Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Fallout 76 Best Weapons

Fallout 76 Best Weapons: Top 20 Weapons Ranked

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Fallout 76 was a highly anticipated title from Bethesda that could not meet the expectations of the players initially. Multiplayer only aspects and buggy release of the game was some of the prominent reason for the mixed opinions of the die-hard fans. However, today Fallout 76 has come a long way from being called a rushed development to the most detailed entry in the post-apocalyptic RPG game. As a Vault Dweller, you will have to acquire enough resources for survival in the still scenic and wild West Virginia. When it comes to survival, Fallout 76 best weapons are the top aspect that players seek all the time.

As said earlier, Fallout 76 has become a unique entry as compared to its predecessors and offers wild challenges to players. There are perks, mutations, vaults, building Camps, and armors. However, weapons always stand top on the list that grabs the attention of both beginners and veteran players. However, with the wide list of weapons available, finding the most powerful ones can always be a daunting process. For that instance, we bring you the detailed guide that ranks the best weapons in Fallout 76 that will help in survival and rebuilding the world of West Virginia. With that said, let’s get right into it.

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Best Weapons in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is not short of the best weapons for its highly engaging players. But in terms of creativity, the game sets the stage with detailed survival aspects that meet the standards of modern games. It offers a wide variety of weapons that can not only assist in survival but will also incline with the type of character build you are aiming for. There are a lot of hostile threats in Fallout 76. Especially after the free Wild Appalachia, there is a lot of brutal beasts to explore and hunt in Fallout 76. This is why you might want to get the right gear before stepping into the nuclear-destroyed beauty of West Virginia.

Additionally, Fallout 76 enables players to modify the weapons to enhance their abilities and make the most out of their performance. To make things more easier and realistic, developers have added weapons bars that determine the overall durability of the weapon. Not just that but it also degrades with time  With that said, let’s have a look at some of the Best weapons in Fallout 76.

The Fixer

The first entry among the best weapons in Fallout 76 is going to be the Fixer. This is a non-legendary rifle that offers decent damage to the enemies. This is an exceptional weapon for those players that are looking for some stealth action gameplay. Although it looks like a combat rifle. But the 20% base damage buff, which makes it more damage heavy as compared to other combat rifles.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
The Fixer

Looking at the stats, the Fixer grants damage of 33, which can put all kinds of enemies in trouble. No wonder why players consider it among the best weapons in Fallout 76. Meanwhile, there are a total of 4 variants of the weapon with the first one available at character 20. This means you can only use this weapon when you will reach character level 20. While the higher-level variants will unlock as you level up the character in the game.

Apart from that, the weapon also comes with bonus effects that can go a long way in the type of character you might want to pursue in the game. These effects include a stealth bonus, which can help in sneaky action without blowing the cover. Moreover, this weapon also comes with a unique speed effect, that allows players to move faster while sneaking.

The best approach to acquire this rifle is by completing the story quest called “Wolf in the Sheep’s Clothing”. There is another item for the Fixer rifle that you might want to get your hands own known as “The Fixer Plan”. This is the document item that allows players to mod the weapon using the Weapon Workbench.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Starting Position for Wolf in the Sheep Clothing Quest

Acquiring this item is not going to be an easy feat. This is because it has a random effect that varies from player to player. To increase the chance of acquiring, you will have to complete the Encrypted public event. This is only unlocked if you have finished the storyline quest of The Lowe-Down. These missions can indeed be a hassle, but in the end, they are worth the effort.

Perfect Storm

This weapon is exactly what the name implies. Especially, when it comes to wreaking havoc on the enemies, you surely do not want to miss out on that one. Perfect Storm is the 10mm submachine gun that makes up for the Fallout 76 best early weapons. Not just the beginner’s but it is also a powerful weapon for the higher level players in the game.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Perfect Storm

Another best aspect of this particular weapon is that it comes with a legendary effect, making it unique in the game. Players with at least character level 10 can obtain this weapon by completing a quest known as “Cold Case”. Now, this is a story quest that you will have to complete at the Wavy Willard’s Park.

Fallout 7 Best Weapons
Cold Case Quest Starting Point

As for the stats, the base weapons come with a damage value of 14. You can indeed enhance the capabilities of the weapon by modding it but considering you have acquired it earlier or are at character level 10, you might have to wait a bit to unlock the weapon mods.

