Top 17 Fallout 4 Best Weather Mods

Turn the wasteland's weather even more realistic and terrifying by installing the Best Fallout 4 weather mod.

Fallout 4 Best Weather Mod
Fallout 4 Best Weather Mod

The post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 is already appealing and detailed and hooks the players to the last bit. But if you are considering more visual effects with weather dynamics, you can install new weather mods in Fallout 4. There are a plethora of different weather mods that can boost the mechanics of the games, thus enhancing your gameplay experience.

Key Takeaways

  • True Storms is a mod that provides extreme weather conditions while keeping the feel of the vanilla game. True Storms provides light and heavy sound effects, allowing players to customize their weather.
  • Calamity Weathers mod enhances the Fallout 4 experience by providing harsh climates and unique particle effects.
  • Climate Control allows players to create their own unique weather experience in Fallout 4.
  • Polluted Climate combines with Senescence ENB to create more vibrant and colorful weathers that depict the Commonwealth after the bombings.
  • No Green Weather removes the greenish haze in the vanilla version of the game, making it more appealing for players who like darkness.
  • Add Fallout 76 weather to Fallout 4 for a similar experience. Mods are needed to make the most out of Fallout 76 weather.
  • The Fallout 4 Rain mod improves the rain effect in Fallout 4, providing a more realistic and realistic rain that washes the floors and roads with adjustable rain.
  • Winters AIO weather mod adds snowfall to Fallout 4, making it unique in the post-nuclear world.
  • The Morose weather overhaul mod makes Fallout 4 more terrifying and engaging, replacing happy and lush colors with more haunting music and sound effects.
  • Candy Eye mod adds vintage lighting, rainy weather, and irradiated climate to Fallout 4.
  • Apocalyptic Weather mod replaces the vanilla weather system with darker and more intense weather, making it more challenging for veteran players.
  • Weather Redux is a unique Fallout 4 weather mod that adds intense radiation storms and rains, as well as new visual effects and audio effects.
  • Wasteland Weather replaces the sun with a hazy brownish climate and radiation storms, providing a unique experience with tons of possibilities for playthroughs.
  • Gloomy Weather is a soft weather mod that provides peaceful weather and transitions from foggy to mild rain but still requires radiation protection.
  • NAC gives players the freedom to create their own weather in Fallout 4, with 70+ weather sequences and unique sounds and FXs.
  • Far Harbor-style Commonwealth is a unified weather mod that unifies the current weather in Far Harbor and Nuka World.
  • Vivid Weathers combines two of the best weather mods to create the ultimate weather mod in Fallout 4.

However, narrowing down the list and choosing one can become overwhelming with time. But do not worry, as we bring the top 17 realism best weather mod in Fallout 4 that will surely match your playstyle. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Fallout 4 Best Weather Mods

Fallout 4 modding community is growing forever with new mods to push the boundaries of the unique gameplay in the nuclear-battered world of Commonwealth Boston. These mods overhaul the game’s weather system would make your gaming experience even more challenging.

Fallout 4 Best Weather Mod
Fallout 4 Best Weather Mod

Weather mods will allow you to completely change the game’s feel with different aspects like nuclear winter, rain, or fog. All you need to do is find the best weather mod in Fallout 4. Let’s have a look at some of the best mods you can install for your vanilla game to experience a unique setting.

True Storms

While discussing the intense weather conditions in the post-nuclear world, True Storms is the first mod that comes into mind. This mod focuses on offering players extreme weather conditions while keeping the feel of the original weather of the vanilla game. Today, this mod has turned much more intense, increasing the dangers for players. Now you can either take advantage of this weather condition or head back to the vault to hibernate until the radiation storms calm down.

True Storms feature different rains that cover the wasteland of the Commonwealth with lightings that stretch around the map. The earlier versions of the True Storms mod were fair weather but heavy sound overhaul. Meanwhile, if you install v1.4 for the mod, you will experience both in the game. It even comes with a Volume Setting feature to get a truly immersive experience during the journey in the wasteland.

