Top 20 Fallout 76 Best Melee Weapons & Locations

I have an experience worth 100+ hours in Fallout 76. Hence, I've provided you with a list of Best Melee Weapons in the game!

Fallout 76 Best Melee Weapon
Fallout 76 Best Melee Weapon
About The Author

Waleed has dedicated more than 100 hours to Fallout 76, ensuring that the information he gives you is backed by hands-on experience with the game.

A long-distance combat situation is a preferable option among players. These players opt for ranged weapons that no longer amuse the hardcore players in a post-apocalyptic game like Fallout 76. But those who want more close and personal combat consider melee weapons to satisfy their combat needs.

My guide will include all kinds of the latest and old melee weapons that you can acquire and utilize efficiently for your character build.

Key Takeaways

  1. Death Tambo: Single-handed melee weapon, Level 15, obtainable in Rose’s story questline.
  2. Pole Hook: Slow melee weapon, craftable at the workbench, extended swing range.
  3. Shishkebab: High damage with a fiery twist, respawns in various locations, guaranteed at Abandoned Bog Town.
  4. Baseball Bat: Humble but effective, available at Level 1, found at Green Country Lodge.
  5. Boxing Glove: Surprisingly effective, Level 5 requirement, the same location as Baseball Bat.
  6. Combat Knife: Simple and effective, obtainable at Level 1, found at Shadowbreeze Apartments.
  7. Meat Hook: Claw-like appearance, Level 5 requirement, good for bloodied builds, obtainable from Scorched enemies.
  8. Fire Axe: Easily accessible, Level 5 requirement, 35 damage.
  9. Electro Enforcer: Electrifying shocks, Level 20 requirement, looted from legendary monsters.
  10. Ski Sword: Single-handed, Level 15 requirement, 35 damage, obtained from Rose Robot in Cutthroat Raiders Faction.
  11. War Glaive: Long-range, 62 damage, available at Level 30 through Daily OP.
  12. Meteoritic Sword: Legendary effects, high damage, reward from Breach and Clear event.
  13. DeathClaw Gauntlet: Double-clawed, 45 damage with Level 30 variant, found at Heistenmerc Mining Location.
  14. Guitar Sword: Music-themed, six blades, good damage, respawns at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort.
  15. War Drum: Musical melee, double-handed, slow, heavy, obtainable at Level 15 from One Violent Night event.
  16. Blade of Bastet: Lightweight, medium-speed sword with armor-cutting quality, earned by completing Forging a Legend quest.
  17. Sheepsquatch Club: Decent range, average damage, rare, and available during Free Range Event.
  18. Power Fist: Effective on all enemies, Level 30 requirement, found at Tanagra Tower.
  19. Grognak’s Axe: Highest damage, slow-paced, good range, farmable at Holiday Scorched Event.
  20. Super Sledge: Best stats, double-handed, slow, heavy, obtainable through plans or at Drop Site C2.

My Melee Weapons Comparison

Here is a comparison table of my Top 20 Best Melee Weapons. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.WeaponBest forLevelDamageSpeedAP CostWeight
1Death TamboBest Early-Game Melee Weapon.11/25/35/4530/35/40/45Medium250.5
2Pole HookBest High-Damage Melee Weapon.10/20/30/40/5043/50/57/65/71Slow407.0
3ShishkebabBest Stealth Melee Weapon.35/4522/27Medium353.0
4Baseball BatBest Beginner Melee Weapon.1/5/15/25/35/4528/35/40/45/50/55Slow353.0
5Boxing GloveBest Close-Range Melee Weapon.5/15/25/35/4513/18/23/28/34Medium251.0
6Combat KnifeBest One-Handed Melee Weapon.1/5/10/20/30/40/509/13/17/21/25/29/33Fast1.020
7Meat HookBest Medium-Swing Melee Weapon.5/15/25/35/4514/19/24/29/34Medium302.0
8Fire AxeBest Melee Weapon for Low to Mid-Level Enemies.5/15/25/35/4535/45/55/65/72Slow303.0
9Electro EnforcerBest Blunt Melee Weapon.20/30/40/5020/25/30/35Slow408.0
10Ski SwordRare Melee Weapon.15/25/35/4535/40/45/50Medium303.0
11War GlaiveBest Heavy Melee Weapon.30/40/5062/72/82Slow409.0
12Meteoriotic SwordUnique Melee Weapon.20/25/30/35/40/45/5021/26/26/31/31/36/36Medium353.0
13Deathclaw GauntletBest Overall Melee Weapon.30/40/5045/50/55Medium4010.0
14Guitar SwordMost Unconventional Melee Weapon.15/25/35/4535/40/45/50Medium353.0
15War DrumBest Musical Melee Weapon.15/25/35/4548/58/68/78Slow4520.0
16Blade of BastetBest Sword Melee Weapon.25/35/4542/46/52Medium353.0
17Sheepsquatch ClubBest for Higher-Level Players.10/20/30/40/5020/30/40/50/60Medium303.0
18Power FistBest Fist Melee Weapon.30/40/5048/53/58Medium354.0
19Grognak’s AxeBest Two-Handed Melee Weapon.30/40/5065/75/85Slow2010.0
20Super SledgePowerful Melee Weapon.30/40/5065/75/85Slow4520.0