First things first, this weapon grants a unique legendary effect, that leaves a total of 24 fire damage when shot at the target. Considering this aspect for the early-level players, this is a killing machine for the lower-level enemies. Moreover, there is abundant 10mm ammo scattered around the Appalachia. So you do not have to worry about running out of ammo from time to time.

Ski Sword

When it comes to the Fallout 76 best melee weapons, Ski Sword never goes as an exception. From the looks, it might not be appealing compared to other slashing weapons in the game. In essence, it is made of an alpine ski, made by a company known as Ski-O-Matic. However, what it lacks in the looks, Ski Sword makes up doing brutal damages to the enemies.

Fallout 76 Ski Sword
Ski Sword

Ski Sword has one of the best melee weapon stats in Fallout 76. Players can acquire this weapon with the minimum level requirement of 15. This will grant them the base-level variant that allows damage of 35. Modding this weapon in the workshop can push this damage all the way to 50, making it the powerful melee weapon in the player’s hand.

Moreover, finding this weapon is not much difficult. One particular variant that you should seek is from the Rose robot from the Cutthroats Raiders faction. This can be only unlocked by completing the raider questline. Moreover, this particular variant comes with a cool legendary effect that will reward +1 Strength perk point upon acquiring it.

However, if you are not in for the perk point, you can also obtain the base version of the sword from the Sunnytop Ski Lanes Base Lodge. This location is just on the northeast of Vault 76. This approach does involve the hassle of killing a bunch of enemies because this place is crawling with super mutants.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Sunny top Ski Lanes Base Lodge

Even worse is that one of them is going to have a Fatman Rocket launcher. For that instance, you will have to come prepared with the best weapons to put them down. Once you are done with the super mutants, you will have to go to the front side of the building and take a path on the left side of the building.

This path also has sneaky spike traps, one of the defenses set up by the super mutants. Move across the path and take the stairs, Here you will see a rack with the Ski Sword on it that you can acquire.


Fallout 76 is more brutal as compared to its predecessors in the RPG series. The game now allows players to use every kind of item that can be turned into a mass-murdering weapon. If you are also looking for one in particular, then Sledgehammer is what you need to leave enemies bleeding to death.

Fallout 76 Sledgehammer

This skull crusher is an easily accessible weapon, that does heavy damage to enemies. Additionally, it is a perfect choice for the psychopath character builds and enhances the gameplay even further. The base variant of the weapon does a whopping 43 damage which is higher than any other entry-level melee weapon.

Despite being the best weapon in Fallout 76, Sledgehammer is fairly easy to acquire and has a requirement of level 10. Moreover, it can be modded with weapon enhancements that can push the damage to 57. Although it has a slow swinging speed, the amount of damage it registers on the enemy makes it the best melee weapon to consider.

Combat Knife

A knife can be a great part of your melee weaponry if not the primary, then definitely the secondary weapon. Especially, Combat Knife is the best melee weapon in Fallout 76 that is quicker to draw than to reload other types of weaponry. With the brutal enemies in Fallout 76, the situation can always escalate with your character being the weakest one alive in the room full of enemies. Meanwhile, Combat Knife can prove your backup weapon with higher functionality and faster action.

Fallout 76 Combat Knife
Combat Knife

Moreover, it requires less AP for the V.A.T.S, so you can definitely rely on this weapon to do the dirty work in wild Appalachia. Combat Knife is available for players from level 1 and does good damage of 9 to the opponents. If there does not look like a secondary weapon option, then you should definitely consider it for extra Strength.

Players with the Combat Knife are eligible to receive +5% Strength on the character. With that, you will be able to do extra melee damage as well as enhance the carry weight to take that sweet loot wherever you go.

There are numerous spawning locations of the Combat Knife in the game. One of the best locations in the game is Arktos Pharma. Here you can find the Combat Knife lying on the front desk of the building near the terminal. If not, you can also check another location known as Charleston Capitol Building. Just across the DMV Area, Combat Knife can be found on the reception desk.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Arktos Pharma

All Rise

Speaking of Sledgehammers, All Rise is an overpowered modded sledgehammer that will end enemies with a single blow. If you are wondering why this is separated from the original Sledgehammer, then the main reason behind it is the legendary effects it grants. As a mid-level player, you may want to consider weapons with legendary effects to put less effort during the combat with stronger enemies. For that instance, All Rise is a perfect melee weapon option available that will assist the players in the critical times of close combats.

