Fallout 4 Best Perks: Strength, Perception, Luck, And More

Here are the best perks for Fallout 4 after playing the game for more than 80+ hours!

Fallout 4 Best Perks
Fallout 4 Best Perks

Perks are the skill set that players can acquire for their characters. These are earned through perks points by leveling up the character. Moreover, players can increase these perk points by increasing the rank of the primary SPECIAL perk.

For those who are unaware of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L, it is the chart that holds all the qualities that your character should have.

Key Takeaways

  • Perks are the skill set that players can teach their characters. These are obtained by leveling up the character and using perk points. Additionally, players have the option of raising the rank of the main SPECIAL perk to raise these perk points.
  • Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck are all abbreviated as S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Each letter stands for a different reward that gamers might experience.
  • With Fallout 4’s extensive perk tree, players can create any kind of character they can think of. That does not imply that each perk is special and advantageous for the greatest possible gameplay.
  • Some players may layer many perks to create a distinctive identity, while others may find some advantages to be ludicrous. As a result, there will always be debates over the many benefits.
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Fallout 4 best perks

S.P.E.C.I.A.L is the acronym of Strenght, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Each letter represents the perks available for players to try.

You will be required to set a value with the 21 points available at the start of the game. If you are confused about which perk to select along with the value, then do not worry. I will go through each Stat with the best perks and value for Fallout 4.

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Best Perks for Strength

The Strength stat is self-explanatory for your character. Since the players will be looting and killing enemies with both melee and weapon attacks, Strength measures the ability of the character to carry stuff as well as register damages. There are numerous kinds of perks for the Strenght Stat that can assist you throughout the game. I will be discussing the best perks that are worth a try for both beginners and veteran players.


Best Strength Perk for Armor Crafting.

Why did I Choose Armorer?

I chose the Armorer as it is a major survivability factor in Fallout 4. Armorer gives you the freedom to upgrade and maintain your wasteland wardrobe.

One of the best Perks for Strength In Fallout 4 is Armorer which is most considerable for veteran players. Although it might not contribute to the character stat. But it enables players to craft the vast majority of Armor upgrades to secure their journey in the wastelands.

Fallout 4 best perks
Armorer Perk

For those players that want to go in with higher difficulty, Armorer is counted among the best perks for survival mode in Fallout 4. Apart from removing and customizing the mods from the different types of armors, Armorer perks can come in handy for your ideal character build. There are 4 Ranks for the Armorer Perks that allow access to versatile armor mods for your character.

  • Unlocks protection upgrades across armor types..
  • Essential for optimizing defense.

  • Doesn’t directly enhance combat abilities.


Best Strength Perk for Survival Mode.

Why did I Choose Strongback?

I chose the Strongback for its ability to carry more and avoid over-encumbrance penalties, allowing for smoother gameplay.

Fallout 4 best perks
Strongback Perk

The Strongback perk is crucial for survival mode. It increases your carry weight, which is essential for looting and managing your inventory.

  • The first rank adds 25 carry weight.
  • The second rank doubles it to 50.

Carrying a large inventory can slow you down and lead to being over-encumbered.

Characters can carry up to 100 lbs of inventory. Rank 4 allows you to carry more and still fast travel when over-encumbered. This perk is valuable for a smoother playthrough.

  • Carry more and avoid over-encumbrance penalties.
  • Fast travel while overloaded at Rank 4.

  • Doesn’t boost combat or other skills directly.

Big Leagues

Best Strength Perk for Increased Melee Damage.

Why did I Choose Big Leagues?

I chose the Big Leagues for its significant damage increase, especially at higher ranks, and the chance to disarm enemies at rank 2.

Big Leagues is another strength perk that can be of great assistance in survival mode. These perks enhance the melee weapons in the game by increasing the damage done to the enemy. For instance, acquiring the first rank perk will allow players to do 20% Melee weapon damage to the enemies.

The second rank will not only double this damage but also give a chance to disarm the enemy. This perk only applies to melee weapons and will not work for punch attacks.

Fallout 4 best perks
Big Leagues Perk

  • Significant damage increases, especially at higher ranks.
  • Chance to disarm at rank 2.

  • Only applies to melee attacks, not unarmed combat.

Best Perks for Perception

Fallout 4 best perks

Perception perks are essential for beginners, particularly due to their impact on the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S). V.A.T.S, carried over and improved from Fallout 3, allows players to target specific body parts for damage.

Perception perks enhance V.A.T.S. and offer various benefits. These perks can significantly improve gameplay by increasing accuracy and combat effectiveness. Here, we’ll discuss the best Perception perks to upgrade your character.


