Fallout 4 Best Weapons + Locations [100 Hours Experience]

With over 100+ hours into the game, here are my picks for best weapons for a deadly playthrough.

Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Fallout 4 Best Weapons

As a beginner player, weapons are the first thing that you will need for survival in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. You will need weapons that can be acquired + match your character builds. With that said, let’s have a look at some of the best weapons and where to find them in Fallout 4.

About The Author

Waleed spent over 100+ hours playing Fallout 4, so he knows the game. If you want any reliable info about Fallout 4, He’s your guy!

Key Takeaways

Our Top Picks and what they offer:

  • Pickman’s Blade: Melee weapon with 16 damage, ideal for ninja characters.
  • Grognak’s Axe: Strongest melee weapon in V.A.T.S., dealing 27 damage.
  • Furious Power Fist: Powerful melee weapon obtainable from Swan’s pond, capable of instant kills.
  • Le Fusil Terrible: Sought-after shotgun with 62 base damage, found in Libertalia Captain’s Cabin.
  • Kellogg’s Pistol: Potent sidearm with 84 damage, effective in V.A.T.S.
  • Ashmaker: Minigun with incendiary bullets and high fire rate, acquired from “The Big Dig” quest.
  • Cryolator: Energy weapon freezing enemies, obtained by picking a master lock at level 20.
  • Gatling Laser: Minigun shooting laser, available from Tegan at The Prydwen ship.
  • Spray N’ Pray: Explosive weapon, purchased from Cricket, deals damage depending on player stats.
  • Nuka-Nuke Launcher: Modified Fat Man shooting mini-nukes, obtained from Sierra Petra Vita quest.
  • Shishkebab: Melee weapon with 13 attack and 13 energy damage.
  • Instigating Disciples Blade: Murderous melee weapon with 20 base damage, from Nuka-World DLC.
  • Prototype UP77: Laser gun with unlimited ammo and fast fire rate, found in abandoned Bank building.
  • Sergeant Ash Flamer: Weapon with 13 damage and Kneecapper effect, useful for crippling enemies.
  • The Gainer: Magnum pistol with incendiary bullets, 48 damage, ideal for Cowboy-style builds.
  • Righteous Authority: Weapon dealing 26 damage, filling Critical Meter quickly with Fusion Cells.
  • Furious Ripper: Unique variant of Ripper, fast with 47 damage and legendary effect for more damage.
  • Alien Blaster: Energy weapon dealing 50 damage, obtained through Alien Crash event.
  • Gauss Rifle: Rare weapon using electromagnetic ammo, piercing through enemies, requiring Locksmith rank 3.
  • Overseer’s Guardian: Unique combat rifle shooting additional projectile, 55 damage, purchasable for 200-300 caps.

All Weapons We Picked And Comparison

No.WeaponsBest forDamageSpeedAP CostAP CostAccuracy
20Pickman’s BladeBest Early-Game Melee Weapon.15Fast2020-
19Grognak’s AxeBest High-Damage Melee Weapon.25Medium2020-
18Furious Power FistBest Fist Weapon.20Medium3535-
17Le Fusil Terrible’s shotgunBest Close-Range Shotgun.62-353541
16Kellogg’s PistolBest Pistol Weapon.48---70
15AshmakerBest Crowd-Control Weapon.8-4040-
14CryolatorBest Damage Weapon.20-212166
13Gatling LaserBest Laser Weapon.14-303048
12Spray N’ PrayFastest Damage Weapon.34-434369
11Nuka-Nuke LauncherBest Nuke Launcher Weapon Against Super Mutants.18+675-757563
10ShishkebabBest Looking Melee Weapon.20-2020-
9Instigating Disciples BladeBest Fast-Action Weapon.20-2020-
8Prototype UP77Best Energy Weapon.24-??96
7Sergeant Ash flamerBest Weapon for Multiple Enemy Types.13----
6The GainerBest Rare Weapon.48-747474
5Righteous AuthorityBest V.A.T.S. Weapon.26---76
4Furious RipperBest Close-Range Melee Weapon.4Very fast4040-
3Alien BlasterBest Legendary Weapon.50-202079
2The Gauss RifleBest End-Game Weapon.110-404069
1Overseer’s GuardianBest Weapon for Survival Mode.55-252570

Comparison Table. 

