Fallout 4 Best Supply Line Layout: Settlement & Map

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic action role-playing open-world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, released in 2015. The latest installment in the Fallout franchise and a sequel to the critically acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas. On many levels, the Fallout 4 builds upon the systems and mechanics introduced in the fallout games of the past by reworking them and making them more fresh and engaging.

That allows the game to be fresh and familiar for older players while eliminating the gateways that might discourage new players from picking up the game. In this game, they introduced a new base building mechanic accompanied by a settlement mechanic. These new additions are complex, and in this guide, we will help you understand the Fallout 4 supply line layout to maximize your settlements’ efficiency.

About the Game

Fallout 4 begins with you, the player, deciding upon your character, which you will be playing throughout the rest of the game. After this introductory sequence, you are alerted that war has broken out, and everyone needs to rush to a vault to take shelter. Luckily you are allowed passage into the vault and then carried deep underground with a few other NPCs.

Once there, you are directed towards a room where multiple pods are set up, these are labeled decontamination pods, and you are told to get inside them. Once inside, the player’s vision gets blurry, and a black screen greets you. After a moment of silence, you are greeted with mysterious strangers who abduct your child and murder your spouse from the pod right beside you. After witnessing this, you again fall back into a deep slumber and awake sometime later with one goal in mind. Find your son and get revenge on those who stole everything from you.


From this point onwards, the game begins, and you, the player, are introduced to the Boston Commonwealth world. Here on out, you have an active hand in the Commonwealth’s future and how you wish to exact justice and change the world around you.

Fallout 4 Settlements

Settlements are a new mechanic introduced in Fallout 4 where you can help some NPCs by finishing a questline they give you. Upon completing the quest, you will be on friendly terms with the NPCs, and they will declare their areas as settlements governed under you. This is seen throughout the game’s entirety up until the very end.

fallout 4 settlement supply line
Fallout 4 Map

This is a map of the entire game. It contains all the main settlements that the player can acquire under their command and use as a proxy base. The most notable of these is The Castle, which is related to the faction quest for the Minutemen. Alongside that, the Boston Airport is also in the main faction quest near the end of the game for the Brotherhood of Steel.

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Fallout 4 Supply Lines

What are supply lines? Supply Lines, to explain it, are lines that allow you to use the materials stored in one base with another. The best way to imagine it is to think of 2 boxes and two tables. Each box is connected to each table, and you can only put items from Box A onto Table A, etc. So I can not put things from Box A onto Table B and vice-versa. However, supply lines allow you to bypass this restriction and place any item from any box onto any table as long as supply lines connect them.

fallout 4 supply line
Demonstration of Supply Lines

Fallout 4 Best Supply Line Layout

The best fallout four supply line layout is dependent on where you as the player start the game. Initially, you begin in Sanctuary Hills, so we recommend you start your supply lines from there. Once you have established a good settlement with a moderately happy population, you will task a settler to act as a provisioner for any other settlement. After this supply line has been established, you can share the scrap, which allows you to access the game’s base building.

Keep in mind that supply lines DO NOT share resources that that make your settlers happy such as food and water. So your settlers will still complain about being hungry or thirsty unless you set up physical machines to provide them those resources.

best supply line fallout 4
Ideal Supply Line Layout

This map is ideal and can give you a rough idea of setting up your supply lines. You do not need to follow this map exactly, however, and should experiment with different types of setups and layouts. Supply lines can also be chained, so you do not need a web of interconnectivity with tens of provisioners.

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