Best Perception Perk for Early-Game Looting.

Why did I Choose Locksmith?

I chose the Locksmith for its early access to hidden areas and rare items, making it a popular and rewarding choice for looting.

Fallout 4 best perks
Locksmith Perk

Locksmith Perk is useful for early-game, allowing you to easily pick locks on doors and containers to access rare items.

While the Hacker perk serves a similar purpose for disabling turrets and opening safes, Locksmith is gaining popularity among players, particularly for acquiring random loot.

Regardless of the rank, Locksmith lets you pick all kinds of safes and doors. For Master locks with valuable items, you’ll need Rank 2 or 3 of the Locksmith perk. It’s a must-have for any player looking to maximize their loot.

  • Early access to hidden areas and rare items.
  • Popular and rewarding choice.

  • Hacker perk serves a similar function for terminals and turrets.


Best Perception Perk for Snipers and V.A.T.S Users.

Why did I Choose Penetrator?

I chose the Penetrator because Cover is a huge tactical factor. It negates that advantage, turning difficult targets into easy ones

Fallout 4 best perks
V.A.T.S Targeting Mirelurk

The Penetrator perk is an excellent choice for shooter-build characters, requiring 9 points in Perception, this perk allows your character to target enemies in V.A.T.S. even if they are behind cover. However, this may come with slight inaccuracy.

  • The second rank of Penetrator improves targeting accuracy when enemies are in cover.

  • Bypasses enemy defenses, crucial for high-difficulty fights.
  • Accuracy improvements at Rank 2.

  • V.A.T.S. dependent.
  • Might feel less precise for manual-aim players.

Concentrated Fire

Best Perception Perk for Precision Damage.

Why did I Choose Concentrated Fire?

I chose the Concentrated Fire because it rewards pinpoint, strategic targeting for efficient kills in and out of V.A.T.S.

Fallout 4 best perks
Concentrated Fire

Concentrated Fire is an ideal perk for Sniper or aggressive gun-focused character builds. It’s especially valuable for players who heavily rely on V.A.T.S. attacks to deal accurate damage to enemies.

This perk increases accuracy when targeting the same body part repeatedly.

  • The initial rank of Concentrated Fire requires Perception 10 and enhances accuracy with each hit on the same body part.
  • It pairs well with character builds emphasizing higher Agility.

  • Ideal for taking out specific limbs or armor weaknesses.
  • Combines well with high-agility builds.

  • Benefits depend on continuous use of V.A.T.S.

Best Perks for Endurance

As the name implies, the Endurance special stat is your character’s ability to resist radiation, damage, and boost HP. After all, you are living in a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by nuclear devastation.

Endurance Stat
Endurance Stat

Chem Resistant

Best Endurance Perk for Chem Management.

Why did I Choose Chem Resistant?

I chose this because Chems offers significant bonuses, but addiction is a hassle. Chem Resistant lets you reap the benefits without the worries.

Chem Resistant
Chem Resistant

The Chem Resistant perk is essential for managing chem addiction, making combat more rewarding and manageable. This perk enhances resistance to chem addiction, particularly for commonly used drugs like Mentats, Psycho, Buffout, and Jet.

  • The first rank, requiring Endurance 4, grants 50% immunity from addiction to all drugs.
  • The second rank, available at Character level 22, provides complete immunity to chem addiction.

While chem consumption can be useful in gameplay, addiction can significantly impact your character. Chem Resistant ensures you can use these substances without worrying about the negative consequences of addiction.

  • Reduces negative drawbacks of powerful chems.
  • Eliminates addiction concern at Rank 2.

  • Might decrease the challenge for players who enjoy managing addiction.

Solar Powered Perk

Best Endurance Perk for Outdoor Exploration.

Why did I Choose Solar Powered Perk?

I chose the Solar Powered Perk for its multi-faceted advantages for exploration and long treks, reducing the need for specific healing items.

Solar Powered Perk
Solar Powered Perk

Solar Powered is particularly useful for characters focused on exploration and scavenging.

  • The first rank of Solar Powered boosts endurance and strength during the in-game daylight period from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The second rank heals radiation damage.
  • Rank 3 grants regenerative health.

This perk provides essential benefits, such as improved durability and healing, making it valuable for players venturing into the harsh wasteland.

  • Multi-faceted advantages for exploration and long treks.
  • Reduces the need for specific healing items.

  • No effect at night or indoors.

Best Perks for Charisma

Charisma benefits players to ensure dominance with a series of perks over the NPCs. With that, it will also yield different bonuses for players, for instance, the ability to deal more damage as well as an increase in carrying capacity.

