EA FC 24: The Best Wingers [Rating, Age, & Stats]

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EA FC 24: THE Best Wingers

Wingers are the essential assets of your football team, as they should be fast and capable of scoring goals in crucial times. There are a lot of choices for the wingers, but this guide will direct you towards the Best Wingers.

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Key Takeaways

  • A Winger plays on the wide attacking sides of the football pitch. They are generally players that are fast and can dribble through multiple opponents.
  • Wingers are responsible for creating chances during an attack by passing the ball inside the box for the striker to score goals.
  • Note that wingers can often fail to defend properly. Therefore, they are only allowed to play beyond the half-line.
  • Players must short-list the Best Wingers for their playing XI, that have enhanced Pace and Dribble stats. These categories are displayed on the Player Card.

Best Wingers Compared

Refer to the Table below that compares the Best Wingers through Rating and Age stats.

No.NameBest forRatingAge
1Vinicius Jr.Fastest Left Wing Player8923
2Neymar Jr. Highest Rated EA FC 24 Winger8931
3Heung Min SonBest Playmaker Winger8731
4Khvicha KvaratskheliaMost Improved Player8622
5Rafael LeaoBest Pacy Winger8624
6Jack GrealishBest Dribbling Winger8528
7Mohamed SalahBest Meta Winger8931
8Bukayo SakaBest Young Right Winger8622
9Ousmane DembeleBest Winger For Pro Clubs8626
10Domenico BerardiBest Budget Winger8529

My Wingers Comparison Table.

Best Left Wingers

Left Wingers are responsible for taking care of the left half of the football pitch. They are assisted by left-backs, who help them keep possession and create chances. Let’s look at the best Left Wingers.

1. Vinicius Jr.

Fastest Left Wing Player
Vinicius Jr. | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work Rate Defense Work RatePreferred FootAgeNation
4 Stars5 StarsHighHighRight23Brazil

Why did I Choose Vini Jr.?

Vini Jr. is the best winger, as all stats are nearly perfect.

Vini Jr. is one of the highest-rated wingers in EA FC 24. He comes from a Brazilian background and dominates opponents with his unmatched pace. Vinicius Jr. should be your top priority for the winger if you have the money to keep him on your team.

Play Styles for him include:

  • Finesse Shot
  • Chip Shot
  • Rapid
  • Flair
  • First Touch
  • Trivela

Besides speed, Vini Jr. is ideal at finishing and creating opportunities for his teammates to score goals. Regardless of his moderate Physical stats, he will gain back possession from the opponent team and beat their defenders one-on-one.

  • High Overall Rating.
  • Exceptional Pace.
  • Strong Dribbling Skills. 
  • High Work Rates.

  • Expensive in Career Mode.
  • Shooting is not his strong suit.
  • Defensive Skills are weak.

2. Neymar Jr.

Highest Rated EA FC 24 Winger
Neymar Jr. | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred Foot AgeNation
5 Stars5 StarsHigh MediumRight31Brazil

Why did I Choose Neymar?

Neymar’s insane skill moves can confuse the defenders and create open chances for the team.

He is a popular player among the football community. He started playing in the attacking position during his time in Santos. Moreover, he moved to Barcelona as a Winger, where he became famous.

Play Styles for this Winger include:

  • Incisive Pass
  • Technical
  • Flair
  • First Touch
  • Quick-Step
  • Trivela

He is known for his quick movements and skills. He can easily dribble through a couple of defenders and score a goal. Players can count on him when trying new skill moves and dominating their opponents.

  • Strong in-game performance.
  • Easily outruns the defenders.
  • Strong dribbling skills to tackle the opponent’s defensive line.
  • Good international reputation.

  • Significantly weak physique.
  • Not strong on defense during counterattack.

3. Heung Min Son

Best Playmaker Winger
Heung Min Son | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred FootAgeNation
5 Stars4 StarsHigh MediumRight31Korea Republic

Why did I Choose Son?

Son’s Rapid movement and quick steps enable him to skim through the opponent’s defense without complications.

Son is from a Korean background and is a big game player. Due to his speed stats, he can run past the opponent’s defenders and score important goals.

