Fallout 4 Best Pistol: 14 Pistols Ranked + Locations

My hours playing Fallout 4 are endless and my guide uncovers Fallout 4 best pistol weapons along with upgrades and locations to maximize the damage performance of your character.

fallout 4 best pistol
There are a number of great hand pistols in Fallout 4. Some of them deal great damage to the opponents.
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With 100+ hours in Fallout 4, Waleed knows the game’s ins and outs. You can trust what he says about Fallout 4 because he’s spent a lot of time playing it.

Yes, you read the title right: “Fallout 4 best pistol.” Fallout 4 is one of the best games ever created. From revolvers to plasma pistols, there are a variety of handguns to collect in Fallout 4 and its expansion packs. The best guns in Fallout 4 are listed below, along with their stats and the locations to discover them. If you play Fallout 4 regularly, you will know the significant number of weapons to select from. However, these picks outshine the rest in potency and destructive potential.

Key Takeaways

Here are the Best Fallout 4 Pistols, and what I recommend them for:

  1. Pipe Pistol (.45 Caliber Receiver)
    • Good for beginners, deals 13 damage.
  2. Pipe Bolt Pistol (.38 Caliber Receiver)
    • High damage and accuracy, loot from raiders or settlers.
  3. Old Faithful (Laser Pistol)
    • Deals double damage with the Instigating Effect.
  4. Kellogg’s Pistol
    • High damage, low fire rate, claim after defeating Kellogg.
  5. Zeta Gun (Modified Gamma Gun)
    • Low damage, suitable for beginners.
  6. 10mm Pistol (Advanced Receiver)
    • Offers 31 damage per shot, available early in the game.
  7. Pipe Revolver (.45 Ammo)
    • Excellent damage and accuracy for cowboy-themed builds.
  8. Alien Blaster Pistol
    • Rare and futuristic, deals 50 damage per shot.
  9. Laser Pistol
    • Great for fusion cell ammo and accuracy.
  10. Pipe Bolt Pistol (50 Caliber Receiver)
    • Long-range and high accuracy with the right perks.
  11. .44 Pistol (Advanced Receiver)
    • Deadly with 48 damage per shot.
  12. Eddie’s Peace (Snubnosed Barrel)
    • Crippling effect and extra limb damage.
  13. Plasma Pistol (Tactical Overcharged Upgrade)
    • Deals 24 ballistic and energy damage, efficient.
  14. Gamma Gun
    • Powerful radiation damage, with an area of effect.

Best Pistol In Fallout 4 Compared

Here is a comparison table of my best Pistols in Fallout 4 . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.PistolsDamageAmmoClip sizeFire rateRangeAccuracyValueWeight
1The Compensated A5 Pipe Pistol13.38 round12558357202.3
2The Compensated .38 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol34.308 round629563303.2
3The Old Faithful24Fusion Cell305071719183.9
4Kellog’s Pistol48.48 round66119704494.3
5Zeta Gundirect hit: 10!
Area of effect: 11.5!
Gamma round86119691563.1
6The Compensated Advanced 10MM Pistol1810mm round12468360453.5
7The Compensated .308 Pipe Revolver Pistol24.45 round668361254.2
8Sharpshooter’s Alien Blaster Pistol50Alien blaster round421001197915512.5
9Improved targeting Overcharged Laser Pistol55Fusion cell----3644.3
10The Compensated .50 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol34.308 round629563303.2
11The Bull Barrel Advanced .44 Pistol48.308 round668365934.2
12Eddie’s Peace48.44 round6683814545.0
13Tactical Overcharged Plasma Pistol24 attack
24 energy
Plasma cartridge30331191421233.9
14Sharpshooter’s Gamma Gundirect hit: 100 + 10!
Area of effect: 23!
Gamma Round8661196935sec

Finding good pistols in the game can provide you with tremendous advantages and increase your chances of survival. Click here if you want to know about the overall best weapons in Fallout 4. This guide is about Fallout 4 best pistol, and to learn more about it, read till the end and get hands-on the best handguns in the game. Let’s get started.

The Compensated A5 Pipe Pistol

Best for Beginners.
Ammo.38 round
Clip size12
Fire rate55

Why Did I Choose The Compensated A5 Pipe Pistol?

The Compensated A5 Pipe Pistol is an ideal choice for players who have just started out in Fallout 4, with its impressive damage and potential for customization.

In Fallout 4, there are various handguns, with some being more powerful than others. The Pipe Pistol with a .45 caliber receiver is a good choice, especially for beginners.

