Fallout 76 Rabbit Location – Hoppy Hunter Guide

This guide entails everything you need to know about completing the Hoppy Hunter challenge in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 is a role-playing online game that was developed by Bethesda Softworks and released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows by Bethesda Studios on 18th November 2018. It is the ninth sequel of the successor of the Fallout game series.

Apart from these updates, minor updates that fix the bugs and graphics of the game are also released by the developers from time to time to enhance the experience for the players but sometimes gamers see the daily missions and small hasks as a very easy way to earn rewards, atoms, and some really good aesthetic updates including skins of different items too.

The Hoppy Hunter Challenge is a part of the daily missions that require the players to go to the Fallout 76 rabbit location and hunt down rabbits in the game under the influence of a consumable drink called Hoppy Drink.

Key Takeaways

  • Hunting Rabbits is one of the famous activities and a challenge added by developers to engage in Fallout 76. Meanwhile, finding these strange and nuclear-battered creatures is the crux of the matter. 
  • Most players pursue Rabbit Hunting as part of the Hoppy Hunter Daily Challenge to claim unique rewards in their playthrough. Unfortunately, the game gives very little description of where to find these creatures and hunt them to claim the rewards. 
  • To get things started, all you need to do is consume the Hoppy Drink and then take on the challenge to meet the requirements. 
  • As for the location, players can discover Rabbits accurately around The Whitespring and its surrounding including the hill, Whitespring Bunker, and Whitespring Service Entrance. 
  • Here you will be able to discover these small non-hostile creatures living their life, while you can kill them using any of your weapons to complete the challenge’s objectives. 
  • Meanwhile, some players struggle to find Rabbits in the location. For that instance, it is highly advised to server hop at least two-three times, so you can easily spawn more Rabbits for your hunting challenge. 
  • Players can also consider North East side of the Monogah Mine to find more Rabbits. Other optional locations include the west side of Camp Adams, Wendigo Cave, Central Mountain, and the east of Garrahan Mining Headquarters. 

The attention of the gamers playing this game can be gained too from big events and season updates just as the recent update released on the eighth of December 2021 known as ‘Night of the Moth’ which is the tenth major update of the game released by Bethesda Studios. It introduces public events, color settings, and a seasonal event known as The Mothman Equinox. 

So, to complete this task the players need the Fallout 76 rabbit location on the map of the game where they can hunt down rabbits and get the 20 atoms as a reward. The rabbits in the game have gone through some physical changes too after the nuclear apocalypse and are surviving in a very dangerous environment avoiding the predators that may kill them.

Fallout 76 Rabbit Location
Hunting down a rabbit

Why Should We Hunt Rabbits?

The rabbits in Fallout 76 are level one enemies and have gone through different mutations after surviving the nuclear war have lost almost all of their fur and have become bigger but are still not dangerous for the player characters in the game. There is no such special reason for the players to go and look for rabbits in the game as they do not give any special items. The rabbits in Fallout 76 never attack the player characters in the game. They only run away if any player character tries to kill them. The rabbits became the focus of many player characters as the rabbits are a part of a very interesting daily mission which is known as The Hoppy Hunter Challenge.

In this task, the players have to hunt down on the rabbits while being under the influence of a consumable called the Hoppy Drink. It became part of the game with the release of ‘The Wild Appalachia season.’ The challenge is to first drink the consumable hoppy drink which is first brewed and then drank before going to hunt down a rabbit and kill it to complete the task and to get the reward which is 20 atoms which is not a bad deal at all.

Where To Hunt Rabbits In Fallout 76?

So, the question which arises in everybody’s mind is where to look for the rabbits to complete the task? Remember to check different places on the map to complete the daily mission as rabbits do not show up that easily, and you will have to look out for them on the map. For you, below we have listed the best camp locations and locations where the rabbits can be hunted down to complete The Hoppy Hunter Challenge.

The first place where rabbits can be found is a hill located exactly behind The Whitespring on the south, known as The Whitespring Service Entrance or The Whitespring Bunker on the map. This is the only guaranteed Fallout 76 Rabbit Location where the task can be completed. All you need to do is to pay a visit to a hill near the Whitespring, and you will be able to find these squishy creatures playing around. 

For those facing trouble with the spawns, you can consider server hopping and returning to this location. This way you can efficiently complete the challenge for your completionist playthrough by finding as many Rabbits as you want in the same place. 

The second place to hunt rabbits is to look for Monogah Mine. Once you have reached there look for a road on the North East of the Monogah Mine there are chances that you will be able to hunt rabbits.

Best Rabbit Hunting Location
The Whitespring – Best Rabbit Hunting Location – Image From AtomicQuotient

Rabbits can also be found on the rail tracks located on the Sunnytop Station by the side of a house. Some other locations where rabbits can be hunted include the west side of Camp Adams, Wendigo Cave, Central Mountain, and to the east of Garrahan Mining Headquarters. You might also discover three dead rabbits in Rollins Labor Camp in the kitchen located outside which can be eaten or be used to cook soup.

Fallout 76 Rabbit Location
A rabbit in the game


The Appalachia’s wildlife could not be destroyed by a powerful nuclear war which can be seen as animals and plants are still surviving in the environment. Rabbits in the game are very rare to find which means that the player characters would not be bumping into them every time they go out to hunt them on the Fallout 76 rabbit location because the rabbits can be only found only in some places which are listed above but the only guaranteed location where you can find rabbits is Whitespring Bunker and the Whitespring Service Entrance.

It is always a good idea to look for them in other places too because you never know when you might find one and make sure to kill it to get the reward which is 20 atoms which are not bad at all for getting the aesthetic improvements and some really good cosmetic updates like skins and to complete the daily mission.

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