Top 20 Fallout 76 Best Melee Weapons & Locations

Fallout 76 Best Melee Weapon
Fallout 76 Best Melee Weapon

Weapons are a significant element of any video game. They allow players to interact with the game mechanics and make their way to the end to earn the rewards. With each entry in the series, developers add numerous classes of weapons to make sure players receive enough resources to continue playing the game. Fallout 76 is also one of those games with a plethora of different weapon options available. Despite a shaky release of the game, both new and hardcore players are storming to West Virginia’s wasteland to enjoy the engaging content the game has to offer. Moreover, they also seek Fallout 76 best melee weapon to pursue a character build under melee playthrough.

Although, Fallout 76 also offers ranged weapons that are more effective under challenging gameplay situations. But considering the early game, most ranged weapons are simply a waste of time. Most of the guns and energy weapons are locked behind levels which are annoying for early-level players. For that instance, they branch out to other options, such as two or single-handed melee weapons. Go through our Best Fallout 76 Weapons to get more idea.

Finding the best melee weapon in Fallout 76 can become overwhelmingly complex with the long list of weapons scattered around the map. Not to mention the level lock and in-game currency mechanics, players have to consider their character carefully. If you are also one of those players, then do not worry, as this guide entails the top 20 best melee weapons in Fallout 76 that you can acquire in both early and higher-level characters. With that said, let’s get right into it.

Fallout 76 Best Melee Weapons

A long-distance combat situation is a preferable option among players. These players opt for ranged weapons that no longer amuse the hardcore players in a post-apocalyptic game like Fallout 76. But those who want more close and personal combat consider melee weapons to satisfy their combat needs.


Fallout 76 has come a long way in 4 years of the initial release. Bethesda, developers of the game, consistently improve the game with new content, such as storyline and weapons, to push its replayability. This guide will include all kinds of latest and old Fallout 76 melee weapons that you can acquire.

Death Tambo

The game’s first and most unique melee weapon will be Death Tambo. It is a high damaging melee weapon with a low-level requirement of only level 15. This means you can quickly obtain this weapon without any need to farm your character for a higher level.

Death Tambo is a tambourine with many spikes and grip to weaponize it to kill enemies. It can be worn on your character’s hand, making it the one-handed melee weapon in the game. Moreover, it allows players to get creative with the kills and pursue blood-splattered gameplay.

Fallout 76 Death Tambo
Death Tambo

As for the stats, level 15 Death Tambo grants damage of 30 along with +10% Strength. Meanwhile, modifying the weapon up to level 45 will push this damage to 45.

Speaking of more severe damage, this melee weapon goes hand in hand with sneak attacks. Mainly, because of the medium swing speed, Death Tambo is easily the murdering weapon for low-mid level enemies. For that instance, if you are planning on stealth builds, Death Tambo is the perfect choice to go for. Plus, it makes an excellent sound of the tambourine, which makes it even more satisfying to use.

Getting the Death Tambo is relatively easy. You can pick this weapon by playing Rose’s story questline at the Top of the World. Or you can purchase the plans to build the weapon all by yourself. You can buy these plans from any of the vendors in the game. Moreover, you can go to this particular spawning location on Harper’s Ferry’s left to get a Death Tambo for completely free.

Fallout 76 Death Tambo Location from Harper's Ferry
Death Tambo Location from Harper’s Ferry

There is no guarantee that you will find Death Tambo here. This is because some other player might have already taken it, and you will have to wait for at least 24 hours to allow the game mechanics to respawn the melee weapon. In this case, you might have to do a little server hopping to obtain your own Death Tambo melee weapon.

Pole Hook

Pool Hook is another deadly yet straightforward weapon that has great importance in Fallout 76. With the roots back in the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC, Pole Hook is a deadly weapon that will bleed your enemies to death. It is simply a large iron fish hook on the wooden pole, by the looks. But the amount of damage it does to the enemies makes it a remarkable addition to your melee arsenal.

