Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard: How to Launch a Nuke

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Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard
Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard

Fallout 76 nuclear keycards are a prime step in launching the mass-murdering weapons and once again eradicating what is left on the already nuclear-destroyed West Virginia. With that said, let’s discuss how you can acquire Fallout 76 Nuclear keycard and launch nuclear weapons on any part of the map.

Key Takeaways

  • In the rugged Appalachia of West Virginia, players can fire nukes, and there are a number of procedures that are best carried out with other players.
  • Players must initially join the Enclave and become an Enclave General before doing anything else. This is an essential step in getting Fallout 76’s nuclear keycard, which will eventually help launch the A-bombs.
  • You will need launch codes for the silo from which you wish to fire the nuclear weapon now that you have the keycards.
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How to Get Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard

How to Get Nuclear Keycard in Fallout 76Launching the Nuke in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, launching nuclear warheads is an endgame scenario that can be done solo or with a group of players. However, it’s highly recommended to tackle this process with a group due to its complexity. Here are some key points to keep in mind when launching nukes in Fallout 76:

  1. Launching nukes is an endgame activity, and it’s only possible for higher-level players with appropriate perks.

  2. Nukes are a one-time event and will permanently alter the landscape of the targeted area. Choose your target location carefully.

  3. After a nuclear detonation, the targeted area becomes irradiated, teeming with high-level mutant enemies and monsters. This provides opportunities for PvE activities and farming.

  4. Nuking another player’s camp is possible, but it carries significant consequences and risks, including massive nuclear fallout.

  5. Before entering a nuked area, ensure you have an ample supply of Stimpaks, Rad Resistance, and Power Armor to protect yourself from the radiation.

Now, let’s discuss how to obtain the Nuclear Keycard in Fallout 76 and the step-by-step process of launching nuclear warheads on any part of the map.

Nuclear Blast AftermathNuclear Blast Aftermath

Joining the Enclave

Summary of the initial steps to obtain a nuclear keycard in Fallout 76:

  1. Join the Enclave:

    • To start the journey towards launching nuclear bombs, join the Enclave faction in the game.
  2. Locate the Abandoned Waste Dump:

    • Head to the Abandoned Waste Dump on the far right side of the map.
    • Be prepared for radiation, and consider using Stimpaks or Rad Resistance.
  3. Enter the Cavern:

    • Look for a cavern across from the radiation area, which leads to another part of the location.
Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard
Abandoned Waste Dump

Before entering the Cavern in Fallout 76, be prepared for a battle as your session may spawn two Deathclaws. Once you’ve dealt with them, proceed through the broken structures and empty barrels. Here, your objective is to find a holotape, which serves as your entry pass to the Enclave. Follow these steps to locate the holotape:

  1. Search the Deathclaw’s Nest: After defeating both Deathclaws, search for their nest. Since you’ve eliminated them, finding the nest should be straightforward.

  2. Locate the Holotape: In the back left corner of the area near the elevator, you’ll find the Deathclaw’s nest. Look for the holotape item marked with a quest icon, which you need to acquire.

Deathclaw Nest
Deathclaw Nest

After confirming the holotape item in your inventory, head back to the elevator and open it to access the Enclave. You will have to play the holotape to access the secure access panel inside the elevator. Once you are into the bunker take the stairs and reach the Enclave bunker. Keep going straight and you will find a laser grid securing the other part of the bunker.

Elevator to Access the Enclave Bunker
Elevator to Access the Enclave Bunker

To disable the laser grid and gain access to the complete Enclave bunker in Fallout 76, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Third Floor: Go to the third floor of the bunker to find the security room.

  2. Hack the Terminal: In the security room, interact with the terminal. You need level 3 Hacking skills. Alternatively, use the Override Procedure to bypass it.

  3. Use the Override Procedure: If you use the Override Procedure, it activates security protocols and allows you to pass through a laser grid.