Play Styles for Heung Min Son include:

  • Rapid
  • Quick-Step

Son plays in the English Premier League and can score goals from outside the box. Furthermore, his stats of average goals in a game are very high. This indicates that keeping him on your team can turn losses into wins.

  • Very pacy player.
  • Strong shooting stats.
  • Cuts through the defenders easily.

  • Can’t effectively help during counterattack.
  • Through passes are not very accurate.

4. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

Most Improved Player
Kvaratskhelia EA FC 24
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work Rate Preferred FootAgeNation
5 Stars5 StarsMediumMediumRight22Georgia

Why did I Choose Khvicha Kvaratskhelia?

His exceptional finishing abilities can get you easy goals for the team.

Kvaratskhelia plays for Napoli Football Club. He has been a star player since the last season. That is when he was recognized for his outstanding performance.

Play Styles for this Winger include:

  • Finesse Shot
  • Incisive Pass
  • Whipped Pass
  • Technical
  • Flair
  • Trickster
  • Trivela

Khvicha can create chances by having a high passing accuracy. His touches are precise, and he is out of this world through balls. The 87 Dribbling stats and 71 Physical, can get him through the defending line with no trouble.

  • Finishing 
  • Through Passes
  • Dribbling

  • Does not win the ball back most of the time.
  • Passes from corner kicks are not accurate.

5. Rafael Leao

Best Pacy Winger
Rafael Leao | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred FootAge Nation
4 Stars4 StarsMediumLowRight24Portugal

Why did I Choose Rafael Leao?

His fast pace initiates counterattacks and successfully leads to a goal.

This Portuguese is a young player who has an insane 93-pace. When his speed combines with dribbling, defenders have difficulty stopping Rafael. Moreover, his 6’2″ height can help score headers from a corner or a freekick.

Play Styles for this Winger include:

  • Finesse Shot
  • Whipped Pass
  • Flair
  • Trickster
  • Quick Step

He can be an important choice for your team, as he has much potential. With 4 Stars in the Skill Moves region, you can use him to perform unique moves to confuse your opponents.

  • Goes through defenders like a bullet.
  • Preferred for skill passes and dribbles.
  • Exceptional passes.

  • Shooting stats are not up to the mark.
  • lacks a good first touch.

6. Jack Grealish

Best Dribbling Winger
Jack Grealish | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred FootAgeNation
3 Stars4 StarsHigh High Right28England

Why did I Choose Grealish?

Jack Grealish’s strong passing skills can create long and through-ball passes accurately.

Grealish comes from an English background. He is rated 85 in EA FC 24 and has a high Attack and Defense work rate. Therefore, you can expect him to chase the ball all the time.

Play Styles for Jack Grealish includes:

  • Finesse Shot
  • Flair
  • First Touch

Jack can dominate the mid-field with his 88 Dribbling stat. He can cut through multiple players at once. Furthermore, Jack can find his teammate inside the box and pass the ball to him for an easy but tactical goal.

  • Creates promising passes in the midfield.
  • Perfect first touch.
  • Strong finishing stats.

  • Long balls are not very accurate.
  • Does not operate well in defensive situations.

Best Right Wingers

Opposite to the left Wingers, these players will take control of the right half of the pitch. They aim to be fast and take the ball to the opponent’s half. Moreover, you can expect them to take shots on target from outside the box.

1. Mohamed Salah

Best Meta Winger
Mo Salah is one of the popular best wingers in EA FC 24
Mohamed Salah | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred FootAgeNation
3 Stars4 StarsHighMediumLeft31Egypt

Why You Must Keep Salah?

Salah is a goal-scoring machine who can dribble through the defenders and score goals that are not easy.

Salah is a sensational player for Liverpool in the English Premier League. He gained popularity in his initial season, scoring 32 goals in a season that lasted 38 weeks. He also helped Liverpool win the 2018 UCL.

Play Styles for Mohamed Salah includes:

  • Chipshot
  • Rapid
  • Trivela

Salah has a high attack work rate but a medium defense work rate. This indicates he is more prone to winning the ball back in attacking positions than running back to defense. This allows him to stand where he can initiate the counterattack.