It’s a reliable secondary weapon for dealing with threats like ghouls and Deathclaws. Adding a .45 caliber receiver increases its damage per shot, and you can customize it further with other modifications.

To find the Pipe Pistol, visit Bedford Station and use a terminal. If you can’t find one, you can buy it from Arturo Rodriguez, a vendor in Diamond City.

fallout 4 best pistol
The Compensated A5 Pipe Pistol

  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Can be further customized with mods.
  • You can increase the damage per shot by adding a .45 caliber receiver.

  • More suitable as a secondary weapon.

The Compensated .38 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol

Best for Close to Mid-Range Combat.
Ammo.308 round
Clip size6
Fire rate2

Why Did I Choose The Compensated .38 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol?

The Compensated .38 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol is a respectable handgun that deals a high amount of damage, and is perfect for close combat.

The Pipe Bolt pistol with a .38 caliber receiver is another excellent handgun in Fallout 4. Bolt action pistols are known for their high damage output, making them a great choice for close to mid-range combat.

These pistols excel in accuracy, ensuring each shot hits the target and quickly drains their HP. Despite its unconventional appearance, the Pipe bolt action pistol’s damage and accuracy are top-notch, dealing 34 damage per shot with .308 rounds.

You can easily find this weapon by looting raiders or settlers. If you visit Drumlin Diner early in the game and complete Trudy’s quests, she will sell you a pipe bolt action pistol. It’s a reliable choice for those looking to deal significant damage in the wasteland.

fallout 4 best pistol
The Compensated .38 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol

  • Best for close and mid-range combat.
  • Has high accuracy.
  • Can be obtained easily.

  • Low max damage.

The Old Faithful

Best Laser Pistol.
TypeUnique energy weapon
EffectDoes double damage if the target is at full health.
AmmoFusion cell
Clip size30
Fire rate50

Why Did  I Choose The Old Faithful?

The Old Faithful is one pistol you can equip yourself with if you like to deal laser damage on your enemies.

The Old Faithful is a great laser pistol you can find in Fallout 4. This amazing handgun deals double damage to the enemies. This pistol is great for sneak attacks, and that will give you a chance to get the sneak bonus. Players can buy this gun from Arturo, a guy you can find in Diamond City.

Old Faithful is a one-of-a-kind laser pistol with the Instigating Effect, which allows it to deal twice damage to enemies who are initially at total health. This fantastic pistol can spawn as a laser rifle substitute at higher levels.

fallout 4 best pistol
The Old Faithful

  • Deals double damage to your enemies.
  • Can be used to deal sneak attacks.
  • Can spawn as a laser rifle substitute at higher levels.

  • Can only be bought from Diamond City.

Kellogg’s Pistol

Best for V.A.T.S. Combat.
TypeUnique pistol
EffectRefills your Action Points on a Critical Hit
Ammo.48 round
Clip size6
Fire rate6

Why Did I Choose Kellogg’s Pistol?

The Kellogg’s Pistol is a remarkable Fallout 4 pistol that can be obtained early on and is great for new players.

Kellogg’s Pistol is a notable handgun in Fallout 4, associated with the infamous Kellogg. It possesses the “Relentless” effect, which makes it stand out. You can acquire this pistol early in the game.

Keep in mind that it has a high Action Points (AP) cost. However, it shines in V.A.T.S. combat, as it refills your AP, providing an advantage in battles. The Kellogg’s Pistol deals substantial damage to enemies.

One drawback is its low fire rate, making it unsuitable for sneak attacks. This handgun is an excellent choice for new players and can be obtained after defeating Kellogg and taking it from him. It carries the legacy of its previous owner and is a formidable addition to your arsenal.

fallout 4 best pistol
Kellogg’s Pistol

  • Excels in V.A.T.S. combat.
  • Deals substantial combat to enemies.
  • Decent accuracy.

  • Low fire rate.

Zeta Gun

Best Gamma Pistol.
TypeRadiation Weapon
QuestsThe Secret of Cabot House
EffectThe area of effect stuns enemies on a hit
Damagedirect hit: 10!
Area of effect: 11.5!
AmmoGamma round
Clip size8
Fire rate66

Why Did I Choose Zeta Gun?

The Zeta Gun is a one-of-its-kind gamma pistol that you can find frequently in Fallout 4, and it is known for its substantial damage on the first shot.

