Fallout 4 Best Place to Sell Weapons, Chems, Loot Items

Fallout 4 Best Place to Sell
Fallout 4 Best Place to Sell

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is still attracting players through infinite playability and attention to detail elements of the post-apocalyptic world. The game features a nuclear-battered world of Commonwealth, Boston, that is still a survival ground for characters and other people. It allows players to interact with each element of the game and benefit it for the survival of your character throughout the storyline. However, Bethesda has also made sure to fill Fallout 4 with dangers to challenge the players to survive using the game’s most realistic and fitting aspects. One primary approach among players would involve armors, weapons, and companions to keep a safe side from lurking enemies. But this stuff comes either in loots or purchasable items with in-game currency. For that instance, your character needs to have some of those sweet Caps currency to purchase items from the vendors. To earn these Caps, you can barter your horde of items with numerous merchants, which brings players to question Fallout 4 best place to sell stuff quickly.

Selling your weapons, chems, and loot scraps are one of the significant elements of Fallout 4 that enhance the playability even further. It fits the game world to offer the best experience to players and challenges with the in-game economy. Throughout the storyline, your character will have the option to loot items from corpses and buildings. However, your inventory is limited, which means you will not be allowed to pick loot items after a specific limit.

Fortunately, tons of locations and merchants will take your looted scraps and worthy items for a reasonable Caps price. This way, you can earn good Caps without dropping them randomly around the Wasteland. If you are wondering about some of these best places to sell in Fallout 4, do not worry. This guide entails top shops and merchants that you can find around Commonwealth in Fallout 4.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are numerous places in Diamond City where you can sell any surplus weapons, chemicals, or ammo you no longer require. When you come to Arturo to sell your items, he always has between 300 and 450 Caps on him.
  • Store owner Myrna in Diamond City operates only between 8 am and 8 pm. Myrna will provide the best Cap value for your items because she has a Cap value of up to 350.
  • The player will access Solomon’s Barter’s stock. Visit his Chem-I-Care storefront and quickly exchange it for caps. With over 350 Caps in his inventory, Solomon is getting a great return on his bulk sales.
  • A female KL-E-O works as a merchant daily and commits murder at night. This vendor operates out of the Goodneighbor neighborhood and goes by the slogan “Kill or Be Killed,” it also offers caps worth about 350 to compensate you for the goods you sell.
  • Synth Requisition Officer is the Institute’s top vendor, who can be contacted by players right away. Players can purchase and sell ammo, weapons, and armor from him.
  • A rare trader named Daniel Finch can be found at the Finch Farms. In terms of stock, It is not a good merchant. Only some junk and various goods will he sell. That does not, however, preclude your character from using these to gain some Caps. 
  • The level 4 merchant, “the Scribe,” trades armor-related goods and operates an armor store. The Cambridge Police Station is where the Scribe may be found, and your character can interact with him—a merchant of your own where you may buy lots of armor pieces for decent caps.
  • If your character has enough Charisma, Daisy in Goodneighbor is a Ghoul shopkeeper who offers nice Caps and will have some decent stuff to exchange with caps ranging from 350 to 400.
  • Isabel Cruz is one of the top businesswomen. After a deal, you can find her in The Mechanist Lair, where she has over 200 caps.
  • Players can visit Proctor Teagan to sell the necessities and get the Cap profits because he has more than 650 Caps, making him the best site to sell in Fallout 4.

Best Place to Sell in Fallout 4

Selling stuff like weapons, armor, chems, and even drugs is one of the best ways to earn Caps in Fallout 4. However, there are a lot of other aspects of the game that goes into the overall selling strategy. Some vendors will purchase these items for a higher price than others. At the same time, some will not have enough Caps to buy the items if you are a wholesaler.

The best practice to tackle this situation is through seeking multiple merchants throughout the game to sell your stuff fast and earn those Caps. These merchants will also sell you the items you need, making it an equal trade for both parties. Another critical thing to note is finding these merchants scattered around the map. While you may also encounter random traveling NPCs that can purchase your stuff for Caps. We will list some of the best merchants along with locations where you can sell your stuff quickly. With that said, let’s discuss Fallout 4 best place to sell all kinds of items.