Fallout 76 All Rise Sledgehammer
All Rise Sledgehammer

Players can acquire this weapon at level 30 with the base tier of the weapon granting damage of 65. Not just that but the +5% Strength and 90% reduced weight are the icings on the cake for making the All Rise the go-to weapon. What makes this weapon immensely powerful is the Heavy Rocket mod. This mod increases the swinging action of the weapon thus doing more damage to the enemies.

Moreover, it is going to be a two-handed weapon with a slow speed. However, that is not going to affect your gameplay, since it does huge damage registration. However, if you are using a Power Armor, you may be able to use it as a single-handed weapon, thus increasing the swinging speed significantly.

To get this weapon, you will have to go to the Watoga, which is on the east side at the bottom of the map. Upon reaching here, you will hear a radio transmission that will push a miscellaneous objective. This going to be a detailed story quest, so you might need to complete it and receive the All Rise as a reward in the end.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Watoga Municipal Center

The Dragon

The next rarest weapon in Fallout 76 is the Dragon. It is a Black Powder weapon, which is the reason why it is unique and rare in the game. It might look like the base variant of the Black Powder rifle, but it has four barrels. Apart from the antique look of the weapon, it can decimate the enemies with huge damage.

Fallout 76 The Dragon
The Dragon

Moving on, this weapon has some of the craziest stats. Since it uses .50 Caliber ammo, with the combined shot from 4 barrels, the Dragon does total damage of 200. However, it comes with a few downsides. Firstly it is extremely slow to reload and takes over 10 seconds to reload for a second shot. While the second one is the weakness and can easily wear out after combat or two.

As said earlier, it is the unique and rarest item in Fallout 76 and pretty much random to obtain. One of the best ways to get this is through “Nuclear Surprise” in the SMART Choice Machine in Watoga. It has a level requirement of 35 but it is totally randomized.

In that case, you can also try another approach by going to Fort Defiance. Here you will have to complete a public even Line in the Sand and fight 3 waves of Scorched and Scorchbeast enemies. The objective will also involve defending the Sonic Generator in the location. All you need to do is to kill a Scorchbeast and loot the body. Any one of the Scorchbeasts will have The Dragon weapon on it and if it does not you can come back later and try again.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Fort Defiance

Auto Grenede Launcher

If you are looking for some explosions, then Auto Grenade Launcher is what you need in Fallout 76. As a Fallout 76 best heavy weapons, Auto Grenade Launcher transcends the expectations of players with heavy character builds. This heavy weapon obliterates the enemies clearing your way forward.

Fallout 76 Auto Grenade Launcher
Auto Grenade Launcher

This weapon stats show it grants damage in the area of explosion with a value of 107. However, that can indeed be increased with weapon modifications and some perks like Demolition Expert for your character. Players with at least level 40 can acquire this weapon.

Although this weapon is a mass murderer, it is highly advised to use it in the open areas to avoid inflicting damage to your own character or companion. It has a pretty solid range and accuracy, which combined with the automatic mechanics can clear the location with resounding explosions.

There is no fixed guide or location to acquire this weapon. The only way to obtain it is by killing the Scorchers and Super Mutants. These enemies are randomly carrying this weapon and are available for players to loot from their bodies.

The Voice of Set

Pistols have always been a star performing in the Fallout series. Meanwhile, when it comes to Revolvers, Fallout 76 proved to offer the best weapon known as the Voice of Set. This is a perfect non-automatic and brutal revolver weapon that comes with rewarding stats for all kinds of players.

Fallout 76 Voice of Set
Voice of Set

Even if you are not interested in using it as the primary weapon, you may have to use it as secondary to get out of the critical survival situation. This is because this weapon does huge damage of 60 for flesh enemies and 35 to the robot enemies ranging from Protectrons or Assaultrons. One of the best things about this weapon is its background and fitting story lore. Players should definitely seek this weapon story in the Mistress of the Mystery quest.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Riverside Manor

Players must be at least level 25 to acquire this weapon. Considering this level, it is not hard to obtain a pistol and makes up for good entry-level players. Like most other weapons that are obtained as a reward, the Voice of Set is also rewarded in the “Prototypical Problems” quest. During this quest, you will have to use the Order of Mysteries’ fabricator to obtain this unique weapon.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

Deathclaw Gauntlet is an unstoppable melee weapon that will rip the guts out of the enemies. Be it the flesh enemies or the robots, Deathclaw Gauntlet will overpower to slash through any part of enemies’ bodies. This weapon does brutal damage of 45, instantly killing the low-level enemies.