The Zeta Gun is a gamma pistol that players will come across multiple times in the game. This fantastic pistol can knock down enemies on a single shot. This handgun is a modified Gamma gun that deals very little damage and has no unique radiation or poisoning effect. Although this gun has does not have extra radiation damage, this pistol can be a good option for beginners.

You can find the Zeta gun inside the Science Lab in the Cabot House.

fallout 4 best pistol
Zeta Gun

  • Knocks down enemies with one shot.
  • Great option for beginners.
  • Available several times during the game.

  • Deals little damage and has no radiation or poisoning effect.

The Compensated Advanced 10MM Pistol

Most Powerful Pistol.
Ammo10mm round
Clip size12
Fire rate46
AP Cost21
Reload2.7 (1.7) sec

Why Did I Choose The Compensated Advanced 10MM Pistol?

The Compensated Advanced 10MM Pistol is one of the best pistols you will come across in Fallout 4, and it works perfectly against small and medium-level enemies.

The ten-millimeter pistol, upgraded with an advanced receiver, is a solid handgun choice in Fallout 4. It’s one of the most advanced and powerful pistols available in the game, offering a great balance between DPS (damage per second) and accuracy.

Using 10MM rounds, this weapon deals 18 damage with a fire rate of 46, making it a versatile starting weapon. Modifying it with an advanced receiver adds +13 damage, resulting in a total damage of 31 per shot. This is a significant amount of damage, especially for small to medium-level enemies.

You can find a 10MM pistol right before leaving Vault 111, by exploring the Overseer’s office. It’s a reliable choice that you can start your journey in the wasteland with.

fallout 4 best pistol
The Compensated Advanced 10MM Pistol

  • Balances damage per second with accuracy.
  • Best for medium and small-level enemies.
  • You can increase damage by 13 by adding an advanced receiver.

  • Relatively slower reload time.

The Compensated .308 Pipe Revolver Pistol

Best for Cowboy-Themed Build.
Ammo.45 round
Clip size6
Fire rate6

Why Did I Choose The Compensated .308 Pipe Revolver Pistol?

The Compensated .308 Pipe Revolver Pistol is your weapon of choice for a cowboy character build, and it is known for delivering critical hits.

The Pipe revolver, upgraded with a .308 receiver, is a formidable weapon choice in Fallout 4, particularly for a cowboy-themed character build. It excels in delivering high damage output and accuracy, making it perfect for achieving critical hits.

Unlike the Pipe pistol, this unique Pipe revolver uses .45 ammo and offers remarkable damage and excellent accuracy for mid to long-range combat. The base stats show 24 damage and a fire rate of 6, but you can significantly boost both damage and fire rate with the .308 receiver upgrade, resulting in 42 damage and a fire rate of 7.

Acquiring the Pipe revolver in Fallout 4 is straightforward. Visit the Wooden Building in Bedford Station, go to the second floor, and find a desk containing the Pipe revolver. Alternatively, you can loot this weapon from the bodies of raiders and super mutants throughout the game world. It’s a great choice for those who want a powerful and accurate revolver in their arsenal.

fallout 4 best pistol
The Compensated .308 Pistol

  • High damage output and accuracy.
  • Perfect for critical hits.
  • The .308 receiver upgrade can increase damage and fire rate.

  • Has a small clip size.

Sharpshooter’s Alien Blaster Pistol

Best Alien-Based Weapon.
TypeUnique energy weapon
AmmoAlien blaster round
Fusion cell (with mod)
Clip size42
Fire rate100
AP Cost20

Why Did I Choose Sharpshooter’s Alien Blaster Pistol?

The Sharpshooter’s Alien Blaster is a formidable and rare weapon that can decimate your enemies quickly.

The Alien Blaster pistol, specifically the Sharpshooter’s Alien Blaster, is a standout choice in Fallout 4. It has a futuristic appearance and fires blue energy bolts. However, it comes with a couple of downsides.

One major drawback is the rarity of its ammo. You may also want to avoid upgrading the weapon’s barrel, sight, or grip, as it can reduce its overall damage output. Additionally, the projectile speed is slow, which can be problematic when trying to deal significant damage to your enemies.

The Alien Blaster has a damage output of 50 per shot, making it a great option for beginners.

To get this gun, you’ll need to steal it from an alien, which you can find inside a cave near a destroyed UFO. Head Northeast from the crash site and follow the green liquid on the nearby rocks and ground to locate the cave.

fallout 4 best pistol
Sharpshooter’s Alien Blaster Pistol

  • Futuristic appearance.
  • Fires blue energy bolts.
  • Damage output of 50 per shot.

