Top 10 Fallout 4 Best Non Power Armor & Locations

Fallout 4 Best Non Power Armor
Fallout 4 Best Non Power Armor

Despite the 7-year-old release, Fallout 4 is still kicking in the gaming community. Thanks to the attention to details and numerous aspects that keep bringing players back to the nuclear-battered world of Boston Wasteland. Not just the veteran players, but the game has also been drawing the attention of new players to offer the best RPG experience set in the wide-open world. Looking back into the day of release, Fallout 4 has come a long way with numerous updates and expansion release that allows players to dive deep into the content and explore the story lore. Apart from the story, these consistent updates have also added in-game aspects like weapons, factions, and armors to assist the players in making effective choices for their playstyle. That is why many new and experienced players seek these aspects ranging from Fallout 4 best non power armor to ranged and melee weapons that meet their requirements.

With numerous mutant enemy species and human raiders lurking in the shadows, your character needs some protective element to ensure survival. However, with plenty of options available, the choice of a single protective armor can become daunting. You can pick either non power armor or power armor in the Fallout 4 game.

Unlike other games, Fallout 4 also focuses on offering fashion statements and protection to make the game more detailed and attention-worthy. For that instance, players juggle with different options available to pick the best non power armor in Fallout 4. If you are also one of those players, do not worry, as we bring you a complete guide on some of the Fallout 4 best non power armor. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Fallout 4 Best Non Power Armor

A few things that players should know before diving into the list. The armors are highly dependent on the type of character and playstyle you seek in the game. For instance, if you consider heavy character build, you may want to pursue power armors. Otherwise, you can also consider non power armor in Fallout 4 that aligns with your character’s requirement.

Another vital thing to note is that every armor in Fallout 4 is not an individual piece. Instead, you will be going after armor set pieces that allow players to mix and match different armor pieces that suit their needs. This strategy enhances the player’s experience in the game and allows their creativity to create a unique armor. With that said, let’s have a look at the top 10 best non power armor sets that you can get in Fallout 4.

Hunter’s Pelt Outfit

The first one on the list will be Hunter’s Pelt Outfit. As said earlier, Fallout 4 does not have exclusive armors that are considered individual obtainable items in the game. Instead, this game focuses on offering different outfits and armor pieces that can be mixed and equipped depending on players’ choices.

Fallout 4 Hunter's Pelt Outfit
Hunter’s Pelt Outfit

For instance, players can also equip different outfits that serve the purpose of light armor and offer the best protection. One, in particular, is Hunter’s Pelt outfit from the Far Harbor DLC pack in Fallout 4. Unlike any other outfit in the game, Hunter’s Pelt has a pretty high Damage and Energy Resistance of 15. It is made from different types of leather and looks appealing, which will significantly contribute to your Fallout 4 character build.

As long as you have the Far Harbor DLC, you will obtain this armor set for your character build. This armor can go a long way for hunter or sniper build where you will be keeping the distance from the enemies. Acquiring this armor is relatively easy and can be found on Trappers. This will require farming on Trappers, which is indeed daunting. But in the end, it is worth it for achieving a reward like Hunter’s Pelt armor.

D.C. Guard Armor

The DC Guard is an entry-level armor that offers decent damage protection for beginner players. The entry-level means this armor set is the ideal choice when you do not have anything to protect the bare skin. Diamond City guards wear this armor. As for the looks, D.C. Guard armor is nowhere appealing and looks quite survival-themed football-themed apparel. However, what it lacks in the fashion statement, makes up for the protection.

Fallout 4 DC Guard Armor
D.C. Guard Armor

This armor grants a tremendous Damage Resistance value of 68, which is incredible for initial-level players. Not just that, but this armor also offers an Energy Resistance value of 43, which will absorb any damage from the enemies using energy weapons.

Getting the complete set of D.C. Guard armor will not be an easy feat. Unlike other armors that you can find through random spawns around the map, D.C. Guard armor can be obtained only from the guards roaming around Diamond City.

There are only two ways to get your hands on the complete set of the D.C. Guard armor. You can either kill a guard wearing a complete set of armor or loot them off from their bodies. Or you can consider a more humane approach and pickpocket the armor off from their bodies using Sneak and Pickpocket perks.

Diamond City Location
Diamond City Location

All you need to do is head into Diamond City and get inside the Security Office. Here you can find plenty of D.C. Guards. But you will have to enter a room with only one Guard wearing the complete armor set. You will need Stealth Boy to activate the invisible field for 30 seconds. You can pickpocket the Guard to steal the D.C. Gaurd armor during this period.

Courser Uniform

Courser uniform is another outfit-themed Fallout 4 best non power armor. As the name implies, it is a Courser’s uniform from the Institute. What makes t is armor unique and best is the amount of protection to players. Upon wearing the complete set, players will get Damage Resistance of 30, along with 15 Energy and Radiation Resistance.