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20. Pickman’s Blade

Best Early-Game Melee Weapon.

Why did I Choose Pickman’s Blade?

I chose this blade for its high damage output and synergy with my stealthy character build. It allows you to take down many enemies before they even know you’re there.

Pickman’s Blade is an ideal entry to melee weapons and can enhance your character for a melee-focused build. I strongly recommend adding a Strength Perk to push the performance of this melee weapon even further. 

AP Cost20

Pickman’s Blade Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 best weapons
Pickman’s Blade
Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Acquiring Location Pickman’s Gallery
  1. To obtain the weapon, complete the quest “Pickman’s Gift” triggered by visiting Pickman’s Gallery on the Northern edge of Boston Island.
  2. Be prepared for a fight against Raiders during the quest.
  3. After defeating them, rescue Pickman to receive Pickman’s Blade stored in a wall safe.

  • High base damage.
  • Great for stealth builds.

  • Only useful in melee range.

19. Grognak’s Axe

Best High-Damage Melee Weapon.

Why did I Choose Grognak’s Axe?

I chose this axe for its sheer destructive power and satisfying close-quarters combat. It will give you the feeling of a true wasteland barbarian.

The medieval-looking and brutal axe boasts damage of 27, making it the strongest in V.A.T.S. Ideal for characters built for close combat, the use of V.A.T.S. with Grognak’s Axe is both rewarding and playful.

AP Cost20

Grognak’s Axe Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 best weapons
Grognak’s Axe
Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Hubris Comics ‘N Toys
Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Acquiring Location of Grognak’s Axe
  1. To find Grognak’s Axe, visit Hubris Comics in Diamond City.
  2. Look for the building with the Hubris poster, and clear Ghouls inside, then enter Shop Rogue Max.
  3. Pick Lock the mirror display to obtain the axe.
  4. The building also contains collectibles like Grognak’s costume; completionists can explore the top for additional items.

  • Highest melee damage in V.A.T.S.
  • Brutal aesthetic.

  • Slow swing speed.
  • Short range.

18. Furious Power Fist

Best Fist Weapon.

Why did I Choose Furious Power Fist?

I chose this weapon for the thrill of one-hit kills and the ability to clear out groups of enemies in close combat. It provides player with a sense of raw power in the wasteland.

As the name implies, Furious Power Fist can fit in your bloody melee arsenal and packs a massive punch. It is obtainable from the Swan’s pond by the Boston Common. Unlike previous weapons, this one might not be the easy one to acquire.

AP Cost35

Furious Power Fist Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Furious Power Fist
Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Acquiring Location of Furious Power Fist
Fallout 4 Best Weapon
Swan The Guardian of the Pond

At Swan Pond, you will be put against the Swan Super Mutant boss. Bring ample ammo to defeat Swan and obtain the Furious Power Fist from the loot after defeating the beast.

  • Devastating damage.
  • Especially against weaker enemies.

  • Requires close range.
  • Can be risky against stronger foes.

17. Le Fusil Terribles

Best Close-Range Shotgun.

Why did I Choose Le Fusil Terribles?

I chose this shotgun for its ability to eliminate most enemies in one or two shots. It’s great for getting out of tight situations quickly.

If you are more of a shooter player, Le Fusil Terrible is a must-try from my weapons list. Out of all sorts of shooting weapons, Le Fusil Terrible’s shotgun is most worthy of attention because of the unique effects it has to offer. 