Fallout 76 Deathclaw Gauntlet
Deathclaw Gauntlet

If you are too reliant on the melee weapon or focusing on melee character build, this weapon can be the best primary weapon entry for your gameplay. It will enhance your gameplay experience by offering close-quarter combats. Even if things escalate, with the Deathclaw Gauntlet in the character’s hands, enemies are never going to make out alive.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Appalachian Antiques

There are a few spawning locations for Deathclaw Gauntlet. However, the best location to acquire this weapon is from the Appalachian Antiques. All you need to do is to go to the second floor, and you will be able to find it on the workbench. But that is only possible for the players with character level 30 or above.

Lever Action Rifle

Lever Action Rifle has its roots from Fallout 4, yet once again it ranks higher for listed among Fallout 76 best weapons under PVP. This weapon is not only a satisfying enemy killer but also performs best to dust the players in player vs. player modes.

Fallout 76 Lever Action Rifle
Lever Action Rifle

Lever Action Rifle does killing damage of 65 for the base variant. With this much damage by using the commonly found .45 rounds, this is the perfect weapon to go for. This weapon is easily available at level 25 and can be modded to enhance the damage all the way to 75.

Moreover, this weapon can be easily found in the Abandoned Waste Dump. This is present in the far east side of the Deathclaw cave. Meanwhile, if you are also looking for the Level Action Rifle plan to install the weapon mods, you can purchase one from the available vendors in the game around the Grafton or Welch Station.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Abandoned Waste Dump


If you are one of those players that do go along with the ammo and energy weapons, Spear is the best medieval weapon to enjoy close and personal gameplay. Spear offers a unique gameplay experience, despite being the unique weapon entry in Fallout 76. This is because of the two-handed mechanics and the crafting of the weapon with a sharp blade fixed on the wooden haft.

Fallout 76 Spear

It might seem like a weak weapon, with the base damage of 43 and level requirement of 15, Spear is a blessing for all kinds of players. If you are also focusing on two-handed character build, this weapon can assist in becoming the primary weapon of choice. Moreover, this weapon also grants unique action animations on each swing, so Spear is never going to wear out and become repetitive in the type of story you are pursuing.

On the other side, this melee weapon is not part of the reward system of the game’s questline. You may get it off from the Scorched enemies and other spawning locations. One of the notable locations is the Sons of Dane compound. The Spear can be easily found on the left of the bathtub that is present on the second floor of the building.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Sons of Dane Compound

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle is a classic weapon item in every other game. Meanwhile, in Fallout 76, it is the prime consideration among players for Fallout 76 Wastelanders best weapon yet. With the 5.56mm rounds and a medium-speed fire rate, this is an ideal weapon to invade enemies.

Fallout 76 Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle

This weapon is an invader and can assist the players to kill all enemies from a long distance. The base tier of the weapon is available for players at level 30 that will grant the damage of 26. This might not seem like high damage for a rifle weapon. But with a fire rate of 40, this weapon is can easily become the top choice of players.

If you are a mid-level player and seeking a heavy damage weapon, then it is advised to go after the unique variant of this weapon. This is because not only it has a higher damage value but also comes with the legendary effects that push more damage to Scorchbeast and Scorched. Moreover, you will receive more damage values if you have reached a critical level of character’s health.

As for the location, you can acquire this powerful rifle from the Harpers Ferry. You will have to enter the location from the backside since the front door is secured by the Terminal. Inside the building, reach the top floor and enter the room with the metal shelves. Here you will be able to see an Assault rifle laying around one of the shelves.

Fallout 76 Best Assault Weapons
Harpers Ferry

Final Word Gun

Another prominent Fallout 76 Wastelanders best weapon entry is Final Word. Ever since the release of the weapon, this heavy gun has always been the top attention of Fallout 76 players. Thanks to the whooping 114 fire rate and legendary effects, this weapon can become the go-to option for both beginner and experts players.

