Fallout 76 Selling Ammo: Trade and Earn Caps

fallout 76 selling ammo
Fallout 76 Selling Ammo

Fallout 76 is a highly detailed role-playing game with multiplayer aspects at its core. The game was highly anticipated by the die-hard fans. However, the buggy release and broken combat disappointed the players that eventually left the game. However, last year, Bethesda released one of the major expansions Fallout 76: Wastelanders that filled the population and in-depth quest lines in the void of West Virginia.

With this expansion, players are storming in to explore the wasteland and diving neck-deep into the content it offers. Along with exploration, players are also seeking Fallout 76 selling ammo procedures to earn those sweet Caps to fast travel the huge map or crafting the gear.

Trading is the main aspect of Fallout 76 and for a very good reason. Since Fallout 76 is online-only, trading can enable players to sell items that they no longer need and earn the in-game currency for more upgrades. Players with higher levels might not find trading any difficult, ammo trading was a long-requested feature of the game.

However, beginner players might have to learn the Fallout 76 selling ammo through vending machines and player trading. With that said, let’s discuss Fallout 76 Selling Ammo Guide that details the best ways to trade and make a profit from Caps.

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Fallout 76 Selling Ammo – Best Ways to Trade in Fallout 76

The trading aspects of Fallout 76 have made it a completely unique game. Not just the weapons, but the game allows players to sell pretty much everything in their stash. This way players can earn the in-game currency known as Caps. Moreover, these Caps are really rare in the game and define the overall game mechanics. So in that case, players will need to trade through Caps to purchase new weapons and crafting items.

However, the trading is not just limited to the Caps currency. Players can also trade through Bartering with the in-game vendors and players. There are two ways to sell ammo in Fallout 76. One is the player-to-player trading, while the other involves selling through vendors. Let’s discuss them both in detail.

Trading with other Players in Fallout 76

Trading or selling ammo to other players is one of the best options to earn the bottles of Caps in Fallout 76. However, working around the first trade can be a little difficult. So it is important to incorporate each element to ensure a smooth trade with other players.

It will be rare for you to encounter random players that will start trade in Fallout 76. Moreover, an ideal case for the trade would be with the teammate or co-op partner. But even in that case, it is highly important to go to a safe location to make the trade.

As said earlier, players will trade for various items, from weapons, gear, and numerous other resources. Players can also sell the traded items for quick Caps, but the key is to sell them at a reasonable price.

Trading with Players
Trading with Players

Once you and your trading partner are willing to make the exchange, hold the Invite to Trade button to start the trade. Next, you will have to browse through the items in your inventory that you want to trade or sell. You can also input the price for the item or ammo while selling it to other players.

Trading Ammo in Fallout 76
Trading Ammo in Fallout 76

After confirming the final price or offer, move to the other player’s offer. You can sort the list by Offer Only to see what they are offering for the trade on particular ammo or item. Select the item or the Caps they are offering and then you will have to press the Buy Item to make the transaction.

While trading is a great approach to sell ammo that you do not need, but it is not ideal for a steady stream of the Caps. This trading is ideal for obtaining rare goods that are not easy to be found in the stretching of West Virginia. Otherwise, you can consider another selling option and earn a good amount of Caps in Fallout 76.

Selling Ammo through Vending Machines

Another great approach to Fallout 76 selling ammo is through vending machines. This approach can help the players who have a lot of ammo or items to sell in their stash. For that players have to set up vending machines around specific locations and earn those sweet Caps for each sale.

Trading with Vending Machines
Trading with Vending Machines

Even better is that these vending machines will appear as landmarks on the map, thus encouraging other players to fast travel to your vending machine to purchase ammo. The first thing you need to do is go to the C.A.M.P and start the Crafting Menu. Here you will find the Vending Machine option. Moreover, you will need steel and wood to craft the vending machine. But that should not be a problem, since it requires very little crafting material.

After crafting the vending machines, you can put them anywhere on the map and power them up. After that, you can put your ammo and inventory items up for sale in the vending machines along with the prices. Players can craft and put four vending machines around the map. This can help in selling all the ammo and making good Caps quickly.

It is highly advised to put all four vending machines in the game. This will significantly help in selling out the ammo from stash quickly and earning the Caps. Players will be able to find these vending machines and check what do you have to offer just by hovering over the landmark on the map.

Bethesda, the developers of the game will take 10% of the cut from the sales you will make through vending machines. In that case, you will have to keep track of the sales by monitoring the notifications and final earnings. Moreover, it is worth noting that once your earnings reach the peak value of 25,000 Caps, you will not be able to earn more Caps. This means after the Cap balance limit, players will not receive more Caps for the item sold. So in that case, you will have to keep an eye on each vending machine’s earning.

Things to Know While Selling Ammo in Fallout 76

Now that you know different ways to sell ammo and other craftable items in Fallout 76, you can easily sell excessive items and earn some Caps for the upgrades for yourself. However, there are some things that are important to know to make sales effectively. One of the most common scenarios that you will find in the game is the location of the vending machine.

In order to quickly sell out your ammo stash, your vending machine should be in a place with a lot of players. Especially near the fast traveling point on the map. This is because players would want to travel to the nearest vendors to purchase the ammo.

Since fast travel involves a fee paid in Caps, players will never want to travel to a far corner on the map and pay double Caps for traveling as well as the purchase.

Setting up Vending Machines
Setting up Vending Machines

One of the ideal locations to set up the vending machines is the center of the map. Players must put their vending machines around Site Alpha, Top of the World, or WhiteSpring. Players make the mistake of setting up vending machines in front of the vault because that’s where new players will be coming. But they do not realize that new players do not have any Caps and will not be purchasing ammo after coming out of the Vault.

Moreover, in order to keep the players rolling into your vending machine, you will have to put every category of the item up for sale. Only putting ammo up for sale will not make your vendor location as enticing as possible.

Another question that most players are struggling with is to pricing the ammo for their vending machines. Setting the prices for the ammo as well as other items is indeed a difficult part of the process. But in reality, it should not be. The best practice to set the prices for ammo is to ask other players through online forums and communities.

Or you can also pay visits to other players’ vending machines and check for what price they are selling for. Incorporating these practices to set the prices will not only help you to Caps but also sell the items quickly in the vending machines.

Final Words

Trading is a great way to get rid of the unnecessary items in your stash and replace them with new craftable items. Fallout 76 has made this feature really important to ensure a balance in the game’s economy and help out players by crafting unique items. Trading aspects make the game more realistic and incline with the mechanics of the post-apocalyptic world of West Virginia. Above all, it involves a lot of mutual cooperation for effective trade. So be nice to every player that is looking for a trade and provide realistic offers.

That is about it for selling ammo in the Fallout 76 trading guide. What do you think of this guide? What are your best practices to sell out the stash quickly in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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