Arturo Rodriguez in Diamond City

When it comes to finding the vendors around Fallout, the first thing that comes to players’ minds is Diamond City. In fact, there are a plethora of locations in Diamond City where you can sell chems, weapons, and excessive ammo that you no longer need. Arturo Rodriguez shop is considered among the Fallout 4 best places to sell, especially if you are selling ammo or armors. Moreover, you can sell different scrap items like Aluminum to earn a good amount of Caps.

Fallout 4 Arturu Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez

Arturo is highly recommended for selling stuff because of its availability to the player. His shop is near the Sanctuary, making it easy access to the players. The cherry on top is that he has quite a good amount of Caps that you can earn by selling the whole inventory. He will always have around 300 to 450 Caps on him whenever you visit him to sell your stuff.

Myrna in Diamond City

Right next door to Arturo Rodriquez, you can find Myrna or, as some may call her, Crazy Myrna. She is a store owner with limited timings from 8 am to 8 pm. All you need to do is speak to her, and she will reveal all the secrets about the Synths. In fact, she hates Synths and would not interact much with them. She also has crazy conspiracies among them, so better watch out.

Fallout 4 Myrna

Apart from her characteristics, she has quite a few interests in junk and ammo. It means you can sell her your looted junk to earn a good amount of Caps. However, that purely depends on the value of Charisma you have on your character. On the other side, perks like Cap Collector also go a long way to make the best deals for the stuff you are selling. But Myrna will have the best Cap value for your things as she holds Cap value up to 350.

Solomon in Diamond City

Since players mostly roam around Diamond City, Solomon is another Fallout 4 best place to sell chems that you must visit. He is also available for limited timings of 8 am to 8 pm. Upon first interaction, players will open Solomon’s Barter inventory. Here you will see chems and aids, which means he will be happy to trade chems for some Caps.

Fallout 4 Solomon

During the journey, players can pick up every kind of chems that may come in handy. However, some chems items may never be worthy to players, which he can sell to a merchant like Solomon. If you also have a bulk load of chems to sell, reach his shop front Chem-I-Care and easily trade it off for Caps. It is definitely good riddance with some sweet earnings. Solomon mostly has over 350 Caps in his inventory, which seems like an excellent payoff for bulk selling.

KL-E-O in Goodneighbor

Although, Diamond City has surplus merchants to engage and sell stuff. But that does not mean players can not find more anywhere else on the map. It brings us to KL-E-O, known as Fallout 4 best place to sell armors and weapons. Surprisingly, KL-E-O is a female programmed assaultron: a merchant by job and a killer by night. This merchant is available in Goodneighbor with a shopfront named “Kill or Be Killed” just above the Diamond City landmark on the map.

Fallout 4 KL-E-O

KL-E-O is a great merchant available to players to sell and purchase items like weapons and armors. Additionally, KL-E-O also has Caps of around 350 to pay you for your selling stuff. This will allow players to barter for better prices. If you can get a hand on a Speech Bobblehead, you can increase this Cap value to +100 for every merchant in the game.

Synth Requisition Officer in The Institute

Unlike other available vendors in locations scattered around the wasteland, Fallout 4 factions have their vendors available to purchase and sell different items to players. Synth Requisition Officer is The Institute’s prime vendor available to players upon first interaction. However, to get this vendor, players will have to complete a series of storyline quests to get the option of joining the Institute faction.

Fallout 4 Synth Requisition Officer
Synth Requisition Officer

Once you have entered the Institute or even joined the faction, you are all set to engage with the faction-based vendor. Synth Requisition Officer will accept and sell ammunition, weapons, and armors to the players. These all are pretty high-value items, thus giving players an edge to earn good profits by selling.

Daniel Finch

Daniel Finch is a rare merchant found at the Finch Farms. Most players would miss him because there are abundant in the Diamond City and Goodneighbor. But just because these merchants will purchase items from you does not mean they will hand out good Caps every time you sell something. For that instance, players will have to branch out to other near and easily accessible options.