Fallout 4 True Storms
True Storms Weather Mod

Unfortunately, the vanilla game did not have sound effects of weather in the game’s interiors. For instance, if your character is inside the building, they will not be able to hear the sound of thunderstorms or dust storms. True Storms significantly changes things by providing light and heavy sound effects for the weather.

The cherry on top is the ability to customize your weather. This means players will have the options available on their pip-boy to turn on or off the aspects of the weather. Given the harsh weather conditions, you can leverage the sneak abilities and complete the missions without triggering an ambush.

True Storms Configuration
Configuration through Pip-Boy Holotape

For instance, the foggy weather will enhance your sneak abilities with 10% harder to detect. Or if you are a straight psycho killer and do not care about the sneaking, watch out for a feral ghouls attack. This mod comes with waves of ghouls attacking players during the storm’s duration, making it more engaging rather than just climate mechanics.

Calamity Weathers

The subtle weather of the vanilla version of Fallout 4 can become tedious with time. This is where Calamity Weathers comes into boosting the players’ experience. After installing the mod, the first thing that players will notice is the dark tone to objects from the bright weather. This is because the mod’s main focus is to make the original version of weathers less cartoonish. Calamity Weathers fix this with climates that depict the harsh outcomes of nuclear winter and unique particle effects.

Fallout 4 Calamity Weathers
Calamity Weathers

This mod also has a geographical effect on the world of Fallout 4. Even the clear weather will have some impact of haze that reduces the range of sight for objects. Moreover, the weather light effects make the whole wasteland grayish because everything is non-existent after the nuclear blast.

Like True Storms, you can also configure the weather condition with Calamity Weathers mod. At first glance, you might experience an intense lighting atmosphere, just like in Metro 2033. But you can reduce the intensity from the configuration menu to suit your gameplay needs.

If the outside seems a little too bright, the interiors will be mostly dark and bleak. Especially, the fun begins at night, which increases players’ threats. Meanwhile, visiting the Glowing Sea will give straight hell vibes with nuclear thunders and darkness.

Climate Control

If you are thinking of creating your weather system for any mission or specific location, Climate Control is all you need in Fallout 4. Climate Control is designed to allow players to develop their unique weather experience. Although, at first, you will not see much difference in the overhaul. But as you apply your changes, like thunderstorm or fog density, you will build unique gameplay.

Fallout 4 Climate Control
Climate Control

For instance, in the Far Harbor storyline, you choose different weather conditions. If you do not like the fog, you can turn it off completely. Or, if you want to dive into the story more deeply, you can turn on a unique weather setting known as Kellog’s Brain. This will overhaul the weather system as if you were in the Kellog NPC brain. Not just weather, but it also changes the texture to fit the character.

You can configure these overhauls through the pip-boy and try to create your post-apocalyptic setting for Fallout 4. Make sure to save the game before changing the weather to revert the changes quickly.

Senescence ENB – Polluted Climate

Fallout 4 is all about a nuclear mess left by a bitter war. Commonwealth was a beautiful place in America, yet it still shines to this day, despite the harsh realities of the bombings. Senescence ENB allows players to enhance the particle effect to create this battered world even more appealing.

Senescence is a part of the ENB, a complete overhaul of the game. Meanwhile, the Polluted Climate combines with it to set more vibrant and colorful weathers that depict the future of the Commonwealth after the bombings. It focuses on denser particles for fog and rain that are both beautiful and eerie at the same time.

Fallout 4 Polluted Climate
Senescence ENB – Polluted Climate

The vanilla version has pretty high values for lighting at night. Thanks to Polluted Climate, you can now change the lighting aspects of the nighttime during weather like rain and radiation storm. After all, the polluted weather mod will give the rusty feeling to the nights, while the days will be more poisonous than ever.

No Green Weather

If you are tired of all the greenish haze in the vanilla version of the game, No Green Weather is a choice to go for. Although, this mod will print the weather once and for all for your vanilla game, which means you will not be able to change it unless you remove the mod. But, the amount of overhaul it does with fascinating weather aspects, No Green Weather is highly appealing for players that like darkness.

