Fallout New Vegas Is My Standard In ARPGs

Modern RPGs should take lessons from New Vegas.

fallout new vegas is a standard in rpgs
Fallout: New Vegas is a standard in RPGs

It’s been more than a decade since Obsidian Entertainment developed Fallout: New Vegas, and it is still one of the greatest action RPGs I have ever played. So good that I judge other RPGs by comparing them with New Vegas. It can stand alone against the recent big titles and can still outperform them. 

Key Takeaways

  • Fallout: New Vegas, with its flexible storyline and personalized gameplay experience has everything that makes a great RPG.
  • Allowing players to decide their pathway leaves them responsible for whatever happens in the game, giving a more immersive gameplay experience.
  • The combat, while not the highlight of this game, is still balanced and commends the brutal side of the storyline. Similarly, having companions with their own backstories and ambitions makes it more dynamic and inclusive.

I always recommend this game to beginners to make them fall in love with RPGs. Well, I shouldn’t say much and let the phenomenal 10/10 rating on Steam and reviews on Metacritic speak on my behalf. It has aged so well, especially as, by now, almost all of the bugs and performance issues are patched, and what is left is pure gameplay experience.

Why do I hold this almost 14-year-old game so high? Well, let’s get into details:

The Dynamic Storyline & Freedom To Choose Your Direction

A post-apocalyptic era in Las Vegas? Sounds like the start of a good story. Well, it is. You can find everything you expect to be in a good RPG, except better, in this game.

What do I love the most about its storyline? It is highly dynamic and flexible, and you can decide your own pathway. Staring as a postman with no background, you have the liberty of choosing your direction.

There is no moral obligation to side with the good. It is also what distinguishes it from other Fallout games.

War Never Changes
War Never Changes (Screenshot: Steam)

Another reason I love this specific feature is that I can replay the game for an altogether different experience.

Many people complain it is very predictable. Dude… isn’t it the case with most RPGs? 

A True RPG Experience

Fallout 4 is a game that focuses more on shooting. That is why fans widely love it. However, while New Vegas lacks in this aspect, it excels in providing an authentic RPG experience. 

Thanks to the flexibility to choose your own direction in the game, you can customize your character accordingly. It makes the whole Role-playing experience more immersive and keeps you more in command. You can develop your character according to the pathway you choose. 

Another reason why it is the peak RPG experience is that it holds you responsible for all the actions you do and the choices you make, whether it’s deciding the fate of factions or determining the outcome of individual quests.

The Intense & Brutal Combat

I agree that Fallout 4 has the best combat mechanics in the whole franchise, as it prioritizes a more action-oriented approach. However, in comparison, New Vegas is more balanced, incorporating the role-playing elements into the fight. It involves using tactics and making moves by properly understanding the situation and utilizing the environmental factors.

Enough of the basic comparison. What I mean to say is that New Vegas’ combat is more balanced yet intense and brutal. It’s all about making good and calculated decisions.

For example, with some bad decisions, you might fall into a dilemma where you will have to face the guilt of killing a family member in the game.

Interesting Companions

Your journey in this post-apocalyptic world will not be boring, as you will have many companions helping you throughout the game. What makes it different than other games with companions? Well, in New Vegas, each companion has a meticulously designed and often traumatic backstory. 

Booney in Fallout New Vegas
Booney in Fallout New Vegas

My favorite companions are Boone and Cassidy. The former is a former NCR sniper haunted by the death of his wife, who was sold into slavery by the Legion, while the latter is a tough caravan owner seeking revenge for her caravan’s destruction. These backstories give the whole storyline an emotional appeal, which in my opinion, drives ambitious gameplay.

From An Extension To A Phenomenon

I couldn’t believe it when I read that it was meant to be an expansion pack for Fallout 3 initially. Its survival to becoming a separate game, and that, too, one of the most successful RPGs, is nothing short of an inspiring story.

But wait, the shock doesn’t end here. Guess how much time it took Obsidian Entertainment to develop this game? Only 18 months. Crazy, right? Making something that is still celebrated even after decades of its release is a commendable task, and Obsidian deserves all the credit.

Finally, if rumors are to be believed, we might witness a sequel to this fantastic game in our lifetime.

My opinion? This could be a massive release and huge success only if Bethesda plays its cards carefully. 

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