Fallout 4 Best Heavy Weapons [Detailed Comparison]

Fallout 4 has tons of weapons to choose from, making it intimidating for newer players. This guide will assist you in making the optimal choice in heavy weaponry.

fallout 4 heavy weapons
Fallout 4 Heavy Weapons: Best Weapons And Tips
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With Immense love for the Fallout series, Waleed knows the game’s ins and outs for the Fallout 4. You can trust what he recommends because he has invested much valued time in the game.

Heavy weapons are hard-hitting and deal tons of damage to your enemies. Naturally, if you want to pack a mean punch, these are the weapons you want to use. These weapons are graded based on their versatility, usefulness, and overall damage. If you add special effects to these weapons, they become even stronger than before.

No matter what your preference is, you will find something in this guide that you like. There will be lasers, mini-nukes, and explosives just to name a few. With that being said, let’s get started on today’s guide about Heavy Weapons.

Key Takeaways

Best Fallout 4 Heavy Weapons and what they offer:

  1. Sergeant Ash Flamer is a great weapon for dealing with creatures in short-range or enclosed spaces.
  2. The minigun is a powerful heavy weapon with low base damage but can become more powerful with the legendary effect and explosive variants.
  3. Cryolator is a strong heavy weapon with improved ammo efficiency, damage, and range.
  4. The Party starter Missile Launcher is one of the best missile launchers in Fallout 4, with the assassin effect allowing it to deal 50% increased damage to human enemies.
  5. The Admiral’s Friend Harpoon Gun is a unique harpoon gun from the Far Harbor DLC that allows double damage to enemies provided they are in full health. It has a base damage of 150 and can deal up to 690 damage in a single shot.
  6. The Gatling Laser has a superb fire rate and damage output and is one of the best energy weapons.
  7. The Fat Man Mini Nuke has the highest listed damage of any weapon, with a base damage of 1836.
  8. The Big Boy Mini Nuke Launcher is the single strongest unique heavy weapon, and can two-shot the Marla Queen.

Best Heavy Weapons Compared

Here is a comparison table of my best Heavy Weapons in Fallout 4 . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.WeaponsDamageFire RateRangeAccuracyWeight
1Sergeant Ash Flamer1390475316.1
2Mini Gun112313952622.9
3Brandon’s Cryolator23902037719.7
4Partystarter Missile Launcher15022036521
5Admiral’s Friend Harpoon Gun33021436316.3
6The Gatling Laser155452516339.5
7The Fat Man Mini Nuke92211176330.7
8Big Boy Mini Nuke Launcher92211176330.7

Fallout 4 Heavy Weapons

Before we start, this list is going to include both non-unique and unique weapons from Fallout 4’s base game and DLCs. However, where appropriate, I will mention a few legendary variants that are worth seeking out.

This list will mostly focus on weapons that are compatible with the heavy gunner perk – which means that some weapons are not included despite being considered heavy. You can put points into your starting stats accordingly if you are planning to do heavy weapons build.

Sergeant Ash Flamer – Far Harbor DLC

Best Flame Thrower.
fallout 4 heavy weapons
The Sergeant Ash Flamer from the Far Harbor DLC

Why Did I Choose Sergeant Ash Flamer?

The Sergeant Ash Flamer is a powerful and lethal weapon that deals a respectable amount of damage to your enemies.

Most players consider the Flamer to be a bad weapon due to its low base damage. Once you upgrade it, the damage is decent, but the range is reduced which is quite unfortunate. That said, the biggest upside is that its ammo is readily available. Plus, it isn’t that heavy so you can carry tons of ammo without overburdening your inventory.

Fire Rate 90
Accuracy 53

Its unique perk also makes dealing with various creatures you encounter easier. The kneecap effect has a chance to cripple enemies’ legs, making them prone to fall over. This makes dealing with Deathclaws that much easier as they are totally immobile against you.

Ultimately, Sergeant Ash Flamer is a great weapon to deal with creatures in short-range or enclosed spaces. You need to have the Far Harbor DLC to get this weapon, but it is worth it if you ask me.

  • Its ammo is readily available.
  • Great for dealing with creatures in close-range or enclosed spaces.
  • The kneecap effect can cripple enemies and topple them over.

  • It deals decent damage, but with a reduced range.


Highest Fire Rate.
fallout 4 heavy weapons
The explosive minigun is extremely strong

Why Did I Choose the Minigun?

The Minigun is one of the first heavy weapons you may come across in Fallout 4, and it deals some serious damage.

Typically, the minigun is the first heavy weapon that you can encounter and use. Because for what it is, the minigun is actually pretty good. It possesses a high rate of fire and has fairly cheap and light ammo. Plus, it has enough damage to tear through most weak enemies.

The problem you’ll encounter though is that the minigun has pretty low base damage, ranging somewhere between 8 and 11. While this isn’t a problem when facing enemies with low damage resistance, it becomes an issue when facing enemies with high armor.