20. Death Tambo

Best Early-Game Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Death Tambo?

Death Tambo is a versatile weapon in Fallout 76 that you can obtain early in the game, and it allows you to deal a respectable amount of damage to your enemies. 

Death Tambo is an early, high-damage melee weapon, available at Level 15. It’s unique and doesn’t require high-level grinding.

Fallout 76 Death Tambo
Death Tambo
AP Cost25

Death Tambo Stats Table. 

Fallout 76 Death Tambo Location from Harper's Ferry
Death Tambo Location from Harper’s Ferry
  1. Obtaining the Death Tambo is easy; you can acquire it through Rose’s questline at the Top of the World or purchase the crafting plans from vendors.
  2. There’s also a free spawn location near Harper’s Ferry.
  3. There is no guarantee that you will find Death Tambo here.
  4. This is because some other player might have already taken it, and you will have to wait for at least 24 hours to allow the game mechanics to respawn the melee weapon.
  5. In this case, you might have to do a little server hopping to obtain your own Death Tambo melee weapon.

  • Damage is scaled up at higher levels.
  • Ideal for swing attacks.
  • Perfect for low to mid-level enemies.

  • It can be difficult or time-consuming to find.

19. Pole Hook

Best High-Damage Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Pole Hook?

The Pole Hook is a powerful weapon that is perfect if you need a high-damage weapon that can claw through enemies.

Pole Hook is a powerful melee weapon originating from Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC. It features a large iron fish hook on a wooden pole, dealing significant damage to enemies. 

You can upgrade the Pole Hook to higher levels to enhance both its swing speed and damage.

Fallout 76 Pole Hook
Pole Hook
AP Cost40

Pole Hook Stats Table. 

The Pole Hook boasts an extended swinging reach compared to other melee weapons, allowing you to maintain distance while dealing damage.

  1. To obtain a Pole Hook, you can craft one on your workbench.
  2. As you progress and level up your character, consider upgrading the weapon to maximize its armor-piercing capabilities.

  • A significant amount of damage.
  • Can be upgraded at higher levels.
  • Has an extended swinging reach.

  • Slow swing speed and two-handed usage.

18. Shishkebab

Best Stealth Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Shishkebab?

Shishkebab is an interesting and effective melee weapon that is perfect for players who prefer sneaking up on their enemies in the dark.

Shishkebab is a highly effective melee weapon that caters to ninja and stealth-oriented gameplay styles. I loved the flame caster sword that not only deals massive pool of damage, but also looks incredible on swings.

Fallout 76 Shishkebab
AP Cost35

Shishkebab Stats Table. 

Abandonded Bog Town Location
Abandoned Bog Town Location
  1. To acquire the Shishkebab, reach level 35, and it will start spawning in various locations.
  2. This may require server hopping significantly, so a word of warning.
  3. One guaranteed spawn location is Abandoned Bog Town. Inside a building marked as “Warning The Property is Condemned,” find it across an office table near a broken elevator.
  4. If unavailable, head below the Palace of the Winding Path to discover a secret Mole Miner camp; defeat them to find a Shishkebab on one of the tables

  • Deals double damage to enemies.
  • Causes fire damage to enemies.
  • Also deals swing damage.

