Far Cry 2 Has The Best Gunplay Experience

Having a repititive storyline doesn't stop Far Cry 2 from giving players the best gunplay experience.

Far Cry 2 has the best gunplay experience

The whole Far Cry series is truly a masterpiece in terms of gunplay. I believe Far Cry 3 is better overall, and Far Cry 5 has commendable gunplay as well. However, I’d give Far Cry 2 an edge if I had to rank them all, thanks to its unmatched gunplay experience.

I think the game has found a way to keep you on your toes with its arcade-style action while still giving you that satisfying realistic feel.

Key Takeaways

  • Even though it doesn’t have a commendable storyline, Far Cry 2 takes the lead over others with its superior gunplay experience.
  • The shooting animations, opponents’ reactions after getting shot, vehicle explosions, etc. make the whole experience more lively and realistic.
  • The liberty to make your strategy and decide your moves independently makes it a more immersive and realistic experience than other games where you have to follow scripts.
  • The weapon jamming system is highly criticized but it elevates the whole gunplay experience to more realistic, intense, and unpredictable levels.
  • The incorporation of a dynamic fire propagation system adds another layer to strategizing your warfare and enjoying your gunplay experience better than ever.

Even though a rating of 7/10 on Steam is justified by its clunky controls and repetitive storyline, the gunplay is 10/10 and makes the whole game worth playing. Why do I think this 16-year-old game has the best gunplay? Let me explain:

Unparalleled Realism

While most games after the first 3, except Far Cry 5, aren’t known for their gunplay, Far Cry 2 placed the most emphasis on its gunplay. It is so good that it was, and for me, still, the most realistic gunplay experience in any game.

The game completely revolves around gunplay. That’s the only thing commendable in it actually. You know how they say, “Clothes make the man”? Well, in Far Cry 2, guns make the warrior.

Each weapon feels like it has a personality of its own, from the kickback to the sound of shells hitting the ground. It’s so realistic, that you’ll forget you’re not actually in the heart of Africa. 

Gunplay in Far Cry 2
Gunplay in Far Cry 2 (image source: Steam)

Similarly, shooting an opponent is equally fun and realistic. It’s like they copied the idea from Hollywood movies. How? When an opponent gets hit, they don’t immediately die. You will see them limping around and still struggling to get to you. What I like the most about it is how after getting hit, the enemy will switch to sidearms and use one hand to cover the wound.

And let me clear it up, this isn’t like Red Faction where you’re destroying skyscrapers. In Far Cry 2, you’re always on edge, never truly safe. Fires spread rapidly and vehicles explode, adding to the danger. Heck, even vegetation gets trimmed by bullets and malaria can break your back.

Dynamic Weapon Jamming System

If you have played this game, you might be amazed after reading the next line. For me, one of the most innovative features of Far Cry 2’s gunplay is its dynamic weapon jamming system.  Why I’m calling it innovative when most fans criticize it?

In most shooters, weapons function perfectly until they run out of ammunition. However, in Far Cry 2, firearms can jam at any moment, adding an element of unpredictability to combat encounters.

Similarly, it makes the whole experience more realistic by forcing you to adapt and improvise on the fly. Believe me, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as desperately clearing a jammed weapon while under fire from enemies, adding a level of tension and excitement that is unmatched in other shooters.

Open-Ended Approach To Combat

Far Cry 2 doesn’t believe in holding your hand. It offers players a level of freedom and choice that is rarely seen in other shooters. It’s more like throwing you into the deep end and seeing if you can swim. But that’s where the fun begins!

In Far Cry 2, you can tackle combat situations however you like—whether it’s charging on your enemies with guns in your hands or sneaking around like a ghost where needed.

This is another thing that I love about it. The game promotes exploration and experimentation by not forcing players down a scripted path. In this way, you can develop your flexible playstyle which you can improvise during different combat conditions by your tactics and decision-making skills.

Fire Propagation System

Another standout feature of Far Cry 2’s gunplay is its dynamic fire propagation system. Unlike other shooters where fire is simply a visual effect, in Far Cry 2, fire spreads realistically through the game world. It creates a strategic combat scenario.

Explosion in Far Cry 2
Explosion in Far Cry 2

As the fire spreads rapidly, you can use it to your own benefit against your enemies by putting their encampments on fire or creating temporary barriers to assist yourself or your teammates. Similarly, you can use it to get them out of their hideouts and even set traps.

However, the tables can turn and you might find yourself burning under your opponent’s strategy if you don’t plan one step ahead of your enemies. This turns the whole gunplay experience more intense and interactive which I haven’t found anywhere else yet.

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