Fear & Hunger: The Cruelest Game You’ve Never Played

Remember Corpse Party? Well, here is the spiritual successor except even more brutal.

Fear & Hunger Featured Image

Are you a masochistic gamer? Do you like to be tortured for relaxation and fun? Do you like retro games and old-school RPGs in the style of Corpse Party? Well, then you are in for a treat.

Key Takeaways

  • Offers a narrative rich in horror, gore, and nudity, appealing to masochistic players.
  • Unlike traditional RPGs, Fear & Hunger prioritizes puzzle-solving.
  • The game’s community provides guides and playthroughs by content creators like Frapello94.

Fear & Hunger appears as a little RPG Maker game but it’s so much more. It takes reference from all forms of media including anime, manga, television, and games.

Before we dive into this game you should know that this game has quite a lot of blood, gore, and nudity. However, there is a mod that censors some of these elements if you want to experience the game without these elements. Still, install mods with caution!!!

The Old Ones Beckon To You

You select your starting character and begin your journey down the dungeon. Each of the four starting characters has its own motivation, backstory, and skill set you get to experience firsthand when starting your trek.

Starting Character’s Select Screen | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

You are looking for a man named Le’ garde but if you are familiar with Berserk then this is Griffith in the context of this world. There are also lots and lots of gods in this game including ancient ones, ascended ones, and new ones (all of which you can murder at your choosing).

Darkness, Darkness, & More Darkness

The gameplay is unique in the sense that you are not playing an RPG but rather a puzzle game since this game does not rely on your reaction time or skill but rather your ability to identify a situation and make the right choice given all the time in the world (or at least that’s what you think).

Fear & Hunger Ghoul Fight | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

There are numerous enemy types and each with its quirks you have to learn. Now you could go into this blind if you have the courage like myself and experiment your way out of situations or take the safe approach and watch a guide which is also fine.


CDawgVA First Blind Playthrough of Fear & Hunger

If you are going to watch a guide on the game or even want to know more about the gameplay then I would refer you to Frapello94 since his videos are enjoyable for me due to his high knowledge of the game and “interesting” accent.

If you want to stay more casual then check out CDawgVA’s playthrough of the game which I found to be a good way to spend my time.

Do You Heed The Call?

If you are feeling up to the task of challenging yourself and maybe having some fun along the way then I suggest you pick up this game on Steam.

It’s incredibly cheap and worth every penny in my opinion. Although if you have a weak stomach and have an aversion to nudity then maybe don’t go for this game and enjoy some playthroughs of it instead.

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