first interaction. Piper is a Diamond City reporter, that had a hard background story in the fictional world of Fallout. You will encounter him struggling to get through the City Gates.

Fallout 4 Piper
Fallout 4 Piper Location
Piper Location

Since she is a news reporter, her interactions will mostly revolve around journalism and being a truthful reporter in the Commonwealth. However, she also possesses some essential skills that may come in handy for your quests by becoming your permanent companion. As a reporter, she is going to have Charismatic qualities that will assist players in a series of quests.

Moreover, Piper is not much of a weapon guy and will utilize a Pistol to get hands dirty with enemies. She can do pretty well under combat with effective fire damage to the enemies. However, she might not have immunities from radiations and other factors, after all, she is a human.

As you proceed further with Piper and reach higher Affinity, she will grant a unique perk Gift of Gab. All this perk does is offer +100% XP for using Charisma for persuading and discovering new locations. Considering these aspects, Piper can easily be the best companion for farming XP and acquiring essential bonuses.

Getting this perk is a similar process as of other companions. All you need to do is to avoid doing things that Piper does not like with the help of the Affinity bar in her stats. Once that is filled up, your character will be able to acquire her non-combat perk.

Old Longfellow

When it comes to one of the strongest companions in Fallout 4, Old Longfellow is never an exception. This old guy is a highly experienced human companion that came with the Far Harbor expansion pack for Fallout 4. This means that this companion In Fallout 4 will be available for mid-level players, which is a fair requirement for a good reason.

Fallout 4 Old Longfellow
Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow is going to be your guide throughout the island and will assist players with numerous main questline of the DLC. Unlike the companion from other DLC like Automatron, Old Longfellow is higher strength and skilled companion that deals heavy damage to the enemies and covers your side during a challenging situation.

He carries a lever-action rifle, which is really good for an AI NPC. Surprisingly, Old Longfellow will also grant a special perk for your character. Far Harbor DLC stats Old Longfellow is going to be your drinking partner in bars, and that is where you are going to find him in the first place.

Just like other companions, he also has likes and dislikes, which you might have to keep on track to maximize the Affinity. Once you do, your character will be able to obtain Hunter’s Wisdom perk. This perk enables players to reduce the damage and energy resistance of beasts by 25%. These include all land-living beasts and sea creatures in the Commonwealth of Boston.

One thing that all players must know is that Longfellow is the easiest companion to reach the maximum Affinity. However, he hates Children of Adam because of his background from Fallout 4 lore. So before you make any choices or conversation that proves beneficial for Children of Adam, they may count among dislikes for Old Longfellow.


x6-88 is indeed a difficult name to hear both in the real-life and virtual world of Fallout 4. However, in terms of companions, X6-88 is the best guy that will hand quite good bonuses and haul extra items during the journey. X6-88 is a synth human that is working for The Institute.

Fallout 4 X6-88

In essence, he is an operator and his initial encounter with the player was through Kellog’s memory mission. That is the only background we know so far for X6-88. However, we do know that he is a synth human that is also considered powerful army personnel. He is an emotionless and quite antihero person with high combat abilities that can easily destroy all kinds of enemies.

The fact that he is part of the Institute makes him the most powerful and best companion in Fallout 4. Although your character may not be able to romance with the companion, which is a detailed factor since he is an emotionless android.

He can be found during the Synth Retention Mission that is immediately unlocked when you enter the Institute. Not just that but you also need to complete the Battle of Bunker Hill and Mankind Redefined quest. If you have not completed the mission, then you might want to finish that for the sake of the storyline.

After you finish the mission and gain entrance into the Institute, you will find X6-88 roaming around. He is available for conversation, so all you need to do is to find him and interact. As for the weapons, X6-88 uses Laser Rifle, which in fact is a mass-murdering weapon if you are ambushed by enemies. Once you are able to make him your companion, you can qualify to earn his Affinity perk.

But before we discuss the Affinity perk, it is worth noting that X6-88 is different as compared to other companions. As said earlier, he is an antihero and dislikes the generous or nice activities in the Commonwealth. For that instance, evil character builds are going to be an ideal with this Fallout 4 companion. However, some players are still confused as the game wants them to make some good decisions too.

