Fallout 4 Best Factions: All Ranked [2024]

After playing the game for 100+ hours, I can say that Fallout 4 has many different factions but don't worry. Just follow my guide to see which faction in Fallout 4 is the best for you.

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With a love for Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, Waleed has dedicated more than 100 hours to Fallout 4, so you can easily trust his information related to the game.

There are 4 major factions in Fallout 4, the minutemen, The Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad, and The Institute. This article will help you find out Fallout 4 best faction and guide you about other factions as well. In Fallout 4 players get to choose any one of these 4 factions.

Key Takeaways

In Fallout 4, there are four main factions: The Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad, The Institute, and The Minutemen. Each has its unique goals and advantages:

  1. The Minutemen:

    • Supporters of liberty, equality, and freedom.
    • Notably, you can join another faction while remaining a Minuteman.
  2. The Brotherhood of Steel:

    • Aims to protect humanity from external threats and preserve technology and knowledge.
    • Prefers nonviolent methods but is willing to use force when necessary.
  3. The Railroad:

    • Focuses on rescuing synths and ensuring their freedom.
    • Advocates peaceful means but is prepared to use violence.
    • Access to unique gear and weaponry, like the Deliverer Pistol and Ballistic Weave Armor mod.
  4. The Institute:

    • Utilizes synths to achieve its goals and values scientific advancement.
    • Places a lower priority on preserving life.
    • Offers access to high-tech energy weaponry upon joining.

Each faction offers a different gameplay experience and storyline, allowing players to choose their path in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4.


The Minutemen are a Commonwealth faction focused on freedom, liberty, and equality. They oppose the authoritarian rule of the Institute and are spread throughout the Commonwealth, including locations like Megaton and Diamond City. Players first encounter them in Concord during the main quest, where they are in a standoff with raiders. Here, you meet Preston Garvey, a potential companion if you choose to help the Minutemen fight the raiders.

The main questline includes “Taking Independence,” where you battle Mirelurks and the Mirelurk Queen to establish a fortified base at the castle. This base grants access to militia reserves and the ability to build cannons in settlements.

fallout 4 best faction to join
Companion Preston Garvy

The Minutemen’s enemies are generally passive, and they only take direct action if you become an enemy of the Institute or engage in radical actions like killing Institute scientists. However, if you complete the main story with the Minutemen and are enemies with the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood may attack the Minutemen.

The Castle after defeating enemies

Advantages of Joining the Minutemen:

  • Allows you to join other factions without negatively affecting your standing with them.
  • Preston Garvey, a companion, offers a valuable perk.
  • Provides access to a flare gun to summon Minutemen for assistance when needed.

Overall Assessment:

  • While the Minutemen are a solid faction, other late-game factions may offer superior benefits.
  • They are not necessarily the clear-cut choice as the best faction in the game.

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Brotherhood of Steel

best faction to join fallout 4

The Brotherhood of Steel is a faction known for its strict code of conduct and technological expertise. They prioritize preserving technology and science for future generations and protecting humanity from external threats. Led by Elder Arthur Maxson, the Brotherhood is highly militaristic and seeks to acquire prewar technology at any cost.

To encounter the Brotherhood, you can visit the Cambridge Police Station early in the game and assist them in defeating a group of ghouls. There, you’ll meet Paladin Danse for the first time. After completing several quests with him, you have the option to have him as your companion. You officially join the Brotherhood of Steel after completing the “Semper Invicta” quest.

Joining the Brotherhood of Steel comes with numerous benefits, making them a strong faction choice:

  1. Access to rare items such as Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor, abundant ammunition, and powerful weapons like Gauss Rifles.

  2. The ability to call a Vertibird to your location using a flare, facilitating fast travel across the Commonwealth.

  3. A power armor paint scheme that boosts the armor’s strength, enhancing its overall performance.

best faction fallout 4
Companion Paladin Danse

Considering the wealth of benefits and resources you gain by aligning with the Brotherhood of Steel, they are often considered one of the top factions.


The Railroad has an overarching goal of rescuing fugitive synths and the overall freedom of synths. The faction believes in using peaceful means to achieve this goal, but they are not afraid to use violence if necessary.

Key Points:

  • The Railroad focuses on synth freedom.
  • They are secretive and rarely seen except in their headquarters.
  • Deacon, a potential companion, is introduced.

Benefits of Joining the Railroad:

  • Access to unique armor and weapons, like the Deliverer Pistol and Ballistic Weave Armor modification.
  • Deacon, as a companion, offers an affinity perk, especially useful for stealth-based playstyles.
Companion Deacon

Overall Assessment:

  • The Railroad’s primary goal is commendable, but in terms of gameplay, they are similar to the Minutemen.
  • They are a good faction, but not the best, with the exception of the valuable Ballistic Weave Armor mod and Deacon for certain playstyles.

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best faction fallout 4

The Institute is a faction in Fallout 4 characterized by their scientific and intellectual pursuits. They use synths to carry out their goals and believe in eradicating prewar culture to create a utopian society based on their ideals. They value scientific progress above all else and are willing to sacrifice life for their objectives.

Joining the Institute:

  • To join the Institute, complete the quest “Institutionalized.”
  • You meet the Institute’s leader and are given the choice to join.
  • Joining unlocks the companion X6-88.

Advantages of Joining the Institute:

  • Access to high-tech energy weapons upon joining.
  • X6-88, one of the best companions with a strong affinity perk.
  • Ability to summon gen one synths with a flare for assistance.
fallout 4 best faction to join
Companion X6-88


  • While the Institute may seem less favorable than other factions, it offers late-game advantages with powerful weapons.
  • The faction’s lore and storyline add depth to the game.
  • Considered one of the best factions to join in Fallout 4.


All the factions have their specific works and functions. Where one deals with the protection of the people of the Commonwealth, the other helps collect military weapons. One helps with creating Synths and another liberates the Synths. Choosing best faction to join is a difficult task. But according to me, The minutemen is the best faction out of all four. This is because firstly, they help in the protection of people.

Secondly, they are easy to join. Once you start the game the first faction is to join is The minutemen. They are accessible to join and are beneficial. Additionally, the enemies of the minutemen are silent enemies they do not kill everyone in their line of sight they hide and wait for the minutemen. All these reasons make the minutemen the best faction.

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