Top 10 Fallout 4 Best Non Power Armor & Locations

I have been playing Fallout 4 for more than 100+ hours and here are my top 10 Non Power Armors in the game!

Fallout 4 Best Non Power Armor
Fallout 4 Best Non Power Armor
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With 100+ hours in Fallout 4, Waleed knows the game’s ins and outs. You can trust what he says about Fallout 4 because he’s spent a lot of time playing it.

With numerous mutant enemy species and human raiders lurking in the shadows, your character needs some protective element to ensure survival. However, with plenty of options available, the choice of a single protective armor can become daunting. You can pick either non power armor or power armor in the Fallout 4 game.

Key Takeaways

  1. DC Guard: Entry-level armor with 68 Damage Resistance and 43 Energy Resistance, acquired from Diamond City guards using a Stealth Boy.
  2. Courser Uniform: Best non-power armor in Fallout 4, offering +1 Perception and +1 Endurance.
  3. Leather Armor: Entry-level non-power armor with Standard, Sturdy, and Heavy variants, providing varying levels of Damage and Energy Resistance.
  4. Rescue Diver Suit: Unique armor with radiation protection and underwater effects, rewarded in the quest “The Changing Tide.”
  5. Synth Armor: Futuristic non-power armor with Standard, Sturdy, and Heavy variants, offering high Damage and Energy Resistance.
  6. Maxson’s Battlecoat: Unique non-power armor with +1 Perception, acquired by looting Maxson.
  7. Trapper Armor: Survival armor with two variants, Standard and Heavy, known for significant damage protection.
  8. Robot Armor: Robotic aesthetic armor with three variants, Standard, Sturdy, and Heavy, providing varying Damage and Energy Resistance.
  9. Marine Armor: Best non-power armor with Zealot’s and Inquisitor’s variants, offering high Damage and Energy Resistance.

Best Non Power Armors & Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my best Non Power Armor . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.ArmorsBest forDamage ResistanceEnergy ResistanceWeightValue
10Hunter’s Pelt OutfitBest Non Power Armor for Sniper or Hunter builds.15151545
9D.C.Guard ArmorBest Non Power Armor for Beginners.68431755
8Courser UniformBest Non Power Armor for The Institute.301515200
7Leather ArmorBest Non Power Armor for a Durable Starting Point.--Full Set 13,28.3,43.6Full Set 61,126,191
6Rescue Diver SuitBest Non Power Armor for Rad Defense.+10+10835
5Synth ArmorBest Non Power Armor for Assassin Builds.47, 71, 10366,81,12022,40,57228,425,655
4Maxon’s BattlecoatBest Non Power Armor for boosting Perception.50020400
3Trapper ArmorBest Non Power Armor for Maximum Physical Defense.56 (standard)
80 (heavy)
54 (standard)
80 (heavy)
41 (standard)
57 (heavy)
86 (standard)
116 (heavy)
2Robot ArmorBest Non Power Armor for Robotic-Themed builds.--Full set 20,47.1,74.3Full set 67,342,617
1Marine ArmorBest Non Power Armor for Ultimate Defense.51915895930

My Non-Power Armors Comparison Table

Unlike other games, Fallout 4 also focuses on offering fashion statements and protection to make the game more detailed and attention-worthy. For that instance, players juggle with different options available to pick the best armor.

If you are also one of those players, do not worry; I will provide a complete guide on some of the best non power armor. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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10. Hunter’s Pelt Outfit

Best Non Power Armor for Sniper or Hunter builds.

Why do I Recommend Hunter’s Pelt Outfit?

I chose the Hunter’s Pelt Outfit for its balanced protection and unique look, ideal for stealthy ranged characters in the Far Harbor setting.

Fallout 4 Hunter's Pelt Outfit
Hunter’s Pelt Outfit
Damage Resistance15
Energy Resistance15
Form IDxx04E698

Hunter’s Pelt Stats Table.

In Fallout 4, outfits and armor pieces can be mixed and equipped based on player preferences. The Hunter’s Pelt outfit from the Far Harbor DLC offers a notable choice for light armor with high Damage and Energy Resistance at 15. 

  1. To obtain this armor, you need the Far Harbor DLC.
  2. It’s particularly valuable for hunter or sniper builds, where keeping a distance from enemies is crucial.
  3. You can find it on Trappers by farming them, although it may require some effort.
  4. The reward of acquiring the Hunter’s Pelt armor makes the effort worthwhile.