Once the player is able to maximize X6-88 Affinity, they can enjoy his Shield Harmonics perk. This perk will offer +20 energy resistance for your characters, so you will no longer have to worry about enemies with energy weapons.

Porter Gage

When talking about the Fallout 4 best companion for Nuka World, Porter Gage ranks top on the list. Porter Gage is another most powerful right hand of your character. He is a raider as well as a vendor that will sell stuff to the players. He is formally a right-hand man Connor the Harvestor who was the leader of the raiders group. His bossman later betrayed Gage and was eventually thrown out of the raiders gang.

Fallout 4 Porter Gage
Porter Gage

With this betrayal, Porter Gage decided to turn back on the raiders and go against them. Now with his experience with the raiders and their dirty secrets, he is definitely a great pick for your character. The first interaction players can make with Porter Gage is by going to Fizztop Grille in the Nuka World.

After a brief talk, you will have to complete storyline quests Taken for a Ride and An Ambitious Plan. Once you gain his trust from these quests, players can allow him to be your permanent companion further in the game. Like another companion, Gage will respond to the player’s actions. Moreover, that will also affect his Affinity meter which will grant you a unique perk.

Once his Affinity meter is full, players can acquire the Lessons in Blood perk that allows a 5% XP boost on each kill while adding +10 points to the character’s damage resistance. This includes both ballistic as well as energy damage resistance. Apart from the Affinity companion perk, Porter Gage will be carrying Handmade Rifle, which is honored among the Best Fallout 4 weapons. With all these qualities in a companion, Porter Gage is definitely worth investing in to pursue the story further in Fallout 4.


Cait is known among Fallout’s 4 best female companions that are going to be on your side everywhere. Sadly, her background and drugs influence has a great impact on her life and she will be found mostly discussing it. However, the player’s action and dialogue selection can greatly help her, making her the highly skilled companion for the character.

Fallout 4 Cait

She is an Irish woman with bad parents. She eventually left them and relied on pickpocketing to survive. That is the only thing you will find out initially, but your dialogue choices can reveal more. Caite can be found near the downtown Boston area in the Combat Zone.

Fallout 4 Cait Location
Cait Location

What is so unique about Cait is that she does not have a companion requirement. This means you will not have to complete specific quests to make her companion. Surprisingly, you can come to the location earlier in the game and meet her, but still, it is always advised to make her companion until you are level 10.

Upon reaching the location, you will find out it is a fighting club. Here you will meet a Ghoul named Tommy along with Cait. After a brief dialogue, he will ask you to take Cait along with your journey, where you might want to select Yes.

Cait will reward players with a unique Trigger Rush perk. This perk allows players faster Action Point regeneration speed when their health drops to 25%. For that instance, you can enjoy Critical Hits during the close-range combats. But for that, you are going to need to fill her Affinity bar to achieve that perk.

For that, you will have to follow a practice that she likes. Since she has a raider background, she is seeking a selfish and cowardly character. This means if you are too generous and peaceful, she is not going to like that. So make sure to steal a lot by utilizing her lockpicking and filling the Affinity bar to earn the sweet perk.


MacCready is another gun for hire that will keep things mostly to himself. As a former mercenary and gunner, MacCready holds significant experience in taking down different enemies and infiltrating buildings. These characteristics make him an ideal companion for Sole Survivor.


Especially, players have always praised MacCready because of his roots back in the original Fallout game. In that game, he was mayor of the Little Lamplight in 2077. Now 22 years later, MacCready is also part of the events of the Fallout 4 game and now has married a woman named Lucy.

Apart from that, MacCready is a great companion for your character that is looking for fast-paced killing sprees and easier mission completions. As an excellent gunner, MacCready prefers a Sniper rifle as a primary weapon to kill enemies from a safe distance. This will allow your character to go inside enemies’ den with a remarkable Sniper cover on your back.

At first, he will be available as a gun for hire at the Third Rail bar in Goodneighbor. Go to the basement and you will be able to see MacCready already negotiating with the Goodneighbor citizens for gun hire. After some conversation, he will make the offer of 250 caps to hire him as a gunner.

