How to Fast Travel In Sonic Frontiers [4 Methods]

This is a guide that shows you how to perform Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Fast Travel
Sonic Frontiers Fast Travel

What is Fast travel in Sonic Frontiers

The Starfall Islands map is quite extensive. Despite Sonic’s speed, the map will become a cause of your boredom if you kept running around just exploring. Traveling from one island to the other can be a struggle in an open word game.

But don’t worry, the game has introduced a feature that allows you to jump to different locations throughout the map. It’s called ‘Fast Travel’ and it solves all your problems regarding covering long distances in the game.

The reason why you came to this page still remains unsaid, you understood what fast travel is but you still don’t know how to do it. Let’s get you to it!

Key Points:

  • Super Rings and Speed-Rails are still a part of the game
  • Sonic Frontiers has a feature to fast travel between locations
  • Fishing can be utilized to acquire scrolls that will upgrade NPC’s
  • Cyber-Space Portals are also present in-game to teleport between locations in a map

In this article, we are going to show you the ways you can fast travel with Sonic. But first, you need to know what Fast travel is…

How to Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Fast Travel
Sonic Frontiers Fast Travel

Mainly, There are two ways one can apply to Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers, but we have compiled a list of two other ‘less looked upon ways’ to fast travel in the game for you below:

Using Koco Scrolls

Koko to Fast travel
Koko to Fast travel

Starting with the one that requires the least amount of tasks and challenges to be completed. You have to find scrolls that will let you travel to NPCs in the game.

To do this, you have to go to the fishing spot and if you spend enough time doing it, you’ll fish out the required scrolls that will upgrade the NPCs and let you travel across the map wherever they are located.

Once you have acquired the scrolls, the game will show you an option to fast travel and the keys associated with it.

Another thing worth noticing is that once you have gone through enough of the story mode, you’ll also be able to travel to shrines through this option.

Teleporting through Cyber-Space Portals

Fast travel with Teleporting
Fast travel with Teleporting

Once you complete a certain amount of challenges on an island, the completion will unlock cyber-portals throughout the island that can be used to fast travel between different areas of an island. It will allow Sonic to literally teleport to locations on the island.

But yes, it does require you to complete all the challenges of that island.

Speed Running on rails

Sonic speed running on rails
Fast Travel with Rails

We cannot forget that this is an action-based open-world game. The producers of the game didn’t exclude the rails from the game. On these rails, we can swiftly rail to different pathways. One might not find consider this directly as a way to fast travel but it does allow you to eliminate running to different locations.

For this, you need to complete challenges that will unlock a white railing. The railing can be found somewhere near the location. Sonic will be able to speed-run on those railings. Which will very effectively allow us to cover vast distances with token control.

Obviously, once you find the railings the game will show you how to utilize them to travel across to other similar railings.

Switching maps after completion

Switching maps
Switching maps option

This is a way to fast travel from the player’s point of view and isn’t part of the game’s story. Once you have completed the main story mission set of a certain zone and spawned in the next zone. You can then return to the zone prior to the new zone. This will move you from one location to another effortlessly.

This way makes more sense once you have completed the game’s storyline and now you are focusing on completing the mini-games for which you have to reach different points throughout the Starfall islands. To avoid running there you can simply just switch the maps to collect unattained relics and rings.


There you go! Now you know how to unlock and perform Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers. You don’t have to bore yourself running around the game as you will be traveling through locations effortlessly. Hope you liked our article and won’t just keep it to yourself. Share it with your friends and keep visiting us. See you in the next one!

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