  • High Damage & Energy Resistance.
  • Stylish appearance.

  • Can be difficult to find.
  • Requires Far Harbor DLC.

9. D.C. Guard Armor

Best Non Power Armor for Beginners.

Why do I Recommend D.C. Guard Armor?

I chose the D.C. Guard Armor for its accessibility to beginners and reasonable protection in the early stages of the game.

Fallout 4 DC Guard Armor
D.C. Guard Armor
Damage Resistance68*
Energy Resistance43*

D.C. Guard Stats Table.

The DC Guard armor is a beginner-level choice for decent damage protection. It may not be fashionable, resembling survival-themed football attire, but it compensates with its protection.

  1. To get the full DC Guard armor set, you have two options.
  2. You can either kill a guard wearing it or pickpocket it using the Sneak and Pickpocket perks.
  3. Inside the Diamond City Security Office, find a room with a guard wearing the complete set.
  4. Use a Stealth Boy to become invisible for 30 seconds and pickpocket the armor during this period.
Diamond City Location
Diamond City Location

  • Good early-game protection.
  • Decent stats.

  • Unfashionable.
  • Challenging to obtain a full set.

8. Courser Uniform

Best Non Power Armor for The Institute.

Why do I Recommend Courser Armor?

I chose the Courser Armor for its superior protection and the extra boost it gives to Perception and Endurance, great for advanced Institute builds.

Fallout 4 Courser's Armor
Courser Armor
Damage Resistance30
Energy Resistance15
Radiation Resistance15
EffectsPerception +1
Endurance +1
VariantsChase's uniform
Form ID0012A332
Editor IDClothes courser jacket

Courser Armor Stats Table.

Courser uniform is another outfit-themed best non power armor. As the name implies, it is a Courser’s uniform from the Institute. What makes this armor unique and best is the amount of protection to players.

  1. If you are a starting player, you will have to access the Institute, one of the prominent factions in Fallout 4. 
  2. After completing a series of storyline quests, players will be asked to join the Institute faction, which will be your pass to Courser Uniform.
  3. After entering the Institution, you can purchase this armor set from the Requisition Counter.
  4. It can also be looted from the Courser’s dead body.

  • Good protection.
  • Unique stat boosts (+1 Perception, +1 Endurance).

  • Requires joining the Institute.
  • Can cause story progression issues.

7. Leather Armor

Best Non Power Armor for a Durable Starting Point.

Why do I Recommend Leather Armor?

I chose the Leather Armor for its balance between availability and potential, especially once you upgrade it to Sturdy or Heavy variants.

Fallout 4 Leather Armor
Leather Armor
WeightFull Set 13,28.3,43.6
ValueFull Set 61,126,191
VariantsNormal, Sturdy, Heavy

Leather Armor Stats Table.

Leather armor is a highly underrated choice for entry-level non-power armor, suitable for beginners and mid-level players. It comes in three variants: Standard, Sturdy, and Heavy, each with its stats, and can be worn over various outfits.

The Heavy Leather armor variant excels in damage protection. Obtaining a complete set can be challenging. You can find it by killing Veteran Raiders at Dunwich Borers, but it may take some grinding.

  1. Each Raider may drop one or two armor pieces, so you’ll need to eliminate all Veteran Raiders in the area to collect the full set.
  2. If you can’t find the complete set, leave Dunwich Borers, wait for 15 in-game days (7-10 real-world minutes), and then return to the location to continue hunting for the missing pieces.
  3. It’s a lengthy process, but the Heavy Leather armor is worth the effort.
Leather Armor Location
Leather Armor Location

  • Versatile (3 variants).
  • Easy to find early in the game.

  • Lower protection than specialized armor.

6. Rescue Diver Suit

Best Non Power Armor for Rad Defense.

Why do I Recommend a Rescue Diver Suit?

I chose the Rescue Diver for the niche use case, perfect for surviving harsh environments or completing the “The Changing Tide” quest.

Damage Resistance+10
Energy Resistance+10
Radiation Resistance+250
EffectsBreathe underwater
QuestsThe Changing Tide
Form IDxx04FA7D
Editor IDDLC03_CustomItem_DoNotPlaceDirectly_RescueDiverSuit

Diver Suit Stats Table.