  • You may need to server-hop to find it in some places.

17. Baseball Bat

Best Beginner Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Baseball Bat?

The Baseball Bat is an unusual and hilarious melee weapon that players can find early in the game, and it allows them to deliver a good, old-fashioned beating.

When in a hurry, Baseball bats can become more than an arsenal for survival. One quick swing and you will see the blood splattered ghoul on the ground. What I am trying to explain here is that, Baseball Bat can easily fit in your beginner melee weapon choice. 

Fallout 76 Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat
AP Cost35

Baseball Bat Stats Table. 

Fallout 76 Baseball Bat Location
Baseball Bat Location
  1. To obtain a Baseball Bat, visit the Green Country Lodge just above Flatwoods.
  2. Search near a swing to find a corpse holding a Baseball Bat that you can claim.

  • Deals 28 damage initially.
  • Damage scales up to 55 upon reaching level 45.
  • A colorful variant is available at Morgantown High School.

  • You will have to deal with the Scorched enemies while getting it.

16. Boxing Glove

Best Close-Range Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Boxing Glove?

The Boxing Glove is another amusing melee weapon that serves beginners well, and it gives you a real sense of satisfaction to punch your enemies with it.

Being a simple Boxing Glove, the great thing about it is that it’s available early in the game, requiring only a minimum character level of 5. This initial variant deals 13 damage to enemies, making it a handy choice for new players.

Fallout 76 Boxing Glove
Boxing Glove
AP Cost25

Boxing Glove Stats Table. 

Fallout 76 Boxing Glove Location
Boxing Glove Location
  1. Acquiring Boxing Glove is easy.
  2. Visit Green Country Lodge, and inside the building, you can find a Gym section that is pretty much destroyed.
  3. You can find Boxing Gloves on the shelves right next to the towels and radio.

  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Minimum requirement of character level 5.
  • Deals 13 damage to enemies.

  • Not suitable for high-level players.

15. Combat Knife

Best One-Handed Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Combat Knife?

The Combat Knife may not be your first pick as a melee weapon, but it allows you to swiftly slice through your enemies.

Fast Swing and decent damage output, that is all Combat Knife is about. Unfortunately, not many players pay attention to this sweet melee weapon choice as it can be a worthy part of a melee-focused build. If you are interested, you can check out some of our best builds in Fallout 76. 

Fallout 76 Combat Knife
Combat Knife
AP Cost1.0

Combat Knife Stats Table. 

Even if you primarily focus on ranged combat, the Combat Knife can serve as a reliable secondary melee weapon, allowing for stealthy takedowns due to its fast swing speed.

  1. To get a Combat Knife, check Shadowbreeze Apartments west of Morgantown High School.
  2. On the second floor in a bedroom, find one on top of the dresser.
  3. Some Scorched enemies may also carry Combat Knives, so loot their bodies for a chance to get one.

  • Fast swing.
  • Quick slicing speed.
  • Perfect for beginners.

  • Low starting damage.

14. Meat Hook

Best Medium-Swing Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Meat Hook?

The Meat Hook, as the name suggests, is a lethal melee weapon that allows you to make your enemies bleed.

The Meat Hook aligns well with the survival-themed aspects of Fallout 76 and is a valuable choice for players focusing on bloodied character builds.

Fallout 76 Meat Hook
Meat Hook
AP Cost30

Meat Hook Stats Table. 

The Meat Hook had its mechanics adjusted but still delivers decent damage at higher levels. It previously scaled with the Iron Fist Perk, resulting in excessive damage, which Bethesda addressed in the Wastelanders update.

One notable limitation of the Meat Hook is that it cannot be used while wearing Power Armor. You may need to exit Power Armor to wield it effectively. Some melee-scorched enemies carry Meat Hooks, so hunting them can yield this weapon. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Responder vendor at Whitespring Resort.

  • Perfect for inflicting bleed damage.
  • Delivers decent damage at higher levels.
  • Offers superb agility.