  4. Scan Your Hand: Continue forward and scan your hand to unlock further access.

  5. Enter the Final Room: Proceed to the final room and locate a wall-mounted keypad. Follow quest markers to find the correct code to enter on the keypad.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycode
Code Keypad

All you need to do is to read all the resources to solve the mystery of the code. If you are a completionist, we will not tell the code and allow you to solve the puzzle yourself. Once you have entered the correct code, you will have to interact with the painting on the wall that will grant you an access card to another bunker near the White Springs Resort.

Gaining access to the Enclave
Interactable Painting on the Wall

You may enter through the main entrance, but you will have to use the keycard to access through the security door. You are now in the Enclave and will be greeted by the Enclave’s AI known as Modus. The next thing you will have to do is to open the vault beneath the bunker. For that, you will have to use the Vault Access Controls.

Fallout 76 Modus AI

After you’ve disabled the laser grid and gained access to the Enclave bunker in Fallout 76, you’ll enter a questline that introduces you to the Enclave and its AI management. Here are the next steps in obtaining the nuclear keycard:

  1. Explore the Enclave Bunker: The Enclave bunker is managed by AI robots and offers various resources, including vendors and Serum recipes.

  2. Become the Enclave General: To obtain nuclear keycards, you must gain authorization from Modus, the AI in charge of the Enclave. You’ll need to prove your importance within the Enclave.

  3. Registration Process: Register with Modus by completing tasks such as going through decontamination arches and registering your photo. You can also opt to complete an Enclave examination.

  4. Start a Quest at Camp McClintock: Head to Camp McClintock to begin a quest as part of the Enclave storyline.

Becoming Enclave General
Camp McClintock

To become an Enclave General in Fallout 76 and gain access to the nuclear keycard, you’ll need to complete the “Officer on Deck” questline within the Enclave. Here’s how to earn the 10 Commendations required to become a General:

  • Combat Commendation: Defeat Legendary Creatures with 1 or 2 stars to earn 1 Commendation for each kill.

  • High-Risk Combat Commendation: Defeat Legendary Creatures with 3 stars to earn 2 Commendations for each kill.

  • Bunker Support Extermination: Complete an Extermination Mission for the Enclave to earn 2 Commendations.

  • Bunker Support Patrol: Completing Robot Patrol Missions for the Enclave will earn you 1 Commendation.

  • Bunker Support Resource Drop: Complete a Resource Drop Mission for the Enclave to receive 1 Commendation.

To initiate this questline, enter the Military Wing in the Whitespring Bunker after completing the quest from Camp McClintock. Follow the signage within the bunker to locate the Military Wing, where you can start working on earning Commendations.

Once you have gathered a total of 10 Commendations, you will be promoted to the rank of Enclave General. As a General, you’ll gain access to all three Silos (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie) on the map and the terminals within the Enclave bunker, allowing you to proceed with the launch of nuclear missiles in Fallout 76.

Nuclear Silo Alpha location
Nuclear Silo Alpha
Nuclear Silo Charlie location
Nuclear Silo Charlie
Nuclear Silo Bravo location
Nuclear Silo Bravo

You’re right; obtaining the nuclear keycard is a crucial step in the process of launching nuclear weapons in Fallout 76. Let’s delve into the details of how to acquire the nuclear keycard for Silo activation.

Obtaining the Nuclear Keycard

The first requirement for acquiring the nuclear keycard was to become an Enclave General. Now with that out of the way, you can start the repeatable quest “Hide and Seek and Destroy” that will allow you to get a nuclear keycard. Players can set up this quest in Whitespring Bunker from the main terminal. This red terminal is available in Military Wing in the Command room.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Keycard Quest
Nuclear Keycard Quest

You will have to select the first option that states Initiate Search – Nuclear Keycard Escort. Selecting this option will star the Hide and Seek and Destroy quest. After that, all you need to do is to find the marker pointing to the Nuclear Keycard escort on the map. To do that you can go to the tab of Data, which will be showing the quest details. By selecting the Show on Map option in the bottom right, you will be able to locate the location of the Cargobot escort carrying the nuclear keycard.