Fallout 4 No Green Weather
No Green Weather

You will see the difference in the most radiated places in the wasteland of the Commonwealth. These include Glowing Sea, Nuka World, or Atom Springs. Since these locations turn all greenish during the winter storm, No Green Weather removes the greenish weather with rusty and hazy weather particles both during the day and night.

Fallout 76 Weather

Nothing is better than a sweet upgrade to a 7-year-old game. If you loved playing Fallout 76 and want a similar weather experience in Fallout 4, you might want to add Fallout 76 kinds of weather into your mod addition. At first glance, this mod will overhaul the rusty look of Fallout 4 into the dense natural green look of West Virginia from Fallout 76.

Fallout 4 Fallout 76 Weathers
Fallout 76 Weathers

Upon installing, you will enjoy a similar experience as Fallout 76. However, it does not seem to overhaul the weather. But the amount of color palette changes and enhancement to the current weather in Fallout 4 makes it stand out. These weathers are highly bright and hazy particles effect.

On the other side, the vibrant colors and hazy rays from the high vegetation make the game extremely appealing. It is recommended to install numerous other mods to make your gaming experience everlasting. Here is the list of mods you need to install to make the most out of Fallout 76 weather.

Fallout 4 Rain

If you think Fallout 4 poisonous raindrops were not enough, then Fallout 4 Rain mod is what you need to meet your gameplay requirements. One of the major complaints from the avid fans was the disappointing rain effect in Fallout 4. The heavy rain in Fallout 4 feels a bit like a drizzle which is not something players expect in a post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout 4 Rain
Fallout 4 Rain

However, the FO4 Rain ensures a more realistic rain that thoroughly washes the floors and roads with adjustable rain. Once you activate the mod, the next thing you will notice is that everything is soaking in water. On top of that, you can control the rain effect from the mod menu in your pip-boy. Another significant difference this mod makes is the amount of darkness during the rainstorm. In the vanilla versions, the rainy weather was not much darker than it should be. Meanwhile FO4 Rain mod enables an eerie night with numerous possibilities for scary playthroughs.

Winters AIO

Everyone loves winters, and the post-nuclear winter is none other where survival becomes crucial. Winters AIO is another beautiful entry in the mod series that adds snowfall as the primary weather overhaul in Fallout 4. It is not usual hazy sunshine, with ray-tracing graphics in Fallout 4 weather mod. It is eerie darkness with cold winter storms where everything will be covered in snow from top to bottom.

What makes Winters AIO weather mod unique is the amount of detail it comes with the overhaul to the vanilla version. At first glance, players will acknowledge the arrival of a snowstorm, which is pretty fitting in the post-nuclear world. After a few moments into the snowstorm, you will see details like snow covering the buildings and snow building up in the cracks of the roads.

Fallout 4 Winters AIO
Winters AIO

Another ultimate immersion from the mod is the latest tree textures covered with snow. Like other mods, you can set the density of the snowfall that suits best for your gameplay needs.

Morose – Horror Weather Overhaul

Fallout 4 is both disturbing and horror-styled RPG game that has always surprised players with numerous details in the gameplay. Surprisingly, you can make it even more thrilling with Morose weather overhaul mod making it the best weather mod in Fallout 4. Morose horror weather will give the most haunting experience with turning the overall game into a terrifying game in the RPG genre.

Fallout 4 Morose Weather
Morose – Horror Weather Overhaul

Apart from the grim weather overhaul, the rest of the aspects will feel more engaging with the realistic storyline making it more fun to play. Once you activate the mod, you will be diving into the world with all the happy and lush colors removed from the Commonwealth’s wasteland. You will not be able to see much further into dark bushes, thus increasing the threats for the looming creatures.

Even much worse is that the mod will replace the overall soundtrack with more haunting music and sound effects of the game. This will induce fear and anxiety while playing all the quests in Fallout 4.