Persuasion is a great gameplay mechanic in Fallout 4 and Charisma stat is the only way to get the most experience out of it. Let’s discuss some of the perks under Charisma.

Fallout 4 Charisma Stat

Cap Collector

Best Charisma Perk for Merchants and Settlers.

Why did I Choose Cap Collector?

I chose the Cap Collector because Caps are the currency of survival in Fallout 4, and this perk ensures you get the most out of your deals.

Fallout 4 Cap Collector Perk
Cap Collector Perk

Acquiring in-game currency and getting better deals from vendors is a goal for every player. The Cap Collector perk enhances this experience by granting better pricing at your trading station.

  • The first rank requires a Charisma value of 6, allowing you to set up supply lines in the Workshop.
  • At a higher level, around 14, you can obtain Rank 2 of the Cap Collector perk, which allows you to build stores and workstations at settlements.

While this perk may not be the best starting point for beginners, veteran players can gain a substantial advantage in earning and saving Caps, the in-game currency. It’s a valuable perk for those looking to maximize their wealth and trading opportunities.

  • Saves Caps, and generates passive income from shop investments.

  • Benefits take time to accrue.
  • Not directly combat-focused.

Inspirational Perk

Best Charisma Perk for Enhancing Companions.

Why did I Choose Inspirational Perk?

I chose the Inspirational Perk for its significant enhancement to companions in combat, making them more potent without putting the player at risk.

Fallout 4 Inspirational Perk
Inspirational Perk

The Inspirational perk is a must-have. This perk offers several advantages during combat gameplay.

  • The first rank, requiring 8 points in Charisma, allows your companion to deal more damage to enemies without putting you in harm’s way.
  • The second rank extends this benefit while also providing damage resistance to your companion.
  • Rank three of an Inspirational perk allows your companion to carry more weight for loot that you can craft and sell.

Companions add depth and enjoyment to the gameplay, but they may not excel in challenging battles. To make the most of your companions, consider adding the Inspirational perk to your character, gaining a tactical advantage, especially in survival mode.

  • Makes companions significantly more potent in combat.
  • No risk to the player due to the companion focus.

  • Requires focus on and investment in companions for maximum benefit.

Best Perks for Intelligence

Intelligence is exactly what you thought and is incredibly important for crafting, collecting scores, and dealing with damages. Especially, the stat perk tree focuses on the crafting side of the game which is crucial for the character mods. 

Fallout 4 Intelligence Stat

Gun Nut

Best Intelligence Perk for Weapon Customization.

Why did I Choose Gun Nut?

I chose the Gun Nut for its immediate access to weapon crafting, which is crucial for adapting to diverse enemy threats.

Gun Nut is a perk for the players who love bullets and gun mods. As a beginner player, you will be mostly working around the gun mods which makes the Gun Nut a must-have perk. 

Fallout 4 Gun Nut Perk
Gun Nut Perk

These mods will include gun damage customization, recoil, bullet alterations, and explosives. Although ballistic weapons require science, some still have an upgradable margin at Gun Nut.

  • Vital for building the most powerful firearms.
  • Offers vast weapon customization options.

  • Crafting resources might be needed for the best mods.

Nerd Rage

Best Intelligence Perk for Last-Ditch Survival.

Why did I Choose Nerd Rage?

I chose the Nerd Rage for its thrilling safety net, providing a significant power boost when health is low, often making the difference between a heroic comeback and a loading screen.

Nerd Rage cultivates right when the character’s health drops below 20%. Upon activation, you will be granted a higher damage bonus, damage resistance, and slow time for a few seconds.

Fallout 4 Nerd Rage perk
Nerd Rage

The first rank requires 10 Intelligence points with 20 gains in damage and damage resistance. The second rank at Level 31 will offer 30 more damage and resistance.

While the third rank at Level 50 will offer 40 damage and damage resistance for your character. This perk is more likely to come in handy with a difficult combat situation where survival is tough.

  • Can single-handedly turn the tide of a losing battle.
  • Requires high Intelligence investment.

  • Unpredictable, as it requires getting severely injured.

Best Perks for Agility

The Special Stat of Agility comes with great reflexes and fitness perks for your character. If you are more of a sneaky and fast player, Agility stat is worth investing in. Let’s have a look at some of the best perks Agility has to offer.

Fallout 4 Agility Stat

Action Boy/Girl

Best Agility Perk for V.A.T.S. Enhancement.

Why did I Choose Action Boy/Girl?

I chose the Action Boy/Girl for its improvement to the core V.A.T.S. mechanic, offering greater tactical flexibility in every combat scenario.

