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Far Cry

Far Cry Knowledge Quiz Game

If you have played Far Cry series extensively, then this quiz is well-designed to put your experience to the test. Our quiz comes with a 45-second challenge to answer several questions correctly. You will be able to receive the correction options as you interact with each question. Later on, you will also receive a result that will give you insights into how much you know about your favorite video game. 

What Do You Know About Far Cry Series?

Let's put your Far Cry series experience to test!!!

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In Far Cry 5, what is the name of the religious cult that the player must confront in the fictional Hope County, Montana?

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Which Far Cry game features a protagonist named Ajay Ghale, who returns to his home country to scatter his mother's ashes but gets caught up in a civil war?

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In Far Cry 4, what is the name of the fictional Himalayan country where the game takes place?

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Which installment of the Far Cry series introduced the concept of an open-world environment and featured a tropical island setting?

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In the original Far Cry game released in 2004, where does the protagonist, Jack Carver, find himself stranded at the beginning of the game?

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In "Far Cry 5," what is the name of the cult's leader who believes he is fulfilling a divine mission called "The Collapse"?

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Which Far Cry game features a cooperative multiplayer mode where players can team up to complete missions and explore the open world together?

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Which Far Cry game allows players to take on the role of a sheriff's deputy trying to arrest Joseph Seed, the leader of the Project at Eden's Gate?

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In "Far Cry 4," what is the name of the rebellion group fighting against Pagan Min's regime in the fictional country of Kyrat?

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In "Far Cry Primal," what is the name of the main protagonist's tribe?

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In "Far Cry 6," which actor portrays the main antagonist, Antón Castillo, the dictator of the fictional Caribbean island of Yara?

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