Fallout New Vegas Best Armor And Locations

Fallout New Vegas Best Armor
Fallout New Vegas Best Armor

Fallout series always ranks above in the Role-playing games, because of the higher level of attention to detail and storyline. Not to mention, a huge flood of content that Bethesda puts in these games, no wonder the players are storming to new and old Fallout games. One of the notable Bethesda’s title is Fallout New Vegas that has aged well and still have a huge player base on its side. Apart from that, both newcomers, as well as Veteran players, also juggle with questions like what content to pursue earlier in the game. One of the prominent questions that players mostly pursue is Fallout New Vegas best armor and how to get them in the game.

If you are also one of those fans that are mostly struggling to survive in the challenging dunes of Mojave Wasteland, or a beginner creating a unique character, this guide entails the best and unique armor in Fallout New Vegas. Bethesda has made sure the players do not feel outnumbered in terms of weapons and unique armor. However, huge list of armor, the choice can indeed become daunting. But do not worry as this guide explains some of the best and durable armor sets scattered around the map. With that said, let’s get right into it.

Fallout New Vegas Best Armor

Fallout New Vegas has quite unique sets of armor that offer a solid amount of protection from the damages. There are a few things that must be noted before diving directly into the best armor list. First of all the powerful armor equip directly depends on the type of character you have. Some players may seek only the best light armor in Fallout New Vegas, for the sake of getting a higher critical hit rating. While others incline towards power armor for the higher Damage Threshold(DT) it offers.

For those who do not know, Damage Threshold(DT) is the stat value for the specific armor that is subtracted from each shot or damage taken during combat. To put it more simply, it is the damage absorption that your armor can take upon the damage. Now each armor has its unique DT, which defines its strength and quality for your character. With that said, let’s discuss some of the best armors in Fallout New Vegas.

Hazmat Suit and Cowl

When it comes to the best light armor in Fallout New Vegas, Hazmat Suit and Cowl tops on the list. Many players do not think of Hazmat Suit as worthy equip for their character. But with the quirky offerings of the suit, it is definitely a starter armor for beginner players. Apart from the lightweight value of 18, the armor offers a DT value of 11.

Fallout New Vegas best armor
Hazmat Testing Grounds

On the other side, Hazmat Suit grants night vision, which upon coupling with your character can enhance the combat effectiveness. One of the best locations to acquire the armor is from the Hazmat Testing Ground. However, there is a catch to it. The suit you are seeking will be stored in a pod. In order to take it, you will need to have an upgraded Sonic Emitter to break the pod. Or you can get the security code for Hazmat Security Pod by visiting the Z-43 Innovative Toxic Plant.

Fallout New Vegas
Z-43 Innovating Toxins Plant

At the plant, you will need to go to the Sink Balcony. Here you will see a bunch of Filing Cabinets and beneath them an item that is the Pod security code on Hazmat Testing Ground. 

Fallout New Vegas
Hazmat Suit

Explorer’s Gear

Another light yet Fallout New Vegas best armor that players can acquire is the Explorer’s Gear. Not only does this set grant damage resistance but also looks good for the type of your character. If that outfit seems familiar, then you are right, as this is the clothing of the retired soldier of Enclave Orion Moreno.

The Explorer’s Gear light armor comes with the Damage Threshold of 8. Plus, it adds +2 skills points to both melee and guns skills. With these perks, this is definitely the best armor beginner players can acquire. In order to get the Explorer’s Gear, you will have to get your hands dirty by killing the Orion Moreno at NCR Sharecropper Farms.

Fallout New Vegas best armor
NCR Sharecropper Farms
Fallout New Vegas best armor
Explorer’s Gear in Loot

But be advised that killing him early will result in losing some other rewards. For instance, the For Auld Lang Syne quest is offering a huge reward that requires Orion Moreno alive. Once you are done with all the quests series with him, you can kill him to get his Explorer’s Gear.

