Fallout 4 Old North Church Location & Secret

Fallout 4 Old North Church

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic open-world RPG game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015. It is the fifth instalment in the Fallout series, including Fallout: New Vegas. This builds upon its predecessor in terms of mechanics and maps size and the density of the world-building and environmental storytelling. There is no better example of this than the Fallout 4 Old North Church.

The story revolves around you, the Sole Survivor of Vault 111, trying to get his son back from “The Institute” after they killed your wife, stole your son, and then left you to die. It’s a story about a father’s commitment to this family and how he is prepared to do anything or go to any lengths to get back what is most precious to him.


What is the Old North Church?

The Old North Church is located on the north side of the world map. It is based on the real world Old North Church located in Boston and shares the same history as its real-world counterpart.

The church itself has a vibrant history in the American Revolution which is much too detailed and not relevant to the location in Fallout 4. In the post-war world of Fallout 4 Old North Church has become the hideout for the Railroad, a faction of people who believe that synths are sentient beings who deserve freedom from their slavery by the Institute.

fallout 4 old north church location
Old North Church

The Road to Freedom Questline

Old North Church Location

Fallout 4 Old North Church
Road to Freedom Quest

This main questline will lead you to the Railroad HQ and is completed by following the red trail on the ground. You can be led down this line of the path if you speak to the Protectron Tour Bot in Boston Common. If you remember, this is the place with Swan’s Pond with the Legendary item: Furious Power Fist. This can be claimed by killing the super mutant behemoth that is Swan.

fallout 4 old north church location
Swan’s Pond

After following the red line and the railroad markers along the way, you go into the Old North Church. This place is infested with ghouls, and clearing them out will be a hassle for sure, but afterwards, you can look for the entrance for the basement.

Once inside the basement, you will see several paths leading in different directions with the occasional ghoul ready to eat you. Follow the path to the end until getting to a brick wall with a turning wheel on it.

Old North Church Code

fallout 4 old north church code
Railroad Puzzle

This is where noting down the markers while following the red trail will help you. Each marker has a number and letter to it. The seals are written below in the order you will come across them.

  • 7A ==> Found near the Tour Bot in Boston Common.
  • 4L ==> Found in front of the Massachusetts State House.
  • 2A ==> Found at the Entrance of Old Granary Cemetery.
  • 6O ==> Found near the gate of Goodneighbour.
  • 3I ==> Found at the entrance of Old Corner Bookstore.
  • 5R ==> Found inside Faneuil Hall.
  • 8D ==> Found at the entrance of the Paul Revere House.
  • 1R ==> Found at the end of the red trail, i.e. Old North Church.

When arranged by number and entered into the turning wheel, the code spells out RAILROAD. This is the Fallout 4 Old North Church code. After inputting the code, the wall will open up, and a bright light will shine through.

This will make you unable to see which is when you will meet the Railroad members. You then talk with Desdemona, leader of the Railroad. Your conversation ends with joining the Railroad, which completes the questline “Road to Freedom.” You can even see Deacon, a potential companion if you decide to join them.

On a side note, interesting interactions with this location can be found after the ending of the game. If the player sides with the Brotherhood of Steel and destroys the Railroad then the church is filled with Brotherhood soldiers.

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