Fallout 4 Courser's Armor
Courser Armor

Surprisingly, Courser armor comes with unique effects in the form of S.P.E.C.A.L. stat values. This means t at wearing this armor can grant your character +1 Perception and +1 Endurance, paving the way for more perk trees for your character. However, it will get you in a lot of trouble and story progression.

Firstly, if you are a starting player, you will have to access the Institute, one of the prominent factions in Fallout 4. After completing a series of storyline quests, players will be asked to join the Institute faction, which will be your pass to Courser Uniform. After entering the Institution, you can purchase this armor set from the Requisition Counter. Or it can al o be looted off from the Courser dead body.

Leather Armor

When it comes to the best entry-level non power armor in Fallout 4, Leather armor is never an exception. It is a high y underrated set that can be worn on any of the outfits available in the game. The combined effects will grant promising damage protection to beginner and mid-level players.

Fallout 4 Leather Armor
Leather Armor

Leather armor comes with three variants that are available to players. These include Standard, Sturdy, and Heavy armor sets. This is because Leather armor is upgradable, and the final version will turn into a Heavy variant. Moreover, each variant has its own sets of stats that can help the players with their damage protection needs.

The Standard variant will grant a Damage Resistance of 9 and an Energy Resistance of 26. Meanwhile, t e Sturdy and Heavy variant gives Damage Resistance of 40 and 68 and Energy Resistance of 71 and 108, respectively. Heavy Leather armor stands out among other variants with these stats to offer the best damage protection to your character.

Once again, this is a rare armor set and will require a painful amount of grinding to obtain a complete set. The only way to acquire the full set of Heavy Leather armor is from the Dunwich Borers. Here you will have to kill all Veteran Raiders. If you are higher level or at least level 30, you may have higher chances of getting a Heavy Leather armor variant from these Raider enemies.

Leather Armor Location
Leather Armor Location

You will get only one or two armor pieces from one Raider corpse. This means you will have to find all the Veteran Raiders roaming around the location and kill them to get a look at what they have on them. If you cannot get the full set, all you need to do is travel away from the Dunwich Borers and reach Diamond City.

Here you will be waiting for 15 in-game days that will cost you 7-10 real-world minutes, which is fair. Once you are done with 15 in-game days, you can return to Dunwich Borers and once again start killing the Raider Veterans here. This time you will be able to obtain the rest of the Heavy Armor pieces that you were seeking earlier. The overall process is indeed tricky and highly lengthy. But, in the end, Heavy Leather armor is worth all the wait.

Rescue Diver Suit

Another unique yet infamous armor set in Fallout 4 is Rescue Diver Suit. This armor is also part of the Far Harbor DLC and offers reliable radiation protection to players that like to explore the radiated places in Commonwealth Boston. Although, this armor might not be most robust in terms of upgradability and Damage Resistance. But it does have underwater effects and Radiation Resistance for players.

Fallout 4 Diver's Suit
Diver’s Suit

Rescue Diver Suit comes with Damage and Energy Resistance of 10. While, its Radiation Resistance stands at 250 points, making it the best non power armor in Fallout 4. Moreover, this armor allows players to Breathe Underwater as a special effect for wearing the armor set.

On the other side, this set is available as a reward from Captain Avery in a storyline quest known as “The Changing Tide.” If you are a completionist, you may have to complete the quest first.

Synth Armor

Synth armor is a futuristic entry in Fallout 4 with qualities of power armor. Initially designed as a combat armor for first and second-generation Synth Soldiers, Synth armor fits the futuristic and dark setting of the game. The complete armor set is appealing from the looks and offers the best damage protection abilities to the players. Especially f you are building a sniper or assassin-themed character, Synth armor has the coolest-looking mask compared to others in the game.

Fallout 4 Synth Armor
Synth Armor

Once again, this armor comes in three variants, which means that players will have the ability to modify and craft the Synth Armor set. The Standard version of the Synth Armor will grant Damage and Energy Resistance values of 47 and 66. The Sturdy version’s Damage and Energy Resistance stands at 71 and 87. At the same time, the Heavy and final variant offers whopping Damage and Energy Resistances of 103 and 120, respectively.

Given these promising stats, players must seek Sturdy or Heavy variants. But that also depends on your character level. It is worth noting that Synth Armor is a polisher version of Combat armor with more substantial and heavier qualities. Moreover, acquiring the Synth Armor requires players to access the Institute.

Location of Synth Armor
Location of Synth Armor

This is possible after a series of questline until you are offered the Institute faction. After that,  all you need to do is to go to the Requisition Counter and purchase the Synth armor for a cost that depends on how much Charisma or Bartering perks you have on the character. Speak to the Synth on the Counter, and you will be able to see the full set of Synth armor along with the cost.

2nd Location for Synth Armor
2nd Location for Synth Armor

You can go to Mahkra Fishpacking, just above Coastal Cottage on the map for those who have not joined the Institute. Here you will encounter Synth members with armor pieces on them. All you need to do is kill each of them to obtain a full set of Synth armors.