Candy Eye

Another famous mod entry in the list is Candy Eye. This mod covers the vintage lighting and rusty orange tint to the sky, similar to Fallout New Vegas. But as you turn on the rainy weather, things can get messy. The overall raining effect will be dark, requiring power armors with a torch. As the rainy season can turn the ghouls even more vicious, a good amount of protection is significant for survival in the wasteland of the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Candy Eye
Candy Eye

Moreover, the climate at the Glowing Sea is another sight to see after installing the Candy Eye. The glowing sea is now a living hell for any living being, and a rad storm does tons of damage with intense radiation particles and thunders. Candy Eye replaces the greenish look of decay substance in Glowing Sea with more orange, which depicts the intensity of the radiation at the nuclear ground zero. If you are the kind of player that likes to hang out in radiation, then Candy Eye is all you need to enjoy the end of the world scenario in Fallout 4.

Apocalyptic Weather

As the name implies, this mod will replace the vanilla weather system with darker and more intense weather. This will enhance the visuals and modify the gameplay mechanics, making it more challenging, even for the veteran players. If you are thinking of starting a new playthrough, then this mod is worth trying to enjoy a unique experience.

Although, this mod will seem much brighter during the sunlight. But at the same time, it will be darker during the night and radiation storms. Thanks to the nuclear bombs, you will not see a blue sky, and the climate is pretty much like Fallout New Vegas. Most parts of the terrain and buildings are dusty with an accumulation of radiation.

Fallout 4 Apocalyptic Weather
Apocalyptic Weather

Moreover, the interior lighting is revamped completely to give a more grim look. The overall state of the Commonwealth looks like it has been thrown backward into history. Even with the rain and storms, the lighting effect is unfortunate. Mod also features a denser and detailed rain effect, so you no longer have to worry about that drizzling rain from vanilla Fallout 4. Players will also enjoy new weather systems, like crimson red radiation storms that look hauntingly beautiful.

Weather Redux

Weather Redux is another unique entry in the Fallout 4 best weather mod that alters the overall climate of the game. This mod comes with an intense and lethal dose of radiation storms and rains that will cost you numerous stimpaks only to survive through radiation. If you are a loner player who does not look behind and is continuously on the move, this is the perfect mod to revamp the game experience.

Sometimes the intense red radiation storms will last for over six in-game hours that become painful for your character. On the other side, Weather Redux will be adding new visual effects for the radiation storm so players can acknowledge the intensity and prepare to find a settlement to spend the rest of the day. Not just that, but heavy rain with unique audio effects will also replace the vanilla weather system.

Fallout 4 Weather Redux
Weather Redux

You can tweak and set the weather of your choice through the pip-boy menu, thus giving you the freedom to pursue your playstyle. All you need is some protection from radiation to ensure the safety of your character while being on a vital questline. Moreover, you might also want to beware of the lurking enemies at night. This is because you will not see much farther as the pitch-black darkness will cover everything during the night. A flashlight or a good set of Power Armor is highly recommended to dive into the darkness of night and experience the most out of Weather Redux.

Wasteland Weather

If the vanilla radiation storms are not enough, Wasteland Weather can fill your cravings for post-nuclear theme storms and fog limiting vision. The focus of this mod is to bring back the weather system of the original Fallout game with non-intense weather that still poses a threat to the players’ character.

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Fallout 4 Wasteland Weather
Wasteland Weather

You will not find bright and blissful morning sunshine across the windows. This mod will replace the sun with a hazy brownish climate that perfectly fits the wasteland. This fog will cover 97% of the game weather system, while the rest will involve radiation storms. However, it might not seem much as compared to the other weathers. But still, it is a unique experience where you will no longer see the sun, thus adding tons of possibilities for playthroughs.

Gloomy Weather

If you loved playing Fallout 3, you would enjoy a similar experience Fallout 4. Gloomy Weather is another no-sun and dark weather altering mod available for players to add to their vanilla game. By no sun, we mean no sunlight, as dark clouds will be covering the skies all the time. Gloomy Weather is a soft weather mod that does not focus on intense weather conditions where you will be running for your life.