AP Cost35
Fire Rate20

Le Fusin Terrible Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Le Fusil Terrible
  1. Obtain the shotgun for close-quarters combat by visiting Libertalia.
  2. Head to the Captain’s Cabin inside the wrecked ship at this location.
  3. Here you will be dealing with Skull enemies, but do not worry at this stage you can definitely make out alive. 
  4. Navigate through the junkyard islands, wait for the cable car to reach the wrecked ship, and enter the Captain’s Cabin to find the shotgun in a wooden crate.

  • Extreme damage.
  • Effective at close to medium range.

  • Heavy weight.
  • Low ammo capacity.

16. Kellogg’s Pistol

Best Pistol Weapon.

Why did I Choose Kellogg’s Pistol?

I chose this pistol for its balance of damage and accuracy, making it perfect for mid-range combat and V.A.T.S. It gives me a tactical advantage in most firefights.

Kellogg’s Pistol ranks top on the list for the most powerful and easy to acquire in the game. I strongly recommend picking up Kellog’s Pistol for optimized kills using V.A.T.S. 

AP Cost-
Fire Rate6

Kellog’s Pistol Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 best weapons
Reunions Quest
Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Base Kellog’s Pistol
  1. You can obtain it through the “Reunion” quest from Nick Valentine in Diamond City.
  2. Follow the quest to find Kellogg, using Kellogg’s Cigar scent with Dogmeat to lead you to Fort Hagen in the west.
  3. During the meeting at Fort Hagen, an ambush will occur; defeat Kellogg to loot his pistol and other collectibles.

  • High damage, accurate.
  • Excellent with V.A.T.S.

  • Limited ammo capacity.

15. Ashmaker

Best Crowd-Control Weapon.

Why did I Choose Ashmaker?

I chose this minigun for its unique fire effect and fun factor. It’s awesome for creating chaos and watching enemies burn.

Ashmaker is a really fun minigun weapon that is brutal for enemies. You won’t have much issue dealing quick damage, thanks to the decent fire rate of the weapon. 

AP Cost40

Ashmaker Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 Ashmaker Weapons
Fallout 4 Ashmaker
Acquiring Location of Ashmaker
  1. To obtain the Ashmaker, complete “The Big Dig” quest in Goodneighbor.
  2. Head to the alley on the left side of the GunsGunsGuns store, and find the green door, where you’ll meet Bobby No-Nose to start the quest. Follow my location guide in the image above. 
  3. Finishing the quest will grant you the Ashmaker.

  • Fast fire rate.
  • Incendiary damage causes continuous harm.

  • Low base damage.
  • Burns through ammo quickly.

14. Cryolator

Best Damage Weapon. 

Why did I Choose Cryolator?

I chose this weapon for its tactical applications and ability to turn the tide of battle by immobilizing threats. The freezing effect provides much-needed breathing room in tough fights.

Cryolator is one of the best energy weapons that do tons of damage to the enemies. It is a mid-range gun that freezes enemies using cryo cell ammo, which is quite rare. But it can be fun while it lasts right? 

AP Cost21

Cryolator Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 Cryolator

Finding the Cryolator is easy; it’s been in a master-locked glass case in Vault 111 since the beginning of Fallout 4. 

  1. To obtain the Cryolator, players need to be at Character level 20 with a Perception value of 4 for lock-picking skills.
  2. This is crucial for opening the master lock on the glass container holding the Cryolator in Vault 111.
  3. Once acquired, you are all set for a unique energy-focused character playthrough. 

  • Unique freezing effect.
  • Powerful against single targets.

  • Rare ammo.
  • Short range.

13. Gatling Laser

Best Laser Weapon.

Why did I Choose Gatling Laser?

I chose this weapon for its reliability and damage output in extended firefights. It provides layers of confidence to face groups of powerful enemies head-on.

Gatling Laser is another energy weapon that surpasses expectations in every way. In essence, the Gatling laser is a minigun that shoots laser by running on the fusion cores and does a good amount of damage value of 14.

AP Cost30

Gatling Laser Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 Gatling Laser
Gatling Laser
  1. You can obtain it by visiting The Prydwen ship and talking to Tegan, who sells equipment at the back of the ship.
  2. The Gatling Laser becomes available for purchase once you have joined the Brotherhood at level 24.