  • Its ammo is quite rare.

Improved Targeting Overcharged Laser Pistol

Best Far-Range Pistol.
TypeUnique energy weapon
AmmoFusion cell

Why Did I Choose Improved Targeting Overcharged Laser Pistol?

The Improved Targeting Overcharged Laser Pistol is the weapon you should have if you want to deal a high amount of damage from a distance.

If you are a fan of laser pistols, the laser pistol fully upgraded with no scattering is the best pick. If the Alien Blaster does not suit well for your character, you can also rely on a Laser pistol to obliterate opponents at far range and deal heavy damage. Even though both Alien Blaster and Laser pistol can yield almost similar performance, players might still want to consider Laser pistol for fusion cell ammo and over-the-top accuracy. 

fallout 4 best pistol
Improved Targeting Overcharged Laser Pistol

  • Uses fusion cell ammo.
  • Can shoot enemies from a great range.
  • Has impeccable accuracy.

  • Its ammo can be hard to find.

The Compensated .50 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol

Best .50 Caliber Pistol.
Ammo.308 round
Clip size6
Fire rate2

Why Did I Choose The Compensated .50 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol?

The Compensated .50 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol is a powerful weapon that you can easily obtain in Fallout 4, and it is perfect for long-range combat.

The Pipe Bolt pistol upgraded with a .50 caliber receiver is another excellent pistol choice in Fallout 4. Pipe bolt-action weapons are relatively easy to find, especially early in the game when settlers and low-level opponents like raiders commonly carry them.

This Pipe bolt action pistol stands out with its .50 ammo modification, making it a strong option for long-range combat despite its initial damage output. With the right character perks, you can turn it into a formidable weapon.

Notably, this pistol offers better accuracy and longer range compared to the standard pipe bolt pistol.

To get this pistol, head to Concord. As you move north of the Museum of Freedom, you’ll come across a house. Inside the house, go upstairs and find the dead body of a raider, next to which you’ll discover this bolt action pistol. It’s a great choice for those looking for a long-range pistol option.

fallout 4 best pistol
The Compensated .59 Pipe Bolt Action Pistol

  • Can be found early in the game.
  • Suitable for long-range combat.
  • Can be improved with the right character perks.

  • Low initial damage output.

The Bull Barrel Advanced .44 Pistol

Best Accuracy.
Ammo.308 round
Clip size6
Fire rate6
AP Cost25

Why Did I Choose The Bull Barrel Advanced .44 Pistol?

The Bull Barrel Advanced .44 Pistol deals a decent amount of damage, and its unique selling point is the range and accuracy it delivers.

The .44 pistol upgraded to the advanced receiver is next on the list. This advanced pistol packs a punch of .44 rounds and a remarkable range with accuracy. Players utilizing this weapon will not have to worry about going up close and personal with enemies and can pick off opponents from shadows. 

It is because the .44 pistol already deals a whopping 48 damage per shot. Meanwhile, modifying it with bull barrel adds +36 to damage, which can deal fatal damage to both small and large enemies. 

Bull Barrel Advanced .44 Pistol
Bull Barrel Advanced .44 Pistol

  • Remarkable range and accuracy.
  • Can pick off enemies from shadows.
  • Adding a bull barrel adds 36 of damage.

  • Shorter clip.

Eddie’s Peace

Most Unique Pistol.
TypeUnique Pistol
Effect50% more limb damage
QuestsLong Time Coming
Ammo.44 round
Clip size6
Fire rate6
AP Cost26.25

Why Did I Choose Eddie’s Peace?

Eddie’s Peace is a remarkable pistol that comes with its own scope and a unique design.

Eddie’s Peace is one of the best pistols in Fallout 4. It is a .44 pistol with a snubnosed barrel. Players often get confused by the look of this pistol as it looks like a rifle. It often gets mistaken for a gun because of its scope.

Eddie Winter attached this rifle scope on this pistol when he had it during the Holocaust. In addition to the sight scope, Winter also added polymer grips to this pistol. This weapon deals tremendous damage to opponents and has a great fire rate.

In addition, Eddie’s Peace has a crippling effect which is essential to deal tremendous damage to your enemies. Interestingly, this crippling Effect is most likely a reference to kneecapping, which a criminal leader like Eddie would like to do. It also gives 50 percent more limb damage compared to other guns.

fallout 4 best pistol
Eddie’s Peace

  • Great fire rate.
  • Deals superb damage to enemies.
  • 50% more limb damage to enemies.

