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fallout 4 best left forgotten skip
Fallout 4 Best Left Forgotten Skip

Fallout 4 Best Left Forgotten Skip Quest Guide

Fallout 4 is well known for its series of quests that ensure the best experience for the huge player base. Be it the short or lengthy quests, each represents unique collectibles, exploration of areas as well as resolving conflicts. Moreover, players can also encounter game quests that can challenge their abilities and skills. Fallout 4 Best Left Forgotten is also one of them that is incredibly difficult for all kinds of players. The quest follows the Far Harbor DLC that was released back on May 19, 2016. For that reason, many players are seeking Fallout 4 Best Left Forgotten Skip guide because of the underlying glitches and miserable puzzles.

If you are also one of those players, then do not worry as the following guide entails all the details you need to know to skip the Best Left Forgotten quest.

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Fallout 4: Best Left Forgotten Skipping

Many players have been reporting the unnerving gameplay of the Best Left Forgotten quest. The main reason for that is the Dima Memory puzzles that players obtain right after restoring the power during the initial phase of the quest. However, there is a little trick that players can try to simply skip the particular Dima Memory puzzles in the quests. Let’s discuss what exactly is that particular trick to skip Fallout 4 Best Left Forgotten quest.

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Skipping Dima Memory Puzzles

Despite the appealing gameplay of the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC, Dima’s memory puzzles are getting on the nerves of the gamers. Most players have been pulling hair out around the puzzles but the segment is never a walk in the park. For that, you can try the commands trick to easily skip the segment in the quest.

The main goal of the segment is to retrieve the Dima’s Memories and requires players to play 5 minigames or puzzles. These minigames take a lot of time to complete. Even worse is that you can not save the levels while in the programming interface of the puzzles.

Fortunately, you can use console commands to skip Dima’s memories in Fallout 4 Best Left Forgotten quest. All you need to do is to press the acute key. This will bring up the console within the game. Now type the commands and execute them one by one.

SetStage DLC03MQ04 150
SetStage DLC03MQ04 250
SetStage DLC03MQ04 350
SetStage DLC03MQ04 450
SetStage DLC03MQ04 550

Each command represents the Dima Memories retrieval in order and players will not have to play the minigames that were bothering them earlier. After the execution of commands, you will have to go into the inventory and select Misc. Here you can search for five Dima’s Memory items. Moreover, in order to proceed further in the quest, players will have to listen to these memory tapes one by one. After that, game will give you more objectives to explore the secrets of Wind Farm and Nuke Codes in the DLC content. 

Dima Memory Puzzles

If you are a completionist player and want to obtain every bit of information, you can still play the puzzle minigames even after executing the commands. You can find these puzzles in Atom’s Children Base.

After going into the simulation, you will hear the Dima voice explaining the puzzles. In these puzzles, you will see a Blue data stream that represents the “START” goal and a Yellow data stream that represents the “Finish” goal. These goals will be followed by the small bug creatures that bring the data pockets to the blue goal from the restore point. 

Your job is to build a path for these bug creatures by putting the blocks, directing the rays, and installing turrets. These will help the bugs to return the data without hitting the roadblocks. Here are some tips that can help you to easily complete the puzzles and retrieve the memory items. 

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Tips and Tricks for Dima Memory Puzzles

  • Start the puzzle by collecting the blocks. 
  • Collect and store the blocks to use later.
  • Employ your experience of the Studio because of the similarities of the interface. 
  • You can rotate the relay to obtain the direction and divert it to bypass the obstacles.
  • Data bugs will not survive the attack bots. Protect the by placing the turrets at the spawning points. 
  • Attack bots will spawn out of two locations, so you need to place at least two turrets to protect the data bugs. 
  • You can not take any item with you to the next level. 
  • Since the puzzles are glitchy, you can leave the puzzle interface and save the game. 
  • You can set up 5 turrets to protect the data bugs. 
  • You will also need to build your own pathways through blocks to diver the beam and set up the path for the data bugs. 
  • Relay blocks have a green arrow to where they will release the beam. 

Once you are done with all five puzzles, you will be able to learn a lot of details from the Dima’s memories. So it is highly advised to play these puzzles to obtain smallest details that the game provides in the DLC. 

Final Words

Well, that is about it for the Fallout 4 Best Left Forgotten skip guide. The Dima Memory puzzles are indeed tough and glitchy, but they are also the unique ones in the game. Players will not have any issue with the first two or three puzzles. Rest of the puzzles demands more skills and creativity from players to fill the gaps and finish the segment. Or you can execute the commands in the game’s console to retrieve and move on in the game.

We hope this guide was helpful for completing that pesky minigame.  What do you think of the unique puzzle segment in the quest? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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