  • High damage.
  • Large ammo capacity.

  • Heavy.
  • Requires Brotherhood membership to acquire.

12. Spray N’ Pray

Fastest Damage Weapon.

Why did I Choose Spray N’ Pray?

I chose this weapon for its satisfying explosions and area-of-effect damage. It’s perfect for thinning out a horde of hostiles with ease.

Spray N’ Pray has been in the game from the beginning and is greatly acclaimed among the players. What is so great about this weapon is that each bullet that comes out of the barrel explodes upon hitting the object.

AP Cost43

Spray N’ Pray Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 Spray N Pray
Spray N Pray
Fallout 4 Best Weapons
Cricket-The Trader In Commonwealth
  1. To acquire the Spray N’ Pray weapon, players need to find the wandering vendor Cricket in the Commonwealth.
  2. Cricket frequents locations such as Vault 81, Warwick Homestead, and Bunker Hill. I recommend checking out these location to easily find her.
  3. If she’s not present, waiting in-game will eventually spawn her.
  4. Upon locating Cricket, check her inventory to purchase the Spray N’ Pray.
  5. The weapon’s price may vary based on your character’s stats.

  • Explosive rounds.
  • Great for crowd control

  • Can be dangerous in close quarters.

11. Nuka-Nuke Launcher

Best Nuke Launcher Weapon Against Super Mutants.

Why did I Choose the Nuka-Nuke Launcher?

I chose this weapon for its raw destructive power and the sheer spectacle it creates. Being able to launch miniature nukes brings a unique sense of chaotic joy to the wasteland experience.

Nuka-Nuke is part of Nuka World DLC and is a must-use weapon once in a playthrough of Fallout 4. The reason for this is simple: It shoots Nukes(generally small) but powerful enough to slaughter mutants. 

Fire Rate1
AP Cost75

Nuka-Nuke Stats Table. 

Fallout 4 Nuka Nuke Launcher
Nuka-Nuke Launcher
Fallout 4 Nuka Nuke Launcher
Sierra Petra Vita
  1. To obtain the weapon, complete the main quest of the Nuka World DLC, given by Sierra Petra Vita in Nuka Town.
  2. This lengthy quest is a crucial part of the storyline, and details can be discussed separately.

  • Extremely high damage potential.
  • Great for crowd control and boss fights.
  • Unique and entertaining spectacle.

  • Requires careful positioning to avoid self-harm.
  • Limited ammo capacity.
  • Requires Nuka-World DLC.

10. Shishkebab

Best Looking Melee Weapon.

Why did I Choose Shishkebab?

I chose the Shishkebab for its combination of brutal effectiveness and its fiery aesthetic. It lets you play as a true wasteland berserker, leaving a trail of burning enemies in my wake.

Shishkebab is a very attractive addition to the melee weapons in Fallout 4 that has roots in the previous games. It looks absolutely hellish with that flame and swing. 

Fire RateFast
AP Cost20

Shishkebab Stats Table. 

Shishkebab Location
Shishkebab Location

Players must complete the Out of the Fire quest first to avoid spoilers and retrieve the famous Shishkebab melee weapon. 

  • High damage-over-time effect.
  • Visually striking weapon.
  • Effective against unarmored targets.

  • Short-range, requires close combat.
  • Best against enemies vulnerable to fire.

9. Instigating Disciples Blade

Best Fast-Action Weapon.

Why did I Choose Instigating Desciples Blade?

I chose this blade for its tactical applications and high burst damage potential. This is the weapon for players who enjoy precision kills and eliminating threats silently.

Instigating Desciples Blade always stands out to deal the best killing damage to the opponents. Some numerous features and aspects make it listed among the best weapons. One of the top features is its lightweight and fast action, thus a perfect murdering melee weapon in Fallout 4. 