  • Not suitable for tough enemies.

13. Fire Axe

Best Melee Weapon for Low to Mid-Level Enemies.

Why Did I Choose Fire Axe?

The Fire Axe is a simple and unarmed melee weapon that is similar to the Boxing Glove and can prove lethal against low to mid-level enemies.

Like Boxing Glove, Fire Axe is a simple melee weapon that has proven deadly for low-to-mid-level enemies. Once upgraded, this emergency utility can become a mass-murdering weapon in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout. 

Fallout 76 Fire Axe
Fire Axe
AP Cost30

Fire Axe Stats Table. 

Fallout 76 Fire Axe Plans Location
Fire Axe Plans Location
  1. Visit the Charleston Fire Department to find the Fire Axe.
  2. It typically spawns on the pool table in the Diner Area or in the weight room in the department’s building.
  3. If you’re unlucky, purchase the plans from the Bot Vendor at Lewisburg Station—an investment worth considering.

  • Perfect for mid to low-level enemies.
  • Available early in the game.
  • Deals 35 damage with 5% Strength.

  • Slow swing speed.

12. Electro Enforcer

Best Blunt Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Electro Enforcer?

Electro Enforcer is a powerful melee weapon that shocks your enemies with electric damage, coupled with standard damage.

Electro Enforcer is a blunt melee weapon available at character level 20. It deals with electric damage and delivers both standard damage (20) and energy damage (35), making it a potent and electrifying choice.

Fallout 76 Electro Enforcer
Electro Enforcer
AP Cost40

Electro Enforcer Stats Table. 

  1. The Electro Enforcer is a legendary drop found on the corpses of legendary monsters.
  2. You must Farm legendary enemies, and participating in the Invader from Beyond Event is an effective method to obtain it.
  3. If that seems challenging, I suggest purchasing plans from in-game vendors as an alternative.

  • Deals electric damage along with standard damage.
  • Can be modified to increase the speed.
  • Can be obtained by farming Legendary enemies.

  • Has a slow swing speed.

11. Ski Sword

Rare Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Ski Sword?

The Ski Sword is another popular and rare melee weapon, and it deals a high amount of damage right off the bat.

This one-handed weapon boasts a medium swing speed and delivers a substantial damage. It’s a unique addition to the game’s post-apocalyptic setting, where players creatively repurpose everyday items as deadly weapons.

Fallout 76 Ski Sword
Ski Sword
AP Cost30

Ski Sword Stats Table. 

It is a good entry-level melee weapon that can reward players till the endgame, only if you are really investing into a character build. That is because you can upgrade it to maximize its potential. Apart from that, you can consider our extensive guide explaining how to obtain the Ski Sword easily. 

  • Medium swing speed.
  • Substantial amount of starting damage.
  • Easy to obtain.

  • Not suitable for players later in the game.

10. War Glaive

Best Heavy Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose War Glaive?

The War Glaive is a high-damage dealing melee weapon that derives its roots from medieval times.

The War Glaive is a heavy melee weapon, featuring a sharp double-edged metal sword attached to a long metal shaft. This design provides extended reach and excellent armor-piercing capabilities, resulting in high damage output.

Fallout 76 War Glaive
War Glaive
AP Cost40

War Glaive Stats Table. 

Acquiring the plans for the War Glaive can be challenging, as they are only available through Daily Ops missions, requiring some grinding to increase your chances of getting this rare weapon.

  • Has extended reach.
  • Can pierce through armor.
  • Deals a high amount of damage.

  • It has a slow swing speed.

9. Meteoritic Sword

Unique Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Meteoritic Sword?

The Meteoritic Sword not only deals an impressive amount of damage but also comes with several unbelievable effects that give other melee weapons a run for their money.

The Meteoritic Sword is a unique melee weapon, offering considerable damage along with valuable legendary effects. At level 20, it deals 21 damage and provides additional benefits, including +10% damage vs. Human enemies, 90% reduced weight, and 50% increased durability. 

Fallout 76 Meteoritic Sword
Meteoritic Sword
AP Cost35

Meteoritic Sword Stats Table. 