For players who heavily rely on V.A.T.S. in Fallout 4, the Action Boy/Girl perk is a valuable addition to consider. It enhances your character build and is relatively cost-effective in terms of Special stats points.

This perk increases the regeneration speed of Action Points (AP) by 25% to 75%. AP is essential for various actions in combat, including sprinting, using V.A.T.S., using scopes for Snipers, or utilizing jetpacks. These actions require AP, which regenerates over time.

  • Rank 1, requiring Agility 5, increases AP regeneration by up to 25%.
  • Rank 2, unlocked at level 18, boosts AP regeneration by 50%.
  • Rank 3 further increases regeneration speed to 75%.

With this perk, you no longer need to worry about running out of Action Points during combat, making it highly valuable for V.A.T.S-focused characters.

  • Enables more V.A.T.S. actions, sprinting, and other AP-consuming maneuvers.
  • Versatile benefit.

  • The per-rank increase is somewhat minor compared to certain other perks.


Best Agility Perk for Melee and V.A.T.S. Synergy.

Why did I Choose Blitz Perk?

I chose the Blitz Perk because it transforms melee combat in V.A.T.S., bringing a thrilling, high-speed dynamic to close-quarters fights

Blitz Perk
Blitz Perk

Blitz is a highly trusted perk, especially for melee character builds. It’s a must-have for players seeking a V.A.T.S.-focused experience, particularly with melee attacks.

This perk extends the V.A.T.S melee attack range, allowing you to sneak attack multiple close-range enemies in succession.

  • The first rank of Blitz requires Agility 9, which is a significant investment but worth it for the increased melee attack distance.
  • Rank two becomes available at Level 29 and further extends the V.A.T.S distance, enabling more damage in your attacks.

With precise V.A.T.S management, you can deal substantial damage even with bare hands. When combined with weapons or the Ninja perk, Blitz’s true potential becomes evident, making it essential for melee-focused characters.

  • Closes the gap instantly for melee attacks.
  • Can create devastating chains with high damage output.

  • V.A.T.S. dependent.
  • Less useful for stealthy melee builds.

Best Perks for Luck

Luck is an extremely important stat for your character. Investment in any of the perk trees for Luck can make your character even more powerful. The luck stats affect the character’s ability to search, craft items, and critical hits. 

Fallout 4 Luck Stat

Bloody Mess

Best Luck Perk for Increased Damage Output.

Why did I Choose Bloody Mess?

I chose the Bloody Mess for its substantial damage boost and entertaining bonus effects, making it a great choice for any weapon build.

A hit from Bloody Mess Perk
A hit from Bloody Mess Perk

Bloody Mess is an immensely powerful perk, boosting damage to enemies and creating explosive, gore-filled effects with every attack. In my opinion, it is the perfect choice for players who just want to experience a brutal playthrough of the game. 

  • The perk has four ranks, with the first rank requiring Luck 3. It adds +5% damage to all weapons.
  • The second rank becomes available at Level 9 and inflicts +10% damage.
  • At Level 31, the third rank grants +15% more damage.
  • The fourth rank, accessible at Level 41, results in brutal gore explosions that obliterate nearby enemies.

Bloody Mess is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy creating chaos and carnage, making it a favorite among many Fallout 4 players.

  • Direct, substantial damage boost.
  • Entertaining bonus effects.
  • Benefits any weapon build.

  • Can get messy and obscure targets due to visual effects.


Best Luck Perk for Finding Loot.

Why did I Choose Scrounger?

I chose the Scrounger because Ammo is your lifeblood in combat, and this perk ensures you never run out when you need it most.

Scrounger Perk
Scrounger Perk

The Scrounger perk in Fallout 4 is a valuable choice for players looking to find more ammunition without having to purchase it. It enhances your ability to discover ammo stashes, which can be particularly useful when searching crates and containers throughout the game world.

This perk has four ranks, with each rank providing an increase in the amount of ammo you find:

  • The first rank requires Luck 2.
  • The second rank is available at character level 7.
  • The third rank can be obtained at level 24.
  • The fourth and final rank is accessible at level 37.

  • Keeps you stocked with ammo.
  • Reduced reliance on buying & crafting.

  • Doesn’t find other types of loot.

What Would I Recommend?

I’d recommend focusing initially on either Gun Nut or Armorer. Gun Nut immediately opens up weapon crafting, crucial for adapting to diverse enemy threats. Armorer, while less immediately flashy, quickly gives you powerful defensive options for better survivability.

In a long-term playthrough, I’d consider Nerd Rage! as a thrilling safety net. While risky, when health dips low, the power boost from Nerd Rage! is often the difference between a heroic comeback and a loading screen.

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