Fallout 4 MacCready Location
MacCready Location

If you think the price is too high for a gun hire, you may utilize your Charisma stat to negotiate the price all the way down to 100. This is because that is the only way you can make him your permanent companion. After hiring, he may also ask your character to do some of his personal quests.

That is your moment to enhance the Affinity for the companion to earn his trust and earn the best perk for your character. With the background of violence and killing, MacCready will like the harsh part of your character. This means his Affinity bar will increase whenever you are going to play as a violent character. Meanwhile, if a character is too soft-hearted and peaceful he is never going to proceed as a companion with you, thus never reaching max Affinity.

As for the companion perk, MacCready offers players with max Affinity Killshot perk that enables players 20% more accuracy to get headshots while using V.A.T.S. For that instance, players with heavy V.A.T.S usage can make achieve higher headshots for more brutal killing sprees.

Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey is the last known Minutemen that would do anything to make peace in the fictional world of Commonwealth. As a Minutemen member, he is also available among some of the best companions in Fallout 4. Since he is one of the notable NPC characters you find at the beginning of the game, many players are unaware of the fact he is also the first-ever companion you meet.

Fallout 4 Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey

Players can meet Preston Garvey at the Sanctuary Hills. But you must complete the “When Freedom Calls” main quest, otherwise, he will not be there. As said earlier, Preston Garvey is all about peace as well as defending the localities. If your character sounds the same with goals of peacemaking and protecting people, Preston Garvey is definitely worth making the companion.

Since he is a human, he does not have any immunity against radiation and poison. So think before you take him around the reactors and other poisonous locations. Moreover, Preston Garvey also has a companion perk which is only granted after reaching max Affinity. With his prime goal of reunification, Preston loves players that make peaceful action for the betterment of society.

Not just that but players will also have to complete a series of The Minutemen quests to gain his loyalty and achieve higher Affinity. Once you hit the complete Affinity bar, Preston Garvey will grant his United We Stand companion perk. This allows players to gain +20% damage and damage resistance when they are facing three or more enemies at the same time.

When outnumbered, Preston Garvey can assist the players by using the mighty Laser Musket, which puts huge holes into enemies. Although he will keep his distance while using the weapon. But with the best fire rate and damage, it is definitely a perfect weapon for a companion like Preston.

Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse tops the list for being the best and most loyal companion that will fight by your side. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. But when it comes to killing and protection, you may see him in his Power armor, making him a juggernaut for enemies.

Fallout 4 Paladin Danse
Paladin Danse

Danse was recruited by the Brotherhood of Steel and turned out the most loyal soldier to the group. Your character will pick up with him during the quest of a recon mission to retrieve the details of the Institute’s activity. During the mission, players can meet the Paladin Danse outside the Cambridge Police Station. But it is worth noting that this is during the Brotherhood of Steel recon missions.

Fallout 4 Paladin Danse Location
Paladin Danse Location

To make him your companion, players must complete Call to Arms, Semper Invicta quests. Some players also mention another quest requirement including Reunion and Shadow of Steel. In essence, these quests are loyalty markers for Paladins and prove your trust to make him a permanent companion.

Danse is a unique companion in the Fallout 4 series and even better is that he is immune to radiation. These qualities impress many beginner and veteran players that consider Danse as their companion further in the game. Moreover, players are required to fill their Affinity which is another term for in-game loyalty among players and companions.

Now Paladin Danse has its own sets of likes and dislikes. So you may want to track these aspects to make sure you maximize his Affinity with your character. Paladin is a lone soldier, so that means he will like a balance of kindness and violence. However, if your character is extremely peaceful or starts stealing from non-hostile NPCs, he is definitely going to hate for these acts.

Once you reach the maximum Affinity for Paladin Danse, he will offer the Know Your Enemy perk. This perk benefits players by enhancing the damage by 20% to feral Ghouls, Mutants, and Synths. Additionally, Paladin Danse prefers Laser Rifle to secure the location and take down any enemy that is charging at him.

