Fallout 76 Selling Ammo: Trade And Earn Caps

Thinking of selling the ammo stash to earn Caps? Here is the complete guide on Selling Ammo In Fallout 76.

fallout 76 selling ammo
Fallout 76 Selling Ammo

The trading aspects of Fallout 76 have made it a unique game. Not just the weapons, but the game allows players to sell pretty much everything in their stash. This way players can earn the in-game currency known as Caps.

These Caps are rare in the game and define the overall game mechanics. So in that case, players will need to trade through Caps to purchase new weapons and crafting items.

However, the trading is not just limited to the Caps currency. Players can also trade through Bartering with the in-game vendors and players. There are two ways to sell ammo in Fallout 76.

One is the player-to-player trading, while the other involves selling through vendors. Let’s discuss them both in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Fallout 76’s core feature is trading, allowing players to earn in-game currency (Caps) by selling items they no longer need.
  • Selling almost anything in their inventory is a major benefit.
  • Trading or selling ammunition to other players is one of the best ways to earn Caps.
  • Using vending machines to sell ammo is efficient, but pricing items can be challenging.

Ammo & Prices

No.Ammo TypeBase Value( Caps)Suggested Trade Value(Caps)
1Plasma cores1010-20
2Shotgun shells11–2
3Fusion cells11-2
4Mini Nukes2525-50
5.44 Magnum11-2

Summary table for the Prices of Ammo Type.

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Trading With Other Players

In Fallout 76, trading or selling ammo to other players can be a lucrative way to earn Caps. Navigating the trading process effectively is key to a successful exchange. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Encounter Players: Finding players who are interested in trading in Fallout 76 can be rare. Ideally, you would trade with a teammate or co-op partner. Regardless, always make sure to meet in a safe location to conduct the trade.Trading with Players
  2. Varied Items for Trade: Players may trade a wide range of items, including weapons, gear, and various resources. Some players may also be interested in purchasing items for Caps. The key is to offer items at reasonable prices.
  3. Initiating the Trade: To start a trade, both you and your trading partner need to agree on the exchange. Hold the “Invite to Trade” button to initiate the trade.
  4. Selecting Items for Trade: Browse through your inventory to select the items or ammo you want to trade or sell. You can also set the price for the item or ammo when selling to other players.
  5. Trading Ammo: After confirming the final price or offer, review the other player’s offer. You can filter the list by selecting “Offer Only” to see what they’re offering in return, whether it’s a specific item or Caps. Choose the item or Caps they’re offering and press “Buy Item” to complete the transaction.
    Trading Ammo in Fallout 76
     Trading Ammo in Fallout 76

Selling Ammo Through Vending Machines

Trading with Vending Machines
Trading with Vending Machines

I strongly recommend selling ammo in Fallout 76 through vending machines, as it can be an effective way to earn Caps, especially for players with surplus ammo and items in their stash.

Setting up vending machines at specific locations allows you to earn Caps for each sale, and these machines become landmarks on the map, enticing other players to fast travel and make purchases.

  1. Begin by going to your C.A.M.P (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform) and accessing the Crafting Menu.
  2. Look for the Vending Machine option in the Crafting Menu. Craft vending machines using steel and wood, which are readily available crafting materials.
  3. After crafting the vending machines, you can place them anywhere on the map and power them up.
  4. Populate your vending machines with the ammo and inventory items you want to sell, along with their respective prices.
  5. You can set up to four vending machines around the map, making it easy to sell your ammo and earn Caps quickly.
  6. Placing all four vending machines is recommended for efficient sales. Other players will see these vending machines as landmarks on the map and can check your offerings by hovering over them.
  7. Bethesda, the game’s developers, will take a 10% cut from your sales through vending machines. Keep track of your sales through notifications and final earnings.
  8. Note that there’s a Cap balance limit of 25,000 Caps. Once you reach this limit, you won’t earn more Caps from sales. Be vigilant about monitoring each vending machine’s earnings.

My Recommendations & Tips

Setting up Vending Machines

Now that you know different ways to sell ammo and other craftable items, you can easily sell excessive items and earn some Caps for the upgrades for yourself. However, some things are important to know to make sales effectively.

  1. Location Matters: Place your vending machine in high-traffic areas with many players, especially near fast-travel points on the map. Players prefer convenience and avoid paying extra Caps for long-distance travel.
  2. Ideal Locations: Consider central map locations like Site Alpha, Top of the World, or WhiteSpring for setting up your vending machines. Avoid placing them near the Vault entrance since new players typically have limited Caps.
  3. Diverse Inventory: To attract a wider range of players, offer a variety of items for sale, not just ammo.
  4. Pricing Strategy: Determining fair prices can be challenging. Seek advice from online forums and communities or visit other players’ vending machines to see their pricing. Competitive prices will help your items sell quickly and earn you Caps.

Trading aspects make the game more realistic and incline with the mechanics of the post-apocalyptic world of West Virginia. Above all, it involves a lot of cooperation for effective trade. So be nice to every player who is looking for a trade and provide realistic offers.

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