This armor is also part of the Far Harbor DLC and offers reliable radiation protection to players who like to explore the radiated places in Commonwealth Boston.

However, this armor might not be the most robust in terms of upgradability and Damage Resistance. But it does have underwater effects and Radiation Resistance for players.

Fallout 4 Diver's Suit
Diver’s Suit
  1. This set is available as a reward from Captain Avery in a storyline quest known as “The Changing Tide.”
  2. If you are a completionist, you may have to complete the quest first.

  • High Radiation Resistance.
  • Allows underwater breathing.

  • Low Damage & Energy Resistance.
  • Part of Far Harbor DLC.

5. Synth Armor

Best Non Power Armor for Assassin Builds.

Why do I Recommend Synth Armor?

I chose the Synth Armor for its high protective values and futuristic style, offering great defense with a unique appearance.

Fallout 4 Synth Armor
Synth Armor
Damage Resistance47, 71, 103
Energy Resistance66,81,120
VariantsRegular, sturdy, heavy

Synth Armor Stats Table.

Synth armor in Fallout 4 offers futuristic aesthetics and powerful damage protection. Initially designed for Synth Soldiers, this armor set suits the game’s dark, futuristic setting and appeals to players.

It’s particularly well-suited for sniper or assassin-themed characters, featuring an eye-catching mask.

For optimal protection, I recommend aiming for Sturdy or Heavy variants, depending on their character level. Synth armor resembles a polished version of Combat armor, offering increased durability and weight.

  1. To obtain Synth armor, access the Institute faction after completing relevant questlines.
  2. Visit the Requisition Counter, where you can purchase Synth armor at a cost influenced by your Charisma or Bartering perks.
  3. Speak to the Synth at the counter to view the full set and its cost.
  4. If you haven’t joined the Institute, you can find Synth members wearing armor at Mahkra Fishpacking, located just above Coastal Cottage on the map.
  5. Defeat these Synth members to obtain a full set of Synth armor.
Location of Synth Armor
Location of Synth Armor
2nd Location for Synth Armor
2nd Location for Synth Armor

  • Excellent protection.
  • Futuristic style (3 variants).

  • Requires Institute access or farming-specific locations.

4. Maxson’s Battlecoat

Best Non Power Armor for boosting Perception.

Why do I Recommend Maxson’s Battlecoat?

I chose Maxson’s Battlecoat for its niche ability to add a useful stat point, which is good for characters who rely on Perception-based perks.

Damage Resistance50
Energy Resistance0
Radiation Resistance0
Effects+1 Perception
Editor IDClothes Maxon Coat
Form ID001FE1A6

Maxson’s Battlecoat Stats Table. 

The next entry in the unique nonpower armor will be Maxson’s Battlecoat. Just because it is unique apparel does not mean it can not be Ballistic Weaved and offer the best damage protection to players.

This apparel comes from Elder Arthur Maxson’s in-game character, the leader of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 4 Maxson's Battlecoat
Maxson’s Battlecoat

If your character needs +1 Perception, Maxson’s Battlecoat is a perfect option to go for.

  1. You will have to kill Maxson to loot off the armor from his body for that in ance.
  2. Now that will be part of the storyline with the Brotherhood of Steel faction.
  3. So you may want to pursue the storyline first before choosing between killing him for the sake of the armor set.

  • Unique design.
  • +1 Perception boost.

  • No Energy or Radiation Resistance.
  • Requires killing Maxson.

3. Trapper Armor

Best Non Power Armor for Maximum Physical Defense.

Why do I Recommend Trapper Armor?

I chose the Trapper Armor for pure functionality. While it may not look pretty, the protection this armor offers is unrivaled.

Damage Resistance56 (standard)
80 (heavy)
Energy Resistance54 (standard)
80 (heavy)
Weight41 (standard)
57 (heavy)
Value86 (standard)
116 (heavy)

Trapper Armor Stats Table.

Trapper armor sets the survival and post-apocalypse setting of the game. This might not be your ideal-looking fashion apparel, but it is an excellent option available to players with huge damage protection.

As the name implies, this armor is worn by Trapper enemies, which makes them good at crafting and surviving.