Fallout 76 Final Word Weapon
Final Word Weapon

Final Word uses .50 call rounds and will spawn for players at the minimum level of 25. Moreover, this weapon enables the damage of 29, which can indeed be increased with weapon mods. The best thing about this weapon is the legendary effects.

Players with this weapon can enjoy +250 Damage Resistance during reloading the weapon. Now, this comes in handy because this heavy weapon takes some time to reload. Moreover, with the Anti Armor perk as a legendary effect, players will be able to more damage to enemies by negating 50% of their armor.

You can acquire this weapon by completing a quest known as “Thicker than Water”. Here you will have to rescue Beckett, who will later reward the players with this Best Fallout 76 legendary weapon.

Fallout 76 Final Word Gun
Start off Point of Thicker than Water Quest
Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Beckett – Thicker than Water ending

Grognak’s Axe

If you want to go a little more barbarian on the screaming enemies in the game, Grognak’s Axe can satisfy your cravings for some bloodiest killing spree. With its roots back from Fallout 4, Grognak’s Axe has always been the best weapon in the series. Many players build the Barbarian characters around the weapon to pursue a unique storyline in the series.

Fallout 76 Grognak's Axe
Grognak’s Axe

Moreover, Grognak’s Axe has one of the heaviest stats for a melee weapon. Grognak’s Axe blow is extremely offensive and deals huge damage of 65. Like the Combat Knife, this melee weapon also comes with the Strength perk effect and grants extra melee Weapon Damage and Carry Weight.

Although, this is a two-handed weapon with a slow swinging speed. But with such huge damage and perk effects, it is a worthy acquire. Unfortunately, it is a rare drop in Fallout 76. Players with at least level 30 can acquire this weapon by killing a legendary enemy in wild West Virginia. These may include all kinds of legendary enemies. Be it the Ghouls, Miners, or Glowing Ones, the more legendary enemies you kill, the more are the chances of a legendary drop.

M2 50 Cal

M2 50 Cal is ideal for the commando character builds that just want gun-blazing slashing through enemies. This weapon is going to be a hefty entry in players’ inventory. But it is totally worth it when it comes to the Fallout 76 best weapons. Especially, with the character builds that require heavy weapon use, M2 50 Cal is just what you would need as a lost soldier in the vast Appalachia.

Fallout 76 M2 50 Cal Machine Gun
M2 50 Cal Machine Gun

M2 50 Cal is available for players with at least level 25 and will register heavy damage of 29 with each .50 caliber round shot. What is so unique about this machine gun is that it can easily transform into the type of character build with all the perks and characteristics. This means you will not have to craft it to meet the character build requirements.

Moreover, this weapon is fairly easy to spawn in many locations. Meanwhile, one of the best locations where players are getting the most is from the Clarksburg Shooting Range. Here you will have to go to the southeast of the shooting range and take the long road. After some sprinting, you will come across an abandoned truck with a turret behind. This turret will have M2 50 Cal on it which you can claim for yourself.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Clarksburg Shooting Range

Plasma Grenade

Walking around the wild Appalachia of West Virginia is as dangerous as breathtaking in its beauty. Different types of enemies are always lurking below the lakes and unstable rocks. In that case, you are not just going to need a firearm or a swinger to protect yourself from the enemies. You will have to go a little further and plan your wanderings with some explosives like Plasma Grenades.

Fallout 76 Plasma Grenade
Plasma Grenade

Caught in the ambush of Scorched, put the Plasma Grenade to the use. This explosive weapon can do heavy damage of 200 for both ballistic and energy damage. Not just Plasma Grenade also makes the Fallout 76 the best weapon for players vs players. Unfortunately, this ballistic weapon is extremely rare to acquire and has no guaranteed approach or location to acquire them.

However, one effective approach is to craft these grenades by using the Plasma Grenade plan. This can be rewarded by completing the questlines of Personal Matters, or Earth Mover. If you are still not able to get the plan, you can consider completing the Holiday Scorched Event. There is a fairly high chance of this event dropping the rare plan for Plasma Grenade. This event is going to end on January 4, 2022, so make this one count.

If you are playing on the PC platform, you may also be able to find the plan from some cheap vendors. In short, there are various approaches to acquiring this sweet explosive treat for your character in Fallout 76.