With his 89 Pace and 87 Shooting, you can expect him to score important goals and create chances when they are most needed.

  • Can dribble very quickly among defenders.
  • Powerful shooting ability.
  • Potential option for penalty kicks.

  • Not very significant defense work rate.
  • Freekicks are not accurate.

2. Bukayo Saka

Best Young Right Winger
Bukayo Saka | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred FootAgeNation
3 Stars3 StarsHighMediumLeft 22England

Why did I Choose Saka?

He is quick and can create passes for attackers to score goals.

Saka is a youngster currently playing as a Right Winger for Arsenal. He is known for his dribbling and passing expertise. Saka can be a game-changer when it comes to taking Free kicks.

Play Styles for Bukayo Saka includes:

  • Technical
  • Flair

Saka’s sprint speed may feel less, but his acceleration can help him to cover more distance on the field and take control of the right side. Furthermore, he will excel at making short passes rather than focusing on the lob shots.

  • Can easily outrun most defenders.
  • Potential player for initiating counterattack.

  • Tactical passes are not well placed.
  • Weak Physique.

3. Ousmane Dembele

Best Winger For Pro Clubs
Ousmane Dembele | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred FootAgeNation
5 Stars5 StarsHighMediumLeft26France

Why did I Choose Dembele?

Dembele’s pace will get him through the football field like a bullet.

Dembele is a French player who was part of the World Cup-winning squad. He made his breakthrough when playing for Barcelona. Dembele is a beast as a Winger, known for dominating opponents inside the box.

Play Styles for Ousmane Dembele include:

  • Flair
  • Trickster
  • Quickstep

  • Preferred for tricky plays and skill moves.
  • Good at counterattacks due to pace.
  • Strong dribbling skills.

  • Lacks good physical stats and does not win the ball back easily.
  • Mediocre shooting stats are not preferred for taking free kicks. 

4. Domenico Berardi

Best Budget Winger
Domenico Berardi | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

Weak FootSkill MovesAttack Work RateDefense Work RatePreferred FootAgeNation
3 Stars4 StarsHigh MediumLeft 29Italy

Why did I Choose Domenico Berardi?

Berardi’s dribbling skills are enough to get him through the defensive line.

Berardi plays in the Italian League. He was born on August 1, 1994, and currently, he is a potential Winger for Sassuolo Football Club. He is a left-foot player who has amazing dribbling stats.

Play Styles for Domenico Berardi include:

  • Dead Ball
  • Whipped Pass
  • Technical
  • Flair
  • Trivela

When dribbling combined with the 4 Star skill moves, Berardi can easily get through the defender line and score goals. Furthermore, his outmatching pace makes him a potential Winger option for your team in EA FC 24.

  • Promising Through Ball passes inside the box.
  • Powerful and Accurate finishing shots.
  • Potential Penalty Taker.

  • Losses the ball very often inside the box.
  • Not very pacy.

Why Other Wingers Were Not Chosen?

  1. Rodrygo: Passing is weak, can’t create good openings for the strikers to score goals.
  2. Raphinha: Very Pacy, but lacks good shooting and hence, not preferred for free kicks and corners.
  3. Marco Asensio: Not valuable, so I do not suggest picking him for your team in career mode.
  4. Marcus Rashford: Weak Physical stats, fails to win ball back quickly.
  5. Phil Foden: Potential Winger, but Saka and Salah are better alternatives according to stats.
  6. Gabriel Martinelli: Only excels in pace, can’t dribble well through the defense line.
  7. Luis Diaz: A substitute Winger, therefore better alternatives are already shortlisted by me.

My Opinion On The Best Winger Selection

During my experience with the above-mentioned Wingers, I concluded that pace and shooting are the only stats that matter. Combining them with four or more Stars for skill moves makes beating defenders and scoring goals easy.

Another thing I noticed is to ensure that your wingers stick to the sidelines and avoid covering the middle ground. With this strategy, you can use your Midfielders to create space and play through balls to the Wingers, who can use their pace to reach the ball and score goals.

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