Fire Rate 313
Accuracy 26

However, if you can get a minigun with the legendary effect that increases damage, the weapon can become much more powerful. Things like the incendiary, mighty, or plasma-infused effects can significantly boost your damage. You can also obtain explosive variants which are ridiculously strong and scale from the heavy gunner perk. If you can get your hands on an explosive minigun, it’s quite possibly one of the most overpowered weapons in Fallout 4.

  • Has a high fire rate.
  • Fairly cheap
  • Light ammo.

  • Low base damage.

Recoil Compensated Cryolator

Best Cryo-Based Heavy Weapon.
fallout 4 heavy weapons
Brandon’s Cryolator description

Why Did I Choose the Recoil Compensated Cryolator?

The Recoil Compensated Cryolator is one of the best cryo-based and explosive heavy weapons you will come across.

Despite the rarity of cryo-cell ammo, the Cryolator as a heavy weapon is superb. Once it’s fully upgraded, the crystalizing barrel will allow you to double the weapon’s damage effectively. On top of that, it is also compatible with a heavy gunner and demolition expert perks. The upgrade also ensures improved ammo efficiency, damage, and the overall range of the weapon.

Fire Rate 90
Accuracy 77

Like some of the other explosive weapons on the list, you can deal excellent amounts of damage, and thus it’s highly recommended that you craft the crystalizing barrel in addition to acquiring both the heavy gunner and demolition expert perks.

This isn’t higher up on the list because its ammo – the cryo-cell – is difficult to come across. Your best option is usually to get it from weapon vendors like in Diamond city. Even if they have cryo-cells, their high value causes them to be extremely expensive. With enough ammo, the Cryolator is a strong weapon and recommended for your playthrough.

  • Once upgraded, the weapon damage is doubled.
  • Compatible with heavy gunner and demolition expert perks.
  • Impressive range.

  • Cryo-cell ammo is rare to find.

Partystarter Missile Launcher

Best Missile Launcher.
One of the best missile launchers in Fallout 4

Why Did I Choose Partystarter Missile Launcher?

The Partystarter Missile Launcher is one of the best missile launchers you can find, and it comes with increased damage to human enemies.

This missile launcher has the assassin effect embedded into it, allowing you to deal 50% increased damage to human enemies. Given how ubiquitous human-type enemies are in Fallout 4 – ranging from Raiders to Gunners – you should be dealing more damage to all these types of enemies.

Otherwise, as far as the base model of the launcher is concerned, it’s sort of hit or miss. On the one hand, you’re getting decent base damage before perks clocking it at about 150. You also get cool customizations like the quad barrel, which increases the magazine size by 4 times. The targeting computer allows you to fire rockets that lock on to your enemies.

Fire Rate 2
Accuracy 65

On the flip side, there is no real way to increase damage without using perks and bobbleheads. Its ammo is incredibly heavy, clocking in at about 7 pounds per rocket. With these things in mind, you may find that there are better choices out there as far as explosive ordnance is concerned. Since humans are the most common enemy you’ll face, this launcher is absolutely worth it if you can hold its ammo.

  • Deals 50% increased damage with assassin effect.
  • Offers decent base damage even without perks.
  • The quad barrel customization increases magazine size by 4.

  • Its ammo is very heavy.

Admiral’s Friend Harpoon Gun – Far Harbor DLC

Best Harpoon Gun.
fallout 4 heavy weapons
Harpoon gun – Admiral’s Friend

Why Did I Choose the Admiral’s Friend Harpoon Gun?

The Admiral’s Friend Harpoon Gun is your weapon of choice if the usual guns and bullet don’t do it for you.

It is a unique harpoon gun from the Far Harbor DLC that comes with the instigating effect. It allows the weapon to deal double damage to enemies provided they are in full health. Given that the Admiral’s Friend has a base damage of 150, this is outstanding since you can potentially deal 300 to an enemy that is at full health.

Fire Rate 2
Accuracy 63

With the heavy gunner and bloody mess perk, the base damage can reach as high as 345. You can deal up to 690 damage to a full health enemy in a single shot. The frustrating part is its magazine size which contains only 1 harpoon before having to reload. This is a fair trade-off since the harpoons of this weapon are significantly cheaper than other ammo types.

Plus, compared to similar weapons in Fallout 4, the ammo is much lighter and retrievable. Meaning that you can get back the harpoon you just fired.

  • Instigating effect deals double damage to enemies when they are in full health.
  • Has a base damage of 150.
  • Base damage can go up to 345 with heavy gunner or bloody mess perk.

  • The reload time is very slow, since you can only load one harpoon at a time.

The Gatling Laser

Best Energy Weapon.
fallout 4 heavy weapons
Gatling laser has superb fire rate and damage output

Why Did I Choose the Gatling Laser?