Armor of the 87th Tribe

Armor of the 87th Tribe is exactly what the name says. Apart from that, it is the Fallout New Vegas best heavy armor that offers a rewarding amount of DT hitting value at 22. Not just that but wearing the armor will enhance the character’s critical hit up to 3% while rewarding the charisma of +1. Considering these stats, Armor of the 87th Tribe is easily the most effective and worthy for all kinds of players.

Fallout New Vegas best armor
Location of the Armor of the 87th Tribe

Since it is heavy armor, but what it lacks in the heavyweight, it makes up for the damage resistance. If you are wondering where to get this, you will need to have the Lonesome Road Add-on that was the final expansion in Fallout New Vegas. If you have not played the Lonesome Road expansion, then we might not reveal it to you. But in the end, you will be going to meet an individual in Cottonwood Cove.

Fallout New Vegas Best Armor
Gaius Magnus
Fallout New Vegas best armor
Armor of the 87th Tribe

To get there you will need to get a boat, which will be revealed after completing the story of Lonesome Road. The individual you are going to meet is Gaius Magnus. Once again you will be killing the individual and looting the Armor of the 87th Tribe from his corpse.

Blackjack Courier Duster

Speaking of Lonesome Road Add-on, developers have added numerous items to satisfy players’ looting needs. Blackjack Courier Duster armor is one of these prominent loots that players should never overlook. It is important to note that Courier Duster is unique apparel with four variants. These include Blackjack, Fighting Chance, The Great Bear, and Old World Justice.

The Blackjack Courier Duster is the only best variant for armor that offers a good amount of damage resistance for your character. This armor comes with a DT of 13 with the cost of 3 weight. Considering this small amount of weight, Blackjack Courier Duster is undoubtedly an interesting armor player can consider.

Apart from the damage resistance, the armor also has an effect on the Courier with +1 Luck and +30% Poison Resistance. These extra perks from the armor assist players to register more crits during the journey in the wastelands. Players can get this armor by completing The Apocalypse, which is the final quest of the Lonesome Road. You will receive the Courier Duster, regardless of which type of ending you pursue.

Fallout New Vegas Ulysses
Last word with Ulysses
Fallout New Vegas best armor
Armor Item After Speaking to Ulysses
Fallout New Vegas Best armor
Blackjack Courier Duster Armor

However, the armor variants may vary with your character’s reputation in the faction. In the case of Blackjack Courier Duster, you will have to pursue the Yes Man faction. Just after speaking to Ulysses, you will see an item crate in the middle, right next to a rock. Here you can retrieve the Blackjack Courier Duster.

Reinforced Combat Armor MKII

Combat Armor MKII is another Fallout New Vegas’s best medium armor, and for a very good reason. Since players seek helmets to keep a safe side from the flying bullets, the reinforced Mark 2 variant of the Combat Armor meets these requirements. As for the DT, this particular variety grants 20 DT with a separate DT value of 5 for the helmet. This means you no longer have to worry about taking damage on the head, which is fatal in most cases.

However, that DT comes at the cost of 25 weight. But that is not an aspect that worries most players. If you are like most players, what worries them the most is where to find the armor.

Before diving into the location guide, it is worth noting that this variant of armor is extremely rare and there are only 4 of them in the game. On the other side, there are only two ways to get the Combat Armor Mark II. The first and most straightforward way is to purchase the armor from the in-game vendors like Daniel Contreras at Camp McCarran and Knight Torres from the Hidden Valley Bunker.

Or you can loot the item from a duffle bag that is dropped in the east of Ranger Station Foxtrot. To put it simply, start your journey from the Brewer’s Beer Bootlegging. Beware of the lurking enemies, as the place is crawling with Cazadores. Since every unique item comes with a price, you might have to spend some ammo to kill these Cazadores and achieve the Combat Armor.