Unfortunately, Pole Hook has a slow swing speed with a two-handed class. But what this weapon lacks in speed makes up for a good amount of damage to the opponent. Plus, you can upgrade this weapon to a higher level to push the boundaries of swing speed and damage boundaries.

Fallout 76 Pole Hook
Pole Hook

Speaking of damage, Pole Hook at level 10 does a whopping 43 damage. Moreover, adding the mods to enhance the melee weapon capability will increase this damage to 71. With this massive damage on your side, Pole Hook is easily the primary melee weapon in the game. Meanwhile, +5% to Strength will grant your character immense swinging power to register that sweet damage to the enemies.

Another critical aspect of the Pole Hook is that it has a more extended swinging reach than other melee weapons. This will give players a considerable advantage to keep the distance and smash that hook to pull off the enemies’ flesh.

As for the location and mods, you can craft a Pole Hook at your workbench. It is that simple. However, you might have to consider upgrading your character level to modify this weapon all the way so it can puncture the armors of the enemies.


A sword-like Shishkebab never goes as an exception when it comes to melee weapons. Those seeking ninja and sneak action gameplay players always hunt swords that meet their playstyle needs. For that instance, Shishkebab makes up a perfect melee weapon that does tremendous damage to enemies.

Shishkebab is a heavily modified wakizashi sword that does double damage to the enemies. A fire jet attached to the nozzle lights the blade with a blue flame. Meanwhile, a hard swing of the weapon increases the fuel flow through the jets causing it to burn even brighter, thus leaving the hottest cut to the enemies.

Fallout 76 Shishkebab

Speaking of the damage, Shishkebab registers swing damage of 22. Not just that, but it also does fire damage of 22 making a total of 44. Although it has a mid-level requirement of 35, it is undoubtedly worth a wait for your melee character build. Like all other melee weapons, Shishkebab will add +5% to Strength to enhance the character’s melee weapon experience.

Once your character hits the level of 35, the game will start spawning all the Shishkebab in different locations. Since you will be in a game world with other players, you might have to server hop to obtain your Shishkebab in any location. One of the guaranteed spawning locations for Shishkebab is Abandoned Bog Town.

Here all you need to do is go inside one of the buildings with a notice saying “Warning The Property is Condemned.” Inside the building, across the office table, you will be able to see a broken elevator. Here you will find a Shishkebab on the ground that you can claim for yourself.

Abandonded Bog Town Location
Abandonded Bog Town Location

If you cannot obtain the weapon from this location, you can try another location right below the Palace of the Winding Path. Here you will have to head down the mountain; you will be able to discover a secret Mole Miner camp. After combat with the Mole Miners, you will be able to find a Shishkebab on one of the tables in camp.

Baseball Bat

You are not playing Fallout if you have not used Baseball Bat for the combat. This funny yet powerful melee weapon is a prominent entry in our list. West Virginians have always been the best baseball players until the bombs dropped. Thanks to the aftermath bombs left, there are not any game days in the sweet home of West Virginia. All that is left is howling monsters and survival of the fittest.

However, you can still enjoy Baseball by getting one of the Baseball Bat and swinging it on the heads of hostile enemies. Players with characters at least level 1 can obtain their Baseball Bat to enjoy damage of 28. Plus, you can modify the melee weapon to enhance its damage capabilities even further. Players with a higher level of 45 will unlock Baseball Bat mods to achieve damage of 55.

Fallout 76 Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat

Moreover, getting the Baseball Bat is not much brutal. All you need to do is go to the Green Country Lodge, which is right above the Flatwoods, and find the kid’s swing. Here you will be able to see a corpse holding onto a Baseball Bat that you can snatch for yourself. Or, if you are looking for a more unique and colorful variant of the bat, you can visit Morgantown High School.