Nuclear Keycard Cargobot Location
Nuclear Keycard Cargobot Spawn Location

To acquire the nuclear keycards in Fallout 76, you’ll encounter a Cargobot protected by three Vertibirds. While the Vertibirds are initially neutral, attacking them will provoke retaliation. To obtain the keycards, follow these tips:

  1. Efficient Weaponry:
    • Use fast-firing weapons that can quickly register shots.
    • Alternatively, rely on V.A.T.S. for precise targeting and taking down the Cargobot.

Taking out the Cargobot and its escorts efficiently will increase your chances of obtaining the nuclear keycards needed for launching nukes in the game.

Cargobot escort for Nuclear keycard
Cargobot Along with Vertibirds
  1. Target Vertibirds:

    • Prioritize taking out the Vertibirds that escort the Cargobot.
    • This keeps the Cargobot in your vicinity, making it easier to target.
  2. Destroy Cargobot:

    • Once the Cargobot is accessible, land weapon shots to destroy it.
    • Retrieve the nuclear keycard from the destroyed Cargobot.
  3. Picklock the Container:

    • Unlock the container where the keycard is stored.
  4. Repeat for Farming:

    • You can repeat this process to farm for more nuclear keycards.
    • Use server hopping if needed to reset the quest from the Command’s Terminal.

With a nuclear keycard in hand, you can now proceed with the nuclear launch protocol in Fallout 76.

Retrieving Nuclear Keycard from Cargobot
Retrieving Nuclear Keycard from Cargobot

Finding the Launch Codes

Acquiring launch codes in Fallout 76 can be challenging due to their decryption process. To simplify this, you can use the NukaCrypt tool, updated weekly with launch codes for each silo. Alternatively, if you prefer the in-game quest, initiate it from the Military Command Wing terminal. Both methods work, so choose what suits your playstyle best and enjoy launching nuclear missiles in the game!

Nuclear Silo Status

After the keycards, the next thing you are going to need is to acknowledge the Nuclear Silo Status. As said earlier, there are 3 silos in Fallout 76 but each of them has a silo cooldown. It is a timer that states the availability of the silo to launch the nuke. To check this, you will have to play the missile silo state holotape. Go into the items and select the holo tab and you will be able to find one after joining the Enclave.

Missile Silo State Holotape
Missile Silo State Holotape

This holotape will share details of the silo cooldown timer, which will require players to wait until the timer is complete. Only after that players can access the silo and perform the next series of activities.

Run Nuclear Silo

To launch a nuke in the game, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm Silo Status:

    • Verify the silo’s operational status.
  2. Choose a Silo:

    • Decide which silo you want to launch the nuke from.
  3. Silo Elevator:

    • Locate the elevator in the chosen silo to access the main office.
  4. “Mission: Countdown” Quest:

    • Upon entering a silo, the game triggers the “Mission: Countdown” quest.
  5. Character Requirements:

    • Ensure your character has:
      • Explosive weapons.
      • Radiation protection.
      • Level 3 lock picking skill.
      • Level 3 hacking skill.
  6. Mess Hall Challenge:

    • Navigate to the Mess Hall within the silo.
    • Face robot enemies like Protectrons, Laser Turrets, and Assaultrons.
    • Use V.A.T.S to target their weak points and defeat them.
  7. Find Blue Keycard:

    • Search for a blue keycard, which spawns randomly in the Mess Hall area.
Silo Mess Hall
Silo Mess Hall

After acquiring the Old Biometric Keycard(blue card), head towards the scanner to verify the biometric data of the Enclave General. To reach the main location to launch the nukes, you will have to disable a laser grid that requires another biometric keycard. Since you have only one, you will have to duplicate the existing one to get past the laser grid.