Fallout 4 Gloomy Weather
Gloomy Weather

This mod has dull yet beautiful weather like rain and light fog that are mostly peaceful. However, with British themed-climate of no-sunlight, things can become a little more enjoyable during the ghouls’ waves and deathclaw fights. Moreover, there are many transitions from foggy weather to mild rain that will engage players in tons of activities in the outer world.

On the other side, there are still most radiated places like Glowing Sea, where your players require radiation protection. There are not many-particle effects of radiation around the area, but denser fog gives the eerie feeling of the aftermath of nuclear bombs.

Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth – NAC

When it comes to the most advanced weather mod for Fallout 4, Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth always stands out among others. NAC is designed with the ultimate goal of giving players the freedom to create their weather in Fallout 4. This is possible through the pip-boy mod menu where you can change the weather to your likings.

Fallout 4 Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth
Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth

Not just that, but NAC features 70+ weather sequences on the original version of Fallout 4. NAC for Fallout 4 features unique weather sounds and FXs that recover the aesthetics of the original entry in the series while making it an everlasting experience for players. Thanks to the mini ENB, there are tons of configuration options available to players to modify the weather they want at any portion of the game.

With this mod installed, players will experience four seasons, based on what month you are playing in the game. Although, if your visit the most irradiated places on the map, you will be able to experience the haunting aftermath of the nuclear bombs. Once again, players can easily adjust the overall particle effect and weather cycle through the pip-boy mod menu.

Far Harbor Style Commonwealth

Far Harbor-style Commonwealth is a unified weather mod that does not entirely revamp the game’s weather. It unifies the current weather in Far Harbor and Nuka World for an overall map of the Commonwealth. As soon as the Far Harbor expansion was released, the weather was the unique aspect of the DLC that amaze players to date. With these aspects in mind, now you can enjoy the weather experience for the overall game rather than only in Far Harbor locations.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Style Commonwealth
Fallout 4 Far Harbor Style Commonwealth

Since the Far Harbor has more mist theme weathers that go hand to hand with trees and swamps. Moreover, the green tint across the map during the radiation storm and little sunlight is indeed going to send chills down the spine. Meanwhile, do not be under the weather yet, as you can configure the weather particle density and other aspects of the mod through pip-boy. Unfortunately, players who do not have Far Harbor expansion will not install or utilize the weather mod. So make sure to purchase the DLC to enjoy the dark and unsettling story of Far Harbor.

Vivid Weathers

Last but not least, Vivid weather can yield a complete weather overhaul with aesthetic looks. This mod features texture overhauls, such as new textures for clouds and storms that will surely catch players’ attention during intense missions. Vivid Weathers focus on the peaceful and realistic sky and weather, unlike the other mods being darker and grime. Plus, it modifies the players’ mechanics, thus assisting in different quests.

Fallout 4 Vivid Weathers
Vivid Weathers

For instance, during the rain and radiation storms, Vivid Weathers will enhance the players’ stealth abilities giving them an edge to become less visible and infiltrate the buildings without triggering a fight. This mod supports all DLCs and features over 75 weather cycles that you can configure through pip-boy. The latest version also features new rain sounds, sun rays through trees, and broken sheds pushing the limits of details for players’ experience.

Even better is that you can mix Vivid Weathers for aesthetic and terrifying True Storms to unlock the full potential of the best weather mod in Fallout 4. All you need is a Weather Synergy to merge both mods, and here you go. You have created an ultimate weather mod by merging two of the best weather mods.


The weather is the prime aspect of any game. While in the case of post-apocalyptic RPG, weather defines the true nature of the aftermath and harsh survival in any part of the world. Weathers adds immersiveness to the game that is both realistic and engaging that makes players feel at home even in the virtual world. On the other side, with all these best weather mods available to install, you can create your own unique experience.

That is about it for the Fallout 4 best weather mod showcase. Did you find this guide helpful for your ideal weather mod for the game? What is your go-to weather mod when it comes to hard difficulty in Fallout 4? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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