  • Only suitable for close-range combat.

Tactical Overcharged Plasma Pistol

Best Energy Pistol.
TypeEnergy Weapon
Damage24 attack
24 energy
Effect50% more limb damage
AmmoPlasma cartridge
Clip size30
Fire rate33
AP Cost34

Why Did I Choose Tactical Overcharged Plasma Pistol?

The Tactical Overcharged Plasma Pistol shoots a burst of energy that deals with your enemies quickly.

The fully upgraded Plasma pistol with no scattering is an excellent energy handgun in Fallout 4. Energy weapons add excitement to gameplay, and the Plasma pistol is one of the top energy weapons in the game, capable of dealing both ballistic and energy damage to formidable foes.

Unfortunately, this weapon uses Plasma Cartridges as rounds. So make sure you have plenty of ammo before pursuing gameplay solely with a Plasma pistol. 

To get the Plasma pistol, you’ll need to progress in the storyline and reach at least level 16. Once you reach this level, you can visit vendors in Commonwealth Boston to purchase one for bottle caps. Alternatively, you can find Plasma pistols occasionally carried by higher-level Gunners defending outposts. It’s a versatile weapon that can be a game-changer in battles.

fallout 4 best pistol
Tactical Overcharged Plasma Pistol

  • Deals both ballistic and energy damage.
  • Useful weapon in battles.
  • 50% more limb damage.

  • Plasma Cartridges can be hard to find.

Sharpshooter’s Gamma Gun

Best Stunning Pistol.
TypeRadiation Weapon
Damagedirect hit: 100 + 10!
Area of effect: 23!
EffectThe area of effect stuns enemies on a hit
AmmoGamma Round
Clip size8
Fire rate66
AP Cost156

Why Did I Choose Sharpshooter’s Gamma Gun?

The Sharpshooter’s Gamma Gun is a plasma pistol that deals a high damage output with an impressive effect on your enemies.

The gamma gun pistol fully upgraded weapon, is a must-have for everyone who plays Fallout 4. Gamma Gun qualifies as a powerful weapon that punches the enemy in the face and features an Area of Effect dealing onset damage to the surrounding enemies. The first hit from the Gamma Gun can also stun the enemies, giving you a competitive edge to make your move and finish the enemy with a bloody massacre. 

Obtaining the Gamma Gun requires players to hunt down Child of Atom at Kingsport Lighthouse. Once killed, you can loot off the pistol from their body and claim for your character. 

fallout 4 best pistol
Sharpshooter’s Gamma Gun

  • High damage output.
  • Impressive range.
  • Deals onset damage to surrounding enemies.

  • Obtaining it can be challenging.

Why Others Were Not Chosen

  • The Gainer: Less impressive or similar stats than other pistols.
  • Early Retirement: Doesn’t deal any sort of noticeable damage.
  • Wastelander’s Friend: Impressive range but low damage output.
  • Gen-4 10mm Pistol: Only effective against robots.
  • Silver Sidearm: No special effect, and causes low damage.
  • Ultimatum: Nothing impressive other than the radiation damage.
  • Flare Gun: It’s a flare gun, and nothing more.
  • Classic 10mm Pistol: Low damage output.

 My Favorite

In this discussion above, you’ve learned some of the best handguns in Fallout 4. Some of these weapons deal more damage to enemies than others. If you play Fallout 4 every day, you might already know about most of these pistols. My personal recommendation is the The Compensated Advanced 10MM Pistol, which has a high damage per second and accuracy.

However, if you are a beginner, this guide will help you. It is because this guide gives you an overview of the best pistols you can get your hands on while playing the game. Moreover, you can learn more in our extensive guide to Fallout 4 best weapons. Players should also note that while they can find some of the firearms mentioned in this list quickly and in the early stages of the game, others might give you a tough time, and you might struggle to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the best pistol in Fallout 4?

There are multiple ways to get the best pistol in Fallout 4. However, the Cabot House is a great location to find good guns. Besides, by defeating Kellogg, you can get his superb pistol.

The best .44 pistol in Fallout 4?

While there are many pistols to consider in Fallout 4. If you are considering a specific pistol with .44 rounds and a legendary variant, Eddie’s Peace is the perfect choice to go for.

Where to find the best 10mm pistol in Fallout 4?

You can find the best 10mm pistol in the Overseer’s office.

What Fallout 4 perk is best for a 10mm pistol?

The gunslinger perk is the best for a 10mm pistol

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