Fallout 76 Baseball Bat Location
Baseball Bat Location

Beware of the Scorched enemies as they are the school’s security force and will attack without any dialogue. After putting them down, you will have to go inside the building and find a cabinet on the right side of the entrance. You will get a yellow Baseball Bat that you can stain with blood further in the gameplay.

Boxing Glove

Boxing Glove is an unarmed melee weapon that can quickly become a punching entry for your character. Especially, those characters that are just starting new into the game must opt for Boxing Glove for their melee weapon choice.

Boxing Glove is exactly what its name says and looks like a leather glove that can punch all fluids out of the Ghouls and other low-level enemies. What makes this melee weapon important is how early you can obtain it in the game. Players with at least level 5 can obtain the first variant of Boxing Glove that damages 13 to the enemies.

Fallout 76 Boxing Glove
Boxing Glove

Although, this might not seem like the best damage output from the melee weapon. But considering it the best low-level melee weapon, it is a worthy option available to players. Moreover, you can craft and mod the Boxing Glove to raise its damage output, with the max being 34.

Fallout 76 Boxing Glove Location
Boxing Glove Location

Acquiring Boxing Glove is easy. Visit Green Country Lodge, and inside the building, you can find a Gym section that is pretty much destroyed. You can find Boxing Glove on the shelves right next to the towels and radio.

Combat Knife

Knives go hand in hand with melee weapons. Meanwhile, in the case of Fallout 76, Combat Knife makes up a massive portion of your arsenal. You do not have to rely on ranged weapons to kill your foes during combat instantly. Especially when you are out of time during combat, pulling a knife is always a fast and most practical decision in-game.

Moving on, Combat Knife might not have a decent damage output. At the earliest level of 1, players will receive damage of only 9. However, with the benefit of fast swing and slicing speed, this damage is acceptable for earlier-level players. As said earlier, starting in West Virginia as a newcomer might not be easy. You will have to gather enough resources and weapons to ensure the higher protection of your character.

Fallout 76 Combat Knife
Combat Knife

Combat Knife will leverage players with fast one-handed action to add bleeding damage to the enemies. This way, you will not have to worry about looting ammo for your ranged weapon. Moreover, if you are playing as a ranged weapon build, you can still use Combat Knife as a secondary melee weapon. Combat Knife will allow you to use stealth kills because of the fast swing speed.

Apart from the damage, Combat Knife can be found in Shadowbreeze Apartments in the west of Morgantown High School. You will have to enter the building and go all the way to the second floor. Find a bedroom, and you can get a Combat Knife on the dresser. Some Scorched also carry Combat Knife. All you need to do is to loot their bodies to see whether they have one or not.

Meat Hook

Like Pole Hook, Meat Hook is also one of the most dangerous and unique-looking melee weapons in the game worth mentioning. It is a heavy and straightforward metal hook known among unarmed weapons in the game. Meat Hook fits with the survival aspects of Fallout 76 and will make a great addition to your bloodied character builds.

Fallout 76 Meat Hook
Meat Hook

After several fixes in the weapon, Meat Hook can now allow players to deal decent damage at the cost of level locks. Before the Wastelanders update, Meat Hook was scaling with the Iron Fist Perk. Players with Gladiator and Iron Fist perks surprisingly got thousands of damage output from Meat Hook. Bethesda immediately fixed the weapon in Wastelanders update to make the game fair.

Now, at character level 5, you will be able to acquire a Meat Hook that has a damage output of 14. This damage is nowhere ideal in the crazy encounters of Fallout 76. But the medium swing speed of the weapon will surely add fast-action benefits to players. One of the best approaches to unlock the true potential of this melee weapon is by seeking a bloodied build.

For those who do not know, there are two classes of builds in Fallout 76; Bloodied and Junkies. In the Bloodied class of character builds, you will get legendary effects on the weapon to enhance the damage output, while it will cost you low health. Meanwhile, in the case of Junkies build, you can seek a high health character build that yield low damage from all kinds of weapons. You can rely on bloodied character builds to deal higher damage for that instance.