Fallout 4 Daniel Finch
Daniel Finch
Fallout 4 Finch Farm Location
Finch Farm Location

He can be found working with his family on a small farm outside the building structure. Your character may have already encountered the family during the “Out of the Fire” quest. This is a storyline quest, and if you have not played it yet, you may have to pursue that before going for the merchant. Daniel Finch is not a good merchant in terms of inventory. He will only sell some junk items and misc. But that does not mean your character can not earn some Caps out of these. Plus, he can make a great settlement seller for you if you plan to expand your Caps business even further in the future.

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The Scribe

As we proceed further into the list of best places to sell in Fallout 4, the levels of each merchant are also going to increase. This brings us to the Scribe, a level 4 merchant. Unfortunately, he does not have his shop front but will be available for your settlement. What makes him worthy is he is an armor emporium and will trade stuff related to armor. This does require a couple of perks like Local Leader and Cap Collector. But in the end, it is definitely worth the investment.

Fallout 4 The Scribe
The Scribe
Fallout 4 The Scribe Location
The Scribe Location

Finding the Scribe is not going to be an easy feat. This is because he is a random traveler and will not have a fixed location on the map to dialogue with your character. However, there is a guaranteed location where he will spawn most of the time. This location is Cambridge Police Station, where the Scribe roams around and is available to your character. All you need to do is talk and ask him to work for your settlement. Next, he will agree, and here you have it, a merchant of your own that will sell you quite a lot of armor pieces for good Caps.

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Daisy in Goodneighbor

If you have reached the Cap limit for KL-E-O, right next door to her shop, you can find Daisy in the Goodneighbor. She is another good merchant that will trade weapons, armor, guns, and different aids. She is a Ghoul merchant that pays out some good Caps if you have enough Charisma on your character.

Fallout 4 Daisy in Goodneighbor

On the other side, Daisy will have the Caps range from 350 to 400 with some pretty good items to trade. If you have enough time, you can listen to her history for running the business while being a Ghoul. She also has some quests that will allow you to gain her trust, thus enabling your character to earn more by doing business with her.

Isabel Cruz from Automatron

Automatron also added new merchants for players’ engagement like every other expansion pack. Isabel Cruz is one of the best merchants and the best place to sell tons of stuff in Fallout 4. She has a background in robotics and mainly focuses on circuitry shipments. But her inventory may also contain some armor pieces and weapons that you can trade after gaining her trust.

Fallout 4 Isabel Cruz from Automatron
Isabel Cruz

It is important to note that this is an antagonist character and will start a series of crucial quests. She can be found in The Mechanist Lair with over 200 Caps that you can claim yourself after a trade. All you need to do is speak to Isabel at the Mechanist Lair. After some quests, she will allow players to access her inventory to trade the stuff you have for sale.

Proctor Teagan

The Brotherhood of Steel’s favorite Proctor Teagan is also a famous trader, yet most players always overlook him for selling the stuff. Those players who joined hands with the mighty Brotherhood of Steel might be aware of Proctor Teagan and his tons of deals in energy weapons and heavy miniguns. He also trades for heavy armors to players; after all, he is the Proctor of Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout 4 Proctor Teagan
Proctor Teagan

Proctor Teagan has over 650 Caps, making him the best place to sell in Fallout 4. Before going for a trade, he might need to set the players up for some quests. After that, players can visit him to sell the essentials and earn the Cap profits.

Final Words

Selling the stuff is a great approach to earn quids in Fallout 4. You can build your settlements and start supply lines that eventually construct your business with this money. As said earlier, numerous traveling merchants are scattered around the Wasteland. Some may also interact with players through quests. But in the end, that is the part that you will have to explore all by yourself

That is about it for the top places or merchants where you can sell items like chems, loot, and weapons. Do you find this guide helpful for your ideal vendor? Who is your go-to merchant with enough Caps to trade your whole loot? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. Also, while you are here also check out Non Power Armors In Fallout 4.

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