Maxson’s Battlecoat

The next entry in the unique non power armor will be Maxson’s Battlecoat. Just because it is unique apparel does not mean it can not be Ballistic Weaved and offers the best damage protection to players. This apparel comes from Elder Arthur Maxson’s in-game character, the leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 4 Maxson's Battlecoat
Maxson’s Battlecoat

What makes Maxson’s Battlecoat so demanding is the unique effect of +1 Perception and high stat values among the Fallout 4 non power armors. Speaking of stats, armor has a Damage Resistance of 50. Unfortunately, this armor does not grant radiation or Energy Weapon resistance, which is the only downside of making it a hit or miss for your character.

However, if your character needs +1 Perception, Maxson’s Battlecoat is a perfect option to go for. You will have to kill Maxson to loot off the armor from his body for that in ance. Now that will be the part of the storyline with the Brotherhood of Steel faction. So you may want to pursue the storyline first before choosing between killing him for the sake of the armor set.

Trapper Armor

Trapper armor sets the survival and post-apocalypse setting of the game. This might not be your ideal-looking fashion apparel, but it is an excellent option available to players with huge damage protection. As the name implies, this armor is worn by Trapper enemies, which makes them good at crafting and surviving.

Fallout 4 Trapper Armor
Trapper Armor

Do not get over the weird concrete spikes and lobster cage headset, as these will be crucial life-saving aspects for your character. Speaking of lifesavers, Trapper armor has some of the best protection stats. This armor comes in two variants, Standard and Heavy, obtainable by players from the dead Trapper enemies.

The full set of Standard variants offers Damage Resistance of 56 and an Energy Resistance of 41. n the other side, the Heavy variant of Trapper armor grants a value of 80 for both Damage and Energy Resistances. To obtain this heavy armor set, all you need to do is grind some Trappers until you get the full set of Trapper armor.

Robot Armor

Robot armor comes in the Automatron DLC as one of the prominent armors in the game. This armor stands out among others because of the heavy outlook despite being non power armor. If you are seeking a playstyle with a Robotic aesthetic and heavy damage protection, Robot armor will be the ideal option to go for.

Fallout 4 Robot Armor
Robot Armor

Robot armor is available in three variants: Standard, Sturdy and Heavy. The cherry on top aspect of this armor is that upgrading this armor will require only Rank 2 of Armorer. Thus allowing early and mid-level players to quickly achieve the maximum potential of the Robot Armor.

The Standard set of Robot armor comes with Damage and Energy Resistance values of 46 and 26. The Sturdy set has values for Damage and Energy Resistances of 91 and 56. hile Heavy set of Robot armor pushes these values even further to 131 and 86 for both Damage and Energy Resistance. Robot Armor can make your character immortal and a juggernaut against enemies with these stats on your side.

Obtaining this armor will require players to install an Automatron expansion pack for Fallout 4. ext, you wi l need to be at least level 30 to ensure you find this armor. Players will have to pay a visit to Fort Hagin Sattelite Array. This is also the location for the Headhunting quest. Here, you will kill every Raider and loot off the armor pieces from their corpses.

Fort Hagin Location for Robot Armor
Fort Hagin Location for Robot Armor

Although, you may have to struggle to grind for the Robot Armor pieces, as some players may not obtain a complete set. For that, you will have to set your character to wait for in-game 15 days. After that, you can go back to Fort Haigen again to get the rest of the Robot Armor pieces.

Marine Armor

Lastly, Marine armor is the best non power armor you can get in Fallout 4, with stats off the charts. This armor focuses on providing maximum defense for your character. This, combined with the armor upgrades, can quickly become the top choice of players.

Fallout 4 Marine Armor
Marine Armor

Although it does look like a lite version of Power Armor, it ranks higher in the list of non power armors that you can get in Fallout 4. Another surprising thing about this armor is that it has been the center of players’ attention since it is a part of Far Harbor DLC. As long as you have the expansion pack on your base game, you are all good to go to pursue this armor for your character.

Before diving into the location, let’s look at the stats of the Marine armor. arine armor is also upgradeable to up to three versions. The Zealot’s Marine armor, the base version, has the Damage and Energy Resistance value of 108. upgrading the set with Armorer perk Rank 2 will allow players to push the limit to Assault Marine Armor with Damage and Energy Resistances of 159 and 158, respectively. astly, the Inquisitor’s Marine Armor version has Damage and Energy Resistance values of 139 and 140.

The approach to obtaining the Marine Armor will involve a storyline quest in Far Harbor DLC. for that instance, we have a complete guide on getting the armor, which you can check through Fallout 4 Best Armor.

Final Words

Every armor set in Fallout 4 has its advantages and drawbacks that depend on the type of character you are building. Power Armors are incredibly lucrative. But it does not mean it will leverage for every kind of character. In that case, players must carefully consider their defense needs by researching some of the best non power armors in Fallout 4.

That is about it for the top 10 best non power armors in Fallout 4? Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your ideal armor set? What is your perfect armor set for the defensive measures in Commonwealth? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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