One of the significant downsides of the Meat Hook is that it can not be used while wearing Power Armor. In that case, you might have to come out of Power Armor to enjoy getting some kills from Meat Hook melee weapon. Additionally, different melee Scorched has Meat Hook as a primary weapon. So you can hunt these enemies to get your Meat Hook. Or you can purchase it from the Responder vendor from Whitespring Resort.

Fire Axe

Like Boxer Glove, Fire Axe is a simple melee weapon that has proven deadly for low-to-mid level enemies. Apart from breaking doors or windows in emergencies, vault dwellers have managed to use Fire Axe to the best use. The Fire Axe has a unique red blade attached to the wood bar with a grip to ensure the swing hits the enemy and chop off anything in sight.

Fallout 76 Fire Axe
Fire Axe

Unfortunately, Fire Axe has a slow swing speed, which might affect your gameplay. But getting this melee weapon earliest as level 5 will benefit players to get past the worst enemies during the start of the game. At level 5, Fire Axe will grant enormous damage of 35 along with +5% Strength, increasing the damage even further.

On the other side, upgrading the Fire Axe with mods will allow players to push the damage output up to 72, making it the most powerful and best melee weapon in Fallout 76. Since it is not one of the unique weapons in the game, it can be easily found anywhere on the map. Especially, fire department buildings are the most prominent spawning locations for Fire Axe.

Fallout 76 Fire Axe Plans Location
Fire Axe Plans Location

You can pay a short visit to the Charleston Fire Department. Here you will have to visit the pool table in the Diner Area. The Fire Axe will be mostly spawning on that pool table. If not you can also check the weight room in the department’s building. If you are still unlucky to obtain it, you can purchase the plans from Bot Vendor at Lewisburg Station. This might be an investment that is worth it in the long run.

Electro Enforcer

As we move further down into the list, we will list high damage weapons that will eventually require a higher character level in the game. Electro Enforcer is one particular weapon with a character level requirement of 20. The level lock system might seem like a burden at the start. But it is a fair requirement, given the online-only mechanics in Fallout 76.

Electro Enforcer is a blunt melee weapon that does electric damage by swinging. Since it does not have a sharp edge, this weapon will not slice the enemies but instead focus on giving a stunning shock of electricity. The base variant at level 20 will grant standard damage of 20 and energy damage of 35. These double damage aspects of the weapon make it robust and more engaging among players.

Fallout 76 Electro Enforcer
Electro Enforcer

Adding different mods to the Electro Enforcer will allow players to raise the damage output to 35 with energy damage to 50. With these outputs, Electro Enforcer can become a killing machine. Although, Electro Enforcer is extremely rare with a slow swing speed. Since it is a two-handed weapon, the Electro Enforcer base variant is incredibly slow. However, different mods will allow players to increase their speed to medium.

Speaking of rarity, Electro Enforcer is a legendary drop, which means it will be rewarded on corpses of legendary monsters. So call in your friends and start farming the legendary enemies. One of the ideal and most effective approaches is to play the Invader from Beyond Event that will reward players with the Electro Enforcer melee weapon. If this sounds like a difficult job, you can purchase a plan from any vendors in-game.

Ski Sword

Ski Sword is the most overlooked weapon in the game, given its rarity and secret spawning location. On the other side, it is considered Fallout 76 best melee weapon that will slash and kill enemies with a single swing. It is a Ski turned into a sword. Fallout 76 has pushed the survival boundaries to the next level by offering weapons like Ski Sword and Boxing Glove that fit the setting of a post-apocalyptic world.

Your character will not be hesitant to use anything in hand to turn it into a deadly weapon. Ski Sword is also one of these weapons that will prove fatal for enemies and hostile players. Surprisingly, it is a one-handed weapon, thus offering medium swing speed for fast-paced gameplay. On top of that, it grants damage of 35 for the players with a level of at least 15.