Fire RateFast
AP Cost20

Instigating Disciples Blade Stats Table. 

You can extend its abilities with the best perks like Big Leagues and Bloody Mess. You can check out details about these perks in our Fallout 4 Best Perks guide.

Instigating Disciples Blade
Instigating Disciples Blade
Purchase from Nisha Vendor
Purchase from Nisha Vendor
  1. To obtain the Instigating Disciples blade in Fallout 4, make sure you have the Nuka-World DLC installed.
  2. Progress through the storyline to the end, and meet Nisha after completing the Power Play quest.
  3. As a reward for siding with the Disciples, she will give your character the unique melee weapon.

  • Devastating first-strike damage.
  • Ideal for stealth gameplay.
  • Lightweight and quick.

  • Less effective after the initial strike.
  • Requires Nuka-World DLC.

8. Prototype UP77

Best Energy Weapon.

Why did I Choose Prototype UP77?

I chose this gun for the freedom it offers. Never worrying about finding or crafting ammo and having a solid fire rate makes it a fantastic choice for longer firefights or exploring dangerous areas.

A weapon with unlimited ammunition sounds terrific. Prototype UP77 is precisely what the first line implies, and it comes with infinity ammo. 

Fire Rate90
AP Cost?

Prototype UP77 Stats Table. 

In essence, Prototype is a lost laser gun with the favorable fire rate and unique effect of “Limitless Ammo.” Although it grants infinity ammo, you will still need Fusion Cells to fuel the energy weapon and use it for your battle needs in Fallout 4. 

Prototype UP77
Prototype UP77
  1. To obtain this weapon, visit the abandoned Bank building in University Point.
  2. Look for a building with a notice saying “Bank.”
  3. Inside, locate a terminal to hack, leading to more terminals as you progress.
  4. Reach a Vault storage area and find a locked locker, requiring Bobby Pins to unlock.
  5. Perks for Lock Picking and Hacking can be beneficial. Inside the locker, press a button to unlock a secret entrance.

Here, you will find a large table with a Prototype UP77 available to claim for your character. 

  • Unlimited ammo.
  • Good fire rate and damage.
  • Reliable for extended combat.

  • Requires Fusion Cells to power.
  • Can be tricky to obtain.

7. Sergeant Ash Flamer

Best Weapon for Multiple Enemy Types.

Why did I Choose Sergeant Ash Flamer?

I chose Sergeant Ash Flamer because of its crowd control potential and the crippling effect it offers. The ability to slow down enemies while burning them adds another layer of strategy to firefights.

A flamer never goes as an exception to Fallout 4 best weapons in the game, as it brings unique and engaging moments in the gameplay. When hand-to-hand melee combat or bullet reloading weapons feel outdated, Sergeant Ash flamer saves the day by calling hell on the opponents. 

Fire Rate90
AP Cost-

Sergeant Ash Flamer Stats Table. 

Sergeant Ash Flamer
Sergeant Ash Flamer
  1. To acquire, make sure you already have Far Harbor DLC.
  2. Head to Acadia and speak to the vendor named Dejen inside the building.
  3. Dejen will sell various items, including the Sergeant Ash flamer.
  4. While it may be a substantial in-game investment, the weapon’s long-range flame abilities make it worth the cost.

  • Strong area-of-effect damage.
  • Crippling effect offers crowd control.
  • Highly effective against groups.

  • Requires Far Harbor DLC.
  • Best at short to medium range.

6. The Gainer

Best Rare Weapon.

Why did I Choose The Gainer?

I chose The Gainer for its unique look and ability to set enemies ablaze. It offers a satisfying mix of damage and a fun visual effect, perfect for players who want a distinctive sidearm.

Pistols go a long way to fit the environment of Fallout 4 and ensure a perfect addition of weapon for your character. The Gainer is one such magnum pistol that is highly unique and rare to find in the Boston wasteland.

As from the looks, the weapon looks remarkable and deadly with a unique effect. 

