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Far-Right YouTuber Troy Leavitt Departs Hogwarts Legacy Project

This is not the first time that Hogwarts Legacy has been mired in controversy, nor will it be the last.

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Troy Leavitt was lead designer for Warner Brothers and Avalanche Software‘s game set in the Harry Potter universe. Thanks to Did You Know Gaming’s Liam Robertson, we now know that he also runs a far-right YouTube channel dedicated to sharing anti-social-justice and pro-Gamer Gate views.

Leavitt announced his departure from the project via his Twitter account today. He claimed it was an entirely voluntary decision, and that his relationship with both Warner and Avalanche remained cordial. He also promised to discuss the event in his next video. For political reasons, we at VeryAli will not be linking to any of his content.

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It was probably inevitable that any game set in the world of Harry Potter would attract a lot of scrutiny. This is not just because of the franchise’s enormous stature in the cultural imaginary, but also due to its creator J. K. Rowling’s infamous and outspoken bigotry against trans people, which has understandably alienated a huge portion of the Harry Potter fanbase.

Troy Leavitt’s involvement in the project no doubt caused some tension at Avalanche, given that a number of employees at the company had reportedly expressed concerns about being associated with Rowling and her views.

The team’s position became even clearer when news broke that Hogwarts Legacy will effectively allow players to create transgender characters for themselves.

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Hogwarts Legacy was set to launch later this year but was recently delayed until 2022. It will be available on Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series when it eventually does release.

In the meantime, sit tight for the next inevitable controversy. Hopefully it will be in the form of yet more resistance to hate and bigotry.

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