Fallout 76 Ski Sword
Ski Sword

As you can see, it is an early-level melee weapon that benefits the players with huge damage. Although, if you are planning to add mods and upgrades to Ski Sword you can quickly push Ski Sword damage output to 50. Moreover, getting this weapon is also easy. Here is a complete guide on location and how to obtain your Ski Sword in Fallout 76.

War Glaive

War Glaive is a heavy melee weapon entry in the list that stands out among others for best damage output. As the name implies, it is a medieval weapon designed to pierce through any armor and instantly bleed enemies to death. Considering the amount of attention to details Bethesda has added in Fallout 76, War Glaive is a highly satisfying weapon.

From the looks, it does not look unconventional like Ski Sword. It transcends the players’ expectations with the best details of swinging action and combat. The base variant of the weapon has a sharp double-edged metal sword piece that will pierce through any armor. This piece is attached to a long metal shaft that assists in a more extended swinging range to keep your distance between enemy combat.

Fallout 76 War Glaive
War Glaive

War Glaive has a pretty hefty level requirement of 30, which will grant damage of 62. This is the highest damage output among the mid-level character requirements. Meanwhile, crafting the weapon at a higher level of 50 will yield a whopping 82 damage. On the flip side, War Glaive is a slow swinging weapon, which might affect the character’s performance. But getting hands on a Bloodied War Glaive will give faster swing speed and other legendary effects.

Another downside of the weapon is its rare drop rate. War Glaive is a scarce reward and has fewer spawning locations in Fallout 76. The only way to obtain the plans for War Glaive is through Daily Op. You will have to grind Daily Op missions to increase your character’s chance of reward drop. Although, this grind might seem daunting at the start. But in the end, a reward like War Glaive is worth it.

Meteoritic Sword

Swords are also a considerable contributor to melee weapons in Fallout 76. These weapons are part of the series that offers the best damage output and plays a vital role in story lore. This sword is highly unique with considerable damage output to assist the PvP and PvE combats players. What makes Meteoritic Sword extremely unique are the legendary effects on the weapon.

Unlike the regular version of Swords in the game, Meteoritic Sword will allow players to gain the best legendary effects apart from the damage. For instance, at level 20, players will enjoy a damage output of 21. Plus, +10% damage vs. Humans enemies, 90% reduced weight, and 50% durability of the weapon will give a significant edge to players.

Fallout 76 Meteoritic Sword
Meteoritic Sword

On the other side, modification capabilities of the weapon will enable players to take the damage output to the next level and achieve 36 damage at level 50. You can add numerous mods like electrification of the sword. This will cause the sword to register double damage to enemies with both slicing and energy damage, thus killing an enemy with a single swing.

Fallout 76 Meteoritic Sword Location
Meteoritic Sword Location

As for the location, Meteoritic Sword is available as a small chance of reward in the Breach and Clear event. The event itself is extremely rare making the overall process of obtaining the weapon even more difficult. The event may appear randomly during the day and will require players to visit Ash Heep or Hornwright Air Purifier. Completing the event may reward players with the mighty Meteoritic Sword.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

Next on the list is Deathclaw Gauntlet as the best melee weapon in Fallout 76. Ripped from the claws of the juvenile Deathclaw, this melee weapon is an art of post-apocalyptic world by day and murdering weapon by night. It does not necessarily have to be an antique piece given the looks of bones attached together with metal scraps. In fact, it gives a perfect survival look of an unarmed weapon.

Fallout 76 Deathclaw Gauntlet
Deathclaw Gauntlet

Apart from the crazy looks, Deathclaw is an overpowered and Fallout 76 best-unarmed melee weapon that will not spare any hostile enemy in a location. The staple strength and medium speed of the weapon will rip anything from the metal sheet of Power Armor to radiated skin of Ghouls. Even the Scorchbeast can not stand a chance with the Bloodied version of Deathclaw Gauntlet.