Old Biometric ID Card
Old Biometric ID Card
Biometric Data Scanner
Biometric Data Scanner

You can find the keycard duplicator by going into the opposite hall from the biometric scanner. Here you will see a Biometric System Terminal. Access the terminal and select the “Fabricate Biometric ID” option. This process will rewrite the Biometric ID thus duplicating the keycard. Now you are all set to access the laser grid and reach the next part of the silo.

Fallout 76 Keycard Duplicator
Keycard Duplicator
  1. Override Reactor Security Lockdown:

    • Expect laser turrets attacking you, so be prepared with powerful weapons.
    • Sprint through the hallway to reach the Power House.
    • Walk through the first door, then cross large wall structures.
    • Use your level 3 lockpicking skill to unlock a door.
    • Eliminate two laser turrets in the room.
    • Interact with the Security Command Terminal (requires level 3 hacking) to override reactor security.
  2. Destroy Mainframe:

    • Use explosive weapons to destroy the mainframe terminals.
    • Shoot terminals with red lights in the room and hallways.
    • Continue until all terminals are destroyed.
  3. Repair Mainframe Cores:

    • Follow the quest marker to repair the mainframe cores.
    • Remove damaged cores from the mainframe.
    • Access the Tinker’s Workbench in the backroom to repair the cores.
    • Collect any new mainframe cores in the room.
    • You’ll need a total of 15 undamaged cores to fully repair the mainframe.
Mainframe Cores Available to Loot
Mainframe Cores to Loot

final steps in launching a nuke in Fallout 76:

  1. Insert Mainframe Cores:

    • Insert all 15 repaired mainframe cores into the mainframe core slots.
  2. Access Facilities Mainframe:

    • With the mainframe cores in place, access the Facilities Mainframe.
  3. Reach Control Room:

    • Head to the Control Room, following the quest marker.
    • Be cautious and eliminate any enemies like laser turrets along the way.
  4. Initiate Launch Control Prep:

    • In the Control Room, select the “Initiate Launch Prep” option.
    • Monitor the progress bar to know how much time remains for the launch prep.
  5. Watch for Launch Chief Bugs:

    • Note that there might be issues with the Robot Launch Chief, including getting stuck or exploding during the mainframe repair.
Initiate Launch Prep
Initiate Launch Prep

However, you do not have to worry about that and you can spawn another one from the Robot Fabrication Terminal. After the prep is complete, the Mission: Countdown is complete and from here you are on your own to launch the nuke wherever you want.

Launching the Nuke

Now you will have to head to the nuke launch area where you will have to enter the keycard. Moreover, you will also have to enter the launch code that you have for your specific silo. Make sure to enter the correct code on the first try, otherwise, the game will kick you out that will cost you a keycard.

Insert Nuclear Keycard for Nuke Launch
Insert Nuclear Keycard for Nuke Launch
Enter Launch Code
Enter Launch Code
System Armed
System Armed

After that, the main system will show an Armed sign that means the nuke is ready to launch. Interacting with it will show a map where you are allowed to fire the nuke. You will also be able to see a safe zone that can not be nuked. After selecting the particular location, the nuclear launch timer will begin. You will have three minutes to evacuate the silo and reach the location to enjoy the final sight before a nuke wreak havoc in the town.

Selecting Launch Zone on Map
Selecting Launch Zone on Map
Nuke Launch
Nuke Launch
Mushroom Cloud from Nuke
Mushroom Cloud from Nuke

The End

Launching the nuke being one of the endgame moments is a real sight to see. The overall quest line is fun to play with friends that allows you to engage with some of the lore behind Fallout games. Moreover, it connects the players with the main aspects of nuclear weapons and the harsh reality they leave behind on a nation.

After launching the nuke, you can explore the location to enjoy the exotic events and gather rare loot that the bomb yield after the explosion. W

ell, that is about it for the overall process of how to find Fallout 76 nuclear keycard to launching the nuke into West Virginia.

Do you find this guide helpful in any portion of the overall quest? What is your strategy to acquire the nuclear keycard in Fallout 76? We will love to hear them in the comments section down below.

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