Fire Rate 6
AP Cost74

The Gainer Stats Table. 

The Gainer
The Gainer
The Gainer Location
The Gainer Location
  1. To obtain the deadly Gainer pistol, visit a building below Dunwich Borers on the map.
  2. Solve a simple puzzle in the basement by entering the code found on the wall next to the machine.
  3. Access the room and pick up the Gainer pistol next to a decaying corpse.

  • Incendiary damage adds flair.
  • High single-shot damage.
  • Unique and visually appealing.

  • Limited ammo capacity for a pistol.
  • Somewhat difficult to acquire.

5. Righteous Authority

Best V.A.T.S. Weapon.

Why did I Choose Righteous Authority?

I chose Righteous Authority because of its reliability and effectiveness both inside and outside of V.A.T.S. The enhanced critical hit damage makes it highly rewarding for players who enjoy V.A.T.S.-focused builds.

Another unique and powerful energy weaponis the Righteous Authority laser gun. The looks are enough to show the weapon’s natural strength and damaging power. At the same time, the unique effects it brings for your character are icing on the cake. 

Fire Rate50
AP Cost-

Righteous Authority Stats Table. 

Righteous Authority
Righteous Authority

It has a unique effect, allowing players to deal more damage on Critical Shots and rapidly fill the Critical Meter. Use the weapon strategically to eliminate enemies from a distance.

I would suggest employing various V.A.T.S-focused perks to optimize both your character build and the weapon’s performance.

  1. To acquire this laser weapon, complete Paladin Danse’s quests, specifically the “Call to Arms” quest.
  2. After completing the mission, players will receive Righteous Authority as a reward from Danse.

  • Enhanced critical hit damage.
  • Accurate and effective at range.
  • Works well with V.A.T.S. builds.

  • Requires Fusion Cells.
  • Tied to a specific questline.

4. Furious Ripper

Best Close-Range Melee Weapon.

Why did I Choose Furious Ripper?

I chose the Furious Ripper for its raw aggression and potential to quickly ramp up damage output. It lets you turn into a whirling frenzy of blades, perfect for adrenaline-fueled close combat.

Furious Ripper brings enhanced close-range damage plus a blood-spill mess that can reward players in the long run. With its impressive speed and damage output, the weapon excels in hand-to-hand combat, making it effective against formidable foes like Deathclaws.

SpeedVery fast
AP Cost40

Furious Ripper Stats Table. 

Furious Ripper
Furious Ripper
  1. To obtain the Furious Ripper, players should go to the Croup Manor Basement.
  2. Look for a legendary ghoul, which has a chance of dropping the weapon.
  3. Save the game at the location, allowing you to return and farm the ghoul repeatedly to improve your chances of getting this powerful melee weapon.

  • Damage increases with each consecutive hit.
  • Devastating against larger enemies.
  • Visceral and satisfying close combat.

  • Requires high-risk melee playstyle.
  • Can be difficult to find.

3. Alien Blaster

Best Legendary Weapon.

Why did I Choose Alien Blaster?

I chose the Alien Blaster for its otherworldly origins and devastating power. It will add a fun, futuristic element to your arsenal and also packs a serious punch against tough enemies.

As the name implies, it is an extra-terrestrial energy weapon dropped by one of our green friends from another universe. 

Fire Rate100
AP Cost20

Alien Blaster Stats Table. 

Alien Blaster Pistol
Alien Blaster Pistol

Obtaining the Alien Blaster is another crux of the matter. But do not worry, as we have a detailed Fallout 4 alien location guide that will drop the Alien Blaster. You can follow each step to ensure you get your hands on the energy weapon from another world and claim it for yourself. 

  • Extremely high damage output.
  • Unique ammo and appearance.
  • Fun and powerful alien technology.

  • Rare ammo (Alien Blaster rounds).
  • Tied to a specific event.

2. Gauss Rifle

Best End-Game Weapon.

Why did I Choose Gauss Rifle?