Deathclaw Gauntlet is locked at level 30, making it the mid-level requirement for players. Meanwhile, the base variant will dish out promising and effective damage of 45. This variant has only two Deathclaw claws. However, they can be upgraded to three as you level up to 50 to achieve the full potential of the weapon damage at 55.

Fallout 76 Deathclaw Gauntlet Location
Deathclaw Gauntlet Location

You can easily get the Deathclaw Gauntlet by visiting the Heistenmerc mining location. Here you will have to a wooden shack with a window. You might want to bring bobby pins as you will have to lockpick the door. After entering the shack, you will be able to see a Deathclaw Gauntlet near a corpse.

Guitar Sword

Another cool-looking melee weapon is Guitar Sword which is as ridiculous as it might sound. Guitar Sword is a one-handed melee weapon that is formed into a guitar. It has six blades attached to the end with the help of metal strings. If you love country music and violence, Guitar Sword might be the perfect choice to go for.

The only unique aspect of this melee weapon is the total of six blades that contribute to the huge damage output. As said earlier, the detailed mechanics of Fallout 76 enables players to achieve the best damage registration to enemies with strategic planning. You can either play as a Gladiator or a Stealth Ninja, best weapon like Guitar Sword will assist in getting those sweet kills in musical style.

Guitar Sword
Guitar Sword

Guitar Sword is available for players at least level 15, making it the Fallout 76 best melee weapon for beginner players. Moreover, the damage of the Guitar Sword stands at 35 that making it worthy of attention. Although, it has a medium speed. But the amount of protection and damage it rewards to players, speed is not a serious issue of the weapon.

One of the guaranteed spawning locations for the Guitar Sword is Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. All you need to do is to come to the musical stage at the resort and you will see Guitar Sword right back on the Microphone stand.

Guitar Sword Location
Guitar Sword Location

Since there are other players playing in the world with you, someone might have already acquired the weapon. You can wait 24 hours or try server hopping to obtain your weapon at the same place. Or if you are impatient, you might want to consider grinding “One Violent Night” event to get Guitar Sword as a reward.

War Drum

Just like Guitar Sword, War Drum is also a musical melee weapon made out of instrumentals that seems to be is a metal barrel. War Drum depicts the taste in music of the Vault Dwellers that punishes enemies with intense sound and damage to die for. War Drum is heavy as compared to the Guitar Sword, thus making it the slow swinging weapon. On the other side, it is a two-handed weapon, with unique characteristics.

War Drum
War Drum

Speaking of characteristics, War Drum is available on character levels 15 to 45, yielding damage of 48 and 78 respectively. Looking at the stats, War Drum seems to be offering huge damage for being a low-level melee weapon. The only downside of the weapon is the heavyweight. Thanks to the different perks and Strength points, players can easily negate the weight and achieve faster-swinging speed.

War Drum is only two spawning locations with rare spawn rates. It is also rewarded through the “One Violent Night” event along with Guitar Sword. But if you were unfortunate enough to not complete the event, you can consider a hunting approach to get your hands on War Drum. All you need to do is to visit Sons of Dane Compound on the east side of Vault 76. Beware of the Bloated Glowing One as the place is crawling with these enemies.

War Drum Location
War Drum Location

Get inside the first shed you see in the compound. You will see another music platform and behind the microphone, there will be mighty War Drum. You can also find this melee weapon at the mezzanine in Top of the World.

Blade of Bastet

Another sword is worth mentioning since Fallout 76 is adding unlimited possibilities of character builds. For that instance, Blade of Bastet is another Fallout 76 best melee weapon under one-handed class. Plus it is a unique sword that will pierce and slice through any armor-wearing enemies. Like Meteoritic Sword, Blade of Bastet is also a lightweight sword with medium speed. That enables players to go full medieval action against human and beasts enemies.

