FE3H Gardening: All You Need To Know

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses Gardening Guide will help you on your journey to become a botanical master and understand the gardening mechanic in the game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses (henceforth referred to as FE3H) is a tactical role-playing game with a heavy influence from the visual novel style of games. It incorporates an insane amount of characters and builds its world in such a manner that it forces the player to get invested in every minute little detail they have to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • The gardening mechanic is accessed through the greenhouse and is introduced through a side-quest. 
  • The professor’s level affects the number of seeds that can be planted and the cultivation method. 
  • The FE3H provides a table that shows the different levels and the corresponding cultivation method and plantable seeds.
  • The FE3H also lists the different types of harvests available and their corresponding seeds.
  • The better the cultivation method used, the higher the chance of a stat-boosting harvest.

Here is a summary table for the Best Harvests in Fire Emblem Three Houses:

No.Final Harvest Initial Seed Required
1Rocky BurdockMixed Herd
2AmbrosiaRoot Vegetable
3Fruit of LifeWestern Fodlan
5CarrotNorthern Fodlan
7VeronaSouthern Fodlan
8Speed CarrotNordsalat
9Miracle BeanBoa Fruit
10Albinean BerriesAlbinean
11Peach CurrantEastern Fodlan
13Morfis PlumMixed Fruit
14Magdred KirschRed Flower
15DaffodilWhite Flower
16AnemoneBlue Flower
17Baby’s BreathPurple Flower
18SunflowerYellow Flower
19Pitcher PlantGreen Flower
20Anemone/Speed CarrotPale-Blue Flower

In this guide, we will be talking about a minute detail such as gardening which is not required by any means but exists to both flesh out the world and gives players some extra room to play with their mechanics. Without any more interruptions, let’s get on with the FE3H Gardening Guide.

fe3h gardening guide

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How To Garden

Now, gardening is a mechanic you can only access through the greenhouse. You gain access to the greenhouse after the Green Thumbs Beginnings side-quest. This initial side-quest acts as an introduction to gardening and a tutorial for it.

Overall gardening is very simple and straightforward to do. Just walk into the greenhouse and talk to the character there. You will go through some dialogue and then you will be able to plant seeds. Initially, you will have very limited options on what to plant and how many you can plant. To find out how to increase your limit and more simply follow this FE3H Gardening guide to the end.

Now if we want to talk about how to increase the number of seeds we can plant and increase the harvest quality then that depends on the Professor’s level of your character. The table below shows you the Professor Level and how it affects your cultivation method and plantable seeds.

  • Level E => Infuse with Magic (free) => 1 Seed Slot
  • Level E+ => Airmid Water (300g) => 1 Seed Slot
  • Level D => Prune (500g) => 2 Seed Slot
  • Level C => Scatter Bonemeal (1000g) => 3 Seed Slots
  • Level B => Caledonian Soil (1500g) => 4 Seed Slots
  • Level A => Pegasus Blessings (2000g) => 5 Seed Slots

fe3h gardening guide

Types of Harvests

Below are the lists of seeds and the results of their harvest with the increase in likelihood depending on the cultivation method. The better the cultivation method used the higher the chance of a stat-boosting harvest. That is mostly all there is to cover when we talk about FE3H Gardening guide.

  • Mixed Herd Seeds => Mixed Fruit Seeds ->Turnip -> Peach Currant -> Rocky Burdock 
  • Root Vegetable Seeds => Northern Fodlan Seeds -> Carrot -> Cabbage -> Peach Currant -> Ambrosia 
  • Western Fodlan Seeds => Noa Fruit -> Chickpeas -> Cabbage -> Fruit of Life 
  • Vegetable Seeds => Mixed Herb Seeds -> Purple Flower Seeds -> Onion -> Noa Fruit -> Tomato
  • Northern Fodlan Seeds => Yellow Flower Seeds / Golden Apple -> Mixed Fruit Seeds -> Carrot -> Noa Fruit -> Carrot
  • Morfis Seeds => Eastern Fodlan Seeds/Ailell Pomegranate -> Turnip -> Morfis Plus -> Zanado Treasure Fruit -> Forget-me-nots
  • Southern Fodlan Seeds => Turnip -> Magdred Kircsh -> Verona
  • Nordsalat Seeds => Albinean Berries -> Nordsalat -> Magdred Kircsh  -> Speed Carrot
  • Boa Fruit Seeds => Angelica Seeds -> Boa Fruit  -> Peach Currant -> Miracle Bean
  • Albinean Seeds => Root Vegetable Seeds -> Yellow Flower Seeds -> Carrot -> Albinean Berries
  • Eastern Fodlan Seeds => Morfis Seeds -> Onion -> Peach Currant
  • Angelica Seeds => Angelica -> Nordsalat
  • Mixed Fruit Seeds => Northern Fodlan Seeds/Peach Currant -> Root Vegetable Seeds/Miracle Bean -> White Flower Seeds -> Albinean Berries -> Morfis Plum
  • Red Flower Seeds => Mixed Herb Seeds/Rose -> Blue Flower Seeds/Daffodil -> Albinean Seeds/White Verona -> Onion -> Magdred Kirsch
  • White Flower Seeds => Purple Flower Seeds/Golden Apple -> Southern Fodlan Seeds -> Morfis-Plum Seeds -> Turnip -> Daffodil
  • Blue Flower Seeds => Pale-Blue Flower Seeds -> Forget-me-nots -> Anemone
  • Purple Flower Seeds => Red Flower Seeds/Violet -> Green Flower Seeds/Lavender -> Pale-Blue Flower Seeds -> Rose -> Baby’s Breath 
  • Yellow Flower Seeds => White Flower Seeds/Anemone -> Green Flower Seeds/Lily -> Pale-Blue Flower Seeds/Premium Magic Herbs -> Daffodil -> Sunflower
  • Green Flower Seeds => Blue Flower Seeds -> Pale-Blue Flower Seeds -> White Flower Seeds -> Rose -> Pitcher Plant
  • Pale-Blue Flower Seeds=> Red Flower Seeds/Rose -> Purple Flower Seeds/Lily of the Valley -> White Flower Seeds/Pitcher Plant -> Blue Flower Seeds/Forget-me-nots -> Anemone/Speed Carrot

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