Fallout 76 Rabbit Location – Hoppy Hunter Guide

This guide entails everything you need to know about completing the Hoppy Hunter challenge in Fallout 76.

In Fallout 76, rabbits are low-level enemies that have mutated due to the nuclear war. They’ve lost most of their fur and grown in size but pose no threat to player characters.

Players have no specific incentive to seek out rabbits in the game, as they don’t offer any unique items. Rabbits in Fallout 76 are non-aggressive and only flee when attacked.

Rabbits gained player attention due to the daily mission, “The Hoppy Hunter Challenge.” This challenge involves hunting rabbits while under the influence of a consumable called the Hoppy Drink, introduced in ‘The Wild Appalachia Season.’

To complete the challenge, players must first consume the Hoppy Drink, then hunt and kill a rabbit. Completing this task rewards players with 20 atoms, which many consider a worthwhile tradeoff.

Key Takeaways

To complete the Rabbit location & Hunting challenge in Fallout 76, follow these steps:

  1. Consume the Hoppy Drink:

    • Start by consuming the Hoppy Drink, which initiates the challenge.
  2. Visit Rabbit Locations:

    • My recommended locations to find Rabbits are The Whitespring and its surrounding areas, including the hill, Whitespring Bunker, and Whitespring Service Entrance.
    • Rabbits can often be found in these locations, and they are non-hostile creatures.
  3. Hunt Rabbits:

    • Once you’ve located the Rabbits, use your weapons to eliminate them.
    • Killing Rabbits in these areas will help you meet the challenge’s objectives.
  4. Server Hop (Optional):

    • If you’re having difficulty finding enough Rabbits, consider server hopping twice or thrice.
    • This can help you spawn more Rabbits in the area for your hunting challenge.
  5. Alternative Locations:

    • If the Whitespring area is crowded or lacks Rabbits. In that case, you can explore other optional locations such as the northeast side of the Monogah Mine, the west side of Camp Adams, Wendigo Cave, Central Mountain, or the east of Garrahan Mining Headquarters.
Fallout 76 Rabbit Location
Hunting down a rabbit

Where To Hunt Rabbits In Fallout 76?

I have listed the best camp locations and locations where the rabbits can be hunted down to complete The Hoppy Hunter Challenge.

  1. The Whitespring Service Entrance or The Whitespring Bunker: There is a hill behind The Whitespring on the south side of the map where you can find rabbits. This location is a guaranteed spot to complete the challenge. Visit the hill near The Whitespring to find these creatures playing around.

    Best Rabbit Hunting Location
    The Whitespring – Best Rabbit Hunting Location – Image From AtomicQuotient
  2. Monogah Mine: Look for a road on the northeast side of Monogah Mine. You may find rabbits along this road.

  3. Sunnytop Station: Check the rail tracks near Sunnytop Station, by the side of a house. You might encounter rabbits in this area.

  4. Camp Adams (west side): Explore the west side of Camp Adams for rabbit spawns.

  5. Wendigo Cave: Rabbits can sometimes be found near Wendigo Cave.

  6. Central Mountain: Look around Central Mountain for rabbit sightings.

  7. East of Garrahan Mining Headquarters: Search the area east of Garrahan Mining Headquarters for rabbits.

  8. Rollins Labor Camp: Outside the Rollins Labor Camp, you might find three dead rabbits in the kitchen area. These can be collected and used for various purposes.

Still could not find any Rabbits?

If you’re having trouble finding rabbits at a particular location, you can try server hopping and returning to the same spot to increase your chances of completing the challenge.

Fallout 76 Rabbit Location
A rabbit in the game

My Thoughts On Rabbit Hunting

Rabbits in the game are scarce to find, which means that the player characters would not be bumping into them every time they go out to hunt them on the rabbit location because the rabbits can be found only in some places which are listed above, but the only guaranteed location where you can find rabbits is Whitespring Bunker and the Whitespring Service Entrance.

It is always a good idea to look for them elsewhere because you never know when you might find one. Make sure to kill it to get the reward of 20 atoms, which is not bad for getting aesthetic improvements and some delicious cosmetic updates like skins and completing the daily mission.

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