Fallout 76 Blade of Bastet
Blade of Bastet

Blade of Bastet will dish out decent damage of 42 at level 25. Meanwhile, the ending level variant of 45 will grant damage up to 52, making your character a fast-paced Saint of Killer. Although the only downside of the weapon is that it is extremely rare and can be only acquired by completing the storyline quest Forging a Legend. This quest starts by using the Fabricator in the Riverside Manor. If you are a completionist player, we might not reveal the objectives of the quest just for the sake of storyline reveal.

Fallout 76 Riverside Manor
Riverside Manor

Apart from that, in the end, you will receive Blade of Bastet from the quest that you can claim for yourself. There is no other approach to obtain the Blade of Bastet unless you purchase it from the in-game player vendor.

Sheepsquatch Club

Sheepsquatch Club is a mighty and overpowered melee weapon with stats off the charts. At first sight, most players mistake the weapon for being two-handed when in fact it is under a one-handed class. It was initially introduced as part of the Wild Appalachia update for the game, which also included a Sheepsquatch boss. Considering Fallout 76 is a survival-focused game, Sheepsquatch Club makes up for a great unique looking weapon that is made out of the Sheepsquatch monster’s skull.

The players’ community has mixed opinions on the looks of Sheepsquatch Club. However, when it comes to the damage output of the melee weapon, every player can agree on the fact that this weapon can kill anything with a couple of swings.

Sheepsquatch Club
Sheepsquatch Club

As for the damage, Sheepsquatch Club is not an ideal choice of weapon for early-level players. This is because players at level 10 will only be able to get damage of 20. Meanwhile, if you are a higher level player of 50, this melee weapon will reward max damage of 60 and +5% Strength like all melee weapons. With these stats, it is easy to say it makes up a higher-level melee weapon with medium speed and considerable hitting range.

As we proceed further in the higher level and best melee weapons in Fallout 76, the rarity of the weapons also increases. The same goes for Sheepsquatch Club which is an extremely rare drop only through Free Range Event. As said earlier, this weapon might not be worth grinding as an early-level player. But if you are a higher-level player with a good team backup, you must definitely farm the Free Range event to get your plan of Sheepsquatch Club.

Power Fist

Straight from the players’ favorite, Power Fist is a killing punch to enemies that do not require many struggles to obtain. It is an unarmed weapon that will go hand in hand to dish out huge damage in combat, no matter what level of enemies you are fighting. Do not get on the looks of the weapon as it is an antique of the modern post-apocalyptic world and sets a whole new stage of an action for your character to build in the game.

Thanks to the heavy metal structure supported with hydraulics, this weapon punches really hard. With really hard we mean it throws enemies away with a single punch. Even the Scorchbeast will feel the hit of the Power Fist like a train. Punching the enemies is always fun as it gives a chance to experience them from close-range combat. On the other side, the craftable qualities of the Power Fist make it highly engaging and effective among players.

Power Fist
Power Fist

Power Fist has a level lock of 30 and dishes out huge damage of 48. The cherry on top is the medium speed that will allow you to throw as many punches as possible until the opponent bleeds to death. By adding the mods and upgrades, players with character level 50 can enhance the damage to 58.

Power Fist Location
Power Fist Location

Getting this weapon is not going to be painfully difficult, as you do not have to farm for a quest or a boss enemy fight. All you need to do is to go to Tanagra Town and climb up all the way to the colossal vine tree. You will have to carefully follow the branches and path that leads to the cave and numerous rooms. Once you reach the top, you will be able to see Power Fist on top of the table. If it is not there, hop into another server. This way you can try again to spawn your piece of Power Fist at the same location.

Grognak’s Axe

Grognak’s Axe is a unique blade attached to a wooden stick that will rip off arms and guts out of the enemies. With its roots back from Fallout 4, it was the prime weapon of Grognak The Barbarian. If you plan to pursue his legacy in Fallout 76, you can wield the same power once again to wreak havoc on your opponents with the best two-handed melee weapon.