The Gatling Laser comes with an impressive fire rate and damage output, and it is one of the best energy weapons in the game.

While it’s primarily a heavy weapon, the Gatling Laser also has the benefit of being one of Fallout 4’s best energy weapons as well. The stock versions are about on par with the minigun regarding fire and magazine capacity rate, but the laser has better upgrade potential. In addition, it has a superior and cheaper ammo source in the form of fusion cores.

To give you some idea, the Gatling laser’s base damage is 14, which already exceeds the maximum damage of a fully upgraded minigun. By equipping the relevant perks, you can raise the damage to 24. Once you equip the charging barrels customization, you can improve its damage all the way up to 66 while reducing the fire rate. It doesn’t end there; however, you can get the damage to 150 by using some perks after fully upgrading it.

Fire Rate 45
Accuracy 63

This is insane, considering you can fire up to 500 shots before having to reload. These properties make the Gatling laser have efficient ammo usage. On survival mode, you should carry one of these around to make life easier for yourself. Not to mention it’s much easier to track down a fusion core for 500 ammo rather than collect 500 bullets individually.

  • Has a cheaper ammo source.
  • You can fire up to 500 shots before having to reload once it is upgraded.
  • Base damage can be improved with perks and customization.

  • Base damage of only 14.

The Fat Man Mini Nuke

Highest Damage.
fallout 4 heavy weapons
An upgraded variant of the Fat Man

Why Did I Choose The Fat Man Mini Nuke?

The Fat Man Mini Nuke deals an insane amount of damage, even without any perks or enhancements.

Fans of the series will know that this entry isn’t much of a surprise when doing heavy weapons guide. This weapon has the highest listed damage of any weapon in the game, clocking in an astounding 468 damage. Keep in mind that this is before applying and upgrades or perks.

Like other explosive weapons, it can benefit from heavy gunner and demolitions expert, which can raise the base damage to about 1836. Provided you obtain the explosives bobbleheads, the fourth issue of scav, and the bloody mess perk; you can increase the damage to 2214.

Fire Rate 1
Accuracy 63

Just to give you an idea of how much damage that is, some of the game’s toughest enemies – like the mythic death claw, don’t even have that much health. With this weapon, you can pretty much one-shot any enemy in Fallout 4. The major problem is related to its ammo. Mini nukes are extremely rare and are quite heavy, which means you cannot carry a lot.

  • Highest damage in the game at 468.
  • Benefits from demolition expert and heavy gunner perk.
  • Base damage can go up to 1836.

  • Mini nukes are quite heavy and very rare.

Big Boy Mini Nuke Launcher

 Most Unique Heavy Weapon.
Twice the nukes, twice the fun!

Why Did I Choose the Big Boy Mini Nuke Launcher?

The Big Boy Mini Nuke Launcher is considered one of the finest and most dangerous heavy weapons in Fallout 4.

The Big Boy is the single strongest unique heavy weapon in Fallout 4. Much like the Fat Man, this is a mini-nuke launcher, but instead, it fires two mini-nukes simultaneously at the cost of one. As far as damage is concerned, the listed damage is only marginally higher, clocking in at 486.

However, the actual damage output appears to be noticeably higher and can two-shot the Marla Queen. Upgrading it with the customizations will enhance its damage by about 50%. You can also acquire all of the appropriate perks to quadruple the damage output.

Fire Rate 1
Accuracy 63

Add in the explosive bobbleheads and the magazines, and you will have a Big Boy, which deals 3343 damage. Considering how powerful this thing could be, I recommend that you acquire it over the base model. Especially if you are playing in survival mode, where each mini nuke can weigh about 12 pounds. That way, you can get the best damage output relative to your ammo weight. You can purchase the Big Boy from Arturo in Diamond City. It is expensive but absolutely worth it.

  • Fires two mini nukes at the same time.
  • The listed damage is considerably higher at 486.
  • Customizations enhance the weapon output.

  • Fire rate is quite slow.

Why Others Were Not Chosen

Here are some of the heavy weapons that didn’t make the cut:

  • Junk Jet: Shoots junk at enemies, that too with a low damage output.
  • Broadsider: No powerful legendary effect.
  • The Striker: Doesn’t have very good accuracy or range.
  • Nuka-Nuke Launcher: Incredibly difficult to obtain.
  • Plasma Thrower: Useless if the Flamer Barrel isn’t equipped.

My Favorite

There are tons of amazing heavy weapons in Fallout 4 – some noticeably stronger than others. Depending on which build you’re trying, the Big Boy is a great weapon to use, especially in survival mode. If you are not a fan of using mini-nukes, the Gatling laser is the next best weapon to use. It not only has a fast rate of fire, but it also deals considerable damage in rapid succession.

That about does it for today’s list about the best Heavy Weapons. Let me know in the comments below about your favorite weapon to use.

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