I chose the Gauss Rifle for its sheer stopping power and armor-piercing capabilities. It allows you to play as a long-range hunter, taking down targets with surgical precision.

Gauss Rifle is the least discussed weapon in Fallout 4, yet it makes a banging impression of dealing massive damage in a wide area. Also, it is one of the rarest and most difficult weapons in the game that uses electromagnetic ammo to shoot the energy beam that pierces through all kinds of enemies. 

Fire Rate 66
AP Cost40

Gauss Rifle Stats Table. 

Gauss Rifle Location
Gauss Rifle Location
Gauss Rifle Location
Gauss Rifle Location
  1. Obtaining the Gauss Rifle is straightforward, with the main requirement being rank 3 Locksmith, easily achievable for a mid-to-end-game level character.
  2. Head to Skylanes Flight 1981, a crash site, and locate the front part of the plane.
  3. There, a locked compartment awaits, requiring a rank 3 Locksmith.
  4. Once opened, you’ll find the Gauss Rifle along with various ammo and essential items for your character.

  • Extremely high single-shot damage.
  • Pierces through enemy armor.
  • Long-range capabilities are ideal for snipers.

  • Requires rare electromagnetic ammo.
  • Can be unwieldy at close range.

1. Overseer’s Guardian

Best Weapon for Survival Mode.

Why did I Choose Overseer’s Guardian?

I chose Overseer’s Guardian for its reliable damage output, accuracy, and unique effect that doubles my firepower. It gives you tactical flexibility for both short and long-range combat.

Overseer’s Guardian also brings a unique effect to the table that enables the gun to shoot an additional projectile of the bullet with each shot. 

Fire Rate 90
AP Cost25

Overseer’s Guardian Stats Table. 

Overseer's Guardian
Overseer’s Guardian

The location for the weapon is simple – head inside Vault 81. Speak with Alexis Combes, one of the vendors in the game, as she has the Overseer’s Guardian in her tradeable inventory, guaranteeing you access to this powerful weapon.

You can purchase the weapon for 200-300 caps. If you are short on the in-game currency of caps to purchase the weapon, you can consider Fallout 4 best places to sell your stuff to make instant money easily. 

  • Shoots an additional projectile per shot.
  • Reliable damage and accuracy.
  • Good for both short and long-range.

  • Can be expensive to buy.
  • Less “flashy” than some unique weapons.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Junk Jet: Managing ammunition becomes an inventory nightmare due to the heavyweight and inconsistent sizes of junk ammo.
  2. Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun: Extremely rare ammo and a lengthy quest to acquire make this weapon more of a novelty than a reliable combat tool.
  3. Big Boy (Fat Man Variant): Finding enough mini-nukes is so difficult that the Big Boy often sits in your inventory gathering dust.
  4. Railway Rifle: Crafting enough railway spikes to keep up with ammo demand is a tedious and resource-intensive chore. 
  5. 2076 World Series Baseball Bat: While fun to send enemies flying, the random knockback effect makes for unreliable damage output.
  6. Deathclaw Gauntlet: Requires close-quarters combat against one of the wasteland’s toughest foes, creating a high risk for limited reward.
  7. Kremvh’s Tooth: Powerful in melee, but the radiation effect on attacks can cause as much harm to the player as to the enemy.
  8. The Striker (Fat Man Variant): Launches homing mini-nukes, but they’re rare and often overkill for basic engagements, wasting precious ammo.
  9. Thirst Zapper: Water pistol effect is more amusing than truly lethal, with limited power against serious threats.

What Would I Recommend?

As an experienced player, I would highly recommend the Gauss Rifle. It’s an excellent choice for long-range combat, with its high damage output and armor-piercing capabilities. It’s perfect for snipers who want to take down targets with surgical precision.

The Overseer’s Guardian is also a great choice. It’s a versatile and accurate rifle that offers reliable damage output and accuracy. Its unique effect of shooting an additional projectile per shot doubles your firepower, making it a great choice for both short and long-range combat.

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