On the other side, the modification capabilities of the weapon will enable players to take the damage output to the next level and achieve 36 damage at level 50. You can add numerous mods like electrification of the sword. This will cause the sword to register double damage to enemies with both slicing and energy damage, thus killing an enemy with a single swing.

Fallout 76 Meteoritic Sword Location
Meteoritic Sword Location
  1. The Meteoritic Sword is a rare reward obtainable with a small chance in the Breach and Clear event.
  2. The event occurs randomly during the day and requires players to visit Ash Heap or Hornwright Air Purifier.
  3. Completing the event may reward players with the powerful Meteoritic Sword.

  • Comes with several legendary effects.
  • Perfect for both PvP and PvE combat.
  • Can be modified to enhance damage. 

  • Can be quite rare and difficult to find.

8. Deathclaw Gauntlet

Best Overall Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Deathclaw Gauntlet?

The Deathclaw Gauntlet is considered one of the finest melee weapons in Fallout 76, and it comes with deadly damage and several amazing stats.

Death Claw’s appearance makes up for a unique melee weapon, plus excellent combat performance. Apparently, it is ripped from claws of a Deathclaw creature, which was definitely satisfying for my lore cravings. 

Fallout 76 Deathclaw Gauntlet
Deathclaw Gauntlet
AP Cost40

Deathclaw Gauntlet.

Deathclaw Gauntlet boasts excellent performance of damage output and swing speed, thus making it a prominent choice for a monster-theme build. I personally love to go hand-to-hand combat with a melee weapon that fits the nuclear-battered world and dishes out max damage. 

Fallout 76 Deathclaw Gauntlet Location
Deathclaw Gauntlet Location
  1. You can easily get the Deathclaw Gauntlet by visiting the Heistenmerc mining location.
  2. Here you will have a wooden shack with a window.
  3. You might want to bring bobby pins as you will have to lockpick the door.
  4. After entering the shack, you will be able to see a Deathclaw Gauntlet near a corpse.

  • Excels in both aesthetics and combat.
  • Can rip through Power Armor.
  • Becomes more lethal as you level up.

  • Not very impressive in terms of aesthetics.

7. Guitar Sword

Most Unconventional Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Guitar Sword?

The Guitar Sword is an unusual yet lethal melee weapon that holds out its own during battle and deals a high amount of damage.

You can use anything, anytime for combat in Fallout 76 and it brings us to this Guitar looking Sword. Speaking of damage output for this weapon, then I must tell you it is MASSIVE! If you are going for a Stealth Playstyle, this weapon is a strong recommendation from my side. 

Guitar Sword
Guitar Sword
AP Cost35

Guitar Sword Stats Table. 

Guitar Sword Location
Guitar Sword Location
  1. You can find a guaranteed spawn location for the Guitar Sword at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort.
  2. It’s located near the musical stage, where you’ll discover the Guitar Sword resting on a microphone stand.
  3. This makes acquiring the weapon a straightforward task for players looking to add it to their collection.

Since other players are playing in the world with you, someone might have already acquired the weapon. You can wait 24 hours or try server hopping to obtain your weapon at the same place. Or if you are impatient, you might want to consider grinding the “One Violent Night” event to get Guitar Sword as a reward.

  • High damage output.
  • Highly effective when used strategically.
  • Works with different playstyles.

  • You may miss out on the weapon if someone has already acquired it.

6. War Drum

Best Musical Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose War Drum?

The War Drum is another musical melee weapon with hard-hitting capabilities and several unique effects.

War Drum is heavy as compared to the Guitar Sword, thus making it the slow-swinging weapon. On the other side, it is a two-handed weapon, with unique characteristics.

War Drum
War Drum
AP Cost45

War Drum Stats Table. 

War Drum Location
War Drum Location

War Drum is obtainable as a reward through the “One Violent Night” event, alongside the Guitar Sword. Alternatively, you can embark on a hunting expedition to acquire the War Drum.

  1. Simply visit the Sons of Dane Compound, situated to the east of Vault 76.
  2. Be cautious, as the area is infested with Bloated Glowing Ones, formidable enemies you’ll need to contend with.
  3. Get inside the first shed you see in the compound.
  4. You will see another music platform and behind the microphone, there will be a mighty War Drum.
  5. You can also find this melee weapon at the mezzanine in Top of the World.