Gatling Gun

There is nothing better than feeling the power of a heavy weapon that can put a hole into the enemies. Gatling Gun is a powerful weapon with a high range that will blow the heads off the enemies. This is the ideal weapon for the Tank builds that consume Power Armors and rely heavily on V.A.T.S.

Fallout 76 Gatling Gun
Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun is available for players at least level 20. This means the beginner players can get their hands on the base variant of the mighty weapon that deals damage of 43. Getting this beautiful weapon is not much difficult and has plenty of spawns. However, early players can consider visiting the Lucky Hole Mine to obtain the Gatling Gun.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Lucky Hole Mine

All you need to do is to enter the Lucky Hole Mine building. Before you enter, it is important to note that this building is crawling with Cultists. So bring your best weapons to reward your character with the Gatling Gun. Once you are inside the building, follow the rail tracks until you find a blue door.

This door will require lockpicking so acquire Picklock perk to open the door. Proceed further and you will come across a bunch of Cultists along with the Legendary Cultists Wrathwing. He will drop the Gatling gun which you claim for yourself.

Handmade Rifle

Handmade Rifle is a comfortable yet highly brutal damaging weapon that all Appalachian players love. It fits the everyday occasion of Fallout 76, plus it looks handmade which makes it highly appealing. There might not be much audience for Handmade Rifle being one of the classics yet best Fallout 76 weapons. However, despite being a legendary weapon, this weapon can transform into the character build along with the perks to become the powerful primary rifle in the game. Moreover, the game mechanics allow players to customize this weapon to enhance and make the most out of the damage output.

Fallout 76 Handmade Rifle
Handmade Rifle

Speaking of damage, Handmade Rifle can register damage of 30 using the traditional 5.56 rounds that are abundant in the game. On the other side, players with at least level 15 can acquire this weapon from some of the notable drops as well as rewards from the Fallout 76 events.

If your character meets the level 15 requirement, you have a pretty good chance of getting the Handmade Rifle drop from Settlers or Cultists enemies. However, one guaranteed location for the weapon is Berkley Springs salon. All you need to do is to go to the Berkely Springs and find the Beauty and Spa Salon.

Fallout 76 Berkley Springs
Berkley Springs
Fallout 76 Beauty and Spa Salon
Beauty and Spa Salon

Here you will have to gain access to the rooftop. To do that take the stairs and then go to the room with the hole in the wall. You will also find a wooden ledge that can take you to the rooftop. Once you reach the top of the building, you will be able to see a wooden shack with shelves. One of the shelves will have the Handmade Rifle that you can claim for yourself forever.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Get to the Rooftop through Wooden Ledge

Gauss Rifle

Last but not least heavy weapon that Fallout 76 enemies fear the most is Gauss Rifle. The weapon has always been praised for the unique energy coils and heavy damage in the previous, games. No wonder why this weapon is most sought after by players. For those who are new to the weapon, Gauss Rifle is an energy weapon that uses 2mm EC rounds.

Fallout 76 Gauss Rifle
Gauss Rifle

Moreover, the weapon packs a punch of damage value of 125. But that is not it, if you are an experienced player, you have chances of receiving a legendary variant that comes with a double damage value of 515. However, the base requirement for the Gauss Rifle is level 35. But still, it has a rare spawn rate on the map and will require a huge struggle to get one.

If you meet the level requirement, you can avail yourself of the chance of Gauss Rifle drop by Scorchbeasts and Deathclaws. Different quests like Line in the Sand, Awol Armaments, Moster Mash, and Surface to Air also have a relatively higher chance of rewarding the players with Gauss Rifle. If you are still not able to get one, your last bet is going to be purchasing the Gauss Rifle plan to build it yourself. You can easily purchase the plan by the Vendor bot in the Watoga Station.

Fallout 76 Best Weapons
Watoga Municipal Center

Final Words

Fallout 76 is a game where you will have to make critical decisions while fighting some of the most powerful enemies. Meanwhile, killing these strange creatures is not going to be easy. However, putting some Fallout 76 best weapons to use can go a long way in protecting your character from megalomaniac enemies.

Well, that is about it for the top 20 Fallout 76 weapons. Do you find this guide helpful for getting your ideal weapon in the game? What is your favorite weapon that aids in the daily killing spree in the wild Appalachia? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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