Fallout New Vegas best armor
Brewer’s Beer Bootlegging
Best armor in Fallout New Vegas
Follow the Trail Path Upwards
Fallout New Vegas Reinforced Combat Armor MKII
Duffle bag containing Reinforced Combat Armor MKII

When you are done with the Cazadores and what is left of them, head to the valley in between the old Shack on the left side and mountains. After following the path in the valley, you will come across a duffle bag and some leftovers of a creature. In here you can loot the Reinforced Combat Armor, Reinforced Helmet, and tons of ammo, making it Fallout New Vegas best non-power armor item among players.

Stealth Suit MKII

Stealth suit not just offers defense, but it also makes up to the sneaky and best stealth armor in Fallout New Vegas. Surprisingly, Stealth Suit MKII comes with the character effects of +15 for Sneak, +1 Agility, and +1 for Perception. With that, you will also earn +20% movement speed during crouching to get the most out of the gameplay. Especially, if you have a stealth or ninja character build, this armor is the right pick for you.

Apart from the extras, the Stealth Suit MKII armor has a damage threshold of 14 with a weight of 25. The damage threshold to weight ratio does not look promising but with the extras, it is worth a try on stealth character builds. To get the armor suit, you will need to go to the X-13 Research Facility which is on the most west side of the Big MT.

Fallout New Vegas Stealth Armor MKII
X-13 Facility

Here you will be collecting the stealth armor in three pieces. Meanwhile, the exploration of the facility is part of the main story for Fallout New Vegas World Blues expansion, we will let you finish the mission yourself and collect the prize.

Gannon Family Tesla Armor

If you are looking for an extra level of protection and defense against the damages, then Gannon Family Tesla Armor is the one you need. This extremely good-looking suit is in fact a medium-class armor but has the damage threshold of power armor. It comes with a DT of 26 and weighing around 35.

Fallout New Vegas Tesla Power Armor
Remnants Bunker
Fallout New Vegas Best Armors
Arcade Gannon offering Family Tesla Armor

On the other side, Gannon Family Tesla armor enhances the Energy Weapons with a bonus of +10 and +20% radiation resistance. To acquire that you will have to play a companion quest named “For Auld Lang Syne”. It is the quest that is offered by Arcade Gannon. In the end, while leaving the Remnants Bunker, you will meet with Arcade again who will tell you about the Gannon Family Tesla armor and its history with his family. Regardless of the dialogue choice, he will be giving you the Tesla armor.

T-51B Power Armor

T-51B is a power armor and our recommended Fallout New Vegas best armor with the highest damage threshold yet. This war machine holds 31 DT designed to protect against all kinds of attacks and bullets. Even better is that this armor comes with +1 strength, radiation resistance up to 33%, and +1 charisma to lay dominance in the Fallout New Vegas.

Moreover, this armor is easy to obtain as compared to other types of armor in the game. There are several locations where you can get the T-51B Power armor. It can be found across the Hidden Valley and the east side of the Colorado River in Deathclaw promontory. But our favorite one is the Cliffside Prospector Camp. In this location, you will encounter a few Geckos and Deathclaw enemies, so come prepared.

Fallout New Vegas Power Armors
Cliffside Prospector Camp
Fallout New Vegas Power Armor
2 Dead Prospectors with Power Armors

Get to the other side of the camp by sneaking up to the rocks and mountains. Here you will find the dead bodies of two prospectors. One will be wearing the T-51 Power Armor. While the other will be wearing Remnants Power armor. You can choose any one of the armor for the type of your character and defense needs.

Final Words

Armors are a great approach to set up the character’s defenses and ensure a smooth gameplay experience. Playing Fallout New Vegas can become difficult while fighting the way through the overpowered enemies. But with the best armors on your side, you can continue your journey and gain the most out of the gameplay experience.

Well, that is about it for the best armor and their locations in Fallout New Vegas. Did you find this guide helpful to obtain the armor of your choice? What is your choice of armor in Fallout New Vegas? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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