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is another companion, but instead of reaching him, you will be rescuing him during the main quest. He is a noir synth type of human that has a unique outlook. In fact, he is a detective that can easily work around the stealth jobs like infiltrating terminals and lockpicking. He can hack the terminals so you can easily gain access to some of the secrets scattered around the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Nick Valentine
Nick Valentine

To find him, you must complete Unlikely Valentine and Getting a Clue quest. Since these are the main storyline quests, we will spare them for you for the sake of the story. As said earlier, Nick Valentine’s specialty is hacking and retrieving small details, he makes up Fallout 4 best companion for stealth action characters. Plus he is immune to radiation and poisoning, which makes him the best side companion for any type of character build.

Fallout 4 Nick Valentine Location
Nick Valentine Location

His prime weapon of choice is Revolver. Some players may not find it useful in combat. But what Nick lacks in combat, makes up for hacking the terminals that are just painful experiences in Fallout 4. Nick Valentine also has an Affinity perk to offer for your character. So you will have to make sure to keep him happy and avoid things that he dislikes.

The completion of the Affinity bar will allow players to acquire Nick Valentine’s Close to Metal perk. This allows players to 50% decrease in wait timing and one extra try after failing an actual hack. This significantly improves the characters that are always getting their fingers dirty on terminals and wants to disclose every secret game offers.


Strong is exactly what the name implies. You might be disturbed by the looks of the old guy, but he is the strongest super-mutant companion you can get in Fallout 4. Unlike other super-mutants that are always hostile, Strong is super-friendly and will assist players with a series of quests.

Fallout 4 Strong

Strong can be found by starting a quest “Curtain Call”. During the quest, you will have to go to the top of Trinity Tower where Strong and Rex Goodman former companions of super-mutant. What is so unique about Strong is that he has the highest carrying weight of 200. This means he can significantly help in carrying some of the cool stuff that you found during the journey with him. Plus he is immune to radiation, another perk of being super-mutant.

Fallout 4 Strong Location
Trinity Tower

He is both generous and violent in nature. In that case, he would like the same for your character build. However, he hates raiders and other enemies that use assault rifles and will smash and rip them apart when he sees one. His main weapon of choice is a Sledgehammer and will swing around with immense power to sweep clean the hostile areas.

After following his likeness, you will be able to fill his Affinity bar. After that, he will reward players with Berserk perk. This perk enables players to do +20% more melee damage when their health drops below 25%.


Last but not the least, Curie is an incredible companion that you can get in Fallout 4. At first, you will meet only Mr. Handy’s variant of Curie with female programming. In essence, it is a household robot and her name is Curie is an acronym for Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer.

Fallout 4 Curie - Mr Handy
Curie – Mr Handy

Originally expected to be a lab assistant in the Vault 81. However, Doctor Ken Collins gave her the freedom to do whatever she could when the great war began. To find her, players will have to gain access to the secret part of Vault 81. You will gain access here during a side quest Hole in the Wall. She will be found trapped inside the lab for 83 years.

Fallout 4 Curie Location
Curie Location

As for the companion, she is immune to radiation and poison. However, she will be giving your character multiple Stimpak to ensure survival. Now that she is in Mr. Handy’s form, you might not be able to utilize her to the full extent. To convert her to a fully functional companion, you will have to transfer her programming to a synthetic body.

All you need to do is to proceed with dialogue with Doctor Amari from Memory Den in Goodneighbor. But that is only possible during the Curie quest Emergent Behavior. You will not get any dialogue option to transfer the memory after the Dangerous Minds quest. So make sure to transfer her into the synth body. You may give her any weapon of your choice to do the murdering and allow her to deal higher damage.

Curie Synth Body
Curie Synth Body

With a calm and generous character like Curie, you might also want to proceed as a kind character to reach her max Affinity. After that, she will grant her companion perk Combat Medic. This perk comes in handy for survival aspects as it adds +100 Hit Points whenever your character Hit Points drop below 10%.

Fallout 4 Companion Summary

With another pair of guns and unique perks to enjoy, companions are a great addition to Fallout 4. Now that you know who is your best companion in Fallout 4, you can proceed further in the game and explore the darkest of places without worrying about survival. Moreover, you can connect your character and engage in romance activity with the companion to unlock a special bonus perk known as Lover’s Embrace. This perk allows players to receive +15 XP for a limited time.

That is about it for the ranked list of companions in Fallout 4. Who do you think makes up Fallout 4 best companion and for what reason? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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