Fallout 4 Trapper Armor
Trapper Armor

To obtain this heavy armor set, all you need to do is grind some Trappers until you get the full set of Trapper armor.

  • Excellent Damage & Energy Resistance (especially Heavy variant)

  • Unappealing design.
  • Requires farming Trappers.

2. Robot Armor

Best Non Power Armor for Robotic-Themed builds.

Why do I Recommend Robot Armor?

I chose the Robot Armor for its customizable robotic appearance and easy access with the right DLC, it makes you feel like a walking tank.

Fallout 4 Robot Armor
Robot Armor
WeightFull set 20,47.1,74.3
ValueFull set 67,342,617
VariantsNormal, Sturdy, Heavy

Robt Armor Stats Table. 

The Robot Armor, featured in the Automatron DLC for Fallout 4, provides a distinctive heavy appearance and robust damage protection despite not being power armor. If you’re looking for a robotic aesthetic and strong damage resistance, this armor is an excellent choice.

Robot armor comes in three variants: Standard, Sturdy, and Heavy. What sets it apart is that you can upgrade it to its maximum potential with just Rank 2 of the Armorer perk, making it accessible for early and mid-level players.

Installing the Automatron expansion pack is necessary to obtain this armor. Additionally, you need to be at least level 30.

  1. Visit Fort Hagen Satellite Array during the “Headhunting” quest to find the Robot Armor.
  2. Eliminate the Raiders and loot the armor pieces from their corpses.
  3. While getting a complete set of Robot Armor can be challenging due to random drops, you can set your character to wait for 15 in-game days, then return to Fort Hagen to find the missing pieces and complete your collection.
Fort Hagin Location for Robot Armor
Fort Hagin Location for Robot Armor

  • Distinctive robot aesthetic.
  • Great protection.
  • Easy to upgrade.

  • Can be hard to find a full set.
  • Requires Automatron DLC.

1. Marine Armor

Best Non Power Armor for Ultimate Defense.

Why do I Recommend Marine Armor?

I chose the Marine Armor for its unparalleled defensive capabilities, offering the best chance of survival against the toughest enemies.

Fallout 4 Marine Armor
Marine Armor
Damage Resistance519
Energy Resistance158
Radiation Resistance60
VariantsRecon marine armor
Atom's Bulwark

Marine Armor Stats Table.

Marine armor is the best non-power armor, known for its exceptional defense stats. It prioritizes maximum character protection and becomes a top choice when upgraded.

This armor, while resembling a lighter version of power armor, ranks higher among non-power armor sets in the game. It gained players’ attention as part of the Far Harbor DLC. To obtain it, you need to have the expansion pack installed.

Marine armor offers impressive protection and is a valuable asset for your character’s survival.

The approach to getting the Marine Armor will involve a storyline quest in Far Harbor DLC. For that instance, we have a complete guide on getting the armor, which you can check through Fallout 4 Best Armor.

  • Absolute best protection stats for non-power armor.
  • Far Harbor DLC.

  • Difficult to obtain.
  • Requires specific questline completion.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Metal Armor: Although metal armor has a sturdy appearance, it doesn’t provide quite as much protection as some other options on this list. It’s often an early-game choice for many players and quickly outclassed.
  2. Combat Armor: Combat armor can be found early on and is easily upgradable with its many variants, but its overall protection values are quite average compared to later, more specialized armor choices.
  3. Raider Armor: Even with its intimidating name, Raider armor is essentially scrap metal strapped together and is quite lacking in both Damage and Energy Resistance.
  4. Cage Armor: This makeshift armor provides low protection, although it comes with a small Agility bonus.
  5. Disciples, Operators, and Pack Armor: While having unique appearances, these faction armors (found in the Nuka World DLC) generally have mediocre overall stats compared to specialized armor like Marine or Synth armor.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced Fallout 4 player with 100+ hours of gameplay, I recommend considering a couple of top contenders for the best non-power armor, depending on your playstyle.

For players seeking top-tier overall protection, Marine Armor is your best bet. This armor, available in the Far Harbor DLC, boasts exceptionally high damage and energy resistance. While on the bulky side, the protection it provides against the Commonwealth’s toughest enemies makes it worth the extra weight.

If you favor stealth and agility, focus on getting the Courser Uniform. This unique apparel not only provides decent protection but also boosts your Perception and Endurance, offering valuable perk benefits.

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