  • Made out of different instruments.
  • High amount of damage.
  • Has several unique characteristics.

  • It is quite heavy and has a slow swinging speed.

5. Blade of Bastet

Best Sword Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Blade of Bastet?

The Blade of Bastet is another unique melee weapon that works well with different character builds and deals impressive damage.

Another notable sword is the Blade of Bastet, making it one of the best melee weapons under the one-handed class. As a unique sword, it pierces and slices through armored enemies.

Similar to the Meteoritic Sword, the Blade of Bastet is a lightweight sword with medium speed, allowing players to unleash medieval-style action against both human and beast enemies.

Fallout 76 Blade of Bastet
Blade of Bastet
AP Cost35

Blade of Bastet Stats Table. 

The only downside of the weapon is that it is extremely rare and can be only acquired by completing the storyline quest Forging a Legend. This quest starts by using the Fabricator in the Riverside Manor. If you are a completionist player, I might not reveal the objectives of the quest just for the sake of storyline reveal.

Fallout 76 Riverside Manor
Riverside Manor

Apart from that, in the end, you will receive Blade of Bastet from the quest that you can claim for yourself. There is no other approach to obtain the Blade of Bastet unless you purchase it from the in-game player vendor.

  • Lightweight sword.
  • Medium swing speed.
  • Can pierce through armor.

  • Extremely rare.

4. Sheepsquatch Club

Best for Higher-Level Players.

Why Did I Choose Sheepsquatch Club?

The Sheepsquatch Club is a formidable weapon built specially for advanced players, who can benefit from its awesome statistics.

The Sheepsquatch Club stands out as a unique and fearsome weapon, crafted from the skull of the Sheepsquatch monster.

Opinions among players regarding the club’s appearance may vary, but there’s unanimous agreement on its exceptional damage output. With just a few swings, this weapon is capable of dispatching virtually any foe.

Sheepsquatch Club
Sheepsquatch Club
AP Cost30

Sheepsquatch Club Stats Table. 

  1. This weapon is quite rare and can only be obtained through the Free Range Event.
  2. It may not be worth the effort for low-level players, but higher-level players with a strong team can aim to obtain the Sheepsquatch Club plans through this event.

  • Best for higher-level players.
  • Reaches maximum damage of 60 at level 50.
  • Medium swing speed.

  • Quite rare and hard to find.

3. Power Fist

Best Fist Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Power Fist?

The Power Fist is a highly powerful hydraulic-powered weapon that can make quick work of enemies in just a few punches.

If punching is never enough for you, then I bring you the Power Fist, a mighty unarmed weapon that packs a punch for all types of enemies. Now you will not have to worry about running for ammo, as you can always throw a massive damaging punch at opponents without any trouble of losing performance. 

Power Fist
Power Fist
AP Cost35

Power Fist Stats Table. 

The reason I am always into weapons like Power Fist is because of the medium swing speed. It benefits your character to make a quick strike while keeping a safe side. 

Power Fist Location
Power Fist Location
  1. To get this mighty weapon, simply visit Tanagra Town and ascend the colossal vine tree.
  2. Follow the branches and path to the cave and various rooms at the top.
  3. You’ll find the Power Fist resting on a table.
  4. If it’s not there, switch to another server and try again at the same spot.

  • Can be used to kill enemies of all levels.
  • Immense damage output.
  • Can be modified to increase damage.

  • You will have to craft it using the weapon plan.

2. Grognak’s Axe

Best Two-Handed Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Grognak’s Axe?

Grognak’s Axe is a double-edged axe-like melee weapon that enables you to dismember your enemies in one swift motion.

Go absolute Barbarian with Grognak’s Axe, the finest melee weapon, that also comes with Legendary effects for rewarding gameplay. If you are into blood-spilling, throat-slicing gameplay in Fallout 76, Grognak’s Axe is the perfect choice to go for. 

Grognak's Axe
Grognak’s Axe
AP Cost20

Grognak’s Axe Stats Table. 

