FFXVI Would Be Perfect If It Implements Monster Arena

It might be the only thing missing from the game.

FFXVI Would Be Perfect If It Implements Monster Arena
FFXVI Would Be Perfect If It Implements Monster Arena

We were having a game night a few days ago and a friend of mine asked us a question: What is one missing feature in any game that’d make it even better? We had quite a good discussion on this question and few very good answers but everyone agreed that the introduction of Monster Arena in Final Fantasy 16 would make it a complete game.

Key Takeaways

  • Monster Arena, which has been a part of a few previous Final Fantasy titles, would make FFXVI even better by adding replayability and an engaging gameplay experience for fans.
  • If it is added, it can add countless hours of additional gameplay by allowing players to capture and battle monsters arena.
  • As far as following a successful arena model, FFXII’s Hunt Club is the best idea to follow in FFXVII as it offers many rewards and an exciting exit from the main story quests.
  • Equipping the arena with leaderboards, time-limited challenges, and regular updates will keep players hooked to it and give them a space to hone their combat skills.

Since its debut in the previous few titles, this feature has made a place in most fans’ hearts. It would not only enhance the game’s replayability but also provide a deeper and more satisfying experience for players.

Let me try to explain why the Monster Arena would be a perfect addition to FFXVI.

A Fan-Favorite Feature And Extended Gameplay

Final Fantasy X was the first game in which fans got their hand on this feature. It was also present in FFXII, where Players could capture monsters from various locations, and then fight them in the arena for rewards. Fans, including me, loved this feature as it not only added an extra layer of strategy but also provided countless hours of additional gameplay.

Monster Arena in FFX
Monster Arena in FFX

For reference, FF X was almost 150 hours long. Imagine having this feature again in FFXVI, with its rich world and diverse collection of new creatures. It would be a nostalgic nod to the past as well as an enjoyable extension to the storyline which is only 80 hours long already.

While I don’t think an arena war against Eikons would be possible, I’m still enjoying the possibility of it. Other than Eikons, Iron Giants, Malboros, Dragons, and Behemoths would certainly provide a great experience to the players. The monster arena would also be a great addition to keep players engaged and increase the replayability. 

I mean I would definitely skip a few campaigns only to practice against these creatures and, on top of that, get rewarded for it. What’s not to love about it?

Rewards And The Hunt Club

Monster Arena isn’t just an ordinary side quest. It is an exciting way to improve your strategies for in-game challenges. Moreover, defeating monsters here also provides players with great rewards. You can expect to get weapons, armor, skill points, and in-game currency depending on what kind of opponent you defeat. 

hunt club in ffxii
Hunt Club in FFXII

If my wish is fulfilled and a Monster Arena is added to the game, I hope it follows the same model as in Final Fantasy 12, i.e., the Hunt Club. For those who don’t know, Hunt Club in FFXII was literally a club managed by three brothers.

Players could get a list of huntable monsters from these brothers, and after capturing and defeating these target monsters, report to these brothers for rewards.

For example, if you defeat the mark Gilgamesh, you could earn Masamune katana, one of the strongest weapons in FFXII. If the same rewarding strategy is applied in FFXVI, I bet you will find most players in the arena, upgrading their skills and weapons for nothing but some extra fun outside the main storyline.

Players’ Engagement And The Competitive Prospects

I think by setting up a hunt club in a populated city in Valisthea, players’ engagement could increase multiple times. I mean I would be repeatedly visiting it when I’m frustrated about being unable to defeat Savrog or even Barnabas! Having this kind of side quest is always a good idea to keep players engaged and happy.

Now, in terms of competitiveness, Monster Arena could be a great way to create a competitive environment within the game. For example, by adding leaderboards and time-limited challenges, players could compete to finish battles the fastest, earn the highest scores, or win the most consecutive fights against tough monsters.

But how to keep the community active? It is actually very simple: the game can regularly update the leaderboards and offer special rewards like unique titles, rare items, or weapon upgrades. Similarly, introducing new monsters, seasonal events, and special challenges would provide constant entertainment.

The arena could also be a place for beginners to try out different combat strategies and master the basics without having to jump directly into the main story quests.

In short, this could be a great addition to the game and in my view, it would make Final Fantasy 16 a complete package.

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