COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: All Field Upgrades

In this guide find out How to Unlock All Field Upgrades in MW3 Zombies and get the most out of your builds.

Key Takeaways

  • MW3 Zombies feature varied field upgrades, each with unique abilities like energy mines, armor repair, Med Box, invisibility, and crowd control.
  • Players access new upgrades as they level up, tying progression to the unlocking of additional field upgrades.
  • Frenzied Guard is a top choice, offering a blend of offense and defense, diverting enemy attention, and repairing armor.

Rather than the standard multiplayer options, Zombies’ field upgrades grant a momentary elemental ability with a brief cooldown. At launch, there is only one field upgrade option available; additional upgrades can be unlocked by rising through the player ranks.

How To Get All Field Upgrades in MW3 Zombies

Field Equipment Upgrades MW 3
Field Equipment Upgrades MW 3 (Captured By Us)

It didn’t take me long to understand the importance of Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies gameplay. The upgrades provide a safety net, but the hordes can appear out of nowhere. Every upgrade has a special feature that can come in handy and serve as your salvation.

Here’s how to unlock them:

  • Energy Mine: This spawns an energy mine that causes damage to any enemy that sets it off.
    • Recharge speed: Medium
    • Unlock Level: Immediate
  • Frenzied Guard: Players who activate the Frenzied Guard force all targets in the area to focus their attacks on them. If the player defeats the attacking enemy while the upgrade is active, their armor is repaired.
    • Recharge speed: Slow
    • Unlock Level: Level 9
  • Healing Aura: This heals players even on their last stand.
    • Recharge speed: Slow
    • Unlock Level: Level 19
  • Frost Blast: This damages enemies with frost through an initial explosion before creating an area that slows down anyone who enters it.
    • Recharge speed: Medium
    • Unlock Level: Level 29
  • Aether Shroud: This Renders players who activate it invisible to zombies.
    • Recharge speed: Medium
    • Unlock Level: 39
  • Tesla Storm: Players who activate Tesla Storm chain lightning to other players around them for 10 seconds, and they will take damage.
    • Recharge speed: Medium.
    • Unlock Level: 50

My Opinion

While playing through the zombie’s mode in MW3, I found the best field upgrade to be the Frenzied Guard. That’s because, for those looking to wreak havoc, you will be able to repair your armor while eliminating enemies. Boss fights would also benefit greatly from this. When you’re in a bad situation, the Healing Aura will heal you right away and can assist you in getting away if you’re surrounded. Because it quickly dispatches a large number of enemies, It helped me alot in Zombies mode as there I keep getting waves of zombies and healing was a must to have.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock the field upgrades in MW3 Zombies and what they do. I hope this helped, See you on the next one!

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