  1. While Grognak’s Axe is a rare find in the game, you can obtain it by farming legendary enemies.
  2. Participating in the Holiday Scorched event during December or teaming up with others to farm legendary enemies are effective methods to secure this powerful melee weapon.

  • Has an impressive damage output.
  • Maximum damage of 85 at level 50.
  • Can be obtained by farming legendary enemies.

  • Slow swing speed.

1. Super Sledge

Powerful Melee Weapon.

Why Did I Choose Super Sledge?

Super Sledge may look like a simple sledgehammer, but you can knock the head off your enemies’ shoulders with its rocket propulsion system.

Super Sledge comes with a propulsion system that increases its impact on strike. Wielding this mighty weapon might not be easy as it is extremely slow and heavy. What it lacks in speed, makes up for the immense damage on swings.

Fallout 76 Super Sledge
Super Sledge
AP Cost45

Super Sledge Stats Table. 

Super Sledge Location
Super Sledge Location
  1. To acquire the Super Sledge, you can obtain plans from various vendors in West Virginia or explore locations near Drop Site C2.
  2. You may also find it while defeating Supermutants.
  3. These melee weapons offer diverse options for enhancing your combat abilities in the wasteland of Virginia.
  4. Your choice should align with your character build and preferred playstyle.

  • Can be used to crush tough enemies.
  • Damage output goes up to 85.
  • Can be wielded with one hand while equipped with Power Armor.

  • Slow and heavy.

Why Others Were Not Chosen

  • Sledgehammer: Quite common throughout the game, but less effective than others.
  • Sheepsquatch Staff: Quite similar to the Sheepsquatch Club, but is a two-handed weapon.
  • Mr. Handy Buzz Blade: Very fast attack speed, but very low max damage.
  • Assaultron Blade: Only available after level 25.
  • Baton: Pretty low damage output even after leveling up.
  • Bowie Knife: Unimpressive stats as compared to other melee weapons.
  • Cattleprod: Only available after the Wastelanders quest.
  • Chinese Officer Sword: Available from level 1, but doesn’t do much damage.
  • Gulper Smacker: Available from level 20, and doesn’t have any legendary effects.
  • Shepherd’s Crook: Comes with +50% reach, but has a slow attack speed.

My Pick For Melee Weapon?

My favorite melee weapon from the list has to be the Power Fist, as it is highly effective against enemies of all levels and it also looks pretty awesome with different character builds. I’d love to hear your favorite melee weapon and thoughts in the comments below.

Common Questions & Answers

Does weapon bash benefit from melee perks?

Sadly, no. Bashing the Weapon will not grant you higher damage output from the melee perks. Even though it is a melee attack. But there is no effect of melee perks on bashing the weapon on enemies.

Where to find a good legendary melee weapon?

Fallout 76 has a decent amount of legendary melee weapon that offers unique effects to players. The only approach to hunting these weapons is by farming on legendary enemies. If you are rich enough, you can purchase the plans from Purveyor Murmrgh in the Rusty Pick at Berkley Springs Station. Although, that is going to cost you Bullions, like every other Fallout 76 best melee weapon. If you are rich enough, this is going to be a good trade.

Where to find more melee weapon plans?

Acquiring plans for melee weapons is an easy job. As most of the plans are rewarded by playing daily events and storyline quests. Plus, if you are a hard scavenger, you might have to visit every corner of the map to obtain all the plans of the melee weapons.

Can you get weapon mods for dismantling melee weapons?

While that heavily depends on the perks and type of character build you are seeking in the game. However, dismantling the melee weapon does allow you to learn new weapon mods in Fallout 76. But beware, as every dismantle will never yield a new mod for your weapon. For instance, it might take dismantling over five Super Sledge to learn a mod for the weapon. Plus, the melee weapon has a low amount of mods available in the game, making it harder to learn new mods for your favorite weapon.

Do Power Armor arms count as a melee weapon?

Although Power Armor arms are individual armor pieces, they are not counted as a melee weapon attack. However, if you have an unarmed or one-handed melee weapon with Power Armor, you will be able to achieve double damage output and faster swing.

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