Grognak's Axe
Grognak’s Axe

Grognak’s Axe is known to be a slow-speed weapon. But at the same time, it rewards players with the highest damage of 65 at the level requirement of 30. With these stats on your side, Grognak’s Axe can easily become the top unapologetic melee weapon in the game. On the other side, you can push the boundaries of the weapon with mods to achieve the massive damage output of 85 at level 50.

Unfortunately, Grognak’s Axe is also a rare entry of melee weapon in the game. But you can still obtain it by farming on legendary enemies. The best bet is to farm the Holiday Scorched event during December each year. Otherwise, you can call in your squad to farm legendary enemies to get a rare drop of Grognak’s Axe.

Super Sledge

Last but not least, Super Sledge is a mighty weapon that utilizes kinetic energy with a rocket propulsion system attached at one end of the melee weapon. Wielding this mighty weapon might not be easy as it is extremely slow and heavy. However, what it lacks in speed, makes up for the immense damage on swings.

Fallout 76 Super Sledge
Super Sledge

Thanks to the heavyweight, Super Sledge will crush anything from the Deathclaw ribcage to Scorches’ head. If you are seeking a weapon that deals heavy damage and is easily accessible, Super Sledge is the perfect choice to go for. Looking at the Stats, Super Sledge will hand out whopping huge damage of 65 for level 30 characters. Meanwhile, at level 50, players will be able to obtain a total of 85 damage. Since it is a two-handed weapon, using it with a Power Armor will allow you to swing with a single hand.

Super Sledge Location
Super Sledge Location

Getting this weapon is not much difficult. The plans for the Super Sledge are available from all the vendors around West Virginia in Fallout 76. Or you can consider visiting one of the locations near Drop Site C2. You can also obtain it by farming on Supermutants which occasionally rely on Super Sledge.

These melee weapons will fill up a huge portion of your combat arsenal, enhancing your level of protection in the wild Wasteland of Virginia. Every weapon has its own quality and its downsides. Meanwhile, the choice completely depends on the character build and the type of playthrough you want to pursue in the game.

That is about it for the Fallout 76 best melee weapons. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your melee weapon of choice? What is your favorite best melee weapon in Fallout 76? We will love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Common Questions & Answers

Does weapon wash benefit from melee perks in Fallout 76?

Sadly, no. Bashing Weapon will not grant you higher damage output from the melee perks. Even though it is a melee attack. But there is no effect of melee perks on bashing the weapon on enemies.

Where to find a good legendary melee weapon in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 has a decent amount of legendary melee weapon that offers unique effects to players. The only approach to hunt these weapons is by farming on legendary enemies. If you are rich enough, you can purchase the plans from Purveyor Murmrgh in the Rusty Pick at Berkley Springs Station. Although, that is going to cost you Bullions, like every other Fallout 76 best melee weapon. If you are rich enough, this is going to be a good trade.

Where to find more melee weapon plans in Fallout 76?

Acquiring plans for melee weapons is an easy job. As most of the plans are rewarded by playing daily events and storyline quests. Plus, if you are a hard scavenger, you might have to visit every corner of the map to obtain all the plans of the melee weapons.

Can you get weapon mods for dismantling melee weapons in Fallout 76?

While that heavily depends on the perks and type of character build you are seeking in the game. However, dismantling the melee weapon does allow you to learn new weapon mods in Fallout 76. But beware, as every dismantle will never yield a new mod for your weapon. For instance, it might take dismantling over five Super Sledge to learn a mod for the weapon. Plus, the melee weapon has a low amount of mods available in the game, making it harder to learn new mods for your favorite weapon.

Do Power Armor arms count as a melee weapon in Fallout 76?

Although Power Armor arms are individual armor pieces, they are not counted as a melee weapon attack. However, if you have an unarmed or one-handed melee weapon with Power Armor, you will be able to achieve double damage output and faster swing.

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